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Jomgix futclltgcita. RUSSIA. THE CAMPAIGN IN ASIA.—More recent news from the Russian expedition in Central Asia gives a bad account of its condition. Not only did the Russian in- vaders lose a large number of officers and men in the engagement with the Turcomans, but the advanced force had been obliged to retreat. This is attributed to a supposed necessity for constructing and defending a hosital. There is some talk of the further progress of the expedition being postponed until next spring. WARLIKE FEELING.—The St. Petersburg journals on Monday were remarkably warlike. They spoke of a war with Germany and England as inevitable, and as likely to break out in a few months. One of them avows that the Central Asian expedition has for its object to make a clear road by wliicli Russia may invade India in case of war; and the language held against Germany is said to be even more threatening. In pre- paration for what Russia is thus expecting, she has just increased her naval force in the Pacific, in order to have a number of fast clippers available for privateering. INDIA. THE BURMESE GOVERNMENT.—The British Assistant Resident in Mandalay has, in accordance with instruc- tions from the Indian Government, of which the Burmese authorities received due notice, left the capital without molestation, with the whole of the establish- ment of the Residency. Notice of the withdrawal had been given to all the British subjects in Bhamo and Mandalay. Acts of barbarity continued to be com- mitted by the Palace party. AFRICA. BRIGANDAGE.—A daring outrage has been committed by a band of Moorish brigands on the frontiers of Morocco. They attacked a French convoy, which they pillaged after killing two of the escort. This conduct having been brought under the notice of the Sultan of Morocco, his Majesty has promised that satisfaction shall be afforded for the outrage, and he has also given instructions to the frontier authorities to use their utmost exertions to put a stop to acts of brigandage. AMERICA. A NEW YORK telegram conveys the news received there from Havannah, that the rebels in Cuba have been defeated by the Royalist troops. THE news from Valparaiso states that the advance of the allied Peruvian and Bolivian army is confirmed. On the other hand, the Chilians have made a successful raid into Bolivian territory, destroying ammunition, food, and forage, and seizing carts and horses.


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