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IJrsons were present. Major Walwja was clerk of the course Mr. John Corbett, starter Mr. C. F. 0. Dalles, judge; and Messrs. W. P. Jones and T. Winstanley, clerks of the scales. Foot Race, half a mile 1, J. Ferguson; 2, A. F. Roberts. Fat Race, for cobs not exceeding 141 bands 1, Mr. T. Pegg's Deuce of Diamonds; 2, Mr. Lightfoot's Polly; 3, Colonel Rcper's Caprice. Donlcey Race: 1, Mr. R. Bellis's Charley; 2, Mr. D. Williams's Brown Ash. Flat Race, about two miles: 1, Mr. K els all's Elvina; 2, Mr. G. Griffiths's Bonnie Bessie; 3, Mr. T. T. Roberts's G'psy Boy. Foot Race, a, quarter of a mile: 1, J. Ferguson; 2, E. Edwards. Flat Race for ponies 1, Mr. Ronald Davies's Fairy Queen 2, Mr. T. Pegg's Deuce of Diamonds. Trotting Race1, Mr, Fletcher's Tickletutchcr; 2, Mr. Radcliffe's Minnie; 3, Mr. Sutcliffe's Miss Blank. Fiat Race for ponies not exceeding 13 hands 1, Colonel Roper's Nectarine 2, Mr. T. Pegg's Deuce of Diamonds 3, Mr. Clarke's Stranger. Hurdle Race: 1, Mr. Wilkinson's Jean d'Arc; 2, Mr. T. T Roberts's Gipsy Boy 3, Mr. Lee's Black Doctor. Foot Race for boys under 16 1, E. Powell; 2, D. Hearne 3, P.- Edwards. During the afternoon and evening a largely at tended gala was held at the Bailey Hill, in connec- tion with the Chester Steam Band, for which special excursions run, while at night Maccabe gave his amusing entertainment to a crowded audience in the Market Hall. PROPOSED EE-OPENING OF MOLD PRISON. The following letters have been addressed to the Editor of the Times :— Sir,—By the representation made, we have succeeded in convincing the Home Secretary of the wisdom of continuing the admirable county prison at Brecon, and I feel called upon, after readin your summary of the report on military prisons, to say a word in behalf of re-opening the excellent prison of the county of Flint at Mold. The report referred to points to the necessity of building new militry prisons, and my obscrnttions on the metro- politan prisons prove to me that very considerable altera- tions and extensions of them are even now imperatively re- quired. The Mold prison contains 90 certified cells, and is, I am informed, nearly perfect in its arrangements and construc- tion. Having regard to the circumstances stated, is it wise to destroy a prison of this class ? and may it not be to the ad- vantage of the State to utilise it P—except so far as may bo thought necessary for local prisoners-for the confinement of military prisoners from North "Wale3, Cheshire, and ad- jacent counties?—I am, Sir, your obedient servant. JOHN LLOYD. Huntington Court, Hereford, Sept. 5. Sir.—Referring to Mr. John Lloyd's letter in the Times of Wednesday last on the subiect of the Flint County Prison at Mold, I may add tint a deputation of the Flintshire magis- trates waited upon the Secretary for War last year and sub- mitted to the authorities at the War Office the advantages which this prison affords as a milit:1ry gaol. In addition to the particulars given in Mr. Lloyd's letter, I may add that this prison was built only ten years ago, at a cost to the county of Flint of £24,000, bain" in every respect a model paoi, and thc plan of the structure having special reference to future extension. The site comprises four acres admirably situated about one mile from the town of Mold, 460ft. above the level of the sea, and possessing every advantage as regards health and sanitation. Previously to its being closed, about 18 months since, this gaol was used as a place of detention for military prisoners from Lancashire and Cheshire.—I am, Sir, your obedient servant, EDWARD THOMPSON, Visiting Justice. Plas Annie, Mold, Sept. U.