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THE TRADE IN NORTH WALES. The correspondent of the J fining World writes :— Duiirtg the past week or two there has been a steady and increasing demand for coal, and producers and those connected with the coal trade generally anticipating an advance of a shilling or eighteenpence per ton before the close of the year. It is not likely that such an advance will bring about any unreasonable demand on the part of workmen for experience of the loner period of depression has implanted in their minds a lesson not easily forgotten, and, further, combined circumstances have rendered labour so plentiful that prices will bear expansion before any advance in the present scale of wages or limitation of the working hours become a necessity. The remarks I made in a previous letter in reference to the exorbitant dead rents demanded by landlords in this district seem to have created quite a stir, and I have noticed several important speeches made in the neighbourhood bearing upon the subject. The outcome it is, of course, difficult to prognosticate, but I think it is the duty of all colliery owners to keep the matter fresh in the minds of landlords, and endeavour to obtain some recognition, where operations have been energetically conducted through years of deDression. notwithstanding the loss that has from time to time been the only result. Surely these persevering capitalists deserve better at the handsofthose who pocket their rent without thought or consideration of the cost at which it has been obtained. The statement made in reference to the Oak Pit Colliery, and the discharge of a large number of hands is not at all surprising, for it is a well known fact that operations have been conducted at a loss for mouths past. The position of the colliery is favourable for railway sales, but many difficulties were encountered in its development, the cost for timber to support the roof being especially great. Comment is hardly necessary upon the other undertakings of the Mold district; trade is quiet, and at some places quota- tions per rail simply ridiculous. There has been, as I expected, a continued advance in the quotations for lead and blende, and the expectation is justified that figures will be maitained, if not strengthened. I hear of a good discovery at Bodidris, and that the first parcel of lead will be sold in about a. month's time, also that a company has been formed to more energetically work the East Pant Du mines. At Denbighshire operations have been much retarded by the recent floods, but the workings are now in order, and we should hear in a short time of plenty of lead being raised from the discovery at the 66. The first blocks of lead obtained were very fine. At Gwernmy- nydd good progress is being made with the new shaft, and at the Fronfawnog portion of the property, indi- cations of a valuable flat or body of lead have been met with. At North Hendre the produce is satisfactory and the mine continues to open out well. Prince Patrick appeared again at the last monthly ticketing, and a fair quantity of stuff can now be returned. Rapid progress with the Halkin tunnel continues, but no further great body of water has yet been tapped. Rhosesmor shares are still inquired for in the neighbourhood, and the mine with Penyrorsedd when drained will take a prominent position in the future. I am glad to say dressing operations at Great Holwav are in force the blende is of splendid quality, and at the sublets good returns continue to be made. As soon as the various levels are effectually drained, we may look for large and increasing returns here. The progress at West Holway is satisfactory the vein has been intersected in the shaft, and with the funds in hand to carry on the development works, the spirited proprietors should have speedy returns. THE IRON TRADE AT CARDIFF.—Fifty coke ovens that have been idle four years are to be relighted at Abersychan, near Cardiff. An additional blast furnace has also been relighted.

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