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RUTHIN. ACCIDENT.—Mr. Richard Jones, of Gellifor Farm, met with a serious accident-, on Saturday last, his own cart having passed over his leg, causing a com- pound fracture. TOWN COUNCIL ELECTION.—All excitement in the future election of members for the Council seems to have subsided. The Home Rulers," as ■'he majority have bten culled by some, still retain the confidence of the ratepayers. It will not be for the good of the town if this section becomes too strong, as possibly they uiny become overbearing in return and frustrate all necessary improvements. However, when the machinery has been again placed in proper order by the appointment of a Mayor who has the confidence of the members, things may prove for the better. We hear of no other names in connection with the election than Messrs. R. P. Davies and D. E. Davies (old mem- bers seeking re-election), Messrs. M. Edwards (Harp), John Jones (Rnthin Mills), and Osbert Edwards. It is a generally expressed wish that Mr. William Green, of the Castle Hotel, shall stand for re-election. The Mayor (Mr.^jouis) has determined not to seek re-election. BURGLARY. Quite a consternation has been caused in Olir usually quiet Vale by the report of a burglary having been committed at Berth, the re- sidence of Mrs. Lloyd, on Tuesday morning last. The house is situated about two miles from Ruthin, in a very quipt and secluded spot, and at about three o'clock in the morning the butler heard a noise as if some of the servants were about. He called out, and notrec iving an answer, got up, ond saw a man going down stairs. The butler fol- lowed, and in the kitchen a chair was thrown at him, and he was impeded iu his attempt to catch the stranger. Upon looking about it was found that the men, for ti-iere were two seen running away, got in by breaking a glass pane in the back door, and unbolting it. Nothing but £2:3 10s was stolen, including two .£5 notes, £15 of which be- longed to one of the servants. Nothing has been heard of the <hiuves. It is supposed that it must have been someone acquainted with the place. The blacksmiths and ironmongers have had several orders since for bolts and locks. The unprotected females are greatly concerned, and all the dogs be- longing to the premises are lodged within doors, so that the inmates may be warned of any future attempts.







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