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WREXHAM COUNTY COURT.I tn,".ü.l.L'l1.'11\..vl.;\'1.,I

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GWERSYLIIT. INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTS.—The lovers of music in this district.. were afforded a r;:re and varied treat on the occasion of two grand instrumental coacer's of selections from the old masters, in the Nation I School, on Thursday afternoon and evening,.in aid ,ill "Ila of the-fund for enlargiog Cross-sr-reet School and Mission Room, for which a sum of £ 200 is required. Respecting the object in view it may be remarked that the room, which was built by subscription in 1870, is situated in the midst of a large and in- creasing mining population, and owing to the ia ternst and zeal manifested in the work by the Misses Irvec, Oak Alyn, it has become too small and enlargement is exnedient, a special and excellent feature being the large adult Sunday class, one of the largest in Wales, attended by upwards of '70 men, and conducted by Miss Irven, much good having been achieved through its instrumentality. The orchestra, which presented a pretty sight, was draped with crimson, and decorated with flowers of variegated foliago, kindly supplied by J. Sparrow, Esq., Gwersyllt Hill. Thj afhernoon concert com- menced at 2.33, and was undoubtedly a success, being attended by the nobility and gentry of the district, the reserved seats being quite full. All the artistes were ladies and gentlemen amateurs of well known repute; the string band, accompanied bypiancforte and harmonium, being composed of Mr. Nicholson, Hereford Dr. Smith, Hereford; Mr. R. Price, Cardiff; Rev. E. B. Smith, rector of Llandrinio; Mr. *R. Percy James, Plas Acton, Gwersyllt; Mr. Pntchard, organise, St. Mark's, Wrexham Mr. T. Reginald James, Plas Acton, Gwersyilt; Miss James, Plas Acton; Miss Smith, Llandrinio and Mrs. George Irven. The success of the cone-rt is mainly due to Ihe Rev. E. B. Smith, late vicar of Gwersyllt and rector of Llandrinio, who had kindly undertaken to invite the artistes and supply the programme, the general management devolving upon the Rev. G. Williams, curate cf Gwersyilt, who displayed considerable energy and tact in the matter. The programme, which was a most excel- lent one, had been skilfully arranged, and too much praise in the highest terms cannot be given to the band for its admirable and talented renderings of the various masterpieces selected, their ser/ices being well appreciated and much applauded, at times overwhelmingly. The first part opined wi h an overture, Samson (Handel), by the full band, accompanied by piano and harmonium, and most effectively rendered; song, True till death" (Gatty), was feelingly given by the Rev. W. L. Martin, Bettisfield solo clarionet, Melodie des Alpes" (Barret), by Mr. R. Percy James, was a treat but seldom obtained, being skilfully rendered and received much vocal trio, Perflda Glori (Cherubini), by Miss E Irven, Rev. W. L. Martin, and Mr. T. R. James, was given with taste; solo Dianoforte," Contre Danse (Cotsford Dick), .)4- by Mrs. Geo. Irven, was short, but sweetly rendered instrumental quartette (Mozart), by Rev. E. B. Smith, Mr. Nicholson, Dr. Smith, and Mr. R. Price, was substituted for a ballad. "Liith: N al," by Mr. Price trio, (violin, vioiincello, and pianoforte) from Mozart, by Miss Smith, Rev. E. B. Smith, and Mr. Nicholson was well given; song, "Man the life- boat," (Russell) by the Rev. J. Jenkins, was finely rendered, with much pathos and feeli ig, and receiving a well deserved encore. He afterwards gave with equal accomplishment The sexton instru- mental quarteit, M.S. arrangement from organ solo, Holsworthy bells," (Wesley) was given by the Rev. C. B. Smith, Dr. Smith, Mr. Nicholson, and Mr. R. Price in rich and quiet beauty and well applauded. The second part opened with an instrumental trio (part of Nr. 1) Beethoven, by Mrs. George Irven, Rev. E. B. Smith, and Mr. Nicholson, and was loudly encored and gracefully complied with; song, By Ceiia's arbour," (Men- delsshon) by Miss E. Irvcn, receiving an encore, and afterwards gave A German air;" solo violin, "Home sweat heme" with variations, (C. de Berisc) by Mr. Nicholson, was truly wonderful, being rendered in a manner scarcely to be surpassed, and was rapturously encored vooal duet. Excelsior," by Miss C. Irven and Mr P. R. James obtained a well earned encore; solo, piano, Rondo Capriccioso," (Weber) by Miss James receive ? '). tine and skillful rendering, and establishes MÍfs Jam s as an artiste; song, "Arm, arm ye brave," (Handel) by Mr. T. R. Jan-.es, with band accompaniment, was rendered effectively and in masterly style, and was loudly encored; instrumental quartett, "Melodic Rdligi- euse," (Berthold Tours) by Rev. E. B. Smith, Dr. Smith, Mr. Nicholson, and Mr. R. Price was very finely rendered; song, "A thousand a year," (Millard) '71 by R:v. W. L. Martin, was well given and received an encore; overture, "Tancredi" (Rossini), by the full band, accompanied with the piano and har- monium, was a treat but seldom enjoyed, being exquisitely rendered, and received an outburst of applause. The National Anthem terminated a very- high class and weli arranged programme. The programme was, with some little deviation, re- peated in the evening to a large and highly re spectable audience, the room being well filled, the admission only being by tickets at 2s. 6d. and Is. each. The various accompaniments were given by Mrs. G. Irven, Miss Smith, Miss James, Dr. Smith, and Mr. Pritchard, organist, St. Mark's, Wrexham, who each performed their part with considerable skill and taste, Mr. Pritchard being highly ap- preciated. At the conclusion of the evening's per- formance. Mr. John James, Plas Acton, moved a hearty vote of thanks to the ladies and gentlemen for the admirable manner in which they had enter- tained them, at the same time complimenting the talent and skill they had displayed, and which had been so highly appreciated and enjoyed, and trusted that ere long a similar treat would be enjoyed, and that those who had so kindly given teem their services now would do so for the purpose of obtaining a new organ for the church instead of the somewhat buzzing harmonium, and he was sure they would, in the appeal, meet with a hearty response. The Rev. E. B. Smith, in responding, thanked them heartily, and said that he should al- ways feel deeply indebted to Gwersyllt, and what- ever he could do towards the new organ he would do it willingly* and so would his. co-adjutors on this occasion. In thanking the audienca for their wi'ii appreciation of th eir services, ho passed a I.' *h compliment to ffl- -chard, oi-f« 5" a 11, Vvrr- -e ry, "t e-o -■■■•> m 1.* e-h "••• f -wr-r i tit v. las: 01 v.:et-aed i'0'Usm.a such V nd s1 nfe! sen h ea rsu we1' .-e-t sh. e re :13 jri", ace-v.- Is

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