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CHEAP "PREPAID AJ>YJ3HT ISEMENTS- Ad v:: r t ise me nts of tic f^llowir.g Kinds, FA ID YOR When ORT?"Rtfi, are inserted in the Guardian the following scale:— Twenty words On? inserti-aa > tlvfca insertions, 2s 6d six insertions, 4s od. Thirty words:—One insertion, 1" Cd three insertions, 4s; six insertions, Gs eel. Port" words:—Oae insertion, 2s three insertions, 58 6d six insertions, 3u (ill. The above prices refer to advertisements of the following classes :— SITUATIONS WANTED. I LODGERS, &C., TO LET. SITUATIONS VACAXT. ARTICLES WANTED. HOUSES WANT FIX I MISCFXLANEOU.S WANTS. HoesEs TO LET. A'KTPCLES FOR SALS BY LODGINGS, &C., WANTKP. PRIVATE CONTRACT. ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND. Advertisements should reach the Office by FRIDAY morning, accompanied by Stamps, or Post Oltice Order payable to FREDERICK E. HOE. gtT All Letters respecting Advertisements must be pre- paid, and no personal inquiries can be answered when parties are desired to avply lu letter. lilantttt. AGENT WANTED to push first-class Lubri- I eating Oils. Commission 10 to 15 per cent.— Box 201, Post Otfice, Liverpool. 1135 WANTED.—An ORGAXIST for St. John's Tr Church, Rhosllanerchrugog.—Apply VICAR, Rhos, lluabon." 1216 WATED, a, situation as GAME-KEEPER. W Well experienced in rearing game. Can pro- duce eleven years character. Open to engagement at once.—Address JOSEPH JOHNSON, Post-office, Llan- fair, near Huthin. 1222 FIRS INSURANCE. "W7"ANTED, for an office of high standing, T V Energetic AGENTS for all districts. To really good men able to influence business, liberal terms and certain success. Address, with references, to "In- spector," care of LEE and NIGHTINGALE, Advertising Agents, Liverpool. 1151 NOBLE2,1EN AND GENTLEMEN. AN Experienced LAND AGENT requires an Engagement as Agent or responsible Manager; holds the Highest references for trustworthiness and ability a complete knowledge of (state ll1arl:1;ement and general improvement, obtained in a nobleman's estate otfce; together with road construction, land sur- veying, drainage, &c., combined with a good architec- tural knowledge, and some considerable acquaintance with farming and forestry likewise a good accountant. —Apply, W. E. J., rare of JAMES DICKSON and SONS, 108, Eastgate-street, Chester. 1218 lr-' .a v>'o iUL TO LEI1.—The ROYAL OAK, Rhosymedre. Apnlv at the Cambrian Brewery, Wrexham. 1228 TO BE LET.—No. 3, St. Mark's-terrace.— Apply to Mr. Edward Jones, Architect, Caxton Buildings, Wrexham. 613 TO LET, at once, a very convenient six- J- quart? <• MALTKILN, in Wrexham.—Apply at at the ofiica of this paper. 1202 TO LdT, a HOUSE in Lome-street, Rhos- JL containing Parlour, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, Cellar, a ad ,íEt?drooills. Rent moderate.—Apply to GWILl C.\L!-C £ ITALI, 23, Regent-street, Wrexhann "968 TO LET—ST. MARK'S HOUSE, Hope- street, Wrexham, containing dining-room, drawing- room, brealcfa3t-room, seven loity bedrooms, bath and w.c., housemaid's and linen closets, good sized kitchen, scullery, pantry, larder, and two cellars. Water and gas bid on. Suitable for dwellinghouse, temperance hotel, or ofiee3.-Apply to ED. JONES, Architect, or Dr. EYTON-JONES, Grosvonor Lodge. 1229 TO BE LET, a well-built House in the Borough of Wrexham, pleasantly situated and healthy. The house consists of dining-room, drawing-room, breakfast-room, seven lofty bedrooms, bath and w.c., housemaid's and linen closets, good sized kitchen, scullery, pantry, larder, and two cellars. Water and gas laid on.—Apply to Mr. EDWARD JONES, Architect, Caxton Buildings, Wrexham. 7OB TO BE LET, and may be entered upon at JL the end of September next, "ABBOTSFIELD VILLA," corner of Grosvenor-road, Wrexham, now in the occa nation of Thomas Bury, Esq. The House consists of drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms on the ground floor. Kitchen and back kitchen with hot and cold water in each. There are on the chamber floor five bedrooms, bathroom, lavatory, w.c., &c., with hot and cold water, &c. The Out-offices consist of a three-stall stable, fitted •with Cottam's patent fittings saddle-room and coach- house, with lofts over each gas, servant's w.c., &c. The house stands in the centre of pleasure grounds, and is enclosed by [1 wall, with front carriage entrance and back door from road. For further particulars apply at the office of this paper. 1079 DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, a JL newly-erected and convenient Villa Residence, oontaining three reception rooms on ground floor, five bedrooms and bathroom with stable, coach-house, and other suitable out-offices; with good kitchen garden in a high and pleasant situation, adjoining the Shrewsbury- road, in the Borough of Wrexham, and lately occupied by Mrs. Turner, deceased, the proprietor. For further particulars and to treat apply at the OSices of Mr. LEWIS, Solicitor, Wrexham. 1184 €fruxaikm:. PHONOGRAPHY. INSTRUCTION in Pitman's System of Short- JL hand by a verbatim writer and certificated teacher. Terms, &c., on application.—Phono., Guardian Office, Wrexham. 1185 MUSICAL TUITION. MR. EDWIN" HARRISS begs to inform his Pupils and Friends that the next Term of Lessons will commence on Monday, October 6th. 8, Erddig Terrace, Wrexham, October 3rd, 1879. 1229 PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, SINGING, &c. ME. F. C. WATKINS, St. Asaph, Choir Master of St. Asaph Choral Union, Conductor of Denbigh Philharmonic Society, and Ruthin Musical Union, &c., &c., begs to inform his pupils and friends that he resumed duties on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd. For terms, &c., apply to MR. F. C. WATKINS, St. Asaph. 1195 DENBIGH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. RE-ORGANISED, 1879. Head Master: S. EDWARDS, M.A., Late Senior Master at Manchester Grammar School. THE Next Quarter commences OCTOBER, JL 9th. Prospectuses on application to the Head Master. A course of Evening Classes in Latin, English, Mathematics, and Natural Science will shortly be com- menced. The classes in Mathematics and Science will be in connection with the Government Science and Art Department, South Kensington. 1199 MR. SPARROW, (Organist of Ruabon Church, and Private Organist to Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P.), TEACHER of the ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, and SINGING. < } SCHOOLS ATTENDED. Engagements accepted for Concerts as Solo Tenor and Accompanist. APPOINTMENTS. Ruabon Wednesdays and Saturdays. Bhos Mondays. Wrexham and Broughton (Brynteg)..Tuesdays.. Wangollen and Trevor Thursdays. Cefn, Acrefair, Rhosymedre, and Chirk.Fridays, For terms apply to Mr. SPARROW, Ruabon. draftsmen's hhX'£zs. -0 EDWARD ROGERS & SON, (ESTABLISHED 1764) WOOLLEN DRAPERS & HATTERS, FASHIONABLE & MILITARY TAILORS, 6, CHARLES STREET, WREXHAM. SHOOTING, FISHING, AND II U X T I G SUI T S. LIVERIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. GENTLEMEN'S SCARVES, HOSIERY, UMBRELLAS, WATERPROOF OVERCOATS, PORTMANTEAUS, BAGS, IN GREAT VARIETY. E. R. & S. beg to inform their numerous Customers that they have now completed their purchases for the Coming Season, consisting of SCOTCH TWEED, CHEVIOT, AND HOMESPUN SUITINGS, FASHIONABLE OVERCOATINGS AND FANCY TROUSERINGS, the latter made to order from S 6 D* UPWARDS, Allowing thereon for Cash a discount of Five per Cent. 1168 PATENT MEDICINES AT CO-OPERATIVE PRICES AT THE NORTH WALES PHARMACY AXD PATENT MEDICINE DEPOT. Uusal Price. Cash Price, s. D. S. D. 1 0 Insect Powder 0 9 2 9 Eno's Fruit Salt 2 3 4 G Ditto ditto. 3 10 1 U Alcock's Porous Plasters. 0 9 1 l| Blair's Pills 0 10A- 1 0 Condy's Fluid 0 8 2 9 Collis Brown's Chlorodyne 2 3 1 1A Ditto ditto 0 101 1 0 Citrate of Magnesia 0 8 1 14 Cockle's Pills. 0 10-J 1 0 Fluid Magnesia 0 9 2 6 De Jongh's Oil 1 10 1 lA Holloway's Pills 0 10 J 1 if Kay's Essence of Linseed. 0 1 oJ. :1 2 6 Lampiongh's Saline 2 0 2 0 Parrish's Food 1 6 1 1^ Steadman's 0 10 1 6 Seidlitz Powders 1 0 6 0 Allen's Restorer 5 0 1 1 lj "Winslow's Syrup 0 10, The above-mentioned genuine Patent Medicines and Proprietary Articles may be obtained for CASH at the prices here quoted from J. F. ED IS BURY, M.P.S., 3, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. 1003 PHOTOGRAPHY. CARTES from 6s. CABINETS, 15s.; OIL PAINTINGS from 30s. ROYAL LETTERS PATENT GRANTED TO BROWN, BARNES & BELL FOR ARTISTIC IMPROVEMENTS IN PHOTOGRAPHY. Churches, Mansions, Private Residences, Family Groups, Garden Parties, Fetes, &c., photo- graphed by Special Artists throughout North Wales. Favourite Animals at Owner's Residence by appointment. WESTMINSTER BUILDINGS, LATE ART EXHIBITION, WREXHAM. 911 ANOTHER GOLD MEDAL. AG-AIN THE ONLY ONE AWARDED FOR COD-LIVER OIL, PARIS, 1878. ROLLER'S (Norwegian) COD-LIVER OIL Prepared by Moller's Special Method, free from indi- gestible fats of other oils, is superior to ANY in delicacy of taste and smell, medicinal virtue and purity. The most eminent London and European Physicians pro- nounce it the Purest and Best. Given the highest award at Twelve International Exhibitions. Only in capsuled bottles, of all chemists. 632 WILLIAM PIERCE, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM. Agent to the Patent Metallic Air Tight Coffin Company, Limited, Birmingham. THE COFFINS are highly recom- I JL mended by all the Medical Practitioners of the neighbourhood. They are covered with black and crimson cloth or velvet; and every design of coloured metal furniture is used. The METALLIC SHELL COFFINS, en- cased in. stout polished oak, or covered with cloth or velvet, can be had at a few hours' notice. SHELLS AND COFFINS ALWAYS IN STOCK. JOHN H. KIDD & CO.. MANUFACTURERS OF RAILWAY WAGGON COVERS RICK AND TENT CLOTHS, CART COVERS, LIME SHEETS, All sizes kept in stock. BRATTICE CLOTH, AIR-TUBING HORSB CLOTHS, WATERPROOF RUGs, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS Roofing Dry Hair, and Boiler Felt, SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS, OFFICES HOLT STREET, WREXHAM. 61 ESTABLISHED THIRTEEN YEARS. CIGARS! C I G A R S CIGARS! A SINGLE BOX at Wholesale Price, con- taining 100 full flavoured well-seasoned CIGARS will be sent, carriage paid, to any Railway Station, upon receipt of P.O.O. for 14s., made payable to John Price Rowlands, Importer and dealer in British and Foreign Cigars, 75, Wavertree-road, Liverpool. Terms and Price List of Cigars sent Post Free on application. Six of these Cigars willlae sent (as sample) post free far 12 Stamps. The following gentlemen have kindly testified to the superior quality of these Cigars :— Mr. James Ratcliffe, Hawarden Ironworks, Hawarden, near Chester. Mr. J. Price, Jeweller, Northgate-street, Chester. Mr. W. Agnew, Gunmaker, Berriew-street, Welsh. pool. 336 TIMBER, JL SLATES, BRICKS. TILES, CEMENTS, LATHS. SEWERAGE PIPES. And all other Building Materials, AT E. MEREDITH JONES' TIMBER YARD AND STEAM SAW MILL CHARLES-STREET, 63 WREXHAM. ESTABLISHED 1817. | DYEING DYEING DYEING FIRST-CLASS CERTIFICATE OF PRIZE MEDAL MERIT Awarded 1874. Aivarded 1874. S THE LARGEST DYE WORKS IN THE MIDLAND COUNTIES. TMPROVEMENTS in the ART of I DYEING and FRENCH CLEANING AT TIIE'R MIDLAND COUNTIES THE LARGEST DYE WORKS IN THE MIDLAND COUNTIES. TMPROVEMENTS in the ART of I DYEING and FRENCH CLEANING AT THEIR MIDLAND COUNTIES STEAM-POWER DYE WORKS, LEICESTER, AND BURTON-ON-TRENT. JOHN SMITH, SOLE PROPRIETOR. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT :— WREXHAM THE MISSES WHITING,{Fancy, Repository, 2, High-street. | OSWESTRY: MRS. E. REASON, Fancy I Repository, Church-street. CEFN, RUABON: MR. E. A. R. EVANS, 30, Russell-street. Or Goods sent to and received from theabove Agents Weekly. AGENTS WANTED in unrepresented districts. Aar The New Price and Colour List for 1879 to be had Gratis or Post Free. 64 COAL SUPPLY. THE LLAY HALL COAL, IRON, AND FIREBRICK CO., LIMITED, BEG to announce that for the better con- venience of the Tradesmen and general inhabitants of the Town and its immediate outskirts, they have OPENED AN OFFICE IN THE CORN EXCHANGE BUILDINGS HENBLAS-STREET, For the reception of orders, settlement of accounts, &c. where all commands and inquiries will receive careful and prompt attention. COAL DELIVERED IN SACKS OR BULK. Builders Clay Goods stocked in every variety at the (Railway Station), Rhosddu. AGENT—EDWIN GILLAM. 611 I íiLri1tnun' $ )¡lJ.e:m. r: THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES. I TO the Nobiliiy, Clergy, Gentry, and. Public generally of Wrexham and neighbourhood. The Premises hitherto known as 0. K. BENSON & CO.'S OLD TEA WAREHOUSE, 14, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, IS NOW OPENED AS THE NORTH WALES PUBLIC SUPPLY STORES, For the Supply of TEAS, COFFEES, FRUITS, SPICES, A CONTINENTAL, FOREIGN AND COLONIAL GOODS, GENERAL GROCERIES, PROPRIETARY ARTICLES, PATENT MEDICINES, &c., &c., AT WHOLESALE PRICES, PRICE LISTS CAN BE HAD FEEE ON APPLICATION NORTH WALES PUBLIC [SUPPLY STORES,! 14, H I G II S T II E E T, WREXHAM. These Store:; of Supply are based and conducted on the Co-operative principle,—the Smallest Profit for Cash Payment, with a view to meet the requirements of a class of Customers who are able and willing to pay ready money for their goods, and reasonably expect to receive full advantage's for the [Jame, thereby doing with the system whereby good customers arc made to pay for the bad. ^—^2. ;— j 14, HIGH STREET, (or- YValss }2;?nL;, WREAliAM. Just Out, Post Free, 15 Stamps, NPHE HORSE AND CATTLE OWNER'S JL GUIDE. Explains their best management in health. Gives clear instructions how to cure them when diseased. Enables any one to be his own animal doctor. Cows with Foot and Month Distemper can be cured in three days with little loss of condition or milk. | Sent by Tno.s. BESLEY, Publisher, Cadisnead, War" rington. 07s -w_ „ TO SUBSCRIBERS. The following- are the terms upan wil. ch this paper can to suppliedi In Advance per Quarter. I On Credit per Quarter. Stamped copies 2s. 8<1. Stamped copies ;is. (VI. Unstamped i's. 2d. Unstamped 2s. 6j. Communication upon subjects of local interest, or passing- events, arc always acceptable, and will be thankfully received by the Editor. Oivculating i*\ such an extensive district as does The Guardian, it is next to impossible to obtain infor- mation of all events traus piling, and therefore any assistance rendered is exceedingly acceptable. Intimation of earning events should also be sent. "U' u'n_

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