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t ùotIrII Intelligent CIVIL SERVICE v. RUTHIN.—A match will be played between the above clubs on the New Recreation Ground, Rhosddu, to-day (Saturday). Kick off at 3.30 p.m. WEEXHAM CLUB.—A practice match of this club will take place on the racecourse to-day (Saturday). Kick off at 2.30. All members are requested to attend, especially those wishing to obtain a place in the cup team to play at Northwich. GROSVENOR (WREXHAM) v. MILLWOOD ROVERS.—A match was played between the above clubs at the Frood, on Saturday last, and resulted in a victory for the Grosvenor by two goals to one. A practice match of the former club will be played to-day (Saturday), for the purpose of choosing a team to play in the cup tie. Kick off at three p.m. punctual. WHITE STARS v. STANSTY ROVERS.—On Saturday last a match was played between these clubs on the ground of the former, and after a very good match re- sulted in a victory for the White Stars by three goals to one. For the White Stars Wiliam Jones and John Roberts, and W. Henshaw for the Rovers, played well. The White Stars had the best of the game. WREXHAM r. TALKE RAGEP.s.-On Saturday last, a match took place on the Racecourse, between the Wrexham Football Club and the Taike Rangers, of Staffordshire. There were a large number of spectators, and the play was watched by them with great interest. The Wrexham team selected the goal situated near the Crispin-lane. Wrexham had, if anything, the wind against them for the first half time. The Rangers, who were, with one or two exceptions, well-built men, kicked off, ,but the ball was soon in touch off Wrexham. A little more play ensued, and it was once more placed in touch, and on being thrown in by the Rangers it was rapidly dribbed down by Price towards the Rangers' goal. It was then taken back towards the Wrexham, and a scrimmage ensued, the result of which was a corner kick for the Rangers. This resulted in nothing. The "leather was soon placed in the centre of the ground and was very prettily worked. Lupton, by the aid of some capital passing, got it well down the ground, but the Rangers' backs were impassible, ai d the ball was soon near the Wrexham quarter again, and would have resulted perhaps seriously had not the goal- keeper (Davies), rushed out rather venturesomely and sent it into play. Then ensued some general play for a few minutes, at the end of which hands were called, and the strangers had the first free kick of the game. It however came to nothing, and the "leather" was soon taken by Lloyd (whose excellent play was much admired) to the I-), angers" gaol. A throw-in for Wrexham caused some good play near the Rangers' goal. The ball was quickly taken up the ground, by means of some ad- mirable passing, to the Wrexham goal, but was out of that quarter very quickly. One of the Rangers next handled it and brought it back again to the Wrt xham end of the ground. A little play ensued, and it was taken down again and was placed through the posts of the strangers' goal. This was, however, disputed, and the ball was again kicked off from the Rangers' goal, and soon after a corner kick fell to their lot. This was nicely placed, but resulted in nothing, it being well met met by the Wrexham team. A tussle took place before the Rangers' goal, and for tjme time it was uncertain who would obtain it. Kelly, for the Rangers, got it, and, after a smart run up, was nicely met by Karrv Edwards, from whom it was again taken down to the Rangers' goal, and the first goal fell to the lot of Wrexham at 3.40. The ball being set rolling some good play was shown. A good shot was made for the Rangers' goal by F. Owen. It was rapidly taken up the ground, and some dodging took place, the end of which was a "corner" for Wrexham. This was nicely placed by Fred. Owen, but was well met by the Rangers. Some general play thn took place, and a "scrummage" in front of the Rangers' oal resulted in a second goal for Wrexham being secured at 3.55. Nothing worthy of note took place until "half time" was called, when j soon after, the Rangers secured their first goal (4.27). In about five minutes after the kick-off, Price neatly put the ball through the Rangers' posts. In 1 the play which followed this goal, T. Hughes made a Ion- shot at the Rangers' citadel, but, unfortunately, it struck the cross-bar and went behind. The Rangers were getting a little careless by this time, but, uniting once more, they placed another gaol to their credit (4.45). Some capital play was shown by the Rangers, and Wrexham's team had its work to do, but a few passes placed the Ranger, gaol at the mercy of Price, who again passed the ball through very smartly. Time was called soon after, thus leaving the Wrexham victors by four goals to two. The following were the teams :— Wrexham .-—Goal, Davies backs, H. Edwards and T. Jones; half backs, Fred. Owen and Luptou forwards, Harvey Davies, J. Lloyd, E. Edwards, J. Price. Roberts, and T, Hughes. Hangers.—Goal, Sherratt; backs, Boston and Hyatt; half backs, E. Jones and W. Barker forwards. P. Smith, A. Smith, J. Smith, Birchell, J. D. Barber, and E. Kelly. OSWESTRY v. THE EXCELSIOR.—On Saturday last a match took place between these clubs on the ground of the latter, at Newtown. The visitors arrived by the 3.50 train, and proceeded at once to the field, where the members of the home team had already assembled. The captain of the Excelsior having won the toss, chose to play down the field, Oswestry kicking off at 4.45. The ball was quickly returned by the Excelsior backs to the forwards, who made a run down the field, when a shot was made by Williams, which went over the tape. The ball having been kicked out, it was passed to Davies and Shone on the right, who made a good run, but were stopped by the Excelsior backs. A run by the Ex- celsior forwards followed, and another by Savin and Wynne on the left was returned by Masters to Owen, who centred it to Mr. Morgan (captain), who scored the first goal in ten minutes. This success on behalf of the home team seemed to invigorate the Oswestrians with energy, for they now warmed to their work, and shortly after- wards Savin and Wynne made an excellent run up the field, when the latter made a difficult shot for the goal- keeper, but he being equal to the occasion at once threw it out, amidst loud cheering. At half-time, ends being changed, it became apparent that if the Oswestrians scored they would have to do it now with hard work. But the backs of the Excelsior were equal to all emer- gencies, and kept the ball well up for their forwards. The Excelsior forwards having brought the ball up the field, through some good passing, had it very near their opponent's goal, through which G. Woosnam neatly placed it at 5.45. Gittins soon afterwards made a shot which hit the goalkeeper and went over the tape. This was followed by frequent runs on both sides, but no further goal was scored, which indeed was almost im- possible, owing to a heavy rise of fog, the men being scarcely able to see each other. The game throughout was an excellent one, each one showing himself to aJ- vantage. The following were the players :— OS1l't..<try:-tToal, Cheesmiu backs. Eob°rtsand 'i1Jiam,; half-backs, Jones, Harris, and Groves right wing, W. H. Davies and Shone; left wing, Savin aud "VV^nue; centre, Marshall; umpire, Mr. Mitchell. Excelsior: Goal, H. Hibbott; backs, W. Woosnam and D. Owen: half-backs, Masters and Ll. Savage; right wing, D. Williams, and W. Owen; left winp, Edward Gittims and Oliver centre, Edward Morgan (captain) and G. Woosnam umpire, Mr. John Pugh. The following fixtures have been arringed :— October 18th, Millwood Rovers v. Cambrian, at Wrexham. October 25th, Millwood Rovers v. M -1J, at Lld. October -26th, Wrexham v. Victoria, at Northwich (cup tie). November 1st, North Wale# v. Staffordshire, at Stoke. November S:h, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Birkenhead. November loth, North Wales v. Lancashire, at Wrexham. November 15th, Wrexham v. Druids, at AVi exatin. November 2^'nd, Wrexham v. C. rwen, at Wrexham. November 29th, Wrexham v. Llangollen, at Llangollen. December 13th, Wrexham v. Burslem, at Wrexham. December 2"th, North Wales v. Cheshire, at Wrexham. Decen,ber 20th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Rhosddu. January 3rd, Wrexham v. Rhyl, at Wrexham. January JOtb, Wrexham v. Alexandria, at Crewe. January 17th, Wrexham v. Druids, at Ruabon. January 31st, Wrexham v. Birkenhead, at Wrexham. February 7th, Wrexham v. Burslem, at Burslem. F-bruary Hth, Wrexham v. Llangollen, ut Wrexham. Feoruary 21st, Kortll Wales v. Cheshire, at Crewe. February 28th, Wrexham v. Corwen, at Corwen. March 6th, Wrexham v. Civil Service, at Wrexham. March 18th, Wrexham v. Rhyl. at Rhyl. March 6th, North Wales v. Staffordshire, at Wrexham. March 13th, North Wales r. Lancashire, at Darwen. March 20th, Wrexham v. Alexandria (Crewe). at Wrexham. The international matches are Wales v. England, at Wrexham, March 15th, 1880. Wales v. Scotland, at Glasgow, March 27th, 1880.

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