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WREXHAM COUNTY COURT.I tn,".ü.l.L'l1.'11\..vl.;\'1.,I

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CONCEPTS FOO. " 7 liNT ry.


CONCEPTS FOO. 7 liNT ry. Oil ia the Tov. a PHI1, two r.mce.-t- given, tae iroceeds "f which m-,e -e be oauueci ove- to -hie i.'li.ca-y inu-'s. T e am. ••emeav-s were we l e. -ieLl out; t' e II i r Paavy Jones, junr., very kindly rube ••>er-in. The following i were the lady .o-e \1 j" Cornwallis West, Mrs. Lloyd IV., i-ie, -wley 't-nuvy, Mrs. Parry Jones, Mrs. T-f.h a re /Lain, .Mrs. < hambres. Mrs. Lownsaend 1 ehi arhig, Mrs. Smart, Mrs. Mrs. Burton, M s. Cryley, Mis. T^eaton. Tae artistes were :—Madame Augusta h.i.an ung, i » vere, Mr. Ferris, Signor Lo Iii. Tae morning concerts, to which .Lhe admission was five shillings eac.i, Mjas tolerably well patronised by the gantry of^the neigh-x>uiho'»d, including Lady Hughe-j and the Mioses H ughest aal, large p.,rty from Kinmel. The following programme "'as excellently rendered :— Trio, "Turn on old time," Miss Vere. Mr. D'Arcy Ferris, and Signor Lodil; Pianoforte solo, "Sonate Pathetique," l\iadame Augusta Manning; air, "La Cha.rite," Signor Lodil; song, "Children's voices," Madame Augusta Manning; song, Deeper and ;eeper still," Waft her angels," Mr. D'Arcy Ferris; aria, "Le parlate d'amor," (Faust) Miss Yere; pianoforte solo, a Siciliano," b Gigue," Madame A. Manning; duet, "The moon has raised her lamp above," Mr. D'Arcy Ferris, and Signor Lodil; duct, Non temer," Miss Vere and Signor Lodil; song, Sweethearts," Mr. D'Arcy Ferris; pianoforte solo, "Polonaise," (Carmen) Signor Lodil; song, "The sailor's wife," Miss Vere song, "Sunshine," (by desire) lie words and music by Townshend Mainwaring, Esq., Mr. D'Arcy Ferris; song, "Roaming thro'the green fie ds," Madame A. Manning; trio, I Naviganti," Miss Vere, Mr. D'Arcy Ferris, and Signor Lodil. Madame Manning is a really splendid. pianist., and the various selections she gave must have satisfied the most musical of the audience. Mr. D'Arcy Ferris is a. Singer of much promise, and gained a capital encore by the way he sang "Waft her Angels." Signor Lodil has a good powerful well trained voice, and used it to the best advantage Miss Vere is an attractive vocalist, and was excellently received with her various songs. We may remark that the hall and platform was taste- fully adorned with beautiful plants kindly lent by Mr. and Mrs. Parry Jones, of Plas Clough. In the evening another concert was given, the pro- gramme being as follows. It may be remarked that the attendance at both concerts seemed confined to an unusual extent to the front seats :—Trio, Turn on old time," Miss Vere, Mr. D'Arcy Ferris, and Signor Lodil; song, "Sweethearts," Mr. D'Arcy Ferris; song, "Angus MacDonald," Miss Vere; pianoforte solo, Jacobite airs," Madame A. Manning; song, "Loving smile of sister kind," SiL;n,)r io(iii; song, "Children's voices," Madame A. Manning; duet, "The sailor sighs," Miss Vere and Mr. D'Arcy Ferris; trio, "I Naviganti," Miss Vere, Mr. D'Arcy Ferris, and Signor Lodil; song, Three sailor boys," Mr. 1), Arey Ferris; song, "Darby and Joan," Miss Vere; pianoforte solo, "TarenteIIa," Madame Manning; song, "Sunshine," (by desire) the words and melody by Townshend Main- waring, Esq., Mr. D'Arcy Ferris; song, "The yeoman's wedding," Signor Lodil; old song, "Come lasses and lads," Madame Manning; trio, "The carnival," Madame Manning, Miss Vere, and Signor Lodil.