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DENBIGH. The Denbigh Office of the NORTH WALES GUARDIAN is now at Albert Terrace, Vale-street (nearly opposite the Station-road). All communications addressed either to The Reporter," or Mr. COTTOII bZI name will receive immediate attention. The paper is on sale at the shops of Messrs. J. DAVIES and W. A. NOTT, and at the Bookstall at the Station. POLICE COURT.-On Saturday morning John Parry, of Carnarvon, was brought up in custody of Sergeant Lewis charged with drunken and dis- orderly conduct on the previous evening; the Mayor, Alderman T. Gee, being on the bench. Defendant was fined 2s. (jd. and costs. DR. LYNN.—This well-known entertainer, who has caused eo much sensation by his wonderful legerdemain tricks at the Egyptian Hall, London, gave a performance to a crowded house at Denbigh on Friday evening. It was certainly the most wonderful, sensational, and at the same time amus- ing performances of the kind ever seen in Denbigh. cl DENBIGHSHIRE INFIRMARY.—Fortnight ending September 13th, 1879:— IN-PATIENTS. OUT-PATIENTS. Admitted 8 Admitted 46 Discharged 2 Discharged 22 Cured 2 Cured 19 Cured 2 Cured. 19 Relieved 0 Relieved 2 Dead 0 Dead 1 Irregularity 0 Irregularity 0 Made Out-patients 0 Made In-patients 0 Remain in the House 19 Admitted since Jan. 1.7S3 Remain in the House 19 Admitted since Jan. I 783 Casualties. 9 W. FRANCIS JONES, House Surgeon. LECTURES.—During the week Mr. A. Hagarty, a well-known lecturer on health and character, has given a series of lectures, with capital lime light effects, on phrenology, physiognomy, health, mag- netism and electricity, in the Assembly Room, to large audiences. Some of the lectures were free. The instruction given was most valuable, and this was blended with much amusement derived from the accurate way in which the lecturer described the characters and physical characteristics of several persons who submitted themselves to his examination. During the day Mr. Higarty at- tended the ante-room for private consultation as to character and health. BROOKHOUSE BRIDGE PHOTOGRAPHED.— Mr. W. G. Helsby, photographer, Vale-street, Denbigh, has been commissioned to photograph the present state of the' chasm" over the Ystrad river, and the temporary wooden bridge constructed by Messrs. Scott and Edwards. Mr. Helsby has produced a large and most successful view, which shows not only the proportions of the excellent tressle I bridge" over which the trains now run, but gives a very accurate description of the great damage clone by the flood both to the bridge and the railway. The river, which is now shallow and narrow, is well brought out, and in looking at the photo, wonder is excited that the stream could have risen to such an extent, and been strong enough to carry away so formidable a structure as the stone bridge is shown to have been. Those who have not seen tha chasm and temporary bridge will get a very accurate des- cription of it by inspecting the photo now on view at Mr. Helsby's. MR. T. J. WILLIAMS' WAREHOUSES.—Mr. T. J. Williams who is certainly one of the most enter- prising and successful tradesmen in North Wales has just added to his already large business premises I some extensive and convenient new warehouses. Whilst thus meeting the requirements of his grow- ing business he has also carried out what cannot but be regarded as a real public improvement. Some months ago he purchased some cottages in Broomhill Lane, which to put it mildly, were not of a very attractive exterior or habitable interior. These were demolished and upon the site to which was added some land surrounding them, has been erected a substantial and excellent looking build- ing. On the ground floor is a large carpet ware- house both roomy and convenient. Adjoining is being erected a smaller warehouse for lighter goods. Above the whole extent of these buildings are built a number of commodious bedrooms and sitting rooms. Each apartment is fitted with fire places, gas and water, whilst the most approved means have been adopted for ventilating the whole build- ing. This structure has been connected with Mr. Williams' High street establishment, by means of a passage built on an archway thrown across Broom- hill Lane. This structure has added to, instead of detracting from the appearance of the lane and the public will have the benefit of the lamp now being erected thereon. This neat light structure has suggested the idea of calling the buildings The Temple Bar Carpet Warehouse" by which name they will we believe be designated. The work which is rapidly approaching completion has been carried out in the most excellent manner and to the entire satisfaction of Mr. Williams, by the con- tractor Mr. Griffiths, builder, of Rhyl who has employed local workmen. We hope that trade will flourish and the new buildings soon be fully occupied. It would be well if the council made this lane a little more convenient for pedestrians. Something might be done to the dilapidated old steps half way up and as it is much used by visitors to the castle a little outlay in making it more presentable would be well spent. We may add that just above Mr. Williams' new warehouses Mr. W. Keepfer has built two excellent dwelling houses, which present a marked contrast to the tumble down old structures that previously existed there. Thus by degrees the dilapidated portions of the town are being rectified and the town itself gradually modernised. A MirNiGHT FIRE.-Abou midnight, on Friday, a fire was discovered in the building adjoining the bakehouse at the back of the premises belonging to Messrs. J. Roberts and Company, Star Shop, High- street. Mr. J. Roberts had glanced around the premises before retiring for the night, and to all appearance everything was safe. Soon after mid- night, he was awoke by the sound of timber crack- ing, and seeing a glare of light he sprang up and gave an alarm of fire. Having ascertained that the fire was in the building over the bakehouse oven, his first thoughts seem to have been about the necessity of alarming a respectable old woman who lives in a cottage adjoining the bakehouse. He succeeded in awaking her by breaking the bed- room window, but when she appeared at the window and saw the flames she was so overcome by fright that she threw herself on the bed again, apparently stupified. Mr. Roberts, fearing for her safety, broke open the door, and, finding her in the state described, he carried her out of the house, and she was kindly taken by Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, of the Temperance Hotel, and put to bed. The poor old lady's state and her regrets at being unable to save any of her property, were almost comical." Miss Roberts, having been aroused by her brother's cry of fire, with much presence of mind quickly made her way to the police station and to the Bull Hotel, the residence of the captain of the fire brigade, and gave an alarm of fire. The members of the brigade were present in the most prompt manner; attached the hose to the hydrant close at hand and quickly poured water upon the burning building, which, by this time was nearly destroyed; the beams, rafters, and doors being consumed. By the well- directed efforts of the brigade, aided by the towns- people who had assembled, the fire was got under and confined to the building in which it broke out, with the exception that a number of tools, used in the bakehouse, were burnt and rendered useless. Had the fire not been discovered thus, and assist- ance been promptly at hand, there must have been great destruction of property, as it is closely con- fined and the buildings are rather old and having a larger proportion of wood than modern structures. It is supposed that the heat of the oven must have set fire to the wood-work of the room over it. The building was insured in the Guardian Fire Office," and the fixtures in the "Lancashire Fire Office," so that, fortunately, the loss will not fall upon Mr. Roberts. The damage, we believe, is about X30. A letter from Messrs. Roberts, in reference to the fire, > appears in another column. VOLUNTEER PRIZE SHOOTING. The annual competition in firing exercise amongst the members of the corns took place on Saturday at the range at Pont Ystrad. The arrangements were excel- lently carried out by Sergeant-Instructor Masters, Captain R. Lloyd Williams giving that general super- vision conducive to the success of the event. FoR EFFICIENT MEMBERS.—beven rounds at 300 yards. Any position. Regulation target. Points. Private P.. Davies, El 1Cs 23 Quartermaster-Sergeant Hughes, £ 1 ^3 Lance-Corporal William Jones, £ i £ Private Owen Evans, 17s. Corporal Masters Private E. Hughes, 12s. 6d. •• Colour-Sergeant hilwards,_10s 19 Lance-Corporal R. Price, 7s. 6d 19 Private T. Davies, bs 19 Private John Davies, 5s. Lance-Corporal R. Roberts, 4s 13 Sergeant Helsby, 3s. It will be seen that several competitors made tne same score vet the prizes vary in amount, according to the mode in which the score was made up. COMPETITION FOR RECRUIT*Seven rounds at 200 yards. Points. j Bobert Knowles, Hush Lewis, 10s Richard Jones, 7s. Thomas Hughes ia j8 1 .I 1 TRADESMEN'S PRIZES were also competed, ior oy tne efficient members of the corps. The prizes were articles J of value given most generously by the tradespeople of the town, such as groceries, wines and spirits, articles of wearing apparel, and fancy goods of various kinds. We are requested to acknowledge gifts from the- following tradespeople:—Messrs. W. Keepfer A. and T. Ash- ford W. Edwards, chemist; R. A. Davies, draper; Henry Joyce, watchmaker J. H. Jones, chemist; W. A. Nott; E. Jones, stationer Parry and Williams, drapers; Hughes, chemist; W. Green; Gittins, watch- maker J. Roberts, grocer W. Evans, Back-row; Wm. Simon; Mrs. Williams, Golden Lion; D. P. Jones, watchmaker; M. Bird; Mrs. Roberts, Cross Keys; Messrs. T. Pritchard, Butchers' Arms; T. Jones, Eagles Edwards, Chirk Castle W. G. Helsby Isaac Williams Littler and Williams D. Griffith Pierce and Horton J. Jones, Market Vaults Robert Davies, Vaults; J. Armor Lloyd, Druidlnn Davies, saddler; Moses Parry, King's Arms; Owen, grocer; Price Jones, grocer Mrs. Simner; Messrs. Edward Angel; John Lloyd, Bull Hotel; Peter Williams, gardener; John Edgar; Hughes, ironmonger; Davies, Love-lane; Langford, tailor; Lloyd, saddler; Mrs. Fox, High-street; Mrs. Minshull, Crown Hotel; H. Hughes, draper T. Howard T. Pierce Hughes D. Jones and Son; Jones and Wynne; Wm. Hughes, King's Mills; E. T. Jones; B. Holgate; D. Hughes, shoemaker; D. Hamer; Mrs. D. P. Williams; J. Williams, grocer; Mrs. Jones, Farmers' Inn W. T. Andrews, Star Vaults; Jones, Harp Inn Williams, I Leopard; T. Chapman; W. Williams, Hawke and Buckle; O. J. Williams, draper &c. The distribution of prizes for manual and firing exer- cise, and for the bayonet competition, will take place in the County Hall on October 4th.