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* - REYL.


REYL. CONCERT.—On Tuesday last a successful concert was given to a good audience; the chief vocalist being Mr. James Sauvage, the famous Welsh baritone. ARTHUR LLOYD.—This well known public en- tertainer gave his humourous performance on Tuesday night, in the Town Hall, to a good audience. ENGLISH BAPTISTS,—On Friday last the scholars and teachers of the above chapel had their annual outing to Denbigh. They had a good tea in the Castle grounds and well enjoyed themselves. THE SEASON CLOSED.—As an indication of the close of the Rhyl season we may mention that the London and North TiVestexn Company announce that the cheap excursions to Rhyl will close at the end of this month, namely, on Tuesday next. DINNER.—On Monday evening the Rbyl Bicycle Club and Amateur Swimming Club dined together at the Sportsman Hotel. The Rev. Ll. Nicholas, M.A., presided, and after an excellent repast had been partaken of, a long toast list was gone through. COUNTY COURT. His Honour, Horatio Lloyd,Œsq., sat at this court on Friday. There were 199 new plaints entered, the majority of which were decided before Mr. F. J. Sisson and Mr. Oliver George, registrars. There were also eight adjourned cases, two interpleader summonses, one adjourned ditto, eight judgment summonses, aad one adjourned ditto. REGISTRARS' POWER. In an action wherein defendant admitted thed -bt, the Registrar (Mr. Sisson) after enquiring- into c a- sidering his present circumstances, made the order payable by two monthly instalment^. Plaintiff refused to accept it in that manner, and wanted payment forthwith. The Registrar said that if plaintiff disputed the fairness of the adjudication, he should have to to the judge. Upon the application being brought before his Honour, the plaintiff said he apprehended defendant would do away with his effects. His Honour said that an affidavit of that fact ought to have been made. In its absence, the Registrar's order would not be interfered with, as he was the proper person to state in what manner the money was to be paid. NON-PAYMENT OF COURT-FEES In this case Messrs. Sisson and George applied for the sum of £2, the fee in an interpleader case heard at a court in St. Asaph, the defendant being Urias Jones, Vale-road. It was stated that the man is in constant work, but he held the execution creditor responsible for the amount due. His Honour gave judgment against defendant, by instalments of 10s. a month. CHANCING COURTS. In the case of R. H, Roberts (for whom Mr. E. Roberts, of the firm of Lloyd and Roberts, Ruthin, appeared), judgment was given against defen- dants—Markerrel and Co., Liverpool, the amount having been paid into court, in an interpleader case, and an execution having been given in the Court of Passage at .Liverpool. His Honour did not give his opinion whether the money ought to have been paid into this court; but it having been so paid, he directed thai: it should be handed to the claimant. A DISPUTE AS TO PAYMENT OF RENT. The adjourned case of Messrs. Dew c. Reuben Jaekson was sustained by Mr. Webb on behalf of plaintiffs. It was an action to recov.ergl 15s. rent due to a building society. Defendant maintained that he held the property from a man named Ashton, a mortgager, and was holding from him a receipt. The contention on the other hand was, that Ashton having assigned the property to the society he had no farther claim. The Secretary stated that their former agent was Heather, who had absconded, without giving a state- ment of rents due or paid. They were now claiming only for rent due since the agency had been entrusted to Messrs. Dew. His Honour pointed out to defendant that the mortgage deed Ashton had assigned all claims on the building to the society. I Defendant afterwards stated that on the 1st of March he paid a six months' rent in advance, but the receipt produced did not state whether it was for rent due or in advance. A copy of a notice of the conveyance of the property, served as far back as December, on defendant pro- duced, although defendant said that he was not in possession before a month or two previous to the first of March. It seems that defendant had paid a further instalment of rent to the wrong party since the case came on at St. Asaph. Defendant had been asked to clear out, and then no claim for would be made upon him. The offer was repeated in court, but de- fendant could not see what right he had to go out." His Honour characterized his conduct as being a foolish one, and ultimately gave judgment for plaintiffs. AN ABSOLUTE AGREEMENT. The Rhyl Winter Gardens Company claimed the sum of from Charles Keith, circus proprietor, the rent of a field which .was let to the representative of Keith for four days, in August. Mr. J. Keith appeared for his brother, and contended that he found the field in a very bad state, and not fit to put the circus on. His Honour pointed out that the agreement was absolute, without any reservation and defendant admitted that when he took the field it was one mass of mud and water. Upon the agreement his Honour gave judgment for plaintiffs. Plaintiffs did not ask for costs. AMENDING A SUMMONS. Mr. R. H. Jones, acting trustee in bankruptcy of Isaac Roberts, claimed £1 odd from J-jkn Ellis, car pro. prietor; Rhyl, Mr. Davies being for claimant. The claim was for the loan of a mare for twelve weeks. £8 having been received on account. Defendant said the summons he had received was for butcher's meat, maintaining that the case should be dismissed, and claimed his expenses. His Honour amended the summons, but defendant said that he was unprepared to go on with this new claim," At his request the case was accordingly held over. BUYING GROWING CROP, AND THE RISKS, An action to recover -68 was brought forward by Mr. G. T. Smith, receiver of the estate of Robert Conwy, from Mr. John Conwy, jockey, St. Asaph. The claim was for the value of a crop of hay sold to defendant. Mr. Roberts was for claimant, and Mr. Webb for defendant. It appears that a representation was made to de- fendant that another party claiiB-ed the produce, and consequently he abstained from cutting the crop. Mr. Smith said that everything sold at an auction when Conwy bought the hay, was at the nurchasers' risk on the fall of the hammer, and that there could be no claim for rent. The £8 was only about one-fifth the value of the hay. The auctioneer at the sale said that the hay would be at the purchaser s risk, when the question was asked as to a liability for rent. Mr. Webb considered that the hay was not at all the vendor's property, if there was any possibility of a large amount of rent being due. Joseph Roberts, sheriff's officer, swore that the auctioneer had sold at purchasers' risk. This witness would himself run the risk of buying at B8. His rambling statements elicited some laughter, and his Honour thought that he would run any risk. Defendant, upon being sworn, said that the auctioneer h&d stated that no one could prevent the purchaser from taking away the hay. But subsequently the agent told defendant that a warrant for rent had been issued and that the hay could not be carted away. The sale was attended by only three persons. Defendant was quite willing now to take the hay if he only got a note from plaintiff giving him permission to cart it away un- disturbed. His Honour was afraid that the case could not be decided without the presence of the auctioneer, as it in- volved a question whether there was not any risk of not getting the hay at all. The case was accordingly adjourned, and the question of costs reserved. CLAIM FOR EXTRA WOU. W. Large, painter, claimed Gs. for extra Work at the new house of Mrs. Georgina South, in Wellington- road. Mr. Webb was for plaintiff, and defendant did not appear, but was represented by Mr. Roberts. De- fendant had given plaintiff a cheque for the work done, but had afterwards stopped payment. For the defence it was contended that the cheque had been made non-payable owing to a false representation as to the way in which the work had been carried out, and that there was an over charge. The builder of the house, who had been subpoenaed to be present, ab- sented himself, owing, as it was stated, to his having a large claim against defendant. Mr. R. Hughes, surveyor, said that plate glass for the shop windows had been agreed upon, but in sub- stitution a 32 oz. glass had been put in. This witness had subsequently sent to Mrs. South recommending her to allow the claim, charging the builder with the amount. Verdict for plaintiff with costs. A DISPUTE ABOUT RENT. Mr. G. T. Smithy trustee in the bankruptcy afiair of William Davies, claimed four months' rent from Robert Pierce. Defendant's contention was, that he was not to pay any rent until the place was put in repairs, whereas there was neither a window to the house nor a lock on the door. Judgment for defendant, with costs. A CIAIM POR A PONY'S KEEP. David Jones sought to recover IGs. from George. Young, keeper, Penycefn Lodge, value of grass supplied for a pony. Judgment for plaintiff, with court fees only.