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Family Notices

SA riJidPl E, September 27th,…


SA riJidPl E, September 27th, 1S79. A series of special services were commenced in W rexham on Sunday last, in connection with the Church. Txie Rev. G. EVEIIARD, M.A. (of Wolverhampton), was the preacher. The services, we understand, were most .successful. Anniversary services were held on Sunday, in Penybryn Chapel, Wrexham, and on Wednesday opening services were commenced in connection with the new chapel in the Hirdir. Mr. GOUGJI, the great temperance orator. gave his fa-rcwell address to the Wrexham people on Monday last. There is, Mr. GOUGH sass, A probability of his paying the 'United Kingdom another visit at some future time, when he will give a series of lectures free of charge. The Wrexham Public Hall Companv held their annual meeting on Saturday last. A dividend was declared, the retiring directors re-elected, and a resolution passed in favour of placing an organ in the hall. a thing much to be desired. A vestry meeting was held at the Walnut Tree Hotel, on Tuesday evening, to consider the the question of the sewerage of Stansty. A good discussion took place, and ultimately a resolution was passed approving of the union with the borough, provided the township is not to be re- sponsible for any after expenses in connection with litigation, &c. The borough magistrates had several cases before..ti^m 0n Monday, amongst which was one of a young man, an articled clerk, who, whilst in a state of drunkenness, took a pony the,property of Mr. W. SHEKIIATT, solicitor. The question before the magistrates was whether the young man had any felonious intent. They, being of