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WREXHAM COUNTY COURT.I tn,".ü.l.L'l1.'11\..vl.;\'1.,I


WREXHAM COUNTY COURT. I t n, ".ü.l. L'l 1.'1 1 \v l.; \'1., WEDNESDAY.—Before Horatio Lloyd, Esq. PREPARING FOE AN "INTERESTING EVENT." WiUiaiii WtliixMS wa-j t/aedby Edircixl Jones, unnsr, of Jiinera, for the recovery of £ 1 ISs. 6 1., t'lf valae f an iron beiblead au 1 e alleged to hpve b-v"ov.vd <vi the occasion of an "interesting eveat," %vl Ich h:,d occurred about C'ad-stiijas. M-. Vci-oa aprvi're for the plahiliif, and JUr. A-'iton Br- Hey for the defendant. j .is iioaoiu* gare judgment for the phiinalT with co res. ACT O.N' AGAINST THE COUGN it!—IMPORTANT TO F::T.-r- .V SOCIETrES. Z;vii) H-io.od T.h';ai., e<>roaer, was sued hy ZT. "a..a widow, for the recovery ot lis. G. under rtie fol.1 >v.'h:0 1'. -hi i -j.01c w.i.) appr-.—vd for tho plaintiff, saiu v.hi'uti.: c e r,v., a •> r*a -.tii ill tae intero.t. of-f'e p«b lu ni.ire thi'.a ia .vid.i.d rights. The plaintiff vvao a willow, reh. :ia at I'u.e|u,:ht.m, aad w?, rearer i-a: •„•(! in » nu't bj* ue f iter sons. S >ne t:' e a0u ;r\ of her s ^vns v itJ'y V.lled whil-i wo hL;0 i 1 the We-h.ii: (.■•ra.'ry, and an ir-r.e.st wrr he (i oa the h>'dy hi t e C. u .iira Inn, I>j ,n'w, oil I. of Au-ai.c, woVh v. adjotu-aed until the M 'i', .e o.ee j ^.ecl v.rii entitled to SOlie rllÜJley j (. a -j i.a.dy 'Ciet. t»f which iie nad been a member. -^r weui/1 tat- coruiur in oi-. er to gee a cj _jc. wi'.h Wi.ic i to draw the tn<-ney fv .»n >e er: e.ito.liij S'jv- i o.a in the ma, where one i "•.j- bee. 1 fa el and >-i vimLIi t'.ie jurywjieu were „ir. '-et;, he b 'V ue.en-.r.ad said to .rtui I v'rot y.r. 11 ia:he Jne a 0. 1 o get the nu>ney oat of t.e o » 1 y>. do i .V i ae defendant said I caa ti 'C you wilt a- .*e another from air. Bu.y, J 2,> a-» fur«-he b.« yai-hvili have to pr.y 2s. t»u." .v, e.. 1' y got ioe ce A- 10:Iroui the coroner ue was Tii' 'w i.Lit .v il-ri tiiao v le money c.ai'd oe ootai^ed fro..i IU ciu.j Oil td,, ce.^i'.c te without one f-o-, ii Mr. iJrry, ior it had beea u&u. ior einos TO p„y upon suca CL He went k) \V re—iau. witu it, anil was paymeat oi tae inuaey. Mr. Iheivvail saii.i iie inusc deny eatiiely the whole of • J ('¡Ie; hLL\te:lellt. air. Jones then pr-ceedjd to call his witnesses, the first of whom, Edward Parry, substantiated the state- ment of his solicitor, and further stated that the coroner aria o hiin in conversation that he would be sure to be abie to get the aionfcy from tao club with his certificate. oil, Lloyd was also called in corroboration. In defence the defendant called Hensbav to prow that no such conversation took place in the inn. His Honour, in suiaarhiy up the case, called atten,ion to the fact that since the prssing of trie Friendly Societies Act in 1873, &c., it waa necessary to obtain a certificate of death under the hand or the registrar, and of course the certificate,of death by the coroner in such eiLcumsiiuices was oi no use. Air. Thelwaii had not, so far as the evidence before him went, guaranteed the eiiicacy of his certificate, and therefore he would give judgment in favour of defendant. DAMAGES TO LAND. Ilobcri TViUiciMis, Elizabeth, RobcrU, JVm. Roberts, Ben. jamin iioOerti;, John Andrew, David Evans, and Absidcr.i Daeies- were all sued for damage done to land in the occupation of the Westminster Colliery Company, and situate in Poolmouth. The damages were estimated at £ 11. Mr. E. Swetenham, barrister, instructed by Mr. 6. C. Owen, Wrexham, appeared for the plaiptitfs, and Mr. T. Gold Edwards, af itutiiin, appeared for the defendants. The damages were laid by the company against the various defendants for trespasses upon the land in question at various times. The property had been bought by the company for their own purposes for i'60 from Ilr. Evans, of Manchester, the owner of the land, for whom the rents wore collected by Mr. Daven- port, of Wrexham. Mr. Swetenham, in concluding his opening remarks, said the company had. no wish to act oppressively against the defendants, but w-ere merely defending their own rights. The defence set up was, as in former case in reference to this land, a plefc of the Statute of Limitations OIl the ground that there had been undisturbed possession for a considerable time. His Honour gave judgment for the plaintiffs with costs, and damages of £ 5. A \VAJRNING TO BOOK BUYERS. Mr. W. C. Aspinall was sued by the London Publish- iny Company for io the value of a work issued by them entitled Hogarth." Mr. James Smith of the company said that the order was given in July for the work in three volumes bound. These were sent as soon as possible but payment was refused. -Air. Ashton .Bradley who appeared for the defendant said a few days after the order had been given, Mr. Aspinall wrote a letter asking the company to cancel it but the letter although posted the same night failed to reach its destination until some days after. His Honor gave judgment for the defendant. MOTHER AND SON. Thomas Ralph, llhosddu, was sued by his mother Mrs. Ann Ralph for the value of a pony and cart the property of Mrs. Jhdph, but detained by the defendant. Mr. Ashton Bradley appeared for the plaintiff and Mr. She mitt for the defendant. hir. Bradley said that the plaintiff owned the pony and cart in question, but lent them to her son for pur- poses of business orj the condition that he would deliver them up or iend them when requested. This he refused entirely to do. Mr. Sherratt for the defence said that the defendant paid partly for the pony and cart and that it had been given to defendant by his mother. The Judge said he was sorry to see mother and son so situated and gave judgment to the plaintiff.

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