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,1ê. -oo:o;; ,í"#. -w;4t!¡' opinion that he had not, dismissed the case, There were also a couple of cases of cruelty brought by the INSPECTOR of the Royal Society, in both of which the magistrates inflicted fines. A curious case of fishing n prohibited waters came before the St. Asaph magistrates. A gentleman, well known in the district was sum- moned for fishing in private waters on Sir GREX- VILLE "WILLIAMS, Bart's estate. It seems that the defendant had fished in the same waters for a number of years. Upon it being pointed out to the defendant he at once desisted, and had since tendered an ample apology. The magis- trates thought the justice of the case would be met by the paying of the costs. A special meeting of the Denbigh Town Council was held on Saturday, when a report was read from the engineer (Mr. BELLIS), stating that the drainage works wore progressing rapicLy and satisfactorily. At the Ruthin County Court a plaintiff com- plained that a summons which he had taken out had not been served by the bailiff, who could easily have done so had he desired. The" JUDGE said it ought to have been served, and if the pbintiff suffered any damage by the neglect of service he should make the person reponsible whose duty it was to serve the summons. At the Rhyl County Court a plaintiff objected to the order of the Registrar as to the payment p of an admitted debt and appealed to the judge, Mr. HORATIO LLOYD, his Honour supported the Registrar, stating that he was the proper person to state in what manner the money was to be paid. There were 199 new plaints entered for hearing at the Court. The advisability of re-opening the prison at Mold has found additional support in the person of Captain PEJfNANT, the deputy chairman of the Flintshire Quarter Sessions. He also has written a letter to The Times, pointing out the pecuniary advantages to be derived. The concluding article by our correspondent, Fr £ i:M," giving a summary of the subjects of examination on the principles of agriculture I under the scheme of the Government Science and Art Department is published this week. The Oswestry Musical Festival, the arrange- ments for which have been carried out under the supervision of Mr. H. LESLIE, who .personally conducted the performances, took place on Tues- day last &nd was a complete success. The gross receipts were S600. It is proposed to repeat the meetings at intervals, a triennial recurrence being at present intended.