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ran anfc Coal W:rabt lotrs. MR. CRAWSHAY having, it is stated, secured a good order for rails, the famous works at Cyfarthfa are to be restarted immediately. MINERS' CONFERENCE.—This conference has been taking place at Leeds, under the presidency of Mr. A. Macdonald, M.P. Fifteen delegates, representing 150,000 miners, were present. The emigration scheme was under discussion, and it was decided that it should take a national form, and be worked entirely free from any existing institution. The amounts fixed for grants were—to America £6, and New Zealand, Australia, &c., £12. THE coal and iron trades of North Staffordshire are showing unmistakable symptoms of a great revival. An order for 3,000 tons of iron for export has been received by one firm. Foundry pigs are selling at an advance of 10s. Eight standing furnaces have been put in blast. The Harecastle and Woodshutts Collieries Company have re-engaged 350 men, and Whitmore Collieries about a hundred. Nearly all collieries are making a day more. THE IMPROVEMENT IN THE IRON TRADE.—The revival in the iron trade continues, and besides the briskness reported from Middlesborough, Glasgow, and South Wales, favourable reports are to hand of the trade from X orth Staffordshire. On Tuesday contracts for building four new vessels were accepted by firms on the Clyde. A Wolverhampton correspondent telegraphs that iron merchants report that they are being pulled out of their warehouses. Customers, they say, are doubling and trebling their former orders. Exporting merchants report the receipt of numerous yaluahle telegrams from South America to forestall impending further advances. Tin-plate firms are declining to book orders for even 1,000 boxes at current prices. They report that the advance in iron and tin leaves them no better off at the last rise. Manufacturers and merchants are receiving communications from the Scotch ironfounders declining to accept orders at their last-issued price lists.

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