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THE AFGHAN WAR. Events at Cabul have taken an unexpected turn, the Ameer having taken flight from the city, where com- plete anarchy prevails. General Baker having made a reconnoissance and found it safe to advance his brigade to within twenty-six miles of Cabul, received at his head-quarters at Kushi a letter from Yakoob, asking to be received in the British camp, and the General's assent having been signified the Ameer arrived, with his son, his father-in-law, General Daood Shah, a suite of forty-five persons, and an escort of two hundred soldiers. A telegram from Simla gives the substance of a Pro- clamation issued by General Roberts to the inhabitants of the country through which the British troops are passing. He informs them that the British army is advancing to take possession of Cabul, and warns the inhabitants of the city that armed men found after the Proclamation will be treated as enemies. It would ap- pear that the Governor of Khelat-i-Ghilzai, who was reported to have fled on the approach from Candahar of General Hughes's Brigade, has not taken flight. A telegram from Simla states that he has sent in .a letter to Major St. John, expressing pleasure at the approach of the British forces and promising supplies of provi- sions. A telegram received at Simla from Shutargardan, dated the 27th, states General Roberts arrived here to-day. His party was fired at by a large body of Mangals near Jajithana. Deputy Surgeon-General Townseni was wounded in the face, but not danger- ously. Fere Sikhs were killed. The Mangals were repulsed, with loss, by the 92nd." General Roberts arrived at Khushi on Sunday. He was to meet the Ameer on Monday. The Ameer promises every assist- ance, and ha.s directed the Speiya Ghilzais not to attack our troops or convoys. The latest news from Cabul, dated noon, Saturday, is that all is quiet there. It is stated that the townspeople are carrying away their property. It is expected that no opposition will be offered to our entry. Daka was occupied without opposition yesterday. A telegram from Simla states that General Roberts was advancing on Cabul. The health of the troops was good. The Ameer and his suite have expressed great astonishment at the Royal Horse Artillery and the heavy artillery having crossed the Shaturgardan Pass.

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