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THE FREE LIBRARY. The proceedings at the second annual meeting of the Library Association, which has been held at Manchester during the week, should afford the committee of the Wrexham Free Library much encouragement to proceed with all speed in forming the library. The papers that were read, and the statistics that were forthcoming, shew what a success free libraries have been, and how well they have been supported. It is this Litte^- fact'that should induce towns which have not adopted the Act to do so, for it shows that the people generally are only too glad to avail themselves of the privileges of a free library when they can. The Manchester Free Library was the first to be established after the passing of the Libraries Act in 1850. It was opened in 1852, and consisted of 15,744 volumes in the reference department and 7,195 in the lending department. Since then the number of volumes in the reference department has increased to 61,200, and in the lending department to 85,306. The number of volumes produced to readers in the reference library during the past year amounted to 173,137, while the issues in the same period in the branch Ebr:1ries for reading in the rooms—which might so far be regarded as small reference libraries— amounted to 217,589, and the number of volumes lent out for reading at home amounted to 56S,,541. This is, so far as regards Manchester, The report of the association deals with 74 town libraries, the returns of which showed in the reference libraries 414,257 volumes, and in the lending libraries 838,537. The number of issues in the lending libraries was 5,003,196, and in the reference libraries 2,753,871. From these statistics it can be seen how Free Libraries are appreciated, and to what degree their advantages are taken. We trust that they may induce the committee to lose no time in maturing the arrangements decided on at the meeting on Friday last.

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