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We rcsgret to state that Sir WATICIX, in getting out of his dog-cart on Monday, near Erddig, sprained his ankle severely. He hunted as usual, and went to London on Tuesday, and his medical adviser, Mr. BENNETT, enforces absolute quiet on his couch for some days. Lady WILLIAMS WYNN is with Sir WATKIN at 18, St. James'-square. The voting lists for the boroughs and counties of Denbigh and Flint have been revised during the week with varied results. As in the case of Wrexliam borough, several points were raised, which showed the indefinite, and sometimes vague terms of the new Act. We publish this week a long report on educa- tion in Denbighshire and Flintshire prepared for the Lords of the Education Department by H.M. Inspector, Mr. MORGAN OWEN, M.A. The report, which is full of interest to those who care for the education of the district, speaks in a most satisfactory manner of the various schools which come under the eye of the Inspector, and contains some very valuable hints and remarks. A sad occurrence took place in Denbigh on Saturday evening last, and one which illustrates that although AN immense amount of money is annually given away as charity it does not always reach those who are most in need of it EDWIN MOKEIS, a young plumber, aged 23, had been out of employ for a considerable time. Poverty seems to have weighed heavily on him, and on Saturday he went into a workshop near the Eagles Inn and hanged himself. He had been fed during the day by Mr. JONES, the land- lord of the inn, but it appears that he has had a great difficulty in keeping himself from want. At the inquest a verdict of temporary insanity was returned. The prizes won at the shooting by the Denbigh corps of Volunteers were distributed to the winners in the County Hall, Denbigh, on Satur- day last. The annual competition in bayonet and manual exercises, and also in squad drill, were gone through. Complimentary speeches followed. The Denbigh Council held a meeting on íon- day last, and the discussions were of an un- usually trivial character. The respective merits of new and old tradesmen, the day most con- venient for the men in the employ of the Board to receive their pay, and whether advertisements should be put on the walls or innewspapers were the topics of conversation. The only serious buisiness was the reception of the medical officer's report which shewed the health of the borough to be good and the death rate low. A return or the number of attendances of each member was also laid before the Board, and the ratepayers would do well to examine it. The DENBIGH Cnamber of Agriculture, at their sitting on "Vyednescisy last, discussed for a short, time the question of agricultural dbpression: which had been brought up in connection with the introduction of Mr. DOYLE, one of the Government Commissioners on Agriculture. Mr. DOYLE referred to the objects of the Commission, and pointed out that the Chamber may suggest remedies for the present condition of the farming interest. Eventually it was decided to appoint a committee to assist the Commissioner in his inquiries. It was also decided to print in Welsh the recent lecture, by Professor TANNEII, on agricultural science. A ease under the late Adulteration Act came before the magistrates of Flintshire at the Mold Petty Sessions, on Monday last. Mr. AD AXIS, Deput v- Chief- Coi is tab! E, visited the Bridfo Inn, Mold, on the 28th ultimo, and purchased a pint of Irish whisky, which lie forwarded to the County Analyst, at Chester. The whisky was proved to contain 62-8 proof froirit instead of 75 per cent. A fine WAS luiiicted, amounting to the total of £ 2 16s. A case of moral degeneration through poverty came beiore the Rutnin Board of Guardians at their meeting on Monday lasl. One of the guardians, Mr. JESSE, stated the CA^ £ which was to the effect that the man DAVID'*RO:BEI:.TS, in the parish of Llanbedr, was paralyse^' l\;e., and lay in bed in quite a helpless state, the bed rotting under him. The children AND., house were in a disgustingly dirty state, as well as the wife, who seemed to have lost all energy and care. Although disease seems to bo bred in the place, and the stench almost unbearable, the family prefer to remain in it than go to the Workhouse. 4 A curious and sad case was before the Rhyl Magistrates on MONDAY last. A young man of unusual intelligence had obtained by false pre- tences, in October, 1878, a gun, A gold watch and chain, and other articles, of the value of £ 17, from the shop of Mr. MEIIHIDEW. At the time he was living at the Railway Inn, where he also obtained money and a horse and trap by similar means. The young man, who has been in the English ariny, pleaded very eloquently for mercy, and promised reform, but he was committed for trial in the usual course. An inquest was. held at St. Asaph on Wednes- day last on the the body of a male child, whose mother was a single woman named Sarah Foulkes. The child had C-lied naturally, but an endeavour seemed to have been made to bury it without a certificate. This endeavour and the somewhat blundering conduct of the sexton led to a surmise that some criminal deed had been performed, but the enquiry showed that such was not the ease. The "Wrexham Rural Sanitary Authority dis- cussed several important matters at their meet- ing on Tuesday la-T, and amongst these was the question of the disposal of the sewage of Ruabon. The subject was again introduced by a letter from the Chester Council calling the attention of the Authority to the fact that the sewage of Ruabon runs into a tributary of the River Dee, and that no means are taken to render the sewage harmless, hence the Authority become liable under the Rivers Pollution Act. The result is that the Board will again endeavour to obtain the consent of Sir WATKIN to the proposed outfall site for the scheme which is in existence for dealing with the sewage of Ruabon. The MEDICAL OrncElis' reports were very satis- factory, showing the death rate to be very low, a result which follows generally on a cool summer. Finance matters were equally satis- .Y factory, the calls necessary only amounting to one half the amount of the last. A meeting of the Wrexham School Board was held on Tuesday last, but, as usual, no business of importance was transacted.