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POLICE REGULATIONS.—By a new order the police in the town are in future to wear white gloves and no sticks. THE FREE SCHOOLS, HILL-STREET.—The annual examination by Majesty's Inspector look place on the 1st instant. Two hundred and eighty-one children were present. b WYNNSTAY BOWLING CLUB.—At a committee meeting, held on Monday week it was decided that the green should be closed on Friday, the closing game (a handicap sweepstakes) being then played. The usual closing supper, when officers and com- mittee for next season were elected, took place immediately after the game. MUNICIPAL MATTERS.—Several rumours are cur- rent with reference to the coming municipal elec- tion, but as we have heard of nothing definite, no good will be served by publishing them. We under- stand, however, that the retiring councillors, Mr. J. Oswell Bury (North Ward), Mr. S. T. Baugh (South Ward), Mr. T. Roberts (East Ward), and Mr. I. Shone (West Ward), will seek re-election. WREXHAM BRITISH SCHOOLS.—In his report on elementary schools in Denbighshire and Flintshire, Mr. Morgan K.M.I., in the Educational Biue- bcok just published, places the British Schools at the head of all Government schools in the two counties. Two of the pupil teachers of Mr. Fyfe, viz., Messrs. R. Bryan and John Fagan, are placed among the most efficient pupil teachers in the dis- trict. Mr. Bryan is now .a student in Bangor Normal Training College, and will, no doubt, brit/g honour to himself and College. ABENBUEY SCHOOL BOARD.—A meeting of this Board was held on Thursday last at the Clerk5. Office, Temple Ikw. There were present—Captain Godfrey (chairman), Messrs. E. Da vies and Ellis. A letter was received from the Education Depart- ment approving of the scale of fees adopted by the Board and payable in'their schools. Precepts were signed on the following parishes and for the follow- ing amoun's:—Aboibury Fawr, .£35; Abonbury Fechan, £6;. and Erhe, .£12. are payable 01: the lGch of October nc-xr. This concluded the meeting. ST ROHAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.—Sunday last being the Feast of the Seven Dolores of Blessed Virgin Mary, special services were held in the above church. The sermon iu the morning was preached by the Very Provcst Hilron, and in the evening by the Very Rev. Canon Cbolomenckiey, of Chester. A procession of the Blessed Sacrament was marsh a] led round the church, the Blessed Sacrament being cairicd under a canopy, which was carried by four members of the YJUDg M.-n's Temperance Society. About 40young girls dressed in white, and the sauvi number of b jys adorned with rea scarves, took pan in the procession. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES.—A committee, composed of Lord Aberdare, Rev. T. C. Edwards, M.A., Professor John Rhys, M.A., and Dr. E. J. Evans, met last Thursday week, at the West- minster Paiace Hotel, London, to select frim the candidates previously selected by the C. unril three gentlemen for the vacant professorship?. Those sekefed wers .—For nv Professorship of mathe- matics—Mr. R. W. Severe, M.A., late scholar of St. John's College. Cambvidge, graduated as eighth wrangler in 1871; the professorship of English, history, and nokitieai economy—Mr. M. W. MacCallum, M.A. Glasgow, and Luke Fellow, &c.; for the professorship of natural science—Mr. T. S. Humpidge, Ph.D. (Heidelberg) and (London). THE FAIR.—At cur fair en Thursday last there was a large supply of fat and store stock, but of a very tnicicling description. Rcaiiy good, choice mutton and beef came sparingly to hand owing 10 the considerable amount of wer w have been sub- jeclt.d to whole of this year. Good heifer beef made fully nd. to 8d., inferior. 5,}1- to 7d.. Good ripe weathers, nice weights, lb., second and third class to 8J I.; vea', 7d. to 8?,; bacon pigs, od. to ?,d. j pork pigs, o-J-d. to 61. There were a large quantity of store sheep on offer, but remained unsold. Barrens and stirks in slow demand, very few changing lianas. There j was a moderate snow of horses, which met, with a j very slow demand. Sucking Cults numurou-, but the prices were low and many returned hCUH: unsold. Mesas. Jones and Son s->ld at their uiurt. 66 cows and waives, 539 sheep, and 37 pigs. WKEXHAM BICYCLE CI.UB.—The handicap race of this club for U;e handsomely-plated teapot, pre- sented by Mr. A. OWEN, High-street, WA'J run on Saturday last, fioio Ruabon Church to Wrexham. The read was in anything but good condition tor I the owing to the late rains, but not with* rand- ing this very korortant defeer, out of the cieverj who entered names, the following nine | appeared at Bu-.bor-:—E. GROOM, serateli • F. AI. Jones, 15 sec. start; J. GUDHJI.-W, 30 R. Roberts. 50 sec., A. Jor.es, G5 tec.; A. S"thv.ru, 70 see.; W. HEY ward, 75 sec.; and H. Howeii, 1 min. 45 pec. A' tnree o clock Mr. J. Wiicock, of the Town Mill, who acted at starter, set the wheels going, A rid after a smart run the race ended wr.H the following resub plated teapot, R Roberts, inch machine (Kudge), time, 19 rain. 1 sec. J 2nd, jJlize value E. Groom, 54 iucb machine (clrb), time, 18 mir. 45 sec.; 3rd, prize value 10; H. How. 11, 48 inch machine (Duplex Excelsior), 211,2 sec. One or two of the competitors met with mishaps on the road. A largo number of j persons assembled at the winning po>r, Sw&d Inr. MORE WELSH RAILWAYS.—Since the occurrence of the dratmotive floods noon the Welsh system of the London ana North Western Railway, the compary have taken into their serious cou.-?i-.i«ra- tion how to provide means to avoid the in: oo- venienco of such another calamity, and also to construct a line which will relieve the heavy traffic on the Holyhead branch. Various propositions have be. en set forward, and we hear that there io every probability ot a Bill being brought before the 'next, session of Parliament with a view of maLirsr a line from Derwen, a station on the Den- bbdh, Ruthin, aud Corwen line, to Cerrigydruidioa, and on to Bettws-y-coed. A number of surveyors are already engaged upon the work. Should the i Bill be sanctioned we shall have a broad and narrow guage line to Cerrigydruidion from Ruthin, but bv different routes. The heavy traffic that, is exr-ec.ied to by direct communication with *Fe'stiniog Slate Quarries to the London and North "Westerncocld ha sent by the proposed new route to Chester via Denbigh. The Welsh mountains, which proved so obstiuctive to the construction o: railway? in former days, are no more u, difficulty in the way of modern engineering, and the present low rate of wages and prices for iron have given a stimulus to advancement with the requirements of the times. Wales cannot complain of the attention beir-j paid it by capitalists, and in return they will find the populace holding out a helping hand in so nec.-ss'tous an undertaking for the welfare of the Principality. YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.—The first meeting of members since the starting of this association was held in the large room of the as- sociation on Tuesday evening hist. ill). J. C. Owen, J.P., presided, and the attendance of members ■was large. After prayer by the Rev. E. Jerman, the horn see. (Mr. H. Boothey) read the committee's report, which dilated on the foundation of the society and the progress since made. The various classes in connection with the society were reported to be gnin; on satisfactorily, the average attendance at which being abcut seven. Arrangements had been made for Welsh, French, and shorthand classes, the first meetings of which were to be held durin" the week. The treasurer's accounts showed that when all liabilities weie met there would be a deficiency of about .£2, but a number of subscrip tions due not having been paid, it was hoped that this deficiency would disappear by the end of the year. The Chairmm then gave a short, address en couraging the members and pointing out the ad- vantages "of the association. It was resolved that a Sunday evenings public prayer meeting be held in the large room, to commence at 8.15, and that the Clergy and Ministers be asked to conduct it. Mr. Hy.^Boothey (hon. sec.) having been appointed as Grand Worthy Chief Secretary of the Templars and to other offices, which necessitated his removal to Cardiff, he tendered his resignation of the post of secretary, which was received with much regret, Mr. Ault moved That this association, whilst ac- cepting the resignation of Mr. Hy. Boothey of the post of hon. sec., expresses its heartfelt regret at the severance of his immediate connection with the societv. The association also tenders him its earnest thanks for the invaluable services he has rendered in connection with the foundation of the society, and wishes him God's speed in his new sphere of labour." Mr. J. Franc s seconded the motion, and spoke of Mr. Boothey in the highest terms. Mr- Chas. Hughes (chairman of the associa- tion) also bore testimony to the energy, ability, and earnestness of the retiring secretary, whose numer- ous posts it would be most difficult to fill. The » otion having been carried with acclamation, Mr. Boothey briefly responded, saying that his connec- tion with the association gave him the greatest regret at leaving. On the motion of Mr. Charles Dodd, seconded by Mr. Fraser, Mr. J. Western was ticanimously appointed successor to Mr. Boothey, and Mr. J: Steveits was appointed to the vacant Beat on the committee. A number of rules for the governance of the association were then submitted to uhe meeting, which were adopted with a few slight alterations. It vas stated that the debating class (open to all young men) would be commenced on the 14 h October, and that the programme in cluded lectures and essays by Dr. Eyton Jones and several clergymen and ministers. The meeting concluded with prayer. SERVICE OF SONG.—One of these very interesting and instructive services was held in the Chester- street Baptist Chapel on Wednesday last. The choir of the Holt Baptist Chapel gave the choruses in a pleasing and effective manner, and the Rev. Rhys Jenkins (pastor of the local chapel) read the connecting par-sages in an excellent and impressive way. The audience was fairly Rood, and repeatedly 28 ve prod of their appreciation of the service, any profit from which will be handed over towards the liquidation of the debh on Holt Chapel. At the conclusion of the service Mr. Simon Jones moved a hiarty votl of thanks to the Holt Choir (especially naming their conductor, Mr. Tbouias), and to the Rev. D. Rhvs Jenkins. The motion was seconded and carried with acclamation, after which the meeting terminated. A WREXHAM YOUNG- LADY ROBBED.—Thomas Smith, a publican carrying on business at 62, Rich- mond-row, Liverpool, and a man JjfUI!pd John Jenkins, were charged at Liverpool, on Friday, with having stoieu two watches, and also with having feloniously received the same. From the evidence of the witnesses called for the prosecution, it ap- peared that a Miss Williams, Fairfield House, Wrexham, and Mr. James Lakin, of Queen's Ferry, attended athletic snorts on the Chester Racecourse, on the 17th of September, and before they left Chester, aftsr leaving the sports, they both missed their watches. On the following morning the prisoners ware arrested in Liverpool by Detective Jones, who found Smith in possession of the watches at the watchmaker's shop, No. 5, Runshaw-street, where he was getting bows put to them. The prisoners were committed to the sessions for trial. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE.—A meeting of this committee was held on Friday afternoon, the 26th inst. Present—Mr. Baugh (chairman), Alder- men Smith and r"a1(, Councillors Sherratt, R. Jones, Samuel, Thos. Roberts, Walter Jones, J. P. Edisbury, Bury, anl G. Bradley.—The agreement for k1) extension of the Wrexham Tram- ways a.3 submitted by the Town C;erk, who stated that I he Lesee was desirous of e:s beinir kept in force for five years, which was agreed to.—The Town Clerk brought forward the subject of the ap- pointment of his successor, stating that he con- sidered it. was tira? that steps be taken to make the appointment.— Ir was proposed by Mr. Bradley, and seconded by M-. W. Jones, that a recommenda- tion be made to the C racm to advertise for i new Town Cierk a1, the same siiary nd urrjer he same conditions as those aire -dy existing. — Me Smith, Srie-rar I, and Beaiconsidered thu; more' time ought to be taken 'o consider the q-.estion, | and a special me.tine' of the Couneil calico, to talk the matter over. O i put io the vote, the fol- lowing in favonr of the motion:—Messrs. Samuel, Robn-ts, Jones, O-well Edisbury. Bradley.and Bangbj against: Aidoraisn Beali and Smith and C uaoiilers S'aernut andR. Jones BJARD OF GuiEDiAN-s.—Thursday last, present Ciptain Griil"! h-ii >scawet>. (chairman), Mr. S. T. B-;ugh (vice chairman), Hugh, J. H. Ftoulkes, H. Lees, M. Hughes, RL Pn-tJah. J. Rogers, W. Thomu-, C. E. Tnornevcroft, J. Burton, A. R-isbotharu, O. Hughes, N: Roomts, W'n. Roberts, Tbos. Rowland, and R. C. Webster. —Tenders were received from three parties tender ing for the supply of clothing to the inmates. Thin was the tender left overfrorj: las'- B >r.-d-aa.y, owing to only one person tendering. Tire t, nderot Messrs. W. and J. Pritchard, Hope street, was accepted, the amoun* being J571 Master reported the value of the tarm produce for the pa"t week to have been £ o 7s. 31. Tno number in the house was re ported ta bf—this 299; corresponding week last year, 260; last we-de, 295. Vagrants relieved — men, 104; women. 13; children, 3; tot:J!, 120- Mr. Swetenhatn, of Eossett, having kiedlv invbed the school children to his home en the following day (Fr- day), it was resolved t. gratefully accept the invitavh.'j.—This being the of the quarter, the number of tramps reli-ved during the half-year was shown, and compared ith the number 0'1 the previous half-year as foil -<w;:—Tiie mi to her ot tramps relieved for the half-year ending Miehv h mas was 2/742; the number relieved for the half- year ending Lidy-dav was 1,524, making an increase in Michaelmas ovev Lady-day of 1,148. The anramt of cash found in their possession was only 8s. 7d. WREXHAM CHURCH OF ENGLAND TEMPERANCE SOCIETY.—The usual fortnightly meeting o! this society was held on Thumtay evening liet in the Savings' Bank under the presidency of the vicar. The meetiog although smaller than previous ones was perhaps the most enjoyable one of the season. An address kus deliverrd by Mr. New who at. the commencement; eaid that it was his first attempt to address a meeting of thai, kind and when asked to do so be might have refused but that would have been opening a leop hole hrongii which others might escape. Tee ad dr., s •: agisted cf a few well- toid anecdotes which e irriod with tiieia gre..t power. In couelusion he would urge upon them the necessity ot foiae. a Li,-aid of Hope for it was a very impor'aut rt'-ug Cor the children and if they wished them to grow no steady men and woman they must be trained while young in that, path from which when they were old they would not depart. (A.ppiause.) Mr. Edis, Ehosddu. then gave an address upon the early teetotal reformers., partieu'.arlv to ihose earnest men who started the causo in Liverpool. Taey were chiefly working meet vho eame to speak a,s v/eil as they couai alter their woj-k was done. He hoped others in Wrexham woatiioiljvv (Appiau-"••.•.) The Vicar said it give him :r hone for thefutme of the society in seeing the j:n.ubers which we-e able to interest and instruct them so. They need go out side their h'.ttle band to get speaker; for they had them in their midsfc. Great orators Idee Mr. G-ough were, however, nec-ssary to st:r up i r.e world outside. He impressed upun ;111 wivs present to join the society, merely as an example for their hu.sband; and in conclusion he would urge upon .:11 the <kty of each interesting themselves in b-.iuging others ;,o Ihe meetings. The Vicar an- noueeed the number cf membeis of the societv to be 218.