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-—4 ——— TIbr RttS. I CORN. W E-tXHAJi, Tnursday.—Tns following are the un- I changed quotations. White wheat (new) 7B 6d to 8s 3<t. £ ed, •)tr'- 7s Od to 7s P*. Barley ^n.ding; od to 4s Vd. Maltiuff barjey 4d to ós 9d. Oats (new) per 50ibs .3S yd to 4s 6d. L/HESTER. aturday.-There was a moderate at. tendance at to-day s market, with fair supplies of neatjne\^ crop) the samples shown were generally of an ^inferior kind best conditioned parcels sold at from (S. to 7s. 3d. per 751bs. No new oats offering. incuan corn rather dearer on the week. -New. Old. s. d. s. d. s. d s 4. Wheat, white, per 751bs. 7 3 to 7 o 0 tv 0 0 Ditto, red 7 0 —~ 7 'J S 8 0 Barley maltg. imp bus. 0 0 — 0 0 o 0 — 0 0 Ditto, grinding, 64lbs 0 0 0 0. 0 0 e 0 Oats, 461b. 461 bs. 2 10 6' 0 4 8 4 6 Jei.ns, 80lbs. 0 1' — o (I 0 0 — 0 0 Ditto, Egyptian, lOOlbs. 8 0 — 8 0 00 00 Indian corn, feed, 5 11 6 0 0 0 00 conx AVERAGES. For the week ending October 11. The following are the quantities (in quarters) aold and the prices, this year and last year :— QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES This year. Last year. This year. Last year. Wheat 15,161 71.441 47 1 4°0 4 Barley. 9,6S9 42,221 40 7 40 6 0ats 2,617 4,156 23 4 22 3 a. 11 I- H oflKi,HbiioKi, Saturday.—Our market to-dav was better attended, and new grain was more freely offered. I he quanty pi new wheat and barley varied very much." there being in some instances Is. Gd. per bushel differ- ence in value. Sellers of sound lots realized last week's lull rates. New oats are excellent in quality, and promise to be plentiful. J B. <1. 8. d White wheat, per 751bs 87 to "Q Red wheat, per 76lbs 6 6 8 fi Harley pe; 7llb.- y () 0 Grinding barley per 751b- 0 0 0 0 Oats, per 11 score 6 lbs is 0 I, '23 0 Beans, per U score 15 lb> 0 22 0 1'eas, pi-r 11 score 5 lbs *0 0 0 0 Malt, per imperial bushel 8 6 9 0 LONDON, Monday.—The market was firm. Fine samples of English wheat sold at a further advance of Is. foreign realised full values to a slight advance on last quotations. Flour met a strong market both for sacks and barrels, and a trifle dearer on th week. Grinding barley fid. higher on the week maitin sorts quiet. Oats steady. Maize Gd., and beans and peas Is. dearer on the week. Seed market quiet hut firm; farm- ing kind. unaltered in value. Canary seed very firm at the late ad\ ance, foreign holders asking more money. Brisk inquiry for blue peas good samples scarce and very dear More demand for haricot beans. Arrivals: British wheat, 1683 qrs. barley, 1129 qrs. oats 1021 qrs.^ maize, 26 qrs. flour, 13.427. Foreign wheat. o,ocSf> qrs.; barley, 18,496 qrs.; oats, 99,505 qrs.; maize! y qrs.; flour, 60oy sacks and 7(>0 barrels. LIVERPOOL, Tuesday.—At to-day's market, withafaH attendance of millers and dealers and a strong tone, wheat met a large demand at an advance of 2d. per cental on Friday's prices. Flour also had a healthy request, sack realising an improvement of 6d., and barrel 3d. per 100 lbs. Oats: Home-grown being now abundant and pressed for sale, foreign failed to attract buyers' attention. Oatmeal: Canadian, from scarcity, ruied 2d. dearer Irish closed flat. Egyptian beans, being in limited compass on the spot, brought rather more money for immediate delivery. Canadian peas, owimj; to fresh arrivals, receded slightly in value. Malt and bailej, still in small supply, though inactive, remained steady. Indian corn, in presence of reduced shipments from American Atlantic ports, again hardened. mixed reaching 5s. t i-d. to 5s. 8d. per cental. The 2 business done, however, was not large. The following are the quotations WHEAT, per K»0ib. s. d. s. d. BAPLEY- h. d. 8. ca .hnglish, red 11 0 11 9 Scotch Irish 0 9 8 3 „ white II 9 12 111 JDanubiac 5 6 6 3 Irish, red c u 0 u OATS, per white 0 0 0 0 English & Scotch 6 2 9 1 U.S. Xo. 1 spring 0 0 0 0, Irish, Mealing. 5 9 6 4 »» Ko. 2 In 5 10 10 0 11 Winter recl 11 3 11 6 6 2 6 hite. 11 3 11 6 Black 0 0 0 n Canadian white. 11 3 11 Gi American 6 2 6 8 red, 9 9 11$! OATSiKAL.per 10-i]b. Danubian „ 0 0 0 0 j.rLsa, new 10 5 12 8 Caiitornian 11 oil <; MAIZE, per lWlb. Chilian, white. 1(J 9 11 1 An"ericau, Je1.& Egyptian 9 9 6 Mixed 5 8 0 O Oregon 11 a 12 0 Europ'u venow, -5 6 5 8 FLOUR, per loOibs, BEANS, per Kvlbs. English & Irish English 8 4 8 10 supenine 3 9 4 19 10 Scotch & Irish. 7 7 8 1 Extra 2J 0 2) 6 E-f.vptian. 7 3 7 4 Erench line and Mazayan 0 0 U 0 superfine 0 0 0 0 Behera 7 6 7 7 Sprins Wheat. 20 8 21 S PEAS, per luulbs. Canad'n, sweet 17 0 17 10 English 0 0 0 9 Extra 18 0 18 6 Canadian 7 3 7 4 Western Canal 17 0 17 10 LONDON, ednesday.—The market continues very firm. Fine samples of English and foreign wheat Is. dearer. Flour firm American rather dearer. Barley, jats, and maize realised full prices. Beans and peas tended upwards. Arrivals British wheat, 40 qrs. baney, o40 qrs. oats, 20 qrs. maize and flour nil. Foreign wheat, 41,350 qrs. barley, G180 qrs. oats, 13,yS0 qrs. maize, 9110 qrs. flour, i-100 sacks anu 1100 barrels. CATTLE. CHESTER OCTOBER STATUTE FAIR.—A statute fair for the sale of horses and cattle was held at. Chester on Friday, and in point of the number of animals exhibited for sale was one of the best, while in respect of '.he business done it was one of the worst fairs which has been held for a long time. The animals most in demand were calving cows, of which there was an extraordinarily large show, and which sold at from £ 15 to E25. A few stirks changed hands at £ 4 10s. and £ 5. and heifers at from £8 to £10. Scotch sheep sold as low as 4:1. and other kinds fetched 30s.. to 40s. for the very best Pigs were much lower than at the same fair last year, good fat pigs selling at 47s., and young pigs at '10s. and 12s. Some Welsh bullocks of excellent quality were j-red at EI-5 10s. each, but did not sell. In the horse imr -he show of animals of all descriptions "os very laige. but the prices of those sold were very much lO',T t"ii afc previous fairs of late. LIVERPOOL, Monday.—The stock on offer consisted of 25S2 beasts and 10,406 sheep, included in which v.vre 272 Canadian beasts and 1350 sheep. No other foreign stock on offer. There was a large falling off in the sup- plies from last week, but no alteration in the prices. Trade very dull at the commencement of the market. Country buyers numerous. Prices Best beasts, 63d. to 7d. per lb.; second ditto, 5d. to Gtd. sheep, 7 d.- to 84 d. LONDON, Monday.—An advance on the top quotation was obtained for choice and selected beasts owirg to scarcity other descriptions were also a better trade at rather more money. The British supply 35 Scotch, 1000 Irish, 2095 midland and home counties. The sheep market was very firm choice breeds .u.I& for, and the supply short, prices generally 2d. per S lbs. j, higher. Calves dear but inactive. Pigs remain steady. Prices Beef, 4s. to 5s. 4d. mutton, 4s. 6d. to 6s 8d. veal, 5s. to 5s. lOd. pork, 4s. to 4s. lOd. The sto-y- on offer consisted of 3450 beasts, 10,130 sheep, 5,50 and 20 pigs included in which were 320 foreign easts and 1G10 sheep. SALFOIID, Tuesday.—The supply of all stock was much smaller than on last Tuesday, but the quality generally was not up to the average. A better trade was done in the best class of beasts at slightly enhanced rates middling and inferior sold moderately"well at th» full prices of last week. About 100 Canadian beasts were offered, and realised from ofd. to per ib. The demand for sheep was also better, and Hie lots advanced jd per lb., whilst inferior descriptions brought last week's extreme rates. There was a brisk .emand for calves, and late prices were firmly maintained. Beef, first quality, 7d.; second, 6d. to 6fd. third, 5d. to 5;(d.; mutton, Gid. to Sid.; veal, 7d. to Sid. per lb. GENEPCAL PRODUCE. LONDON Hop MARKET, Monday.—The finest qualities of new hops continue in demand at full prices iufcriot sorts remain rather dull. Kent iI87i»). £ 5 t-o £ 13 10<. • Sussex, £ G to £ 13 Farnham, £ 10 to cJUU; jHQ to £ 18 American, £ 0 to kl2; English, (1878), £4 t.) £.1 per cwt. LONDON PROVISION MARKET, Mondav.—T Supplies of foreign rather short, and .jest 'descrv;:oa' considerably dearer Friesland, 124s. to 12>3s. Normandy, 100s. to 126s. Jersey. 92s. tj 11)8.; Kie and Danish, 120s. to 130s. Irish firm, but inactive good inquiry for finest American. Bacon met "a dal market at 2s. to 4s. decline. Hams very dulL -L..r, scarce and 2s. dearer. Cheese t mest American, 54s to 58s. LONDON POTATO MARKET, Mon day. -(,oo,,i sm-Vlie: and trade quiet at the following prices :—ivj its', i00'- to 160s. kidneys, 120s. to 160s. rocks, 80s. to 90s! French, 80s. to 85s. per ton. LONDON DEAD MEAT MAKKET, \lv¡Llar.-},{"1,: supplies, and trade firm at the olio wing quota*. Beef, 2s. 8d. to 4s. 8d.; prime Scotch ditto, -is. 8d. to 4 lOd. mutton, 3s. to 5s. 0d. veal, 4s. lOd. to IS od large pork, 3s. Sd. to 4s. 6d.; small ditto, 4s. 8d. to 5 per 8 lbs. MISCELLANEOUS. WHEXHAM.—THUKSDAY. Butter (per lb. ot 1601.).18 21 tl) 3, Fowls (per cacsple) 3. 6 1 tl1 4.1 Ducks per coupie) 4, 0,1 10 5. 0 Turkey cocks (each) odi .iu td ditto hens (each) Od to 0s 0d Dressed fowl each 2^ 0 2s 6<i Potatoes (per cwt) new '5s !o « M Beef (per ID.) g Mutton (per Ib.) ,,d Lamb (per lb.) i. Fork (per lb.^ r "r 1? Veal per lb.) "J. 'fd 4 £ Partridges per brace Or. ro 0«s Od Salmon (per lb) | 0 Damson (per quart.) 'lj! Eggs 8 to 9 for a Shilling.

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