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REVISING BARRISTERS COURTS. WREXHAM (BOROUGH). The following is the result of the recent revision of the borough lists — Conservative claims allowed (including one-half of duplicate claims) 1:23 Lodger claims allowed. 7 Objections to Liberals on overseers' list sustained 13 — m Liberal claims allowed (including half of duplicates) 118 Lodger claims allowed 6 „ Objections to Conservatives on overseers' list sustained. 9 133 Conservative gain 1i) DENBIGH (BOROUGH). Mr. -Coxon sat at two o'clock on Thursday to revise the borough lists. Mr. Evan Morris, Mr. J. P. Lewis, and Mr. G. T. Smith represented the Conservatives Mr. Thomas Roberts also assisting. Mr. R. H. Roberts < and Mr. Robert Williams appeared for the Liberals. None of the freemen were objected to. The Barrister very highly complimented Mr. Ed. Mills, the assistant overseer, for tne excellent way in which the lists had been prepared. On the first notice of objection by the Radicals being put in, Mr. Morris objected to the form of the notice, which stated that the objection was grounded on "in- sufficiency of occupatiun," which did not comply with the Act of last session, which provided that the grounds of objection should be specifically stated, and insuffi- ciency of occupatitm" might mean as r.o time or the nature of the occupation, and, therefore, did not give any specific ground. After considerable discussion, the Barrister allowed the objection, and declared the notice bad. This applied to all the objections made by the Radicals, which were contested. The Court was occupied a very long time in discussing one of the notices of objections sent in by the Conser- vatives. It objected to a person whom it was said had not occupied a farmhouse during the year as tenant, he having occupied it only part of the time as servant to Mr. David Jones, coal merchant, who had before claimed and obtained a vote for the property. The Barrister thought the notice did not clearly point to the actual ground upon which objection was taken, but seemed to refer to time only.—Mr. Morris contended that the notice was in due form, and the grounds of their objection could not be better stated, and, further, f that it was in compliance with the Act.—The Barrister said it was a point he should like cleared up. He should, however, hold that the notice of objection was bad, but willingly granted Mr. Morris a case on the points in- volved. The racts i:.1 dispute were settled at once, in order that Mr. Morris may seek the opinion of the higher court on the points, but as it only affected one notice, it is doubtful whether the matter will be pro- ceeded with. Mr. T. Gold Edwards was called to support the claim of his coachman, who lived in a house which he pro- vided for him, but he admitted, on examination by Mr. Morris, that if the coachman left the house without his permission, he would be obliged to leave his service, and this, it was contended, did not give the claimant an independent tenancy, and the claim was disallowed. Both parties had made unusual efforts in reference to the borough revision, and the various cases about which there was any dispute were argued fully and ably, and the importance may be imagined by the court sitting until half-past seven in the evening. RUTHIN (BOROUGH). Mr. Coxon sat at two o'clock to revise the borough lists, but it is worth recording that there was no person objected to in the whole borough, and only one claim, that of a person who had lived in one of the other Denbigh borough's and removed to Ruthin, and claimed a Parliamentary vote, which was allowed. It was re- marked that the overseer did his work so well that little was left to be done. A brief discussion arose as to the payment of the overseers and town clerk, the Barrister showing that by the recent Act half the expenses came out of the borough fund and half out of the poor rates, and he would frame his certificate to show that. A discussion also arose as to who was responsible for the preparation of the Parliamentary lists for the re- turning officers of the boroughs, whether the Town Clerks of each borough or the Town Clerk of Den- bigh, as the person set forth in the old Registration Act. The Barrister said the Act was very badly drawn up, and by no means clear on that and other points. Mr. Morris suggested that the Town Clerks of Den- bigh, Ruthin, and Wrexham should meet to discuss the points, and go into the bearings of the present Act as regards the former one, which invested the power in the Town Cierk of Denbigh. It seemed agreed that the matter should be looked into more fully. DENBIGH (COUNTY). Mr. Alfred Coxon, sat at the County Hall, Denbigh, on Wednesday, for the purpose of revising the lists of the parishes in the Denbigh district for the county. The Conservatives were represented by Mr. Tench, Wrexham, Mr. Evan Morris, Wrexham, and Mr. J. Parry Jones, junr., Denbigh, and the Liberals by Mr. R. H. Roberts, solicitor, Denbigh, Mr. Robert Parry, Denbigh, and Mr. William Parry, Denbigh. The proceedings iiresented few features of special interest, consisting of revising the lists as set forth by the overseers, and some objections and claims made by each party. Amongst the objections made by the Liberals was one to Sir Gilbert Greenall, M.P. for Warrington, who has property in the town of Denbigh. The Conser- vatives supported the claim, produced the deeds of the peoperty, and the Barrister at once allowed the vote. The question arose as to whether a house which gave a vote for the borough could also give a vote for the county. It arose in the case of Mr. John Knowles to whom the Conservatives had objected because he had claimed for a house inhabited by him in Park-street, and which gave him now a vote for the borough. Mr. Knowles admitted that he had claimed, for the house he lived in, and not for the new house he had erected in Park-street and was now occupied. The Barrister said Mr. Knowles had very fairly given his evidence, and from that he must say that he was not qualified this year, because the same house could not give a vote for the borough and for the county, and he must claim next year for the new house, and not the one he was living in. The name of the Rev. J. H. Roberts, M.A., late master of the Grammar School, was struck off. Two persons named Jones, from Birmingham, owning jointly some property at Llechryd, claimed, and had been objected to by the Conservatives. The conveyance was produced "by one of them and after much examination as to the value, mortgage, &c. the claim was allowed. The person named, who was very indignant, in somewhat sharp terms demanded his costs, having come from Birmingham OIl purpose. The Barrister told him it could not be, the objection was a very reasonable one. The claimant still protested that he must have his costs. The Barrister told him it was a waste of time, he should not allow costs. Mr. Morris said he had been very ready to give evidence that day, why did not he give it before. Finding he could not get the costs he had determined upon, he put on his hat, gathered up his papers, and indignantly left the court. Mr. Robert Jeffries, contractor, of Denbigh and Con- way, was present, and it turned out in the end that he had been either the subject of a hoax, or that some neg- lect had taken place in reference to his case. He had received a printed circular signed by Mr. Robert Parry, the Liberal registration agent, stating that the Con- servatives had objected to his vote, and that it was ad- visable that he should come over to Denbigh to sub- stantiate his vote. He w.as surprised beyond measure that the Conservatives should have objected against him, because in fact he was a staunch Conservative a member of the committee of the Conway Conservative Association, and had on all occasions made known his political principles. On arrival in Denbigh he was still more mystified, for he found that the Conservatives had not objected to his vote that indeed they knew better than do anything so absurd. Mr. Parry, it seemed, had, by some means, been under the impression that the vote had been objected to, and admitted sending the notice. Mr. Jeffries was justly indignant on the sub- ject, and said that his expenses ought to be paid. The following is the result:— Con. Lib. gam. gain. Conservatives struck off by overseers 22 Liberals ditto ditto 7 „ 15 Co*.iservat:ve eltiinc a'uowed 32 Deduct reclaims 7 25 ) Liberal claims allowed 12 13 Conservative objections to old voters 14 Liberal ditto ditto 5 9 12 16 15 Conservative gain 7 RUTHIN (COUNTY). Mr. Alfred Coxon, the revising barrister for Denbigh- shire, sat at the County Hall, Ruthin, on Monday, to revise the lists of county voters for the following 1 parishes in the Ruthin district :-Llanynys, Llanrhydd, ] Llanychard, Cloeacnog, Efenechtyd, Derwen, Gyffy- lliog, Llanarmon-yn-Yale, Llanbedr, Llandegla, Llane- lidan, Llanfair, D.C., Llanferras, Llanfwrog, Llangan- hafel, and Ruthin. The Conservatives were represented by Mr. Evan Morris, Wrexhaim and Mr. William Lloyd, Ruthin, and the Liberals by Mr. Ll. Adams, Ruthin, and Mr. Robert Parry, Denbigh. In the parish of Llanynys there was not a single claim or objection, and the same applied to some of the other parishes. The business was of no public interest; no points of moment arising. The following is the result of the registration :— Conervative-Claims 28 Sustained 19 Objections to old list 2 Liberal-Claims 8 Sustained 4 Objections to eld list 11 RHYL (COUNTY). The revision in the Ehyl district finished on Monday, Mr. W. L. Foulkes being the barrister. The Conserva- tives were represented by Mr. J. Powell, Wrexham, fur Mr. Evan Morris, Wrexham and the Liberals by Mr. Mostyn Williams. The name of Mr. Peter Browne, Chief-constable of Flintshire, was struck off on the ground of his office. The name of Mr. John Devine, secretary of the Winter Gardens, was struck off, although he had been a voter several years, because the list did not name the houses in succession" for which he was entitled.