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DOLGELLEY. MERIONETHSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. This society held its annual show here on Wednesday week. There was a noticeable falling off in the atten- dance, and everywhere in the show yard, especially among the stock, the inclement weather of the past season made itself visible. This year the president of the society was Mr. W. J. Beale, Bryntirion, Dolgelley, with Mr. Richard Rowlands, Henshop, Llanegryn, as vice. The treasurer was Mr. T. P. Jones Parry, North and South Wales Bank, Dolgelley the secretary, Mr. Thomas Ellis, Henblas, Bala; and the committee of management—Bala district—Messrs. E. G. Jones, Fronderw, chairman; J. Williams, Gwernhefin, vice- chairman E. Evans-Lloyd, Moelygarnedd W. Price Jones, Bodwenni; Henry Jones, Cefnprys D. Morgan, currier, Bala; T. Jones, Brynmelyn, secretary. Dol- gelley district—Messrs. J. Vaughan, Nannau, chair- man Wm. Griffith, Glyn, vice-chairman C. Edwards, Dolserau E. Griffiths, Springfield House Richard Jones, Ffriddbryncoch Allen Mair, Dolmelynllyn; John Ellis, Lawnt Cottage, secretary. Harlech dis- trict—Messrs. L. H. Thomas, Cae'rffynon, chairman S. Holland, M.P., Cae'rdeon, vice-chairman; W. R. Lawford, Glyn, Talsarnau W. M. Williams, Pentre- mawr; E. J. Williams, Mochras, Harlech; R. Jones, Gwerneinion, Llanbedr, E. M. Roberts, Cefntrevor, Talsarnau, secretary. Towyn district—Messrs. W. R. M. Wynne, Peniarth, chairman; D. E. Kirkby, Llan- fendigaid, vice-chairman Edward Watkins, Penllyn R. Rowlands, Henshop W. Parry, High-street, Towyn; H. Pughe, Cae'rbellan, Abergynolwyn; Dr. Foulkes Jones, Towyn, secretary. The judges of home made produce and honey were—Mrs. Owen Slaney Wynne, Plasnewydd, Ruabon: Mrs. Williams, Maesy- rheddydd, Bala; Mrs. Williams, Fronbeuno, Bala. The general managers in the yard were—Messrs. John Vaughan, Nannau O. S. Wynne, Plasnewydd Chas. Edwards, Dolserau; C. E. J. Owen, Hengwrt ucha John Williams, Gwernhefin; W. B. C. Jones, Myn- yddednyfed; W. R. Lawford, Glyn; J. R. Davies, Corsygedol; and the veterinary referee, Mr, Tom Roberts, Oswestry. Among those present in the show-yard were—Mr. S. Holland, M.P., and Mrs. Holland, Caerdeon Mr. W. J. Beale, president; Mr. S. Pope, Q.C. the Hon. and Rev. W. E. Bridgeman Mr. R. Gillart, Machynlleth Captain Price, C'yfronydd Mr. W. R. Williams, Bryn- cemlyn; Mr. Owen Slaney Wynne, Ruabon Mr. L. H. Thomas, Talsarnau; Dr. Lloyd Williams, Dr. John Jones; Dr. Edward Jones Dr. J. Ff. Jones, Towyn the Rev. Canon Lewis, the Rev. Osborne Williams the Rev. John Hughes; Mr. T. H. Williams, Llwyn Colonel Pryse, Peithyll; Mr. H. C. Fryer; Mr. G. G. Williams, Wallog Mr. J. Hughes Jones, Aberdovey Mr. Phelps, Newlands, Machynlleth; Mr. Shaw, Oswestry; Mr. John Williams, Gwernhefin, Bala Mr. F. Parmeter, Bala; Mr. II. J. Reveley, Dolgelley Mr. Charles Edwards, Dolgelley; Mr. John Vaughan, Nannau; Mr. E. Breese, Portmadoc; Mr. W. Griffith', Glyn, Dolgelley Mr. T. H. Clough, Corwen; Mr. W. Phillips, GlanmachJas, Towyn; Mr. W. B. C. Jones, Criccieth; Mr. George Lewis, Oswestry; Mr. R. J. Finlay, Abergwinnant; Mr. Homfray, Portmadoc Mr. T. Jones, Brynmelyn Mr. W. P. Jones, Bodweni; Mr. \v R M. Wynne, Peniarth; Mr. F. G. Jones, Giltal- garth; Mr. E. J. Jones, Fronderw; Mr. W. R. Law- ford, Glyn, Talsarnau; Mr. W. Parry, Towyn; Mr. R. G. Price, Towyn Mr. Thomas Roberts, Bryny- berth; Dr. Owen Richards, Bala; Dr. Lloyd, Bar- mouth Mr. J. R. Davies, Barmouth; Mr. W. Pughe, Llanbrynmair; and others. Eleven horses entered for the jumping competition, the result being :— Mis. Harold Lees, Pickhiil, Wrexham brown horse, Bravo," aged j Mr. William Dodsworth, Audlem,' Naiitwicii' s'ivy' marc' "Snowdrop," 6 yrs 2 Mr. J. Maddox, Owlbarn, Cliurchstoke, Salop, bay-mare, "Fencer," 9 yrs 3 Thlr. YV. K. tfrwick, West Mid. Rep. Ludlow, brown horse rieavy Idea,"aged. 4 The following was the award of the prizes :— ROOT CROPS. To the occupier of any farm who shall grow the best four acres of swedes or other turnips (the mimatrement of his whole turnip crop, soil, and situation, to be considered), second, £2 10s:-1, Hug-h Evans, Peuyvvorn, Pontfathew, Towyn 2, Morris Jones, Frongoeh, Bala; h c Godfrey Parry' Llnusaiitft'rai'l, Corwen; Robert Williams, Maesygadfa Bali- John Hughes, Hendre-bryn-cyffo, Corwen c, David Jones: Ddolfawr, Llatuiwehllyn To the occupier of any farm of the annual rent of £50 and under £100 who shall grow the be;t two acres of swedes or other turnips, £3; second £1 lOs-I, Ellis Jones, Tirllanorch, Corwen 2, Edward Jones, Dudley Arms, Llandrillo h c, Thomas Jones, Branas Lod e, Llmdrillo. To the occupier of any farm of the annua! rent of £25 and under £50, who shall grow the best one acre of swedes or other Geo. Rowlands, Llan- uwchllyn; 2. Edward Morris, Pantsaer, JJmuwehllyn. To the occupier of any farm of less annual rent than £25, who shall grow the best one acre of swedes or other turnips, £2; second, If)s-No entries. For the best crop of mangold wurzel, not less than one acre, £2-1, Lord Harlech, Giyn, Talsarnau; 2, Lewis Lewis, Pont- fathew; h c, Hugh Evans, Penywern, Pontfathew, Towyn. EXTRA PRIZES. By Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart, M.P., Wynnstay. To the yearly tenant on Glanllyn estate, being a member of the Society, of an annual rent of £50 and under £200, who shall have his farm in the best and neatest state of cultivation, £5-1, Wm. Hughes, Goat Inn, Llanuwchllyn. To the yearly tenant on Glanllyn estate, being a member of the Society, of less annual rent than £,0, who shall have his farm in the best and neatest state of cultivation, £5-1, Cadwaladr Jones, Bryu, Llanuwchllyn. To the yearly tenant'on Glanllyn estate, being a member of the Society, who shall grow, to the satisfaction of the judges, the largest proportion of his ploughed land in root crops, ex- clusive of potatoes, not less than two acres, £5-1, John Wil- liams, Gwernheiiu, Bala. WELSH CATTLE. Bull under three years old—1, £5, Robert Jones, Ffynonwen Cerrigydruidion; 2, £2 10s. Evan Davies, Harp Inn, Corweu c, David Jones, Ddolfawr.TJanuwchllyn; Hugh Pughe, Cae'rl berllan, Abergynolwyn, Towyn. Bull under two years old—1, £5, Captain Best, Plas-yn- vivod, Llangollen 2, 10s., Henry Jones, Cefnprys, Llan- uwchllyn h c, Thomas Jones, Taiucha, Hafod Elwy. Cow in calf or milk—1, £3, and 2, jEl Ms. Captain Best, Plas- yn-vivod, LtangoHen. Heifer in calf or milk, under four years old-I, £2, Captain Best, Plas.yn-vivod, Llangollen; 2, £ L, no entry. Heiter, in calf or milk, under three years old—1, £ 2, Capt. Best, Plas-yn-vivod, Llangollen; 2, £1, Win. Griffith, Glyn. maiden, Dolgelly; he, R. Rowlands, Henshop, Llanegryn c E. M. Roberts, Cefntrefor isa, Talsarnau. Heiffjr under two years old—1, £ 2, Right TIon. Lord Harlech, Glyn, Talsarnau; Rowlands, Henshop, Llanegryn; h c, Right HOll. Lord Harlech, Glyn, Talsarnau; c, David Jones, Ddolfawr, Llanuwcbllyn. Two oxen above three years old—1, £ 2, Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P. Glanllyn, Bala. Two oxen, above two and under three years old—1, £2, John Williams, Gwernhefin, Bala; Williams, Pentre- mawr, Dyffryn. Two oxen under two yeare old-I, £2, Wm. Griffith, Glyn- malden, Dolgelley 2, .Et, no entry. CATTLE OF ANY OTHER BREED. Ball under three years old—1, £5, Miss Davies, Penlan, Corwen; 2, £2 10s., no entry. Bull under two years old—1, £4. Robert Davies, Druid, Corwen. 2, £2, Godfrey Parry, Llansantffraid. Cow in calf or milk-1, £3, Wm. Griffith, Glynmalden, Dolgelly 2. £1 10s., R. Rowlands, Henshop, Llanegryn he, John Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. Heifer in calf or milk under three years old—1, £ 2, Robert Davies, Druid, Corwen; 2, £ 1, L. H. Thomas, Cae'rffynnon, Talsarnau; he, Edward Jones, Dudley Arms, Llandrillo c, John Yaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. Heifer under two years old—1, £2, William Humphreys, Queen Corwen; 2, £2, Godfrey Parry, Llansantffraid. Two yearling bullocks—1, £2, and 2, £1, Robert Davis, Druid, Corwen. HORSES. Stallion for agricultural purposes, that has travelled and served not less than sixty mares, the property of members residing in the district of the society, £20, extra prize by Mr. H. Robertson, £5 extra prize by Mr. W. E. Oakeley, -M, (£30)-1 Evan Williams, Llandyrus, Four Crosses, Pwllheli h c Edward White, Cwrt, Llaudegla, Mold, Mare and foal for agricultural purposes, 1, £5, H. O. Jones, Ty'nycelyn, Corwen; 2, £2 10s., Hugh Evans, Penywern, Pontfathew, Towyn. Pair of horses for agricultural purposes—1, jEt, Hugh Evans, Penywern, Pontfathew, Towyn; 2, £2, John Vaughan, Nannau, Llangower. Gelding or filly for agricultural purposes, over three and under four years 01c1-£2, Evau Jones, Blue Lion, Dolgelley. Gelding or filly for agricultural purposes, over two and und under three years 0Id-1, £2, Godfrey Parry, Llansant- ffraid; 2, £ 1, W. H. C. Brodie, Garthiaen. Yearling colt or filly for agricultural purposes—1, JE3, George Edwards, Carrogafon, Corwen; 2, £1, Hugh Evans, Penywern, Pontfathew, Towyn. Cob over four years old, and under 15 hands—1, £ 2, H. Lloyd Williams, Fronheulog, Dolgelley; 2, Edward Jones, M.D., Cae'tffyuon, Dolgelley h c, Edward Griffith, Spring- held, Dolgelley; John Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. Cob under 15 hands, and under four years old—1, £2, John Hughes, Tyddyntudur, Llanfihangel; 2, £1, John Jones, Maesyfallen, Bala; c. R. Rowlands, Henshop, Llanegryn. Cob mare and foal, under 15 hands—1, £2, C. R. Williams, Dolmelynllyn, D lgelley; 2, £1, Robert Jones, Ffynonwen, Cerrigydruidion c, Edward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llangollen. Mountain pony under 13 hands-I, £2, John Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley; 2, £1, T. R. J. Parry, Llangollen fechan, Llangollen; h c, Griffith Evans, Cynfal, Towyn; c, John Hughes. Tyddyntudur, Llanfihangel. Mountain pony mare and foal, under twelve and half hands—1, £ 2, David Jones, Ddolfawr, Llanuwchllyn; 2, £ 1, Mountain pony mare and foal, under twelve and half hands—1, £2, David Jones, Ddolfawr, Llanuwchllyn; 2, £1, B. Gosling, Henfaes, Dolgelley. EXTRA STOCK. 1, C. R. Williams, D >lmelynllyn, Dolgelley. WELSH SHEEP. Mountain sheep, ram, over two and under five years old— 1 £ 2 Edward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llangollen 2, Darid Joues' Ddolfawr, Llanuwchllyn h c, Thomas Jones, Taiucha, Hafod' Elwy, Cerrigydruidion. Yearling ram—1, £ 2, and 2, £ 1, Edward Roberts, Fron- hyfryd, Llangollen; h.c, John Morris, Elorgareg, Cerrigy- drpen°of four ewes over three years old, which have reared lambs this season—1, £ 2, and 2, £ 1, Reas Davies, butcher, Dol'elley c, Edward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llangollen. Pen of four ewes uader three years old, which have reared lambs this season—1, £2, and 2, £1, Reas Davies, butcher, Dol'elley c, Edward Roberts, Fronbyfryd, langollen. Pen of four ewes uader three years old, which have reared lambs this season—1, £ i, Edward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llangollen; 2, Rees Davies, butcher, Dolgelley. Ram lamb-1, £1, Edward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llan- gollen 2, Edward Jones, Dolgua ueha, Dolgelley. SHEEP OF ANY OTHER BREED. Kam, a<*e to be considered—1, £ 2, Edward Roberts, Fron- hyfryd, Llangollen; 2, £ 1, John Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. 1'en of three ewes which have reared lambs this season—1, £2, Edward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llangollen; 2, .El, John Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. Ram lamb—1, JE1, Kdward Roberts, Fronhyfryd, Llan- gollen; 2, John Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. PIGS. Bear of a large £2, Edward Breese, Morfa Lode, Portmadoc; 2, £1, Edward Edwards, Penygeulan, Llan- uwchllyn. Bonrof a small breed—1, £2, W. E. Oakeley, Plas Tany- bwlch 2, £1, J-ohn Miles, Upper Mills, Dolgelley. Sow of a large breed, in milk or pig—1, £ >, W. H. C. Brodie, Garthfaen, Llandrillo; 2, £1, Edward Breese, Morfa Lodge, Portmadoc h c, William Hughes, currier, Bala. Sow of a small breed, in milk or pig— £ 2, W. E. Oakeley, Plas, Tanybwlch; 2, Evans, Bull Hotel, Daht. POULTRY. Pen of cock and one hen (Dorking breed)—1, 153., John Ellis, Lawnt Cottngs, Dolgelley; 2, 7s. 6el., C. H. Williams, Dolmelynllyn, Dolgelley. Pen of cock and one hen (Brahmas)—1, 15s., Robert Roberts, Llanfor, Bala; 2, 7s. 6d., Mrs. Lloyd, Hengwrt, Dolgelley; h c, William Owen, Braichcoch Inn, Corris, and Robert Roberts, Llanfor, Bala. Cock and one heniCoohin China)—1,15s,, William Lewis, Braichcoch "Cottage, Corris; 2, 7s. 6d., William Owen, Braich- coch Inn, Corris; h c, William Lewis, Bi-aichcoeh Cottage, Corris. Cock and one hen (Spanish)—], I5s., and 2, 7s. 6à., William Lewis. Braichcoch Cottage, Corris; c (two entries), John Ellis, Lawnt Cottage, Dolgelley. Cock ar.d one hen (game of any colour)-I, 1703., Griffith Jones, smith, Dolgelley; 2, 7s. 6d., andh c, Matthew Geldart. Eliiwlas, Bala h c, Thomas Nicholas, Hill-street, Llangollen; c, Griffith Jones, Dolgelley. Drake and one duck (Aylesbury breed)-1, los., W. T. Phillips, Grammar School, Bala; 2, 7s. Gd., William Owen, Braichcoch Inn. Corris; h « and c (two entries), Robert Roberts, Llanfor, Bala. Drake and one duck (any other breed)—1, 15s., Miss Romer, Bryneemlyn, Dolgelley; 2, 7s. 6d., William Owen, Braichcoch Inn, Corris h c, C. R. Williams, Dolmelynllyn, Dolgelley c (two entries), Ellis Jones, Gas Works, Dol- gelley and William Evans, Hafodllan, Cerrigydruidion. Gander and one goose- J, loa., Edward Jones, Dudley Arms, Llandrillo; 2, 7s. Gd., William Evans, Hafodllan, Ce,rrigydruidion; h c, Owen Pugh, Pentrepiod, Llangower. Turkey cock and one hen-I. Henry Jones, Cefnprys, Llanuwchllyn; 2, 7s. 6d., David Jones, Dolfawr, LLtn- uwchllyn, BUTTER AND CHEESE. Tub or pot of butter, not less than 501bs. weight-I, D. R. Parry, Gwastadgoed, Aberangell; 2, H. C. Brodie, Garthiaen, Llandrillo. Six separate pounds of fresh butter—1, £1, George Row- lands, Hendre-Mawr, Llanuwchllyn; 2, 10s., David Jones, Dolfawr, Llanuwchllyn; D. R. Parry, Gwastadgoed, Aberangell; h c, John Owen, Rhiwgaeron, Llwynsrwril; c, Mrs. Robert Jones, Llindir, Dolgelley. Three cheese of not less than SOlbs. weight each-I, £1, David Jones, Dolriwr, Llanuwchllyn; 2, 105., John Owen, Rhiwgaeron, Llwyngwril. GRAIN. Bushel of Barley—1, £ i, Thomns Jones, Branas Lodge, j Jandrillo. Bushelof oats—1, £ 1, Edward Jones, Dudley Arms, Llan. drillo. EXTRA PRIZES. By Mr. Wiliam John Beale, Bryntirion, Dolsrelley, president. Best black bull in the yard-I, £10, Evan Davies, Harp Inn, Corwen. Best black cow in the yard—1, £5, Capt. Best, Llangollen. Roadster under 15 hands 2in., in sa idle or harncSi-1, Richard Gillart, Llynlloedd, Machynlleth. By Mrs. Beale, ditto. Cock and hen of any distinct breed—1, £110, Wm. Evans, Hafodllan; 2, 15s Lewis Williams, auctioneer, Dolgelley h c, VV. J. Beale, Bryntirion, Dolgelley; A. Harries, Peniarth, lowyn, c, Thos. Ellis, Henblas, Bala; Thos. Jones, Taiucha, Hafodelwy; Owen Pierce, Brynrhwd, Dolgelley. Gander and one goose—1, £1 His., Edwd. Jones, Dudley Arms. Llandrillo; 2, 15s., Wm. Evans, Hafodllan. Pen of drake and one duck of any dis tinct breed—1, £ 1 10s.. Miss Romer, BryncemlYll, 2, 15s., W. T. Phillips, Grammar School, Bala. By Lady Williams Wynn, Wynnstay. Workman's shirt, made in the county of Merloncth-l £1, Margaret Edmunds, Arran-road, Dolg-eiley; 2, JOs., Margaret Lewis, Llwyngwril 3, 7s., Elizabeth Owen, English Terrace, Dolgelley; Catherine Pugh. Pentrepiod, Llangower • v h c, Gwen Williams, Talybont, Dolgellev; li c, Catherine Pugh, Pentrepiod, Llangower; c, Margaret Gri.ffith,Rhydgoch, Talsarnau. By Mr. Samuel Holland, M.P., Cae'rdeon, Dolgelley. Pair of bullocks, over two years old, any breed and any colour—1, £5, Sir W. W. Wynn. Heifer in the yard under two years old—1, £3, William Humphreys, Corwen. By the Hon. Mrs. Oakeley, Tanybwlch. Specimen of tweed, manufactured in the county of Merioneth—1. £ 1, Ellis Hughes, Factory, Glyn, Tal-arnau c J. Humphreys, MaesmeiUion, Bala. Pair of knitted stockings (yarn any colour except white)—1 £1 (by the Hon. Mrs. Oakeley, Tanybwlch); Laura Jones' Llanuwchllyn; 2, liJs. (by Lady Williams Wyun), Jane Roberts, Ty'nybryn, Talsarnau; 3, 10s. (by ditto). Janei Lewis, Glascoed, Llanfachreth; 4, 5s. (by ditto), Elizabeth Roberts, Ty'ntwll, Llanuwchllyn; v h c, Edward Morris, Afoiifechan, LlLumwchUyn h c, Sarah Roderick, Glarriorgau- street, Brynmawr, South Wales; c, Catherine Jones, Park Row, Dolgelley. By Mrs. Vaughan, Nannau, Dolgelley. Efgatta shirt, blue and white—1, 10s., W. Davies, Bala, Cotton print, dairymaid's bedgown—1, 5s., Gwen Jones, Prysau. Llanuwchllyn c, June Lewis, Glascoed, Llanfach- reth, and Jane Owen, School-house, Llanfachreth. Butter spoon, with a leek for the impression—1, 5s no entry. By Mr. J. Leigh Taylor, The Cliffe, Dolgelley. Two Welsh oows, or two cows of any other breed, in calf or milk—1, Captain Best, Plas-yn-vivod, Llangollen. By Mr. Wm. Griffith, Glyn, Dolgelley. Best Welsh ram in the yard—1, £:3, Edward Roberts, Fron- hyfryd, Llangollen. By Mr. R. II. Wyatt, Garthyngharad, Dolgelley. Cottager's pig (rent of cottage under)—], £1 Ins. and 2, £1, Evan Edwards, Talybont, Dolgeiley; 3, 1003., Ellis lOwen, carrier, Doi-elley. Best specimen of honey, in the comb or otherwise, not loss than 5s., Jano Kdwards, Tydu, Llanuwchllyn; 2, 1013., Thomas Roberts, Clwt-y-person, Llanuwchllyn, By Mr. S. Pope, Q.C., Hafod-y-bryn, Llanbedr. Best-looking sheep dog -1, £2, Edward Jones, Park, Caersws, Mont.; Sarah Lady Harlech, Glanwilliamj Tanybwlch; c, John Jones, Giligreen, Bala; Robert Shiel, Farm, Llanbedr.