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Sabs Iw JUutimr. Ms ssss. Bangh, Joaes, and. Cio. MONDAY, OCTOBER 20TH, 1879. Sale of FAT STOCK at THE EOS-SETT AUCTION 1II A H T. MESSRS P.AUGH, JONES, '& CO., bes to 1- thank their patrons and friends for their liberal support, and wish to remind tlicri of their next Monthly al" 0< FAT AND STORE STOCK, Which will take place Ox MONDAY, THE 20TH DAY OF OCTOBER, 1879, At their Auction Mart, Golden Lion Inn, Rossett, when the following stock will be offered :— 14 Fat Bullocks, Heifers, and Bulls 4 Grand Highland Oxen Several Calving Heifers 90 Prime Shropshire Down and other Sheep Fat Calve* (j Pork and Bacon Pigs The property of A. Balfour, Esq., F. Potts, Esq., J. Boydell, Esq., General Townshend, E. Swetenham, Esq., C. Topham, Esq., B. S. Roberts, Esq., E. Moss, Esq., Mr. J. Edwards, Mr. Woolrich, Mr. Davies, Mr. Woolrich, Mr. Pritchard, Mrs. Woolrich, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bay tie, Messrs. Bauley, Mr. Dudleston, Mr. John Lee, Mr. T. Thomas, Mr. Thomas Lewis, Mr. Gilman, Mr. Zacharv, Mr. Edward Woolrich, Mr. William Lewis, 3,1 r. Bishop, and others. Also an excellent double seated Phaeton, and a set of silver mounted harness, nearly new, the property of a gentleman. Further Entries Respectfully Solicited. Sale at TWO o'clock prompt. At the Christmas Sale a Silver Cup will be presented to the Owner (not being a Tenant Farmer), for the best Fat Beast sold. A Silver Cup will be given to the Tenant Farmer for the best Beast sold. A Prize will be presented to the owner of the best pen of five Sheep sold. 1319 SMITHFIELD, WEEXHAM MESSES, BAUGH, JONES AND CO., WIN hold their next SALE OF STOCK in the above Smithfield, ON THURSDAY, NOV. G, 1879. Stock already entered, viz :— A lot of prime fat Beasts. A lot of useful Dairy Cows. Several fresh Barrens, Calving Heifers, and Short-horned Balls. A nice lot of fat Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Piss. Sale at Ten o'clock. Settlements at close of Sale. 1.r. Lloyd. 'd_- BRIDGEHOUSE BREWERY, WREXHAM. I Important Sale of BREWING PLANT and other Effects. MP. LLOYD ha1; been instructed by Mrs. Eyton to Sell by Auction (without reserve) on FRIDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 24TH, Flon the above premises, the whole of the BREWING UTENSILS, And other effects, consisting of 50 Hogsheads, 100 first- class Barrels, 100 Kilderkins, and 50 Firkins (the whole in good repair), six Working Tubs, and several Barm Tubs and Keeley, a quantity of filling-up cans and Funnels, Step Ladders, Pulley, large Cooler, Half- measures, Hop Seive and Press, Malt Bags, Stillages, Barrel Ropes, Brewing Thermometer, excellent Lorry, Brewer's Cart on springs, Scotch Cart, set of Thrill Gears, excellent Dogcart, patent Weighing Machine, quantity of Troughs, large Hop Wheelbarrow, Rain Tub, and a variety of other effects. Sale at One for Two o'clock prompt. Offices: Plassey, Wrexham. 1342 WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, NOV. 6TH, 1879. ME. LLOYD'S next AUCTION will take place oh Thursday, Nov. Gth, 1879, the present entries will include :— A prime lot of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. Several magnificent Dairy Cows and Heifers, Calved and to Calve (this auction is noticed to be one of the leading sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of year). A lot of choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. A magnificent selection of Fat and Rearing Calves, Heifers, and Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbourhood of Cheshire. A prime lot of Shropshire and Welsh Wethers, also Store Sheep. A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and Store Pigs. Sale at 10.30 prompt. ORDER OF SALE :—Store Cattle, Fat Cattle, Calves, Pigs and Sheep. HORSE SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock. All entries taken up to morning of Sale. Offices, Plassey, Wrexham. Mr. J. J. Steward.' CHESTER OCTOBER FAIR. THE GROSVENOR PADDOCK HORSE SALES. MR. J. J. STEWARD will hold Irs next Monthly Auction Sale of Hordes, Carriages, and Saddlery, On THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH, 1879. Commencing at Eleven o'clock. The Auctioneer will be obliged if gentlemen having horses for disposal will enter them at least a week prior to the Sale in order that they may be duly advertised. Offices-Grosvenor Chambers, Chester and Runcorn. 1152 Mr. Edward Jones. Under Bills of Sale. Sale of Horses, Carts, Dog Cart, Whitechapel, Calves, several Stacks of Clover and Straw, Turnips. Pigs and Fowl, and the whole of the Household Furniture, and other Effects, at the GREEN DRAGON INN, WREXHAM FECHAN, AND Whitegate Lane, near the New Barracks, Wrexham. To be Sold by Auction by MR. EDWARD JONES, on MONDAY, NEXT, OCTOBER 20TH, 1879. at Eleven o'clock prompt, and following day (if necessary), at the Green Dragon Inn, Wrexham Fechan, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, And other Effects, consisting of Two useful Cart Horses, One fine Gelding, rising 5-year old; Two Pigs, Four .Rearing Calves, Three Couple of Fowl, Five Carts, Five Sets of Harness, Two Wheelbarrows, Four-wheeled Dog Cart, in excellent condition; One Set of Harness, silver mounted; Two-wheeled Whitechapel, in first- class order Two Pairs of Carriage Lamps, One Wooden Erection, used as a Saddle Room, &c., with the Stove and Piping inside same; Black Retriever Dog and Kennel, Two Provender Coffers, Milk Shandry, One Plough, One Horse Rake, One Pair of Harrows, Two Heel Rakes, and a number of Rakes, Pikels, Yelves, &c., Three Pig Troughs, Cucumber Frames and Lights, and a quantity of old Iron, &c.; also One Stack of excellent Clover, Four Stacks of Straw, and about H acres of Common Turnips upon land at White Gate Lane, and part of a Stack of Clover upon land near the New Barracks; the Clover, Straw, and Turnips to go. off the premises. As the Lots are numerous the Sale will commence at Eleven o'clock to the minute. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, at his Office, 31, Cattle Market, Wrexham. 1330 Sales b-u Jiuftioir. Messrs Davies and Armor, Important sale of Four strong and powerful Cart Horses, 27 Head of Horned Cattle, Pigs. Hay, Corn, Swedes, Potatoes, Implements of Husbandry, and other Effects, at LLAWOG, Situate in the Parish of Llanynys, and three miles from the town of Denbigh. MESSES. DAVIES and ARMOR have re- ceived instructions from the Misses Mary and Harriet Foulkes, to Sell by Auction, on the above premises, on MONDAY, the 20th day of OCTOBER, 1879, The whole of the above valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, HAY, CORN, &c., Briefly comprising four strong and powerful Cart Horses, four, six, and seven years old respectively 11 first-class Dairy Cows, three two-year old heifers, one ditto Bull, 12 promising yearling Calves, five Store Pigs, Sow in pig, iron Ploughs, double ridge ditto, wood and iron Harrows, Winnowing Machine, wood and stone Land-rollers, two Turnip Drills, Corn Drill, two Turnip Pulpers, Straw Cutter (Horse Power), light- running Waggons, ditto Carts, Gig, Horse Gearing, Weighing Machine, Corn Sacks, Pikels, Cart Ropes, iron and stone Pig Troughs, &c. The Hav and Corn consist of three Stacks of Prime Meadow Hay (Harvest 1878 and 1879), Clover and Rye y i Grass, a quantity of Straw, several Ricks and Stacks of Wheat and Barley, being the produce of 47 acres. Also, eight acres of Sweeds and Potatoes (in lots), and the After-grass. Together with the Modern Household FURNITURE (if required) and other effects. The hay and straw to go off. Three Months' Credit will he dven for £ 10 and up- wards, on approved security, or discount for cash. The Sale to commence at TlCche o'clock. The above FARM is TO BE LET.—Apply to Messrs PAUlty JONES & SON, Solicitors, Denbigh. Royal Oak, Denbigh, Oct. 6th, 1879. 1310 Important and extensive sale of GO Head of Horned Cattle, six strong and powerful Cart Horses, 50 Welsh Wethers, Implements of Husbandry, Hay, and other Effects, at LLEWENI HALL, Situate one and a half miles from the town of Denbigh, and two miles from Bodfary Station, on the Mold and Denbigh Railway. MESSRS. DAVIES and ARMOR have re- ceived instructions from Mrs. Jones Morris, who is giving up farming, to Sell by Auction, on the above premises, on THURSDAY, the 30th day of OCTOBER, 1379, The whole of the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS or HUSBANDRY, HAY, &c. BrieHy comprising 10 cross-bred Dairy Cows, 7 three- year-old Bullocks, 25 two-year-old Bullocks and Heifers, 13 promising yearling Calves, 3 pure bred short-horn Bulls, 50 prime fat Welsh Wethers, and 6 powerful Cart Horses, 16 hands high, aged three and five yet,s respectively. The Implements consist of single and double Iron Ploughs, wood and iron Harrows, iron Cultivator, by Williams, Rhuddlan; four-horse Drag, Norwegian Harrow, wood and stone Land-rollers, four-horse power Apparatus, Straw Cutter, combined Mower and Reaper, in good order, by Williams, Rhuddlan; Winnowing Machine, two-row Turnip Drill, iron Horse Rake, Ladders, two light-running Waggons, narrow wheeled Carts, with boards and thrippers complete Pony Cart, Dog Cart, Heel Rakes, Horse Gearing, Pikes, Pig Troughs, &c. Together with part of a Stack of prime Meadow Hay, (to go off), Harvest 1878 portion of the Household j FURNITURE, Dairy Utensils, and other effects. Catalogues are in course of preparation, and may be had a few days prior to the sale. Three Months' Credit will be given for all sums of 210 and upwards, on approved security, or the usual discount allowed for cash. Lunch at 10.30. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock prompt. Royal Oak, Denbigh, Oct. 7th, 1879. 1311 PRIIivi MIXARY ANNOUNCEMENT. At the request of It J. Sisson, Esq., and several other gentlemen of St. Asaph and the neighbourhood, and in compliance therewith, TVTESSRS. DAYIES and ARMOR will hold their FIRST PERIODICAL SALE OF LIVE STOCK, Implements of Husbandry, Harness, Horse Gearing, Dog Carts, Traps, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Build- ing Materials, and various other effects, at the PLOUGH HOTEL YARD, ST. ASAPH, On THURSDAY, NOVEMBER Cth, 1879f Commencing at One o'clock. N.B.-All entries for the above sale must be made to the Auctioneers, on or before the 2Gth instant, so as to appear in the catalogues. DAVIES & ARMOR, Auctioneers. Royal Oak, Denbigh, Oct. 13th, 1879. 1329 Mr. Byford. RUTHIN. MONTHLY FAT AND STORE STOCK SALE. MR. G. F. BYFORD is favoured with in- structions to Sell by Auction, at Eleven o'clock, in front of the Castle Hotel, Ruthin, ON TUESDAY, 21ST OCTOBER, (FAIR DAY), 10 Fat three-year old Heifers. 60 Ripe crossrbred Ewes and Wethers. The property of M. Louis, Esq., and other gentlemen. The Sheep will be sold in pens of five. I Further entries respectfully solicited. Ruthin, 16th October. 1333 Mr. J. D. Lewis. PRELIMINARY NOTICE! PRELIMINARY NOTICE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, DENBIGH. Specially important and highly attractive Sale of a Choice and Valuable Collection of Genuine WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS and OIL PAINTINGS, comprising fine original examples by distinguished Masters, the whole being the property of a private gentleman from the neighbourhood. MR. J. D. LEWIS has been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the Assembly Rooms, Denbigh, about the latter end of NOVEMBER next, the above Valuable Paintings. Further particulars will appear in catalogues (which are in course of preparation), posters, and in future advertisements. Land Agency Offices, Vale-street, Denbigh, October 18th, 1879. 1334 Messrs. Lythall & Mansell. COLOMENDY, Three Miles from Mold, Flintshire, a first-class station on Chester and Denbigh line. 450 Fat and Store Black-faced SHEEP; upwards of 100 Large, Middle, and Small-bred White PIGS, which have obtained numerous honours at the R.A.S. England, R.A.S. Ireland, the International Inhibi- tions Paris, Kilburn, &c., and Twenty splendid FAT PIGS, will be Sold by Auction, by MESSRS. LYTHALL and MANSELL, (by direction of Lieut.-Colonel B. G. Davies Cooke), on WEDNESDAY, the 22nd day of OCTOBER instant. Luncheon at Twelve, Sale at One o'clock. Conveyances will meet trains at Mold Station for the convenience of persons coming by rail only. Catalogues may be obtained from Colonel COOKE, Mold; or from the AUCTIONEEBS, Birmingham and Shrewsbury. 1304 Sales In] Jluctian. Snaps Parish of HOPE, in the County of FLINT. SALE of FREEHOLD LAND and COTTAGES. MR. SNAPE has received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, at the Bridge End Inn, Caergwerle, On MONDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 1879, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then and there produced, the valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, as described below, and in the following or such other lot or lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, namely :— Lot I.-All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, known as the "Estyn or Brickyard Field," situate in the township of Estyn, in the parish of Hope, in the county of Flint, abutting upon public roads leading from Hope to Gresord and Llay, and Caergwrle to I Rossett, containing an area of 3a. 2r. 35p. or there- abouts. This lot is situate about half a mile from Caergwrle. j Lot 2.—All that Piece or Parcel of ARABLE LAND, situate at Cymmau, in the parish of Hope aforesaid, and abutting upon the township road leading from Cymmau to Ffrith, now or late in the occupation of Mr. William Jones, stonemason, containing an area of 2a. lr. 31p. or thereabouts. Lot 3.—All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, situate at Cymmau aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of Mr. John Jones, containing an area of 2a. Ir. 12p. or thereabouts. Lot 4.—All that Piece or Parcel of MEADOW LAND, situate at Cymmau aforesaid, partly abutting upon the township road leading from, Cymmau to Ffrith, now or late in the occupation of Mr. William J ones, stonemason, containing an area of 2a. lr. lip. or thereabouts. Lot 5.—All those Four FREEHOLD COTTAGES, with the gardens and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate at Cymmau aforesaid, now or late in the respec- tive occupations of George Hughes, William Thornton, John Hannaby, and Henry Goodhall, or their under- tenants. The Tenants will show the Property, and further in- formation may be had from Mr. THOMAS JONES, Bridge End Inn, Caergwrle; Messrs. ACTON and BURY, Solicitors, Wrexham; Mr. J. ALLINGTON HUGHES, Solicitor. Wrexham; or from the AUCTIONEER, Lion House, Wrexham, where a plan of the property may be seen. ———————————————————————————- Sale of Freehold Cottages in the Borough of Wrexham. MR. SNAPE has had instructions to offer for Sale by Public Auction, at the Lion House, Wrexham, On TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 1879, at Three for Four o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions to be then and there produced, all those FOUR FREEHOLD COTTAGES, Situate in BROOK STREET, WREXHAM, being Nos. 24, Brook-street and Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Well-street- court, Brook-street. The above property is desirably situated near the centre of the town of Wrexham, and in the line of the roads proposed to be made by the Corporation to connect Penybryn with the Hope-road. For further particulars apply to Messrs. ACTON and BURY, Solicitors, Wrexham Mr. J. ALLINGTON HUGHES, Solicitor, Wrexham or to the AUCTIONEER, Lion House, Wrexham. Sales Jbrjj rihatc Contract TO BE SOLD, the Lease of a LEAD MINE -L in Radnorshire, with Plant and Machinery com- plete. Nominal dead rent and small royalty.—For particulars apply to T. M. HARVEY, 6, Old Jewry, London, E.C. 1335 TO BE DISPOSED OF, on very advan- tageous terms, 50 SHARES in the Provincial Life Assurance Company, Wrexham.—Apply to Messrs. RICHARD JONES and Co., Solicitors, 1, Lancaster Place, Strand, London. 1208 POLYGRAPH. MULTIPLYING APPA- RATeS, to print 50 to 60 copies in few minutes. Prices Letter Size, 5s. Quarto, 8s. Foolscap, 10s., complete. Sample apparatus for agents for 36 stamps.— POLYGRAPH Co., 26, Lord-street, Liverpool. 1220 ——————————— TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY.— Two Freehold DWELLINGHOUSES, substan- tially built, and in thorough repair. Let attl3 each clear, but fully worth £ 15. Also, an excellent corner F plot of BUILDING LAND.—Apply to Mr. LEIGH, Salop Terrace, Rhosddu, Wrexham. 1223 feilttrs. TO CARTERS AND OTHERS. THE HIGHWAY BOARD (Wrexham Dis- JL trict) are' prepared to receive TENDERS for Carting Road Materials to the Ruthin Road, from the Gegin to the boundary of the Borough of Wrexham. The materials are to be carted from Bwlchgwyn ■ Quarries and the Minera Railway Siding. For forms of tender and further information, apply to the District Surveyor, Mr. JOHN STRACHAN. Tenders to be sent to me on or before Wednesday, the 29th inst. JOHN BURY, Clerk to the Highway Board 1315 (Wrexham District). TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. THE HIGHWAY BOARD (Wrexham Dis- trict) are prepared to receive TENDERS for Widening the Road on Bryn-Estyn Hill, in the town- ship of Burton. The contractor will be required to fill all the soil into carts necessary to be removed to widen the same according to plans and specifications also, to build a retaining wall, finding all materials and cartage for the same. The length to be widened, 160 yards. For further information, apply to the District Surveyor, Mr. JOHN STRACHAN. Tenders to be sent to me on or before the 29th inst. JOHN BURY, Clerk to the Highway Board 1314 (Wrexham District). PHONOGRAPHY. TNSTRUCTION in Pitman's System of Short- I hand by a verbatim writer and certificated teacher. Terms, &c., on application.—Phono., Guardian Office, Wrexham. 1185 SINGING LESSONS. HERR GOEBBELS, late member of the Con- servatoire at Cologne, visits Wrexham and Chester once a week.—For terms apply, 113, Chatham- street, Liverpool. 1148 MUSICAL TUITION. MR. EDWIN HARRISS begs to inform his Pupils and Friends that the next Term of Lessons will commence on Monday, October 6th. 8, Erddig Terrace, Wrexham, October 3rd, 1879. 1229 TO THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY. SINGING AND MUSIC. A LADY, pupil of eminent London Masters, desires Pupils. French spoken during lessons. The highest references. Addre-a :-S. B. A., 15, WEST PARADE, 1816 R H Y L. tgal am) uhIii glofes. FLINTSHIRE CONSTITUTIONAL ASSOCIATION. THE GENERAL J^NNUA L MEETING I Of the above Association will be held at the ASSEMBLY-ROOM, BLACK LION HOTEL, MOLD, ON FRIDAY, THE 24TH DAY OF OCTOBER, 1879, At 7.15 p.m., when ADDRESSES WILL BE DELIVERED BY EDMUND PEEL, ESQUIRE, (The President of the Association), H. C. RAIKES, ESQUIRE, M.P., P. P. PENNANT, ESQUIRE. And other Gentlemen. — All Friends of the Conservative cause are invited to attend. October 14th, 1879 1341 PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. Messrs. ADXITT & NAUNTON, of Shrewsbury, have the honour to announce that they have arranged with C BRANDRAM, ESQ., M.A., TO GIVE A SHAKESPEARIAN RECITAL H A M L E T in the above Hall, ON THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23RD, 1879. In order to promote the comfort of the audience during Mr. Brandram's Recital, visitors are respectfully requested to be in their seats by a Quarter to Eight o'clock, as after that hour no Admission to the room can be obtained except during the interval between the Acts. Doors open at Seven o'clock. Recital to commence at a Quarter to Eight precisely. The plan of the reserved seats is now ready at Messrs. C. G. BAYLEY and Co., Booksellers, and as only a limited number can be reserved, an early application is solicited. Reserved and numbered seats. 3s. Gd.; second seats, 2s. a limited number of back seats, Is. 1303 PENYCAE, RUABON. A BAZAAR WILL BE HELD AT WYNNSTAY, By the kind permission and under the immediate patronage of Sir Watkin and Lady Williams Wynn, on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, THE 21ST AND 22ND OF. OCTOBER, 1879, IN AID OF THE BUILDING FUND OF PENYCAE CHURCH. The following ladies and gentlemen have consented to become PATRONS: Lord Edwin Hill Trevor, M.P. Lady Edwin Hill Trevor The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph Mrs. and the Misses Hughes Honble. George Kenyon Honble. Mrs. Geo. Kenyon Sir Robt. A. Cunliffe, Bart. Lady Cunliffe Major Cornwallis West Mrs. West Geo. Osborne Morgan,Esq., M.P. Mrs. Osborne Morgan R. M. Biddulph, Esq. Mrs. Biddulph Edmund Peel, Esq, Mrs. Peel S. Yorke, Esq. Mrs. Yorke T. L. FitzHugh, Esq. Mrs. FitzHugh S. K. Mainwaring, Esq. Mrs. Mainwaring Rev. T. H. G .Puleston Mrs. Puleston Major Tottenham Mrs. Tottenham Edward Evans, Esq. (Bron- wylfa) Mrs. Evans R. V. Kyrke, Esq. Mrs. Kyrke Capt. Conran Irs. Conran R. Tighe, Esq. Honble. Mrs. Tighe The Very Rev. the Dean of St. Asaph Mrs. Bonnor Col. Elgee, and the officers of the 23rd R.W. Fusiliers Mrs. EIgee S. P. Hope, Esq. Mrs. Hope W. Brancker, Esq. Mrs. Brancker O. S. Wynne, Esq. Mrs. O. S. Wynne F. Cowan, Esq. Mrs. Cowan Rev. E. W. Edwards Mrs. & the Misses Edwards Harold Lees, Esq. Mrs. Lees Peter Ormerod, Esq. Mrs. Ormerod Mrs. Ffoulkes and Miss Ffoulkes Rev. T. Ll. Griffith Mrs. Griffith Rev. D. Howell(Wrexham) Mrs. Howell Mrs. Girardot Rev. J. Jones (Cerrigy- druidion) Mrs. Jones George Thomson, Esq. (Pen-Mrs. and the Misses ybryn) Thomson S. K. Bishop, Esq. (Llan- erchrugog Hall) Mrs. Bishop J. Kenrick, Esq. Sirs. Kenrick J. C. Edwards, Esq. (Trevor Hall) Mrs. Edwards Rev. J. D. Edwards (Rhosymedre) Mrs. and Miss Edwards Rev. T. Jones (Rhos) 1 Sirs. Jones The Stalls (including one for Refreshments) will be arranged in THE GREAT HALL, Access to which will be by the Principal Entrance, and selections on the organ will be given at intervals during each day. The Bazaar will be open on Tuesday, October, 21st, from 12 until 8 p.m., and on Wednesday, October 22nd, from 12 until 9 p.m. ADMISSION: First Day To the Park, Gardens, and Bazaar 3s. Od. To the Park and Gardens only Is. Od. Second Day-To the Park, Gardens, and Bazaar Is. Od. To the Park and Gardens only Os. tid. The 3s. (red) Tickets will be available for both days. The Gardens will be closed each day at Five o'clock. TICKETS can be obtained at Mr. T. OWEN'S, The Library, Oswestry Sir. RAILTON POTTER, Wrexham the W ynnstay Arms Hotel, Ruabon; the Rev. D. WILLIAMS, Penycae, Ruabon and at the entrance to the Park and the Bazaar. Family Tickets (not exceeding six persons), available for the two days, 10s. Children under twelve half- price. Contributions, either in money or in kind," will be thankfully received by the Rev. D. WILLIAMS, Penycae, Ruabon. • Arrangements have been made with the Great Western Railway Company to issue Cheap Tickets (1st, 2nd, and 3rd class) to Ruabon, on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 21st and 22nd, as follows :—From Chester at 11.0 a.m., 12.20, and 2.0 p.m. Saltney, at 11.8 a.m. Rossett, 11.19 a.m. Gresford, 11.26 a.m. Wrexham, 11.38 a.m., 12.46, and 2.24 p.m. Corwen and intermediate stations to Trevor by trains leaving Corwen at 9.4G and 11.50 a.m. Cefn, 9.12 a.m. Shrewsbury, 10.5 a.m. Leaton, 8.20 a.m. Baschurch, 12.39 p.m.; Rednal, 12.50 p.m.; Whittington, 12.58 p.m.; Oswestry, 12 52p.m. Gobowen, 1.6 p.m;; Prees- gweene, 9.1 a.m. Chirk, 10.43 a.m. and 1.14 p.m. Re- turning the same day by any of the ordinary trains calling at the stations named. 1207 tgal ah$fublk gfoiias. RESIGNATION OF TKE TOWN CLERK OF WREXK.v^I- AT a MEETIXG of the PH^t and Present Mayors and Members of the To wn Council, held at the Guildhall, on September 3rd in, -L.. the Mayor in the chair, it was unanimously resolved That a Testi- monial be presented to John James, Esq., Town Clerk, and that such Testimonial take the form of an Oil Painting." All present intimated their inlention of subscribing. Subscriptions will be received by the Hem. Secretary and Treasurer, DR. EYTON-JONES, Grosvenor Lodge, Wrexham, who will acknowledge their receipt in the local papers, £ s. d. Isaac Shone. Esq., Mayor 330 Alderman Owen, Ex-Mayor 3 3 0 G. O. Morgan, Esq., Q.C., Sl.P. 3 3 0 Thomas Painter, Esq. 330 J. Allington Hughes, Esq., solicitor 330 The Honourable Geo. Kenyon 220 Edward Evans, Esq., Bronwylfa 2 2 0 -Air. Phillips, Toivn-Iiill 220 Alderman Beale. 220 Councillor J. Oswell Bury 2 2 0j Dr. Eyton Jones 2 2 0 The Rev. George Cunliffe 2 0 0 The Rev David Howell 110 T. Rowland, Esq., J.P. 110 Alderman Lloyd 110 Councillor Edisbury 110 Councillor Williams 1 1 0 Councillor Bradley 1 1 0 Evan Slorris, Esq", solicitor 110 Edward Jones, Esq., Coed Tref, -Ileifod 1 1 0; Ll. Williams, Esq., Sl.B 110 Sir. Thomas E. Jackson 1 1 0 Sir. Goodier, Cobden Slill 110 Sir. Roe, Guardian 1 1 0 Sir. Alfred Owen 1 1 0 I John Roberts, Esq., Bryn End, Ruabon 1 1 0 Mr. E. T. Fitch. 0 10 6 < J. D. Pugh, Esq., solicitor 1 0 0 i Davies, Esq., Mount, Ruabon 110 Rev. T. LI. Griffith 2 2 Oj Hampden Poyser, Esq. 2 2 0 Mr. E. Jones, plumber 1 1 0 Jno. Jones, Esq., solicitor 110 Rev. David Jones, Penniaenmawr 220 Rev. H. Lee, Sheniton Rectory 110. W. Lester, Esq. 110 Win. Ky. Darby, Esq 1 1 0: Chas. Darby, Esq 110 Thos. Chilton, Esq., Gresford 1 1 0 i Mr. Jones, Tympath Cottage, Llwyn Onn 0 10 0 Rev. E. Jerman. 0 10 G Mr. J. Ollerhead, Hope-street 0 10 G Mr. T. Kennedy, Hope-street 110 Sir. W. Thomas. Ashfield 0 10 G A..J. Brereton, Esq., Mold 110 Sir. Win. Jones (Jones, Lloyd & Co.), Meld 110; Jno. Bury, Esq., J.P. 1 j 0 C. Hughes, Esq., J.P. 220 Slessrs. Bayley and Bradley I-10 J. Farrar, Esq., Slanchester 330 Dr. E. Williams. 1 1 0 Slessrs. Knight & Co., Fleet-street, London 110 P. Walker, Esq 550 Llay Hall Colliery Company. 5 5 0 J. H. Foulkes, Esq., Gresford Place, Wrex- ham 200 Sir. Rowland, Holly Bank 110:, The Rev. G. Bewsher 1 1 0 The Rev. G. Williams, Gwersyllt 1 0 0 Sir. Jenkin Jones, Cerrigydruidion. 1 0 0 ] Alderman Smith I-10 E. SI. Jones, Esq., J.P. 110 A Friend 1 l 0 Ll. Lloyd, Esq 0 10 G ( Sir. Stokes, Penybryn 0 10 G ] Slessrs. Pritchard. 110; J. Parry Jones. Esq 110: R. V. Kyrke, Esq I10 The Misses Poyser 110 Sirs. Irven 220 Rev. A. L. Taylor 1 l 0 H. Humphreys, Esq. 1 1 0 t A. E. Whieldon, Esq 110; W. Low, Esq 1 1 0 t F. Page, Esq. 110 Additional Subscriptions. J John Beirne, Esq 110 Rev. R. O. Burttm 3 0 Thomas Bury, Esq., solicitor 110' George Dutton,'Esq., Chester 1 1 0 J. Rhydwen Jotfes, Esq., Rhyl 1 ] 0 A. W. Edwards, Esq 1 1 0 s E. Tencl, Esq. 220 John Fr:)ois, Esq 0 10 ti Mr. Hey.vood l 1 0 1224 — ( £ lcrtkrir Jlbbrcsscs. —————————————————————————————————— 1 ] Pentrefelin House, Wrexham, t 10th October, 1870. To the Burgesses of the TVEST WARD of the Borough of Wrexham. j LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT is my turn to go out of the Council on the 1st of November next. As one of the four representatives of your Ward, and having instituted certain improve- < ments which have not as yet been carried out, I feel that it is due to you that I should again offer my services to represent you for the next three years, during. which time I may be useful to you probably as a profes- sional man well acquainted with the nature and im- portance of the improvements referred to. j Should you pay me the compliment of again electing me on the 1st of November as your representative, you may at all times rely upon my best attention to the interests committed to my care. I have the honour to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours very faithfully, 1318 ISAAC SHONE. Tu the Burgesses of the SOUTH WARD of the Borough of Wrexham. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE term of three years for which I have had the -t- honor of representing you in the Town Council being about to expire, I have been induced again to offer you my services, and should you deem me worthy of your support and again return me as your Represen- tative, I shall at all times use my best endeavours to promote your interests and to deserve and increase your confidence. Trusting to be honoured with a continuance of your support, I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, S. T. BAUGH. Wrexham, October, 1879. To the Burgesses of the NORTH WARD of the Borough of Wrexham. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, T'HE term for which I was elected to represent your Ward in the Town Council being about to expire, I respectfully offer myself for re-election. During the past two years, while I have filled the seat, I have closely watched the expenditure, and pro- moted economy as far as consistent with the efficient carrying out of the necessary duties of the local authority. Should yon again honor me with your confidence, I shall continue to devote my best attention to the duties incumbent upon a representative, and always endeavour to serve the interests of the ratepayers to the utmost of my ability. I have the honor to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, 1325 J. OSWELL BURY. Just Out, Post Free, 15 Stamps, THE HORSE AND CATTLE OWNER:S GUIDE. Explains their best management in health. Gives clear instructions how to cure them when diseased. Enables any one to be his own animal doctor. Cows with Fllot and Mouth Distemper can be cured in three days with little loss of condition or milk. Sent by THOS. BESLEY, Publisher, Cadishead, War- rington. 978 v_. i uUvSnU' .3 I OHNE PHOSPHOR KEIX GEDANKE. —— ZOEJJONE. A delicious sparkling tonic bever- age fur daily use containing the essential con- stituents of t:jto BLOOD, the BRAIN, and NERVE Tissui.— NON-ALCOHOLIC. ^OEDOXE, a PHOSPHATED INO- BEVERAGE, invaluable to everyone engaged in professional, literary, scientific, commercial, athletic or other pursuits, involving the wear and tear of CENTAL OR PHYSICAL STRAIN. ZOEDONE, specially valuable to CONY ALES- :J CENTS and INVALIDS. The healthy wil1 find it a grateful and comforting beverage. ZOEDONE, recommended by the faculty.— Sledical testimony post free. ZOEDONE, preferred by many to Champagne, at six to eight tiin-es the price. ZOEDONE mixes perfectly with Claret, other U Wines, Beer and Porter. ZOEDONE, a beverage for WINTER, as well :j, as for SUMMER use, and for any CLISIATE. ZOEDONE, par excellence, a beverag-e for Zj BALLS, PIC-NICS, EVENING PARTIES, BANQUETS, FETES, and other Festive occasions. ZOEDONE, aji elegant, pleasant, and sustain- z in beverage for Railway Taavellers, Tourists, and Emigrants. ZOEDONE. put Up like Chp in Cham- Z pagne Bottles, and is fit for any table. ZOEDONE thus described by a medical con- noiseur :—" Everyone was struck with the variety and attractiveness of the liquids at the Dinner at the "Langham." By universal consent the palm was awarded to ZOEDONE," a sparkling, delicious, exhilarating drink, containing Phosphates and Iron." ZOEDONE, spoken D-f by leading journals in I Z corresponding high terms, and assigned it the highest place at the MEDICAL BANQUET. pR'.CE—including bottles and packages—FREE ON RAILS AT WKESSIJ! :— Gs. Gd. per dozea, in half Champagne Bottles, usually sent tn six dozen cases. 12s. per dozen in large Bottles, usually sent in three dozen cases. Gd. EXTRA PER DOZ. specially prepared for shipment, ind packed in casks. TESTIMONIALS. From William Carter, -II.B.. B.Sc., L.L B., London, M.R. C.S., London, Phvsican to iftc Royal Southern HOII- pital Liverpool, Lecturer on Materia 2 £ idica, Liverpool Royal infirmary School of Medkiac. June 9th, 1879 I have great pleasure in expressing the high opinion ivhich I have formed of the value e £ Zoeione as a tonic Deverage and medicine. It seer.S to me to meet a decided want, as by its neans we are enabled to prescribe phosphates of iron, ime, &c\, not merely in a very assimilable, but as we& n a most jalatable and refreshing form. I have prescribed it largely, and from my observation. )f its effects believe it will be of great use to the profession. From Norman Kerr. M.D., F.L.S. 42, Grove Road, Regent's Park. London, 15th May, 1879. Zoedone i3 a most agreeable, refreshing and elegant ;on:c. This pleasant sparkling beverage,, while most acceptable at the social board, is an invaluable adjunct ;o medicine. From Willia%i JI. Dobk, .T.f.D., Edinburgh, Honorary Physician t. the Chester In tirrturry. Chester, June 14th, 1879. I have been much pleased with your effervescing drink :.ermed "ZlIcdone." I have tried it and found ir an êxtremely agreeable, refreshing, and invigorating Ix > er- jge. I have recommended it to many of my patients^ tvho are unanimous in speaking well of it. To Messrs Evans and Co. From the Ittv. D. Howell, B.D., Vicar of Wrexham. Vicarage, Wrexham, North Wales, March 24th, 1879. Messrs R. Evans and Co.—Your h0<d"ne" is inouia- parably the best non-alcoholic beverage I have ver wasted. l £ is used daily in my family. It is refreshing, stimulating, and strengthening. From Dr. Stephens, Senior Phyt:P<f,nf -for C?n=drrn, Liverpool. July 6th, 1879. I have recommended Zoedone to many of my patients^ specially ladies and children, where I considered a little wine necessary, with, I am happy to say, the most gratifying results. I have carefully examined a sample of the New A-erated Mineral Water, manufactured by Messrs* Evans & Co., and to which they have L-.iv-eii the L<.lIl8 nf Zoedone.' I find the statement made respecting its composition to be fully borne out by the analysis. l"he Zoedone is a ERIC HT, SPARKLING, and VERY PLEA- "ANT beverage, quite free from any medicinal taste in- deed, it forms a most agreeable and elegant vehicle for the administration of the Phosphates of Lime and Iron which it contains, and which are in a state of complete solution."—ARTTICR HILL HASSALL, M.D., London. Author of "Food, its adulterations, and the method their detection." AGENTS EVERYWHERE. PATENTEE — D. JOHNSON, F.C.S. MANUFACTURERS: H. EVANS & CO., W REXHAM, NORTH WALES. POTATOES! POTATOES!! FAMILIES, Hotels, Public Institutions, and J- the Trade supplied. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. MATTHEW JONES, WHOLESALE POTATO MERCHANT, 106, GRANVILLE STREET, BIRMINGHAM. 653 LAMPLOUGH'S pYRETIC SALINE. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES, AND USE NO OTHER. This alone is the True Antidote in FEVERS, ERUPTIVE AFFECTIONS, SEA OR BILIOUS SICKNESS. Having peculiar and exclusive merits. For the protection of the public against un authorised imitations, I have again appealed to the law, and obtained a perpetual injunctio: with costs, against the defendant, a Chemist in Manchester. SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. Observe—Tlte Genuine has my name and Trude Mark on a Buff-coloured Wrapper. 113, HOLBORN-HILL. LONDON. 345