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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. ———— MONDAY.—Before the Mayor (Isaac Shone Esq.), T. C. Jones, A. W. Edwards, John Bury, J. C. Owen, and T. Painter, Esqrs. RINGING THE CHANGES. Mary Carrol, Salford, Manchester, was charged by P.C. Williams with attempting to utter base coin. P.C. Williams stated that on Saturday night about eight o'clock a messenger came to the police station for an officer to go to the Cocoa Koums, Henblas-street. When he went there he found the prisoner by the bar. Mr. Black, manager of the Cocoa Rooms, said the prisoner came in and asked for a bowl of soup, and in payment gave a two-shiliine-piece, the change of which was given to her. She went out and on coming back asked for a halfpenny roll, which was also given to her. She again went out, and returning a third time she asked Mrs Black if she could do with a shiliingsworth of copper. Mrs. Black (witness's wife) being in wanf of it accepted it, whereupon prisoner asked for the two- shilling-piece, giving the copper in return for it. Prisoner was just going out when she was reminded that Mrs. Black was short of a shilling. Prisoner then got rather noisy and a policeman was sent for. The Bench dismissed the case. STEALING CAPS. Martin Bollaml and Patrick Keenan, boys about 13 years of age, were in custody on a charge of stealing a number of caps the property of Air. P. Walsh, hatter, &c., Market Hall. Mr. Walsh remarked that he was continually missing articles from his stall. The bars of the gates at the entrance of the market were so wide, as to admit of the body of a boy of the age of the defendants. P.C. Williams said that Bolland had acknowledged stealing the goods. The Bench ordered Sergeant Dutton to administer to each of the boys' twelve strokes with a birch rod. A TRIVIAL ASSAULT. Absalom Davies was summoned by Richard Roberts, for an assault. Both parties are colliers. Prosecutor stated that he lived at the Moss, and was watcher at the Westminster Colliery. He was at the County Hall on the previous Monday, and after it he went into the town and there met defendant. They went into the Fleece, and defendant asked- him to pay for some beer. He declined, and defendant then put his fist" under his nose, and pushed his head back." Defendant was summoned by Thos. Roberts for a similar offence. He said defendant only "lifted his nose," and did not do him any injury. In defence Davies admitted the assault, but pleaded that he had been sneered at and aggravated. He was very sorry for what he had done. Richard Roberts said lie had known the defendant for a long time, and did not wish to punish him, but if he took this he should have to take similar things from others, and, he added, "that was the real meaning of the fact and the fact of the truth." Defendant was lined Is. in each case, and the ex- penses and the time of the witnessts-total £ l 8s. DISTURBERS OF THE PEACE. Daniel 01.217cil, collier, was summoned for creating a disturbance. P.C. Taaffe stated that he found the defendant, on the previous eveiiiii s, using bad language to his wife in Mount-street. He also abused the police on the witness making his appearance. Defendant was uned os. and expenses, or, in default, seven days. Mary Edwards and John Edwards, man and wife, Bridge-street, were summoned for creating a disturbance on Saturday night. P.C. Taaffe found the defendants using very bad lan- guage. Eventually, Mary Edwards went into the house, and John then assaulted her. On Taaffe going into the house, the male defendant ordered him out. Both defendants were fined 5s. and expenses. ALLEGED FURIOUS DRIVING. Thomas Henry Evans and Richard Rogers, shandry owners, were summoned for furious driving on Saturday night. P.C. Taaffe stated that on Saturday night he saw the two defendants galloping up Hope-street. They were calling to one another, and he believed they were both in drink. He followed them, and near Grosvenor-road he stopped one of the traps and got the names of the parties. Mr. Rogers said it was his son who was driving, and they had summoned the wrong man. L The case against Richard Rogers was dismissed. The son will be summoned. In the other case, there being no appearance, a war- rant was issued. A RELICT OF BANGOR RACES. Margaret Hayes, of the Beast Market, Wrexham, was summoned for an assault. Richard Partridge stated that on the previous Satur- day he was coming out of a pubiiehouse in Hope-street, when the defendant caught hold of him and said he was the man who had assaulted her at Bangor races. Sergt. Jones came ùp, and he (witness) got away from defen- dant, but in a few minutes lie met her again, and also her husband. The husband said he would give him Bangor races." Witness went into a shop, and sent for two police. Sergeant J ones said he went to the shop and he en- deavoured to get the woman away. The Clerk \Yas she in drink Sergeant Jones: Weil, I think there waa a little drink in her. (Laughter). A fine of 5s. and expenses was inflicted. BBAWN V. PIG'S HEAD. Thomas Thompson was chargcd with having been drunk, &c., on Saturday night. P.C. Jones said he was on duty in Queen-street on Saturday ni¿ht. Defendant was there and made a great disturbance. Defendant admitted the offence, but said he had been working late, and had a little too much beer. He was sober enough when witness took the pig's head out of his pocket. Tne Officer said defendant had some brawn in his pocket but no pig's head. Defendant: Well, pig's head and brawn is the same, ira't it ?" The Bench discharged the defendant after having cautioned him. THURSDAY.—Before Charles Hughes and Edward Williams, Esqrs. STEALING MONEY. George Roberts, bricklayer, Wrexham, was in custody charged with stealing Is. in silver, and some coppers from the till of the Elephant and Castle Inn, Charles- street. Miss Birch gave evidence and the prisoner was re- manded until Monday. This prisoner was the first to occupy the cells at the new police barracks.