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■ t c 0 mOlm housht rttactant,. M 11 M. iStalting- .^aney 5s ;0 5. ? £ °EtS i;>er 501bs .3s 9ti to Gi CHESTER Saturday.—There was a. fair attendance at to-day s rsia.-ket. and several samples of new English "u L'eat on oher prices asked were, however, more than miliers were akposea to give, consequently few parcels changed hands*. The quality in most cases was in. different. Gats in fair supply. Indian corn has advanced 4d. per cental on the week. New. Old. s. d. g. d. s. d. e d Vy heat, V7hice, per 75Ibs. 7 o to u o 7 6 to 7 & Ditto, red „ 6 6 7 c 7 6 7 » lia-le.v mai.tg. imp oo- ti 0 0 o — 0 0 i-ritto, grinding, t!41iss 0 (' — o 0 0 0 — 0 n •Jilts, 40ib 461U& 2 9 — 32. 42 — 43 Heaps, Suibs. o 0 0 u — o 0 Oi*to. Egyptian, luOibs. 8 — y •) 0 —00 Indian corn. ises, „ 5 6 09 0 CORN AVERAGES. For the week ending Sept. 13. The following are the quantities (in quarters) sold and the prices, this year and last year QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES This year. Last year. This year. La year. Wheat 1 o,214 C0.4GC |7 4 43 2 Baney 2,19s 13,057 43 2 4a 11 Uats 22 11 23 8 SHREWSBURY, Saturday.—The weather has improved somewnat aurmg thweek, and the harvesting of crops in the neighbouriiood has considerably progressed. Prices in to-cuiy s market were 1 T, B. a. B. a. VY uite wlieat, per 75ibs 7 6 to 7 9 Ked Wheat, per TSibs 70 7 fi Barley per 7Qb, 0 0 0 0 Ending barJey per 7iib- 0 0 0 0 0 per 11 score 5 Ibs .I. 16 0 22 0 b'aus., per U score 15 lb- 2! 0 22 0 F per 11 score 5 lbg 00" *0 0 .<Iait, per imperial busUel 8 6 9 0 LONDON, Monday.—The market was very active. English wheat scarce and 2s. dearer than last Monday new samples inferior in quality; foreign in good demand at 2s. to 3s. advance. Flour 6d. per barrel and Is. per sack dearer. Barley about 6d. higher. Round maize 3s. and fiat 2s. dearer since Monday. Oats dull and tne turn against sellers. Beans Is. higher. Peas very firm, Seed market quiet. New winter tares poor in quality good yearling tares met a ready sale at 8s. to 9". per bushel. Canaryseed rather dearer. Arrivals British wheat, 135 qrs. barley, 46G qrs. oats, 492 qrs. maize, 80 qrs. flour, 12, ] 16. Foreign wheat, 04,829 qrs. barley, 8306 qrs. oats, 91,989 qrs. maize, 16,707 qrs. flour, 6004 sacks and 3b25 barrels. LIA EKPOOL, Tuesday. -To-da- 's market was nunier. ousiy attended by millers and dealers, and, with a strong teeling and an active demand, wheat realised a further advance ox 4d. to 6d._ per cental. Flour ruled equally- strong fancy "^descriptions commanding 6d. „o fJd. per 100 lbs. over Friday's figures. Oats moved out in- differently, at late prices. Oatmeal, from scarcity, brougnt rather enhanced rates. Egyptian beans and Canadian peas were marked respectively by an improve- ment of 2d. and 3d. per cental. Malt ana barky again closed without alteration of any kind. Indian corn In presence of limited American shipments to this port, and an average request, values rose to the extent of 5d., mixed selling at 56. (id.—5s. 7d., and Gaiatz and Odessa at 6s.—6s. 3d. per cental. The following are the quotations :— WHEAT, per 1001b. s. d. s. d. BAtt-uEr— a. a. s. a English, red 10 3 10 0 Hootch a Irish 5 y ti <1 wiii-,e 11 1 11 4- iMaubim 5 0 6 9 Irish, red 0 U O U OATS, per o. lb. wkite o 0 (J v English <c fScotch 6 2 s> 1 U.S. Jio. 1 spring 0 0 0 ( Irish, Md.diug. 5 9 6 4 ^,9- 9 5 y s „ Std quality o o o o W inter red 10 2 10 G Black & IVwiiy. 0 2 6 8 white. 10 210 (i Biack 0 0 0 0 Canadian wilile. It) tJ ±0 o American 6 2 6 8 rèd, 9 7 1J \.)ATMEAL.per lU"lb. Daaubiaa 0 o ii o Irish, new 10 5 10 g Cuiiucaian 9 8 K) MAIZE, PEL leoib. !d C ;)) yel.& Egyptian S G S 8 liiixed 5 fi o 0 Oregon lo lo 11 u LaiDp'a yellow, 0 5 6 7 FLOCK, per LOOIBS, .BEANS, parlOolbs. ij:igi;SiS S 0 S 6 superfine 1' 7 J .'jcoceh i; Irish, 7 4 7 9 2 Js'ui Egyptian.- 5 0 6 0 French tiaeaan iiazagan 0 0 0 0 superiine 0 0 it- (. iiahsra 7 0 7 1 Spring Wheat. 18 4 19 8 PEAS, per loolbs. Canad'n, sweet 14 ts 15 C 0 0 0 0 Extra 15 8 16 4 Cauadian 7-76 Western Canal 14 (; Ii) LOèmON, "Wednesday.—The market continues very strong, u heat again dearer on higher quotations from America. Very little English wheat on spow, and quotations were Is. higher than last Monday; fureign also quoted at a further advance of is. to 2s. per quarter, with a moderate business deme. Fiour Cd. per sack, and Is. per barrel dearer than last Monday. Oats were quoted 3d. to (id., and barley and beans Is. higher. Maize and peas realised fully late values to an occasional advance on last Monday's rates. Arrivals Foreign wheat, 33.040 qrs. bariey, 2540 qrs. oats, 31,210 qrs. maize, 9800 qrs. Hour, 75-0 sacks and 410 barrels. No British arrival?. CATTLE. LIVERPOOL, Monday.—There was an average supply of stock on offer to-day, the numbers being 2433 beasts and 13,696 sheep and lambs, included in which were 376 Canadian cattle and 3702 sheep. The demand was good for the best qualities, and prices were in favour of sellers. A good attendance of buyers from the conntry. Prices Best beasts, 7d. to 7id. per ib.; second best, 5id. to 01d. sheep 8d. to ($.I;d. iambs, 8d. to 9d. LONDON, Monday.—Full supply of beasts, and rade very slow and heavy prime quality, however, ;¡jng scarce, sold readily at late values; secondary and iarerior classes difficult to sell. The large supply of American cattle materially affected the price of British prime and selected breeds only excepted. The British supply comprised 45 Scotch, 1000 Irish, 2015 midland and home coumies. The sheep market was very dull at barely previous values. Foreign almost unsaleable. Calves inactive. Small pigs dearer. Prices Beef, 4s. to 58. 4d. mutton, 4s. (id. to us. 8d. veal, 5s. to 6s. pork, 4s. to 5s. The stock on offer consisted of 3960 beasts, 14,820. sheep, 61)0 calves, and 230 pigs; included in which were 900 foreign beasts, 5030 sheep, and 150 calves, and ISO pigs. SALFORD, Tuesday.—About 800 more beasts at market than last week. There was a moderate inquiry for choice iots at jd. decline; inferior animals neglected at much lower prices. Number of sheep about 3000 less choice lots made full prices, but inferior sh-ep almost a le 2 unsaleable at d. to jd. lower. Fair trade in calves, and prices welfmaintained. Quotations Beasts, 5a. co 7id. sheep, 7d. to Vld. calves, (id. to 7d. per lb. 4 GHXEILAL PRODUCE. LONDON Hop MARKET, Monday.—The new crop is J j reported to be very small in all districts, but from I terbury the accounts are more favourable as regards ? quality. Choice new hops are held for extreme ¡ and inferior sorts exhibit an upward tendency, a fair business doing. Old hops continue very iirm at -lie recent by enhanced, rates. LONDON PROVISION MARKET, Monday.—Butter: Tae market was very dull for foreign descriptions; Frieslaud down to 98s. to 102s. Kiel and Danish, 110s. to 120,. Normandy, 86s. to 112s. Jersey, 82s. to 94s. Bosch. 50s. to 70s.; fair business in best American; Irish merely nominal. Bacon 2s. to Gs. lower, with a slow sale. Hams very quiet. Lard dull. Cheese Finest Ameri- can, 42s. to 44s. 4 LONIMJN POTATO MARKET, Monday.—Plentiful sup- plies, and trade continues slow at the following qu.Jia- i I tions :—Kegents, 100s. to 140s. kidneys, 100s. to ISOs.j I rocks, 80s. to 110s, per ton foreign, 5s. to 6s. per bag. « LONDON DEAD MEAT MARKET, Monday.—MO lerajje supplies, and trade steady at the folio ing prie_o .— | Beei, 2s. Ud. to 4s. 8d. prime Scotch ditto, 4s. U. to t 4s. lOd. mutton, 3s. to 5s. fid. veal, 4s. 8d. to 5s.: lar^ » pork, 3s. Sd. to 4s. 8d. small ditto, 4s. Sd. to 5e. p„r § lbs. MISCELLANEOUS. 1 WBEXHAM. —THURSDAT. Butter (per ib. 01 16 oz.) Is Od to le Id Fowls (per couple) J" 6 to 4 ö: Ducks per coupie) 4; Od ,0 5 03 Turkey cocks (each) 0* Od 10 "d ditto hens (each) 0s Od to Os Od Drei-sea fowl eacti 0.. 2 61 Potatoes (per hamper) new 5s a 0, v »• Beef (per lb.) t > iu* Mutton (per lb.) 9,; ro 10J4 Lamb (per lb.) lu.1 u, 1.40. j Pork (per lb.} ."u 00 ->■; Veal iper lb.) 7d to 9a Partridges per brace tis 0A DO Os Od 1 Salmon (per lb) is 3d Damson (per quart.) od Eggs 10 to 12 for a Shilling.

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