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_n_ COUiNii PETTY SESSIONS. -MONDAY.—Before T. LI. Fir:IIugh, Esq., chairman; Captain Grittith-Bosoaiven, J. H. Efoul,ke; t-J. Y or<e, aud F. G. Barker, Esqs., The list of this Court contained G2 cases in addition to revising the .furors list of the 32 townships in tno division 01 the Court. JULLOR LISTS. In taking the Juror's list of the township cf Dutton Dyifrith, two objections were laid. The first by h. \Vm. HLlbhaw, grocer, who objected to his name being on Lile list, on the ground of too low :1seõe::iSlllent, his house being assessed at J-4.lr. James Joues, fruiterer, Market Hall, WVexham, objected on the ground that the house for which he was assessed had not been inhabited by him for more than twelvemonths'. The bench allowed the objections. All the other lists were passed without any objection being raised. ASSAULT. Edicard Williams, janr., labourer, Allington, was summoned by Robert Price, Allmer, Allington, and Win. Pearce, of the same place, for an assault alleged to have been c:>inndctea on both 011 the previous Monday. Mr. Ash ton Bradley appeared for the defence. Robert Price said on tiie day in question he was with Pearce in the Griffin inn. They saw the defendant there and they all commenced talking about poaching. After a short time they left the house, the defendant going on a little in advance of them. Wiien about two hundred yards away he (defendant) stopped, and turn- ing round savagely attacked him with a log of timber, striking him one or two very severe blows with it. Win. Pearce also gave evidence to the same effect as that of the previous witness, and stated further that he went between the two to separate them and was struck by the defendant on the arm with the wood and completely disabled. Mr. Ashton Bradley pleaded great provocation. The Bench fined defendant 105. and cost in each case. PUBLIC-HOUSE CASE. Mr. Joseph Wright, landlord of the Star Inn, Brymbo, was charged by P.C. Littlehales with an offence against the l:«jnsi.g laws. Mr. Poweii defended. P.C. Littlehales said, on the 4th inst., he was on duty in Brymbo near defendant's house. About twenty minutes past ten o'clock he saw a man named George Hughes go up to the house. He rapped at the door and was admitted, the door being barred behind him. In about three or four minutes after he came out again, and witness perceived that he had a bottle in his pocket. He asked him what it was, and Hughes replied Whiskey." Witness asked him if he had bought it then, and he said, "No, it was bought before ten o'clock." Mr. Wright came out, and then witness told them he must report them. They both pressed him to have some of the drink,but he refused. Mr. Powell having examined the prosecutor at some length, he called Mr. Wrigiit, who said that Hughes and a man named John Wrright had been measuring the road for a certain reason, and had called in the house to make out the measurement. Hughes bought some spirits for his wife, who was ill. This was just ten o'clock. When closing time came, they both went out. About ten minutes past ten, Hughes came back and gave some instructions about some paint and white lead which witness had in his custody. The Bench, after the examination of this witness, dismissed the case. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. 2Ir. J. Wall is, Rhosddu, and William Davies, his driver, were charged with working a horse whilst in an widt state. Inspector Buckings said on the 13th inst. he was in Rhosddu and saw the defendant Davies driving a brown mare. It appeared to be in great pain, and on exami- nation it was found that the fetlock joint of one of the forelegs was very much swollen, and appeared to give the animal much pain. Mr. Wallis subjected the prosecutor to a cross- examination, after which the Bench fined Mr. Willis 10s. and costs, the case against the other man being dismissed. ALLEGED STEALING OF APPLES. Philip Redinffton, Patrick Lea, Peter Lynch, and John Kecnan, boys, all living in Wrexham, were charged by P.C. Bebb with entering a garden at Llwynonn, the property of T. P. Jones-Parry, Esq., and stealing a quantity of apples. The prosecutor was unable to recognise any of the prisoners and they were discharged with a caution. YOUNG VEGETARIANS. Joseph Thomas, Richard H. Hughes, Joseph Jones, and Edicard Tann-ah, boys, all of Ponkey, were charged with stealing turnips from a field, the property of Mrs. Hinrhes, of Fennant Farm. The case was not pressed against them. The Chairman said it was entirely the fault of the parents in this c^se. They could not do a farmer more harm than break down his hedges and steal his crops. As the case was not pressed they would each have to pay the costs (4s. DEAR FISHING. Ptia Tilston andJohn Weaver, Rossett, labourers out of work, were charged by William Brailsfordwith fishing in preserved waters belonging to the Duke of Westminster, on the 30th of August last. The defendants said they were not aware that they were fishing in private waters. They were fined £1 and costs each, or fourteen days' hard labour in default. The money was not paid. ALLEGED THEFT OF PORTER. Frederick James Wetlker, railway waggon painter, and Robert Humphreys, guard on the Wrexham, Mold, and Connah's Quay Railway, were charged with stealing a quantity of porter, valued at 6s., from a truck at the Goods Station in Rhosddu. Mr. Powell appeared for the prosecution, and said that the company had been loosing very considerably in this way for some time, and they were determined to put a stop to it. He called P.C. Morris, who said about a quarter to eleven I was in Crispin-lane past the goods' shed of the Railway Company. I saw Walker alone on the line, he was coming into the road. I then saw another man dressed in dark clothes, he was between the trucks and the shed. I asked Walker Who is with you." He replied, "Bob Humphries, a breaksman." Wralker wished me good night, and went off. I then went to the corner of the shed and found a large stone bottle, containing either beer or porter the cork was out. I went along the trucks a few yards, and saw froth on the ground, which was also very wet beneath a truck which con- tained six quarter casks, marked Dublin Porter." I then left the jar where it was, and went to look for Mr. Walker. I did not find him, and returned in about two minutes and found that the jar had been taken away. I i reported the case to the agent. I found no one .else I' about the premises. I went to the prisoner Walker's house on the Sunday after and saw Walker. I called him out, and asked him to go to the good station, and he did notappear to be willing to come. I said "From what transpired last n-ght I must take you to the manager's house, and as there had been some porter taken from the truck it is very Jikeiy you will be charged with stealingit," and he said, 1 know nothing about it." I took him to the shed and to the office, and saw the agent, Mr. Waterall. I said, referring to the prisoner, "This is the man I found last night." Mr. Wa-terall said it was a very serious charge, and Walker began to cry, and said It was not me." Mr. Waterall said we must go and see the manager, and prisoner said, I hope you will forgive ire, for it was not me that did it. It was Robert Humphreys, the breaksman, and I who went home together a little after ten. Sometime afterwards I got into my back yard. Robert Humphreys shouted to me from his yard for me to come out with him. I was in the back yard, and went with Humphreys, and thought that he was going to the Walnut5 to get some beer, and then we went on the line. He (Humphreys) had the bottle, f.nd I did nothing." I saw Humphreys on the way down to Mr. Cartwright, and I told him he must come with me to see Mr. Cartwright, who said to Humphreys, "From what I hear I believe you are a thief, and stole the porter." Humphreys said, "I know nothing about it." Mr. Cartwright ordered him to be locked up, which was accordingly done. Thomas Waterall, the agent of the Railway Com- pany, said I saw P.C. Morris on Sunday last, and from what he told me I said I would see him again at three o'clock. The waggon containing the porter arrived at the station early in the morning, and Mr. J. W iiliams, the consignee, claims 6s. as the value of the porter stolen. On Sunday I found that a cask had been tampered with. The deficiency therein was 35 lbs. Mr. Powell here applied for an adjournment, which was granted until the following Thursday. Bail was allowed each prisoner in .t25, and two sureties in £10 each. ALLEGED CHARGE OF PERMITTING DRUNKENNESS. Among the minor cases taken in the private room was one of the above charge preferred against Mr. John Jones, landlord of the Railway Inn, bv P.C. R. Morris. Mr. Cartwright appeared for the defence. From the evidence of the prosecutor it would appear that on the evening of Monday, the 1st September, at the hour or a quarter past six, he was in the railway signal box at the level crossing in Rhosddu, and from there saw two men respectively named, Thomas and Oliver Hughes, come out of the back door of the inn and commence fighting. When prosecutor went out to tliem they went back into the public house, the officer following them. The attention of the landlord was called to their state, both being drunk, Thomas Hughes Having a jug of beer before him. Witness left the house ano on returning again in about a quarter of an hour found them both still there, Thomas Hughes offering the prosecutor his jug to drink out of. Witness ordered the landlord to turn them out but he did not, saying he would draw no more beer for them. Shortly afterwards they left the house, Oliver Hughes using abusive lan- guage towards prosecutor. Mr. Cartwright for the defence called a large number of witnesses to prove the sobriety of the defendants. The ma;ist"a,e:s, after a brief consultation dismissed the ease a~ not proven, at the same time complimenting P.C. Morris on his fair and clear evidence. IHUKSDAT.—Beiore Capt. Griffith-Boscawen. THE AI)J:,UKN;I> ALLEGED PORTER STEALING CASE. j? /•« -di-ri ac J a nies Walker and Robert Humphreys were brougnt up in custody, having been remanded Monday last, on the charge of stealing lis. worth of porter from the Wrexham, Mold, and Connah's Ouav Rail way gooes shed. V Mr. Evan Morris prosecuted, and Mr. W. Sherratt defended. In reply to the B.-ncb. Mr. Evan Morris said he had no inrther evidence to offer. The prisoner Kamohre.vs was then dismissed, there being no evidence against him. The prisoner Walker then made the following state- ment :—l wish to say that I was in the "Walnut" about nine o'clock on Saturday nijit, in companv with Humphreys, and there had a glass or two. We went acme abont^ten o clock. I went into my yard, and toeie heard Humphreys calling me. I answered, and he asked me to go out with him. He did not say where to. W e went out together, Humphreys having a bottle unuer his arm. He went on the line, and I followed him. I went away for a short time, and on going back towards the truck. where he was, I heard a noitle like n bairel being tapped. I him "What is that but he made no reply, and I could see that he had the bottle under a barrel which was bored. He gave me the bottle to hold, and I carried it some distance, and then ] put it down in the pi ice where the officer found it. I did not take it.. I wa< in drink at the time." The magistrate remanded him until Tuesday in order to obtain another magistrate.

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