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AFTER next month the lucrative office of c. st:lmp distributors" is to be abolished, and the duties transferred to the post-office in each town. At present the stamp distributor in every important town has the sale of bill stamps and all legal stamps, for which he is paid by poundage. TEA. MEETING.—A public tea meeting was held at the Court, the residence of Mr. J. M. Jones, CD. Tuesday last. A number of persons partook of tea and in the evening1 an adjournment, was made to the Temperance Hail where a concert, took place iu which the choir of Hill-street chapel took part. MUNICIPAL MATTERS.—The addresses of Mr. Shone and Mr. Baugh, who seek re-election for the West and South Wards respectively, appear in our advertising columns. We have not, heard of any opposition to these gentlemen nor anything definite wi h regard to the other two wards. THE TOWN CLOCK which has been hid in the store house of the Guildhall for some time, W.8 recently taken out and repaired and it now has a prominent place in the wiudow of the office of Mr. Hugh Davies the smitary inspector. The clock A Hi prove of much service in its present position. ALLEGED LIBEL ON MRS. CORNWALLIS WEST.— On W cdnesday, at the London Guildhall, a warrant, under a criminal information was issued against the Town Talk newspaper, at the suir of Major Coravrallis West, for an alleged libel on Mr Comwallis West, contained in articles published in that journal. 1ST D S.Y.—The .shooting of the honorary num- bers of this corp took place last week. The follow- ing was the result:—1, Alabaster timepice, Mr. T. Hughes 2, China. tea set (^presented by Mr. Fraz r, High-s'reet), Mr. T.Ingham; 3, Plated eggstaud, Mr. 11. W. Evans; 4, Plated breakfast cruet, Mr. J. W. A. Cooper; 5, Box of cigars, (presented by Mr. E. W. Evans), Mr. J. Murless. TREAT TO WOEKHOUSE CHILDREN.—Tlie children of the Wrexham Workhouse numbering about 70 greatly enjoyed their trip to Camerallyn, yesterday Friday) week. Mr. E. Swetenham provided an excellent, tea for the poor kittle people and did much personally to enhance their enjoyment afterwards. Their trip to the Clappers, the residence of Mrs. Dixon, the previous week was also a most eniovaole one. LIQUIDATION.—A petition for liquidation by ar- rai.gemeot has been filed by Mr. James Martin, of uridge-s'reet, and 12, Pcplar Road, trading as Marrin and Son", pointer and plumber. The first meeting of creditors will be held at the offices cf Mr. Ashton Bradley, Hope-street, solicitor for the debtor, on Thursday, 23rd of October, at twelve o'clock. Mr. BRANDEAM AT WREXHAM.—The people of Wjf-xham are promised a great, treat, in the way of Shakespearian Recital, at the Public Hail on Thursday evening, October 23rd. Mr. Brandrani is to recite "Hamlet;" and according to all the testimony we have heard, Mr. Brandram "is unsurpassed as a Shakspear.*an reciter. An adver- tisement gives particulars of the entertainment. ACCIDENT.—Mrs. Johnson, of the Fleece, Hope- street, met with a serious accident last week. She was about to pay a visit to a relative at the Coach and Horses, High-street, when by some means, aided by the darkness, she slipped over the step, near the entrance to the Coach and Horses, and fell into the vaults below. She was shocked and shaken, and her right, wrist broken. She is, how- ever, progressing favourably. REDUCTION IN RENTS.—The respective tenants of the Erddig and Plaspower estates, in these times of agricultural depression, will be pleased to hear that the landlords, S. Yorke, Esq., and T. L1. Fhz-Hugh, Eq., have determined to make the same allowance at the Michaelmas rent audit as they did at the Lady-dav audit. Circulars announcing this have been forwarded to the respective tenants, and also stating that the rent days have been postponed a montn. SAD DEATH.—A very sad death has occurred n Wrexham this week. It appears that Hugh Jones, late in the employ of Mr. Conran, coach builder, us a smith, and also a. sergeant in the Denbighshire Militia, a short time ago was suffering from some thins in his throat. Eventually it was found that the poor fellow's agonies proceeded from a <-ancer. and he was operated upon for such at the infirmary. The deceased gradually became worse, and died OH Thursoay last. The primary cause of death is said to have been injuries received by a fish bone. FIRE IN RHOSDDU.—On Wednesday evening, about 5 o'clock, a fire broke out. in a shed in Rhos- ddu, belonging to Mr. Horton, rope maker. II appears that, the men were boiling pitch in the shed in question, which is half way down the walk," and the pitch catching fire, soon set the place in flames. Fortunately P.C.'s Morris and F. Jones were quickly on the spot after the alarm was given, and with the kind assistance of the neigh- bours, they soon extinguished the fire. The roof was destroyed, but, in other respects, the damage is trifling. VALUABLE INVENTION.—Mr. Richard Jas. Willder, licenced victualler, of Bootle, formerly of the Old Vaults, Chester-street, and brother of Mr. Arthur Willder, of the Rainbow Vaults, Wrexham, has just patented an invention which appears to possess great merits. It is described in the London Gazette of Friday as "Improvements in apparatus or ap- pliances for facilitating the withdrawing of fer- mented liquids." We understand that the patent can be applied to the engines at present in use, and the advantages of its adoption are so great that a. large brewer of Liverpool has given an order for a great number. We hope in a short time to be enabled to give further particulars of the patent. WREXHAM BOARD OF GUARDIANS. — Weekly meeting, Thursday last. Present Capt. Griffith- Boscawen (chairman), Mr. A. W. Edwards and Mr. S. T. Baugh (vicei-chairmen), Lieut,-Colonel Jones, and Messrs. J. Burton, A. R-isbotham, Edward Rowland, W. Thomas, Edward Evans, J. Beale, M. Hughes, Harold Lees, Henry Lees, Henry Jones, C. W. Parsonage, W. Roberts, W. Brereton, J. Y. Boote, and W. Griffith.—The Clerk read a copy of the notice he had issued by the direction of the Board, calling an extraordinary meeting of the guardians to take into consideration an application for the Assessment Committee to appear as respondents to an appeal against a. certain poor-rate for the parish of Ruabon. by Mr. H. R. Bowers, of the Pendebw Fire Clay Works, Euabon, and also to another appeal against the same rate by the Plas yn Wern Fire Clay Company (limited) —The notices of appeal having been read, it was moved by Captain Griffith-Boscawen, and seconded by Mr. John Roberts, "That the application of the Assess ment Committee be complied with, and that they be authorised and empowered to act as respondents or co-respondents in both the said appeals on behalf and in the names of the guardians of this Union, or with the overseers of the parish of Ruabon, in support of the said rate; and that ] Messrs. Acton and Bury, solicitors, be requested ] to conduct the case on behalf of this Board. The Master's books showed the number in the house to be 298; last year, 256; last week, 299; i vagrants—men, 114; women, 18; children, 4; total, 136. Imbeciles, 30. In school—boys, 32; girls, 35; total, 67. Receiving industrial training, 24.—The Master reported that two tramps ciuie into the house las- week and were exceedingly disorderly. They went out, but returned in a few days, and were admitted hy orders from the police under different, ram^s. They were again disorderly and the Master anticipated much trouble with them. The guardians ordered that, they be taken before the magistrates.—A man named Lawson, who entered the house as a tramp, applied to be discharged, and asked for a little pecuniary as- sistance. It appeared that the man's wife had forsaken him r.nd her two EttIc girls. The guardians had a good opinion of the man who, for a long time, had worked iu Wrexham as a coach builder, and as they could not give him any out of the funds, they made a subscription amongss themselves. The result was that over 14?. was subscribed.—This concluded the business.