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THE Rev. J. Jenkins, B.A., curate of Wrexham, was ordained a priest on Sunday last. Mr. GOUGH, on ku» recent visit to Wrexham, made a short stay with Dr. Eyton-Jones, Grosveno:: Lodge. SIR W. W. WYNN, M.P., R.W.P.G.M. for the province of North Wales and Shropshire, on Friday dedicated, for a. masonic hail, a building formerly used as the industrial school at Holyhea.i. 1ST. B.K.V.—The prize shooting' of the'Wraxkam companies will take place on Tuesday and Wednas- day next. A Company will fiiv on Tuesday, auti B Company on Wedueaday. Shooting to i<. Li.ce caoii day a' nine punctual. THE NEW DISTRICT OF ESCLUSHAlIL-The Rev. L. W. Davies, who has been curate in charge c: Esclushaj.: Church for a consider tble time, has beer, appointed Vicar of the new ecclesiastical district or Esclusham by the Bishop of th. Asaph, who is th* patron. THE CONCERT.—We understand Madame Edith Wynne and all the artistes have arrived. Mr. Harrises concert at Llangollen, on Wednesday, Was a complete success, musically and financially. All the artistes were in excellent form, Madame Edith Wynne singing in magnificent style. THE AGRICULTURAL COMMISSION.—The Central Chamber of Agriculture has addressed a circular to tiie Vale of Clwyd Chamber of Agriculture, asking it to compile and submit evidence to the Assistant-! Commissioners on the peculiarities affecting the land in their districts, and the special hindrances to successful agriculture in the district. CHESTEK SOCIETY OF NATUKAL SCIEXCE.—The annual conversazione of the above society is co be held in the Town Hall, Chester, on the afternoon and evening of October 2nd. A very succ2st:ul: meeting is anticipated. The Wrexham Society are arranging for a brake to take those of their mem- bers who desire to attend. MEETING- OF TEACHERS.—A meeting of elementary teaeners for Wrexham and the district will be held on Saturday 4th proximo, in the Girls' British Seiiooi at 2 p.m. for the election of officers and com- mittee for ensuing year and enrolment of members. Considering the common objects of the executive of the N.U.E.T. and the benefits accruing to every teacher, the hearty support of all may reasonably be anticipated. The atendanc flEd. co-operation cf all teachers are cordially solicited. MR. THOS. EVISON, of Eyton, passed away on the 15th last., but ieit behind him a name which will te ions remembered. For a very long number of years he a.ttended the markets in Wrexham, and his and good-natured manner won the hearts of a large number of friends. He was 72 years of age, and the last direct male descendant of the Evison's, of Eytvn. aiamily which has existed there for over 300 years. Alderman E. Smith, High- street, Wrexham, and Mr. Sutton, of Althrey, nephews of the deceased, are the male repre- sentatives. The old gentleman's remains have been interred with those of his first wife at Bangor Isycoed. YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.—This association is now becoming thoroughly organised and settling down into good practical work. French, Welsh, and shorthand classes will be commenced at the association's rooms next week, and the whole of these are open to any young man, whether he be a member of the association or not. The Bible classes are fairly well attended, and are led by very capable teachers. The committee held a meeting on Wednesday evening, when the consent of the jRcv. J. Huffer to act as president of the debating class was received, and after much con- sideration, the following were nominated as vice- chairmen of the classRev. J. Jenkins, Rv. E. Jerman, and Mr. J. H. Rose, C.E. These meetings will also be open to non-members of the association. An excellent programme is prepared, and includes essays from several Church and Nonconformist ministers. A meeting of the members and asso- ciates will be held on Tuesday next, when, amongst other important business, rules for the conduct"or the society will be submitted. MOUNT ZION CHAPEL, HISDIR.—The new chapel in the Hirdir, Wrexham, which the Primitive Methodists have iust erected, was opened for divine worship on Wednesday last. Two imoressive and earring sermons were preached, afternoon and evening, by the Rev. W. Rowe, of Chester, and the attendances were fairly good.. A series of opening services will be continued on Sundays for a month] the preachers at which will be men of celebrity in the connection, and on Monday, October 20th, there will be a public tea and meeting, and on the following evening the Rev. D. T. Maylott, of Liver- pool (returned African missionary), will preach. Collections are to be made a.t the close of each service in aid of the building fund. The chapel is a. plain building, and will seat about 160 persons. It is entered in the front from a small lobby leading to two side aisles. The floor slopes slightly, and the seats are very comfortably constructed. The walls are boarded to a height of about four feet, and pierced by lancet windows. 'Underneath the chape! is a schoolroom, and adjoining are various con- veniences ror tea making, &c. The school and chapel are heated by pipes. In the small space i between the front of the chapel and the outer rails will be planted trees and flowers. The builder was Mr. B. Owen, Penybryn. SUSPEC L'ED CONCEALMENT OF BIRTH.—On Thurs- day an inquest was held at the Feathers Hotel before B. H. Thelwall, Esq., coroner, on the body of a male infant, Mr. Boberfc Lloyd being the fore- man of the jury. After the jury were sworn the coroner said they were called to enquire into the cause of death of a new born infant child. It was one of those cases which sometimes occurred in this part of the country and in other parts much more frequently. The mother of the child was nam 3d Eilen Price, a young woman 23 years of age, in the service Captain Godfrey, of Byn Estyn, as cook. She had Iwn attended for a little time by Mr. Ri. I Williams, Dr. Eyton Jones' partner, and treated,he believed for dropsy. But on Tuesday morning last the dead body of a male child was found under her bed. Whether it was bom dead or whether it caire by its death by violence was at present im- possible to say. It would therefore be necessary to have a post mortem examination for which there must be an adjournment. The jury then viewed the body, and on returning to the room the Coroner inforioed them that-Mr. R. Williams had told him that the mother of the child was cjng on favour- ably, and would be able he thought to appear before them on Wednesday next. If that would suit the convenience of the jury he would adjourn the inquest until that day. The foreman having taken, the opinion of his brother jurors the inquest was adjourned until ten o'clock next Wednesday morning.


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