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END OF THE ZULU WAR. Friday night's Gazette announces that the Zulu war has been satisfactorily concluded and reports the cap- ture of Cetywayo, and the return of the British troops to Natal. The peaceful condition of Zululand, Sir Garnet believes is assured. He mentions several officers of his Staff for the excellence of their services, and gives to Lord Chelmsford, the entire credit for the victory at Ulundi. We also learn from Madeira that a quiet settlement of affairs is being affected in Zululand. and the troops are being gradually withdrawn towards the coast. It is said that the chance of a rising amongst the Boers is much diminished. Moirosi still holds his position in Basutoland, and his stronghold is thought to be, if not altogether inpregnable, at least very difficult to take. By the arrival of the Cape mail at Plymouth we have files of the Natal newspapers, which are remarkably unanimous in their condemnation of the settlement of Zululand as arranged by Sir G. Wolseley. An especially strong feeling has been aroused at John Dunn's prohi- bition of missionaries on the territory with which he has been entrusted. The work of reorganising the country, however, proceeds in a satisfactory manner.


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