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IRON AND COAL. I BARROW-IN-FURNESS, Monday.—There was a limited attendance of buyers and sellers on the Barrow Exchange this morning, but it was reported from all sources that a slight improvement is noticeable, and that all round there are indications of an upward tendency. The output of iron is larger than of late, but it is all going into delivery either on home or foreign account, and makers are also able from time to time to reduce the stocks they hold. Prices are firm, and they are to some extent advancing. No 1. Bessemer sells at 52s. 6d. per ton, and forge qualities fetch 48s. at maker's works. Steel mills are in full work, and the output is very large. A great proportion of work being done is on foreign account. Iron ore and coal are in better demand. MIDDLESBOROUGH, Tuesday.—The steady advance which has hitherto marked th,e pig iron prices here has given place to a wild rush upwards, and it was im- possible to-day to say what were the real prices. Quota- tions were 2s. per ton above last week. For No. 3, immediately delivery, 38s. nett was generally asked at close of market, though 37s. had been accepted earlier in the morning. Over first three months of next year, 40s. was offered for No. 3 and refused. The advance is not looked upon as genuine, but is due to speculation, and a rapid fall is expected. This keeps genuine buyers from operating. Connal's stocks are up to 83,000 tons to-day—1,500 tons increase on last Tuesday. Manufac- tured iron is dearer, but producers are loathe to quote as there is so much uncertainty about pig iron prices. WOLVERHAMPTON, Wednesday.—The pig iron firms were reluctant to take orders this afternoon most of them have sold well forward. To check buying, one house quoted the prohibitory rise of 10s. Common bars maintained their rise of 5s. marked bars are unal- tered at The business in these and in best plates is quiet. Galvanised sheets upheld their advance of 30s. Private cable messages show sales at Sydney at that advance. Smelters' quotations for spelter were a rise of 5s., but weak speculators offered at' less. Coal was strong but plentiful.



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