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PENYBRYN CHAPEL ANNIVERSARY. On Sunday last anniversary services were held in Penybryn Independent Chapel, when large congrega- tions assembled to listen to sermons delivered by the Rev. Aaron Francis, of Rhyl. In the evening, the rev. gentleman took for his text part of the 9th verse of the 1st chapter of the second epistle of Peter. He said that the object of the apostle in writing these epistles was to warn the Christians, of the heresies that were then taught in 1 he churches, and several duties were urged upon the members of those churches, and he also pointed out the way and the necessity of fulfilling these duties. In directing their attention to the text, he would have them possess a living and practical faith in the final results of life. Faith had to deal with the grandest and most powerful things that the mind of man could con- ceive. The rev. gentleman then proceeded to give illustrations from the Old Testament of the power of faith, and then asked was not faith necessary ? They all knew that the world, with Its mountains and cities, would be consumed, and all the great things that men had spoken, painted, carved, written, or printed, and whatever had been soiled with the breath of man, would also be burned up, and how comforting was the thought that there was another world—brighter and happier— yet to come. It was too often forgotten that there would come a day when all would have to appear before the judgment seat of Christ. Men might gather money and hoard it up, but who would finally possess it ? No knew that. It was impossible for them to take it with them when they died. There were others, how- ever, who were gathering heavenly riches, which would be of the greatest value and joy to them. Suppose that the present world was to last for ever, what difference would it make to them, for they knew that in a few years they would have to leave everything and enter the unknown world. A strong faith in the hereafter was quite necessary. There were men who did not believe in the existence of another world, and such men thought that when a man died he was completely annihilated. It was just as reasonable to suppose that when a man left his home to go to his work, after disappearing from sight, that he was annihilated. There was a chain that connected youth with age, and in the same way a similar chain connected this life with the life to come, and life in this world fitted them for the life hereafter, which was either joy unalloyed, or misery unalleviated. In this world an assemblage of virtues might be said to accompany the Christian always to cheer him, and make his patti more delightful. In conclusion the rev. gentleman urged them to a greater observance of the ordinances of the Church, and a life more exact with the rules laid down in the Bible. In the evening Mr. Francis preached an excellent sermon from the 5th chapter of Matthew, the 14th verse-" Ye are the light of the world." In the course of the sermon the influence of Christianity upon the world was clearly shown. The light was, the rev. preacher remarked, a borrowed light, it was borrowed from God. It was also a silent agency doing a great work. The influence of Xahoini over Ruth was an example of this. There was also a bad influence which was too dreadful to be touched upon. Collections were made after each sermon, in aid of the chapel funds.


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