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THE AFGHAN WAR. The Times correspondent telegraphs on Wednesday, from Char-Asiab :— Early on Monday morning the patrols on the several roads to Cabul reported that the enemy were advancing in force the heights between Char-Asiab and Cabul were soon covered with masses of the enemy, and the gorge leading to the east side of Cabul was in their possession. Towards this was sent a wing of the 92d Highlanders, part of the 23d Pioneers, three guns, G Battery 3d Brigade Royal Artillery, and the 5th Punjab Cavalry, the whole under the command of Major White, 92d Highlanders. They carried the hill on the enemy's left, losing three men killed and six wounded. A stubborn resistance was made, and the guns shelled the pass. Meanwhile General Baker, with the 72d High- landers, a wing of the 5th Goorkhas, No. 2 Mountain Battery, two Gatling guns, a wing of the Pioneers, and 100 men of the 5th Punjab Infantry, and eventually the remainder of the same regiment in support, made a turning movement on the enemy's right, debouching from the orchards of the villages. The enemy were here in great strength on a formidable position and fought well. Height after height was gallantly carried by our troops with the loss of three officers wounded—Lieutenant Ferguson, 72nd Highlanders; Dr. Duncan, 23rd Pioneers, and Captain Young, 5th Punjab, Infantry—and 70 men killed and wounded. The rear and flanks of the camp were threatened by large masses of Ghilzais ready to join in the fight. Before sunset the whole of the enemy's position was captured and his force utterly routed. Major White's Highlanders captured 12 guns, and bivouacked on the heights commanding the gorge through which lies our road to Cabul. The Ameer's party watched the proceedings eagerly from his camp adjoining that of the British. The engagement lasted nearly all day. The loss of the enemy is unknown, but the backbone of the resistance has been broken for the present. The whole country is seething. A wholesome effect is expected from the day's victory. The enemy's force is said to have been eleven regiments with artillery and immense numbers of hillmen. During the whole day Sir Frederick Roberts, who directed the various movements from the camp, received invaluable assist- ance from the Army Signalling Department, under Captain Stratton, 22d regiment, whose arrangements by flag when it was cloudy and by heliograph when there was sunshine were perfect. The Ameer is reported to have lost his hold on Bala Hissar, where his family has been left.

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