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RUTHIN. SCHOOL BOARD.-At this meeting on Friday, Mr. Brooke Cunlilfe presided, and there were present Messrs. H. Powell Jones. Edward Edwards, and W. J. Roberts. The only business of a public character was that the Board agreed to summon twelve persons for neglecting the education of their children, and give final notice to six others for the same reason. BIBLE SOCIETY.-Tlie annual meeting of the Ruthin Society was held on Friday, Mr. Brooke Cunbffe presiding. Addresses were delivered by the deputation (the Rev. Henry Griffith, Rev. John Wiliams, curate of the parish; Revs. Oen Evans, Isaac James, William Evans, J. Thomas, Messrs. J. Profitt, J. J. Bancroft, and Ezra Roberts). The society here appears in a good state. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. MONDAY.—Present Mr. John Jones, in the chair; Messrs. n. G. Johnson, and J. F. Jesse, ex-officios; John Jenkins, H. Powell Jones, William Edwards, Llanferras, Evan Ellis, &c. FEARFUL STATE OF A FAMILY. Mr. JESSE brought under the notice of the Board the condition of the family of David Roberts, of Llysafenlli, in Llanbedr parish. He said the family and the house were in a perfectly fearful state. The man lying on his bed in a paralysed and utterly helpless state the very bed rotting under him, and the stench of the house so bad that a terrible disease would break out if it went on much longer. Mr. JOHN JENKINS knew the case, and remarked that the woman seemed hardly civilised. It was altogether the worst case lie had ever known, and the woman would do nothing at all. Mr. JESSE said the woman did not even wash the children, they looked as if they had not been washed for months, some of them not since they were born. They lay down on the floor at night in their clothes, and thus they had to sleep. He urged that every possible means should be adopted to get the man or the family into the house. Other guardians agreed. The RELIEVING OFFICER said he had tried his best to get him to do so, but could not. He could not legally compel them to come in. Mr. JESSE said the man needed constant attendance, which he did not get, and lay in a fearful state. The RELIEVING OFFICER said the poor fellow was dead from the loins downwards." It was agreed that every effort be made to get the poor Jellow to the house. STATISTICAL STATEMENTS shewed "no call due," outrelief, £ 91 2s. Od., cheques for the same purpose JE95. Treasurers balance, general account £ 709 10s. 5d., school attendance £ 10 2s. Od., sanitary t117 10s. Od., total £ 835 2s. 5d.-In the house 159, against 72, last year. 50 vagrants relieved/luring the fortnight. THE BURIAL OF PAUPERS. A discussion was originated by Mr. Johnson as to the necessity of burying paupers dying in the workhouse in the church yards of the parishes to which they belonged instead of at Llanrhydd church yard which was now being unnecessarily filled, against the act of Parliament. Mr. John Barber wrote that part of the workouse field might be used for the purpose. Mr. Johnson said they could set apart a portion of their land railway part off as consecrated ground and part otherwise, so as to meet all parties; or contract for the removal of all the paupers dying in the house to the parishes to which they be- longed. I was clear that they could not all be buried at Llanrhydd any longer, for that had been going on since 18(55 wrongly. It transpired that the annual deaths in the house were about 14 and it was agreed on the motion of Mr. Jenkins seconded by Mr. Johnson that tenders be asked for from various parties as to how much per mile they would contract for the removal of dead paupers to the various parishes to which they belong.










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