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A-Urfrressus. •: A L E OF ( 1 H A R G E S FOR Auctions, Books, Trades. Amusements, and Charities. •en lines and under 2s. fill. additional line us. 4d. miscellaneous—Public Companies, Legal Xotices, Contracts, <Lc. e lines, and under 2s. 6d. additional line <■ Gd. Prospect ".ses of Xew Ctr-npanies, Parliamentary Notion,, and Election Advertisements. Jnes, and under fis. oct. additional linn Is. oct. Displayed Advertisements, e, &c 2s per inch. ic Notices. &c 4s per inch. If set ac oss two columns, double. "adesmen's Advertisements for a Series taken by ial Contract. Cheap Scale for Prepaid Advertisements, litting under it the following classes or headings only.-— ituations Wanted Articles Wanted tuations Vacant j iliscelLuieous Wants ou<es Wanted Articles for Sale by uuses to Let I'rivate Contract idling?, &c., Wanted Articles Lost or xlsnngs, &c., to Let Found One Three Six F. Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. d. s. d. s. d. 1 t 2 U 4 6 1 6 4 0 6 6 2 0 5 6 8 6 Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Oue Shilling for three lines. So Credit Advertisement is charged less than 2s. 6d. Remittances not exceeding 6s may be made in (halfpenny io.;tasrL- :3!alIlp.. Jo-t-ofii -e -\nd Cheaues to be made payable to JEDEKICK E. ROE. -r- WHITE STAR LINE. AND UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. TICB.—The Pif-:uners of Lino take the Lane Routes recommended by Lieur. ilaury, on both the Outward and Homeward pas,¡¡¡ges. LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK, ^warding Passengers to all parts of the United States and. Canada. :1 BESE well-k:icw.i m-i -nifleent Steamers are appointed JL to sail weekly as ulldr. carrying Her Majesty's and the United states JIails:— l-HTANNTC Thursday, October. IATIC Tuesday, 2-?r!i October. < 111 MANIC. Thursday, Cth November. jA TIC Tuesday, 11th November. Thursday, 2oth November. FROM XEW YoaK. /KIAT'O Vuur5dav, 9th October. viAN 10 .] Saturday, 13.li October. T1 splendid vessels reduce th-i passage to the shortest, poss time, and afford to passengers the highest degree of « COM' hi t I¡.crto attainable at sea. Alse pa-sage, Si days in summer clays in winter. £ ves-t-1 i constructed in 7 water-i isrht conlpa,rtn1TIts. laiiies' boudoir, state roan's, and smoking leor-re a::iidships. and are luxuriously mruislied and fitted JvitH modem COr\H,nicJ>ce; pianos, liLJr-lf1è>, electric belis, bat £ >uis, barber's shop, &e. 1 guineas. Return tickets at rerit law-. T>lee:aice nccommodation is of tha very highest charac- a.-o unusually spacious, well lighted, ventilated, and armed, and (>assou'i*i*s of tlli- will find their comt carefully studied, and the proviMuuing unsurpassed. ill steerage t,) attend the women and children, }\l. ts i.-6i:txl 0:\ ew York free of charge. Fnr imsrht or passaare upply to W. II. Tilston, 3, High- strvei; l. i.oberts, 23, Town Hill, Wrexham or to ISMAY, mulE and Co., 10, Water-street, Liverpool, and "1, leadcnhall- 100 street, London, E.C. v 1) V \V V s O (> A E T t! (THE PRINCIPALITY). fubUshed cvrry Friday, Price One. Penny è:RA L WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, PRINTS I liE WELSH LANGUAGE, AND ADVOCAT- i u CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES. very extensive •ii'.ation, beiuk' so'd by Agonta in almost EVKi'.V rOWN ami HA.MM'iT 111 North and South Wales; ►Uo. iu Leaden, Liverpool. Mauchester, Chester, &c.. fce. T Uv'-vyf-ooaSTH is not a LGCAI. hut NATK>NAL with a wide»\;r<:ii. droulatiou. t [jVu'vsO'.jABrH—Advertisers may feelassure-•—is the rest, if not tho only medium whereby their announoi* ICX-ma can BE smULTA: ECUMH perused in every cuuoiv •>u<;ho«T TMJS W HOI k, Of ALES. hers, &c.- to 'he pahlisher, .7. Morris, Y ift-t*' Office. Hht/I, Flintshire. !'ijr ti-ie lilood is the L:;e. JKfcl'S WORLD FAMED BLUOD MIXTURE. Trade Mark—' Blood Mixture. GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER & RESTORER. Cleansing and Clearing the Blood from AII jmpuri ics, cs-nnot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and sores of ftli kiviaa it is a never failing and peratiuient cure. I Cures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated Sores in the Seek cures Cictaated oor-3 Lejrs t'utes Blackhead:, or Fiaiples on Face Cures Sc.iiW Sores Cures Cuac«rous Ulcers C ;res Blood and Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings Clears the Blood from all Impure Matwr, iron- whatever cause arising. A, mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free trqn anvtiang injurious to the most delicate consti- te*Vjr! or either kox. the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. rhOAD8 OK TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PAET3. ,8,iJ. i', '.tittles s. (id. each, and in Cases containing six •im..s the quantity lis. e-ch, sufficient to effect a per- manent care m i-?tAJiduig cases, by all Chemists and Medicii e Ven Irrs throughout the United Kingdom 1 world or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or I amps, by CLAIIKF, Chemist, High-street, LINCOLN, WHOLESALE AGENTS: lav & Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses 28 sSE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary in either sex, accjuired or constitutional, Gravei, pams in the back. Sold in 4s 6d each, by i, .-MeuiWts and patent medicine vendors or sent to any ouress for <10 stamps by the maker. F. J. Clarke, cou- •ulting -ciieniUr, High-street, Liacolo. Wholei-ale Agents, Barclay and Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Hotlnes. 4 HEALTH FOR ALL HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. Tht" great. Rou-ehold Medicine ranks amongst the eading r-ecessaries of ife. famous Pills purify the Blood, and act most powerfully, yet soothingly on the LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS, 1 Bowels, giving tone, energy, and vigour to these at Main Spiings of Life. They are confidently mmended as a never failing remedy in all cases the constitution, from whatever cause, has become aired or weakened. They are wonderfully efficacious ill ailnie:s incidental to Females of all ages; and a GENERAL FAMILY MEDICINE, are unsur- d. HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. ,-arching and Healing Properties arc known through- out the world. For the curt *f Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, OLD WOUKDS, BORES, AI D ULCERS, j 1111 infallible remedy. If effectually rubbed on the and chest, as salt into meat, it cares Sore Throat, :1therilA, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and even jsihma. For Glandular Swellings, Abscesses, Piles, ■stulas, GODT, RHEUMATISM, very kind of Skin Disease, it has never been known 'illa and Ointmen are Sold by aII Median^ r-rovgLout the Civilised World. 3t»0 > ^rabesmnt's ùbrcsscs SE WILL'S WATCHES. PKIZE MEDALS AWAIiDED. International Exhibition, London. 1862 Paris, 1807; rhila(ie!p!iia, JS7(J. If you want a GOOD WATCH, warranted to keep I CORRECT TIME, send a Tost-Office Order to J. SFvnLL- 1 WATCH MANUFACTURER, 6J, SOUTH CAfcTLli-STKKET, LIVllPOOI" and 30. CORXUILL, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON, And you will receive by return of post, securely packed, a first-class LEVER WATCH, WaiTanted to keep correct time, and suitable for a Lady or Gentlemrui. SEWILL'S Silver Lever To wind and set Hands from the back. In all j^izes suitable for Ludie?, <*eune- \y A T L II E c. men. Youtlis, and Mechanics. £2 2s. £2 10s. £3 3s. The same in Hunting Cases £2108. £a 3s. jESlOs. SEWILL'S English Silver Patent Detached Lever Capped, Jewelled, and Warranted. All the latest, improvements, in Sizes, for WATCHES. Ladies, Gentleman, Youths, and Me- chanics. £ 4 4s. £ 5 5s. £ G Gs. The same iu Hunting Case?, £5 5s. £11 Ii,. £7 7s. SEWILL'S Gold Lever To Wind and Set Hands from the back. In all size-. suitable for Ladies, Gentle- W A T C H E S. men and Youths. 5s. £1) 6, £7 7F. SEWILL'S Ewjlish Patent. Detached 18 Carat Fine Gold Lever Capped, Jewelled, and Warranted. All the latest improvements, in sizes, for W ATe II E S. Ladies and Gentlemen. £8 £10 In" £1:1 12s. Same as for whi h Prize Medals of International Exhibitions, Loudon, ifeuS, and Paris, 1807, were awarded. All the above may be had keyl"ss. that is, to wind up and -et.hands from the pendant without a key, at an extra cost of £2 2s in Silver Cases, and £:3 10sin Gold. SEWILL'S Presentation In Teat variety: combining beauty of design with perfection of workman- 1.V A T CUES. thip" From 2 to 100 Guineas. S E W I L L S Marhle, Uroiize, and Gift III our ShowTt^nia' are to be found the finest Stock iu the kingdoms suitable CLOCKS. for Kail, Library, lioudoir, Drawing, and Dining Room. Estimates given for Clock, for Churches, Turret3, and Public Luilding LARGEST STOCK. IX ENGLAND TO SELECT FLOM rcy Chronometer Maker to the Ridlt Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, Her Majesty's Loyal Navy, &c., ic. U Money Orders to be made payable to J. SEWILL, CI, SOUTH CASTLE STREET LIVERPOOL. OK, 3\ COIiNKILL, ROYAL EXCHANGE LONDON. Illustrated CatflloguesJJO;;t frec on application. 33 A LIST OF POPULAR MEDICINES. THE LOX D O pATENT J^JE D I C INE COMPANY KEEP the followim; first cla-s pveparntions on hard, and J. for being the best, medicines lor their different purposes tln-y can giv, their unqualifi-d endorsement, knowing Iliat ill pitch case tbi\v wil! .iv^ entire satisfaction. Th<*y are kept bv liO othPl. hoiis<> in London, we ;lftvin s. cnn>d the Sole A"encv. We will, therefore, on receint of price attached, send them t.) any part of the world, securely packed and free from observation. Money may be sent, either by Cheque, Post-office Order, Registered Letter, or iu Postage Stamps. All letters to be addressed aud Cheques made payable to— LONDON PATENT MEDICINE CO 4 and 5, Agar-street, Strand, London, W.C. KIXGWOOD'S C\NCER SPECIFIC. The introduction of Ringwood's Cancer anrl Tumour Specific into this country has utterly exploded the common tueory that cancer .is incurable. It lIlu4 be pleasant for persons afflicted with that dreadful disease to know ihat one course of Uingwood s Cancer and Tumour SjJecific will cur the worst form of cancer or tumour without, the necessity of any surgical operation. Bv its timely use many hundreds of lives have been saved. It instantly removes all pain. It is, undoubtedly, the ereatc.st medica; discovery of the lflth centui-y. A full course, which is nearly suflicient. for any ease, sent securely pack'-d and free from observation to any part of the country, on receipt oi 5'Js. ACER'S OPTIC FLUID. Cures all Diseases of the Eye and Dimness of Vision. Gives immediate beueiicial results. Sold in bottles at 2s (id and 4s eacn. CANTON'S NEURALGO-RHEUMATIC ELIXIR. For the immediate relief and permanent cure of Neural^n, Rheumaiism and Gcut. Tiiree bottles will permaueiitly cure tile wor6t ce, So «: iu bottles at 5 ea.,h, or a lur iUs. DENT'S ANTI-FAT REMEDY. For the retnevn'of corpulence. It is pure];r vP>Œt:lbJe and perfectlY harmless. It acts upon the food in the stomach, pre-veuting it- bemif converted int'> fat. It wiIi reduc) [L fat person frow three to eis pouuus a wed. ,01d iu boales at 5s and is tid each. REID'S KIDNEY REMEDY. It is not a Cuur.-ALL, but for diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder it is a Specific. Ir. is convenient to carry, pleasant to take, and does 1I"r. taint th" breath, and positively cures all forms of Kiilney anu Bladder Diseases. Sohi in bottles at 5s and is Gd cacho POTTER'S ALKALINE RESOLVENT. For Dyspepsia, Sour Stomnrh, Heartburn. Flatulence, and accumulation oî Gas "u the S:ol11.<ch. Sold iu U,,¡tJc, at 2" (jQ and 43 each. PHOSPHORIC AIR. A medicated vapour for tile immediate relief" IHl permanent cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Coturrh, Coughs, aud nil forms of Throat. Disea-es, Epilepsy, Los* oi Vigour, Impotence, an 1 all Di,¡eaes of the L!III>S, Ai" Passage^, Nerve Centres and train. Do not despair, he-hate, or doubt, for it never fails, ai.d i' is trulv a Specific. It is a medicated vapour appl e.i on a m w and scientific principle, the use of whicu ha raved thou-amis frolll II premature grav-. To per- sons suffering xroia LUWR and .N ervous Diseases it is invaluable, as it goes at once to the air passages and brain, imparting tonp, vigour, bnin power, nnd ntal force to the most depressed. BeiiiK very pleasant to use it call safely J.¡. taken by the most delicate. Une Month's Treatment and Inhaler sent securely uacked to auy part of the couutry ou receipt of 20s. HOLDEN'S EAR DHOPS. A sovcrein cure for Deafness and discharges from tlio ear. Sold in bottles at and 7s fAI each. HENLEY'.S HEADACHS PILLS. For immediately reli, vintr and permanently curing all forms of Nervous and Neuralgic Headache. Sold iu boxes at 2s 61 aud 4s each. ARNOLD'S VITALISE. This is a beautiful nervine, possessing the power of curing nervousness. It at one- relieves and cures morbid sensibil ty of tile nerves, weak nerves, nervous twitching awl tremuJ()u. ness. old ill bottle, at 5s aull is Gd each. ARLINGTON'S BLOOM OF ViOLETS. For beautifying and restoring the complexion.—Ladies, do you want a pure blooming complexion ?—If ;;0, n few appli- cations of Arlington's Bioom of Violets will gratify yuu to yeur hert's content. It removes shallowness, redoes. pimples, blotches, nud all diseases and 1I1IpenI'C\lOIl' of the skin. It ?1lJk..sa lath ot, S"> lok like W; anJ 80 1J;¡!lIn¡) ;ind p«ii»-ctare its (,ffects, th-it 1t IS impossible to detect it* appl.c ttiou. Sold iu bottles at 2s Gd and 4" each, BUTLKK'S VIGOR!NK The Famous Hair Producer. It produce- hair on the head and face in the shortest time of any preparation before the public. £ old in ALLEV;3 CONSTIPATION PILLS. For the euro of Constipation .and Piles. SuM in boxes at 2s (jd and 43 each. TRADE SU PLIED DIRECT BY LONDON PATENT MEDICINE CO., 4 AND 5, AGAR-STREET, STRAND, W.C., LONDON. tHratosnun's jL&fcnssis. THE GRAND NATIONAL EISTEDDVOD PRIZE MEDALS For Genuine Hand-made WELSH TWEED CLOTH, FISHING CLOTH, FLANNELS, SHIRTINGS,I, and LINSEYS, at CHESTER in 1868, and ABERYSTWYTH in 1865, were awarded to JOHN JYPYRICK JONES, IvJL MEYRICK HOUSE DOLGELLEY Whose mills have gained considerable celebrity for the manufacture o these articles. J. M. JONEs has greatly extended his business, and is now able to supply, wholesale and retail, these unrivalled Welsh Fabrics, which arc all manufactured by hand under his own personal superintendence, and can be warranted made of the pick of the pure mountain wools, and free from auy admixture, and at prices far below those charged for inferior articles usually sold as Welsh by English Manufacturers. Clothing made from these Welsh Tweed Cloths is worn by the nobility aud gentry for shootiu.ir, fishinir, cricketing, travelling, &c., and is always found to be very durable.—Wholesale and retail orders executed on the shortest cotice. Cash or references expected with all new orders. Patronised by Her Royal Highness the Princess oj Wales, the Clergy, Mobility, and Gentry of England and Wales. LIST OF PRICES Wrelsh Wynnstay Shooting Cloth 23 Od per yard. LIST OF PRICES Welsh Wynnstay Shooting Cloth. 23 Od per yard. Cloth for Fishing Suits (very superior). 2s 6d „ 'Tweed Cloth (from Picked Woolsl 4s 3d Five per cent discount for cash. THE SNOWDON AND IDRIS WELSH WHITTLE SHAWLS. N.B.-Dolgellk,y being' the termini of two branches of railways, there is every convenience to send any articles ordered without delay to any part of the kingdom, and at very reasonable charges. CAUTION.—Mr J. MEYKICK JOKES regrets that he should have occasion to caution his friends against the practices of certain unprincipled persons, who have sent spuriou* patterns to several of bis customers, professing to be Welsh Tweeds and Flam els. Patterns of the genuine hand-loom Welsh Webbs, Welsh Tweeds, Flannels, an Linseys can be insured by application to Mr J. M. JONES, Manufacturer, Dolgelley. Patterns eent post free to aay addresss. .T. W. BENSON, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER TO THE QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY, And by Special Appointments to H.R.H. ITHE PRINCE OF WALES, H.T.M. THE EMPEROR OF nUSIA. AND THE MAHARAJAHS OF BURDWAN AND JO HOKE. PRIZE MEDALS—LONDON, DUBLIN, AND PARIS. BENSON'S WATCHES, BENSON'S CLOCKS, BENSON'S GOLD AND I For Churches, Turrets, or Public ) 'SILVER JEWELLERY For Churches, Turrets, or Public 'SILVER JEWELLERY, Of every Description, suitable Buildings, Dining or Drawing „ for all climates, from 2 to 2t-0 Room, Library, Carriage,Cliureh, i6*?1'* > TSscr'Tx £ ?• .ln t-19 guireas. Chronographs, Chron- Hall, or Shop Perpetual Calen-I fi 'iru Te^ Designs, at ometers, Keyless-. Levers, Pre- dars, Wind Dials, &c.. t.he Lowest, Prices corapatiblo Feutiitiou, Kepeaters, KaiUvny NOYF.LTV—"EARLY ENGLISH" worKmai^hip. Guft-vda'. Soldiors, aud Work- Clocks, iu Wood JUKI Ornu*lu, i''1/5.?0.1C^• 1'aceie/s» Necklet?, man's Watches of Extra Decorated with Blue t'hiva, :s- -t^in.^s, Earrings, &c. Strength. Wedtrwood.&c, from JC5 5s. Made i'!JU Lirao ;ds ana solely by BENSON. | 1 recious stones BENS^^N'S ""Workman's" £ 5 5s Silver English Lever. (Warranted). BENSON'S "Everybody's" Silver W-i^cb BENS^^N'S ""Workman's" Silver English Lever. (Warranted). BENSON'S "Everybody's" Silver Wcl: £ :i:is., with Crystal Glass. (Warranted). BENSON'S Silver and Electro-Plate.—For Race und Athletic Meetings, p,-Wef"da-, Hons or Household Use. special lJcsi</ns and Estimates Free. BENSON'S NEW ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS on WATCHES, CLOCKS. TURRET CLOCKS PLA1E «a<? JEWELLERY sent Post Free, 2d each. Watches sent safe by pf st to all parts of the World. Watches, Clods, and Jewellery skilfully Repaired by Experienced Wurkrnen. Plate, Jewellery, and Watches liought aud Exchanged. CLUBS SUPPLIED. STEAM FACTOKY AND CITY SHOW ROOMS LUD'IA'TK HILL, LONDON. WEST-END ESTABLISHMENT :—25, OLD BOND FCTUEEI', ESTABLISHED 1749. S7 Second Edition.—Just Published, Price +,, Cd. THE EXTRAORDINARY CASES of CURE EFFECTED 11y MOllISON'S PILLS, of the British College of He alth, Eiiston-road, Lonetou, containiJg the statements of the parties themselves, as regards thecarrying out of Hyueian System of Medicine. May be had cf all Chemists and Boofc- sellers. All persons should also read the MOItlSONIANA," price One bhiliinsr, which may be had by post from the British College of Health, London. MORISON'S VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL MEDICINES, Nos. 1 and 2, may be had of all Chemists and Mi'dicine Vendors, in Boxes at 7Jd,, Is. 1 Jd.. 2s. Uo„ 4s. Cci.. and Family Boxes at Us. each; also the VEGETABLE CLEANSING POWDEUS, at 1!3. lid. each, and the OINTMENT iu Pots, at Is. 1 gd. and 2s. 9d. each. 7S3 RUPTURES. WHITE'S MOC-MAIX PAT EXT LEVEE TRUSS CO., LIMITED. WHITE'S MOC-.MAIN LEVER TRUSS IS allowed by upwards of 500 medical men to be the most effective invention in the curative treat- ment of HERNIA. The use cf a steel spring, so often hurtful ill iis effects, is avoided, a soft bandage being worn rouurt the body, whole the requisite resist- in*; power is sunplied by the MOC-JJIAIN PAD and PATENT LEVER, fitting with so much ease and co:¡:nc; that it cannot !e detected, and may be worn during sleep. A descriptive circular rnav bo had of tbe Manufacturers, "iff, FicCl:<.Ldy, London. Sinde Truss, 10s.. 2ls,, -<is Cd., and :1]s ¡;d.; Double Truss, rds Id., 4i's, and 52s cd; Umbilical "'rus-, 42s and S2s 6d. Post free. P.O. Orders payable to JOHN WHITE, Post-office, Piccadilly. ELASTIC STOCKING, KNEE-CAPS. &,c., 4s Cd, 7s Gd. lus, and I t,s eucll, post free. CHEST EXPANDING BRACES (for both sexes). For Gentlemen thwy act as a substitute for the ordi- nary braces; for Children they are invaluable, &s 6d, 7s 6d, 10s Ud, 15s 6d, and 2is c .eh, post free. JOHN WHITE & CO. MANUFACTURE KS, 228, PICCADILLY, LONDON. 41 BLAIR'S GOUT PILLS. THE GREAT REMEDV FOR GOUT AND RHEUMATISM. SURE, SAFE, aud EFFECTLTAL. No restraint of diet required during their use All Chemists, at Is 1-1 1 and 28 Gl per box. 42 4 RIDE T O KHIVA T\. BY CAL'TAIN FEED BUITNABY. Royal Horse Guards. Pap- i:: says :— "Two paii-s of boots lined with fur were also taken; and for physic—with which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of-the-way place-s,me qui- nine, and Cocklc's Pills, the Litter a most invaluable medicine, and one which 1 have Used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous U'ect produced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, who was impervious to all native medicines, when ntim;"trrrd to him five COCKLE'S PILLS win never fad from my memory; and a friend of mine, who passed through the same district many months at'tei wards, informed me that my fame as a 1 medicine man had not i.ied out, but thut J on cure was even then a rheuie oi conversation m the haziiar." see BURNABY'S IUDS TO KHIVA, Pajie l-'l. AG O O D FAMILY MEDICINE CHEST with a prudent use. lias saved many a life; and yet we think the idea might, be improved upon, and reduced to a more simple form. Take some good compound, such as COCKLE'S ANTIHILIOCS PILLS, and we find that the desired end may be obtained without scales aud weight*, or little mysterious compartments or en- chanted bottles, with crystal stoppers. Others might be used but COCKLE'S PILLS as tested by many thousands of persons, rnd found to answer their purpose so well may be set down as the best.— Obstrver. RIDE TO KHIVA CAI'TAIN FRED BURNABY, Royal Kov-e Guards. Page 13 says :— Two pairs of boots lined with iur were also taken and for physic—with wii cii it is a« well to be supplied when truvoilitiK in out-ol-io-way places-solllt, qui- nine, and Cockle's I'iIl:" tiie iutieru most invaluable medicine, and one which I have used on t Vie natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects produced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, no was impervious to all native medicines, when I administered to him live COCKLE'S ^TLLS will never fade from my memory; and a friend of mine, who passed through the same district many months afterwards, informed me thut my fanie as a DJedicint. man' had not. died out. Lut tilatOtbe manel- lous cure was even then a theme of conversation in the Bazaar." SEE BURNABY'S RIDE TO KHIVA, Page 13. COCKLE'S AKTIBILIOUS PILLs TIIE OIVDKST PATENT MEDICINE. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s t>d, 43 Gd, and lis. QO CKLE'S AN II BILIOUS i'lLLS In use among al classes of society. SEVENTY-NINE YEARS. May be had throughout the United Kingdom, In boxes at Is lid, ■' Dd, 4s Gd, and lis. IS S t'w Ormond Street. London. 379 "jVTEEVOUS DEBILITY.—GRATIS, a Medical Work _Li showing sufferers how tb< y may te cured without the aid of Quacks. Free on receipt of postage stamp. Address, SECKETAIIT, Institute of Anatomy, 4S6 I PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC DcL-nfl clwiclies the ùlood. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON Tmac str-wthtni. JL the norves and muscular system. 13 PEPPERS QUININE AND IRON TONIC promotes appetite aud imi roves digestion. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TOHIC smas* A the spirits and mental faculties. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC, in scrofula X wasting diseases, neuralgia, sciatica, indigestion I'h-. lenee, weakness of the client and respiratory owns' 8"U» levers of ail kluds. ° pEPPER'6 QUININE AND IRON TONIC thoroughlv I recruits the general hodiiv health, and induces a proper healthy couuiuou of lis*- nervous «ncl ptiysic-ai is^ld byclUMiV!^ f-vt rywlierc in ca^niJod bottle, containing '?) TheuamecI'J- PSFPiiK is npAEAXACUM AND PODOrHYLLI^Tfl^d «^n3. J. tiou lor derangement oi the fiver, particularly v-Len ffISiho 'lfvV1'^ °r li°"' l5y gently stimulating action of the liver aud sli-rntly moving the bowels, the J^yv drowsv sen-ations of fulness, often headache, pain beneath the shouidei.s, !i„ the chest, alter eating, unpleasant taste in the mout.i, ana other indications of dyspepsia are removed i uriixncum and Podophyllin is safer than calomel or blus» for the laboratory of J PEFP^E ^i'rd Xvl<°?1 ,nal"f ,1Hust be 011 the labeL Bottlou, 2s i)d, ana "«.■> Cd. bold by ail chemists. QULPHOLINE LOTION.—An external remedy for Q diseases. 1 no most inveterate obstinate em-Vraj pimples are subdued by .-ulpholine, and a clear Wt'hy 1 2.1"" ;• i',as" "I'laiuing ot tender, reddeneif -^r liiitabift or affected by the sun, rou^h uinds «nd e ven sufferers troin constittitionaLkin diseases, will derive <'reai benefit, and comfort by using Sulphoiine Lotion which h^f powerlitl coiiscrvjug tnd salutary notion, • wnoves the effim ot i.oii«tunt.i;-ptratioii, and maintains the cuticle in a free healthv condition. Bottles. 2s Od. sold by ;lll ci>emists. /IRACROET'S ARECA NUT TOOTH PASTE —Bv tV i/'Tv' ,blS arom:ic deuti!W', the exiMld \T- b. comes Willi,e, sound, and polished like fine <vor° c it is rxceellindy fragrant, aud >])('ci:I1Jy ¡L;c[ul for reniovinJ tartar on neglected teetli. Sold by all chemists. Pots is "no 2s lid each. ((.>et Cracroft's). s "ao DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS DMiLAlt S KbSENCK or deafness has proved aa excraordiunry remedy. it nlways relieve. cure. teooi hi bottles at Is ljd ami iis <Jd, by all ci.eSi.sts.' L-SULPIIUT ifAlIt TIESTOREI-:?o .Li re^on.u the clou- oJ the hair. T JUCK^ SULPH UR J IA IR RESTORER win -v,,r. — 8'«-*y hair, in u lew (iays restore coir.rdetoiv f!it iiattir,) colour, me eiteot is superior to tliati Droduced "y ■•■n instantaneous^ dye, aud the Sulphur Bestorer'does "Ct initire hairdressers!011' 'U b°tUc! U6d e^h, by cheats and I OCKYJm:s SULrHCJK IT AI [ £ TiKSTOpV 7* J kei'p.n^ the hair its proper colour, is useful fOr I ,-eai no _oth-r application iJci/lg necessary to ekieozirage the grt-)wlli of uewhillr. A FACT WORTB KNOWING. A FACT WORTH KNüWING. B E E C II A M 8 PILLS admitted by Thousands to bo worth above a GUINEA • a. *or bilious and nervous disorders sv^h niV* and pain at the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness w" swellings niter meals, dizziness and itrowsinessi cold chills, flush,ngs of heat. loss of appetite, shortness ot breath cos- tiven.'ss, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep fright- ful dreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations,%c &c. ll9 1,1 will g ve relief in 20 rainutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in'thousauds of cases, xhe I ropnetorof these pills having obtained (at great expense a ]wte«.t tor them he challenges the whol« world to produce a medicine equal to them for removing the -.ibove- H^in'i h3 UtS' aild rcstoriu £ the Patient to sound and Every ufferer is ellrnetJy invited to try one box of these piIIs", andtiiey will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a 'ew uoses <-f tbem carry off all gross humours, open all obstruc- f.r s ii nd al';?u,: 1111 that is required. Xo Female should be v i/out them, i Here is no ineciieiee to be found to ecual Jfeeeham a I ills for removing- any obstruction or irresrularity of the system. It taken according to the directions iriveti with -udroi^st'tfeaPb >00B restore females of all ages to sound tlnd !"o]¡n:,t: hpalth. t'ov a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all disorders-of the liver, they act like MAGIC, and a few doses will be found to work wonders up m the most import ,nt organs in the human machine. 1 hey strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long-lost complexion, brintr back the keen system, restore the long-lost complexion, brintr back the keen edga "f appetite, and arouse into action with the rose-bud of health, tHe whole physical energy of the human frame. 1 hese are facts admitted by thousands, embracing all classes ?,ne °,f tl,e best guarantees to the nervous and dobmtaterI is, B^cham s Pills hare the largest sale of anv patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy f:r comhs in general, asthma, difficulty in breathing, >hortne»s of breath, tightness and oppression of the chest, wlieczidg, &c., these pills stand unrivalled; and any one labouring under any of the above conmlaints need only try One Box to prove that they are the best ever offered to the l,ublic tor asthmatic and consumptive coughs, hoarse- ness, and oppression of the chest. They speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing, which nightly deprive the patient of rest. They give almost instant relief ami comfort to those afflicted with the above distressing and, when neglected, dangerous complaints. Let any persons troubled with any of the above complaints tfiva BEECHAlI'S COUGH PILLS a trial. The most violent cough will in a short time be removed. Caution.—The public are requested to notice that the words "BEECHAM'S PILLS, St. Helen's," are on the Government Stamp atiixed to each box of pills; if not on they are a forgery. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the pro. prietor, T. Beecham, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in boxes at Is lid and 2s 9d each. Sent post free from the proprietor for 15 or ;3(; stamps. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers W.Um United Kntgdom. Full directions are given with each box. M JJTSEASE PREVENTED, JJEALTH RESTORED, By the use of K AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS, I Which the experience of over 50 years proves to be the t BEST FAMILY MEDICINE. I THEY Purify the Blood. I Cleanse the System. Kemove Obstructions. Improve the Bigestio i. Establish the Health. Sold everywhere at Is ljd., 2s 9d., and 4s 6d per box J 91-18 j FRATOSMM'S JLBBNSS*S. WREXHAM. J E. POWELL, General Furnishing Ironmonger, Iron Merchant, Agricultural Imple- <-? ment Depot 6 Town Hill, and G Abbot Street. 55 sEWING MACHINES. Agent for the Singer, Howe, Wilcox and Gibb's Princess ef Wales, Peabody and a First-class Machines, S. SOTHEIIN, 21, Charles Street. 56 mrILLIAM SNAPE, FAMILY WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, LION HOUSE, hJfHl STREET. 57 THE "NORTH WALES GUARDIAN" S rEA I p E I X T I N G WORKS, HOPE STREET WREXHAM. The Proprietors beg to intimate that they are prepared to execute GENERAL PRINTING, PLAIN OR COLOURED IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, AT 1 HE SHORTEST NOTICE, AND UPON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS. Placards and Posting Bills Hand Bills, Show Cards, Pamphlets, Catalogues, Friendly Socieiies's Rules, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Memorandums, IuTo:ces, Programmes, Circulars, Business Cards, &c. Kx^ts-naticn Papers or Schools, Colliery Par Sheets, Cheque and Receipt Books Tnna Bankruptcy Forms, Articles of Association, Conditions of Sale, &c., &-a t STIKJiTFS GIVEN "UTON AFPI AT THE GUARDIAN OFFICE, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. "ABSOLUTELY PURE." See Analyses -.—Sent- Post Free on Application. EL L T S 5 S So tin, Potass, Seltzer, U ±J X O Lemonade, a»o Water without Alkali. 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("BEDSTEADS of the most Artistic Designs and Approved Construction • and C i BEDDING Requisites of the highest excellence and purity, at prices .based on ( special arrangements with the Manufacturer. (CURTAIN Appointments and UPHOLSTERY Appliances from Etbe]- LighteA 2Q < Gossamer Summer Fabrics to the Richest Tapestries, Brocades, Sill-Land Satin ( Repps. N.B.—The Best WAREHOUSE ACCOMMODATION for Storing Furniture; in Dry Booms. All Estimates Free. CABINET MANUFACTORY & GENERAL FURNITURE WAREHOUSF, 66 AND 68, ARGYLE STREET, BIRKENHEAD. 74