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hn Jiuttioii. LEr. Lloyd. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. EArn DAY, THURSDAY, OCT. 2ND, 1879. MR, LLOYD'S next AUCTION will take place on Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 1879, the present entries will include :— A prime lot of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. Several magnificent Dairy Cows and Heifers, Calved and to Calve (this auction is noticed to be one of the leading sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of year). A lot of choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. A magnificent selection of Fat and Rearing Calves, Heifers, and Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbourhood of Cheshire. A prime lot of Shropshire and Welsh Wethers, also Store Sheep. A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and Store Pigs. C Sale at 10.30 prompt. ORDER OF SALE Store Cattle, Fat Cattle, Calves, Pigs and Sheep. HORSE SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock. j All entries taken up to morning of Sale. Offices, Plassey, Wrexham. The regular supporters include Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P., Wynnstay; Sir R. Palmer, Bart., Sir R. A. Cunliffe, Bart., T. Ll. Fitz-Hugh, Esq., E. Peel, Esq., Brynypys; S.York, Esq., S. P. Hope, Esq., H. Lees, Esq., Pickhill Hall A. Peel, Esq., Gerwyn Captain Ornirod, Penylan; Captain Godfrey, T. Be'akbane, Esq., A. Balfour, Esq., Mount Alyn; F. E. Cotton. Esq., W. Meredith, Esq., Captain Best, E. Swetenham, Èsq., W. H. Jones, Esq., R. Blezard, Esq., Ll. Griffith, Esq., T. Clayton, Esq., Major-Roper, H. Wlialley, Esq., Plasmadoc; E. Tench, Esq., Ed. Evans, Esq., Bronwylfa Captain Owen, Peter Walker, Esq., J. Clarke, Esq.. H. Dennis, Esq. Rev. David Howell, George Plant, Esq., J. R. Bennion, Esq., E. Moss, Esq. B. S. Roberts, Esq., W. Thompson, Esq., H. K. Aspinall, Esq., Henry Humphreys, Esq., E. Handles, Esq., Rev. James Dixon, J. Kenrick, Esq., Wynn Hall R. J. Sisson, Esq., Captain Ford, F. Page, Esq., National Provincial Bank; T. H. Jones, Esq., North .and South Wales Bank Hughes, Esq., J. Bury, Esq., Hillbury T. Williams, Esq., J. Bierne, Esq., Mrs. Johnson, Esless; The Misses Lewis, The Misses Hayes, Miss Jones, Barn Hill; Mrs. Campbell, Miss Acton, Rhyd, Broughton New British Iron Company. Broughton Coal Company, lluabon Coal Company, Wrexham Union; Messrs. Thomas R. Parry, T. Roberts, Berse; J. Griffiths, Stansty; S. Peate. J. Griffiths, Roden's Hall G. G. Griffiths, Old Hall; J. Lee, R. Salmon, T. Evison, J. R. Birch, M. Edmunds, F. Richards, H. Morris, J. Sandbach, Job Lea, J. Lea. C. Burroughs, W. Mackenzie, S. T. Reeves, T. Wainwright, R. Harrison, E. Humphreys, T. Meredith, J. Davies, R. J. Roberts, T. Fearnall, J. Edward, Carthagena J. B. Murless, S. Dale, A. Sutton, T. Bnssey, R. Owens, J. Roberts, T. Forrester, Cooke, J. Lee, H. C. Murless, C. Parsonage, Bevan, T. Jackson, Hafodywern, J. Jackson, Eardley, W. Billington, Darlington, J. D. Beard, R. Morris, Caldicott, Lloyd, Pengwyn Hall, J. Weaver, Manley Hall, Jackson, Bradley Mill, Brown, S. Parker, Churton, R. Fearnall, The Lea, D.Jones, Vownog, W. Lee, Lower Hall, Chidlow, Cloy, H, Price, J. M. Shaw, W. Snape, Lovatt, P. Bithell, J. Mc Levi, J. Morris, Viccars, Bangor, Woollam, Farndon, S. Griffiths, Lewis, Llwynonn, C. Owens, Pearson, F. Jones, Millbrook, J. Hughes, F. Minshall, Pier- point, Price, Almeer, J. Holt, Dongray Hall, J. Morris, T. Parker, Davies, Griffiths, Plas- fobowen, — Roberts, Croesvoel, T. Morris, W. Wright, 'uleston Mill, S. Lewis, R. Taylor, and J. Boote, Park Eyton, M. Owens, Wrexham, Payne, Wynnstay, David Jones, Ruabon &c., &c. 50 GUINEAS IN SILVER CUPS. MR. LLOYD'S PRIZE LIST FOR NEXT CHRISTMAS SHOW. In addition to the TRADESMEN'S CUPS. Open to regular supporters during the year only as Eollowf\ 24 GUINEAS in three Prizes given to the sellers of the largest amount of Stock in the Smithfield, or at the Horse Sale, or Annual Stock Sales to be held at home only, up to Christmas Show, viz. :— First Prize (Open). 12 Guineas Second Prize (Smithfield). 8 Guineas Third Prize. 4 Guineas SILVER CUP, value 10 Guineas, will be given to the owner of the best six beasts in the Smithfield. SILVER CUP, value 5 Guineas, for the best ten Welsh Wethers. TENANT FARMERS' CUP, value 10 guineas, for the best collection of Stock, Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs-not less than four of each. Only regular supporters allowed to compete. 933 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2ND, 1879, (FAIR DAY). NORTH WALES AND CHESHIRE HORSE AND CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, BEAST MARKET, WREXHAM, (Noted for the Sale of Grand Cobs, Cart Horses, &c.) MR. LLOYD has again the pleasure of announcing that his next SALE OF HORSES, Carriages, Traps, &c., will take place in his Repository, situate as aforesaid, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, when he will offer for Sale the following Horses, &c.— 10 Cart Horses. 15 Cobs, Hacks, Ponies, and Colts. Several Carriages, Traps, Sliandrys, Harness, Gears, &c. Also, the property of Mr. John Evans, The Hollies, March wi el: A First Class Turn-out, consisting of a stylish iron grey Cob, rising four years old, 14 hands high, steady, and a fast mover. Whitechapel, with cushions com- plete (new). Set of silver mounted Harness (equal to new). Mr. Strachan, Crispin, Wrexham Bay Horse, rising four years old, by Zekil Home- spun," by Brownbread," just broken to harness. Dark Chesnut Horse, rising three years old, by Gamekeeper." Bay Horse, rising two years old, by "Gamekeeper." Dark Chesnut Filly (Sucker), by Gamekeeper." N.B.—The above Colts are out of a noted half- bred Mare, with plenty of bone, and would make good hunters or carriage horses. Mr. Robert Thomas, Wrexham Bay Cob, rising three years old, 15 hands high, steady to ride or drive. Mr. Williams, Rhos: Black Cart Horse, rising four years old, 16 hands high, and a capital worker. Mr. Walker, Bryn, Penyllan: Stylish Brown Cob, rising four years old, with good action, good looking, and steady to ride or drive. Further entries respectfully solicited. Sale at Two o'clock prompt. 1186 15TH STORE SHEEP SALE AT THE NORTH WALES, CHESHIRE, AND SHROPSHIRE SHEEP MART. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2ND, 1879. MR. LLOYD has again the pleasure to an- nounce his Third Store Sheep Sale of this Season, which will comprise :— 25 Magnificent Shropshire Rams. 200 Superb Shearling and stock ewes. Also several Leicesters, Being drafts from the well-known flocks of Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P., Sir R. Palmer, Cefn Park S. P. Hope, Esq., Marchwiel Hall; Captain Ormrod, Peny- lan B. S. Roberts, Esq., Burton Hall; Mr. Hughes, Fennant; Mr. Meredith, Borras; Mr. Roberts, Borras Mr. Williams, Mr. Milligan, Mr. Edwards, Carthagena; Mr. Lloyd, the auctioneer, and others. Sale at 12.30. Further entries solicited. 1187 Sales bn I u cf i or IT. Messrs. Baugh, Jones, and Co. SMITHFIELD, WREXHAM MESSRS. BAUGH, JONES AND CO., will hold their next SALE OF STOCK in the above Smithfield, ON THURSDAY, OCT. 2, 1879. Stock already entered, viz :— A lot of prime fat Beasts. A lot of useful Dairy Cows. Several fresh Barrens, Calving Heifers, and Short-horned Bulls. A nice lot of fat Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Pius. '=' Sale at Ten o'clock. Settlements at close of Sale. MODA Y, SEPTEMBER 22ND, 1879. Sale of FAT STOCK at THE ROSSETT AUCTION MART. 1%/TESSRS BAUGH, JONES, & CO. beg to ITJL thank their patrons and friends for their liberal support, and wish to remind them of their next Monthly Sale of FAT AND STORE STOCK, Which will take place ON MONDAY, THE 22ND DAY OF SEPT., 1879, At their Auction Mart, Golden Lion Inn, Rossett, when the following stock will be offered:- 21 Fat Bullocks, Heifers, and Bulls, Several Calving Heifers 60 Prime Shropshire Down and other Sheep 30 Fat Lambs Fat Calves Pork and Bacon Pigs 20 ditto 4 year old Welsh Wethers. The property of A. Balfour, Esq., F. Potts, Esq., J. Boydell, Esq., General Townshend, E. Swetenham, Esq., C. Topham, Esq., B. S. Roberts, Esq., E. Moss, Esq., Mr. J. Edwards, Mr. Woolrich, Mr. Davies, Mr. Woolrich, Mr. Pritchard, Mrs. Woolrich, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bayne, Messrs. Baguley, Mr. Dudleston, Mr. John Lee, Mr. T. Thomas, Sir. Thomas Lewis, Mr. Gilman, Mr. Zachary, Mr. Edward Woolrich, Mr. William Lewis, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Roberts, and others. Early Entries Respectfully Solicited. Sale at TWO o'clock prompt. 1157 Mr. J. J. Steward. CHESTER OCTOBER FAIR. THE GROSVENOR PADDOCK HORSE SALES. MR. J. J. STEWARD will hold his next Monthly Auction Sale of Horses, Carriages, and Saddlery, On FRIDAY, OCTOBER IOTII, 1879. Commencing at Eleven o'clock. The Auctioneer will be obliged if gentlemen having horses for disposal will enter them at least a week prior to the Sale in order that they may be duly advertised. Offices-Grosvenor Chambers, Chester and Runcorn. 1152 Mr. F. Thompson. TO PRINTERS, STATIONERS, AND OTHERS. Be Alfred Driffield, under Bill of Sale. "A TR. F. THOMPSON, of Manchester, is in- J-TJL structed to Sell by Auction, ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22sD, 1879, At 11, Bridge-street, and 6, North Penralt, Carnarvon, North Wales, commencing at 11 o'clock, PRINTING MACHINES, PAPER, TYPE, &c., consisting of Double Demy Machine, by Harrild and Sons, with new Patent Flyers, Foolscap Folio Platten Machine, nearly new upwards of 100 founts of Metal and Wood Types, from Nonpareil to Thirty Line, Paper Cutting Machine, Double Royal Iron Imposing Surface, Cases, Case Frames and Racks, Wood and Metal Furniture, Leads, Wrought and Cast Chases, Brass and Wood Rules, Printing Inks, &c. 240 Reams of Printing and Writing Papers, Envelopes, Stationery, Fixtures, &c. Also, by order of the Trustee, the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE and EFFECTS at 4 o'clock. Catalogues may be had at the Castle Hotel, Carnarvon, and from the Auctioneer. Further particulars on ap- plication to the AUCTIONEER, 1, St. Ann's Place, Man- chester. 1182 Messrs. Davies and Armor. Important Sale of 9 strong and powerful Cart Horses and Colts, 11 head of Horned Cattle, Pigs, 38 Acres of Growing Crops, Stack of Prime Meadow Hay, Implements of Husbandry, and other Effects, at TAL-Y-BRYN, Situate one mile from the Village of Llannefydd, and four miles from, the Town of Denbigh. IVrESSRS. DAVIES & ARMOR have received ITJL instructions from Mr. Ed. Roberts to Sell by Auction, on the above premises, On TUESDAY, the 23rd of SEPTEMBER, 1879, the whole of the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, AND GROWING CROPS, briefly comprising 9 strong and powerful cart horses and colts, 11 head of horned cattle, 3 store pigs, 1 breed- ing sow, implements of husbandry, and 38 acres of growing crops, in the following lots :— LOT WHEAT. A. R. P. 1 Cae Popty 5 0 0 2 Part of Cae Port Faen 200 3 Ditto ditto 4 0 0 BARLEY. 4 Weirglodd 6 2 0 5 Cae G-las 4 0 0 OATS. 6 Gronin Hall 6 0 0 7 CaeDomen. 3 2 0 8 Cae Bydir LTcha 3 0 0 9 Waen For 5 0 0 10 One Stack of Prime Meadaw HAY. N.D.-Hay and Straw to be carried off. Three Months' Credit will be given for all sums of 25, and upwards, on approved security. Lunch at 11. Sale at 12 o'clock. Royal Oak, Denbigh, September 9th, 1879. 1174 tgal anD U-oike. RESIGNATION OF THE TOWN CLERK OF WREXHAM. AT a MEETING of the Past and Present Mayors and Members of the Town Council, held at the Guildhall, on September 3rd inst., the Mayor in the chair, it was unanimously resolved "That a Testi- monial be presented to John James, Esq., Town Clerk, and that such Testimonial take the form of an Oil Painting." All present intimated their intention of subscribing. Subscriptions will be received by the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, DR. EYTON-JONES, Grosvenor Lodge, Wrexham, who will acknowledge their receipt in the local papers. Subscriptions promised to September 16th, 1879. Isaac Shone, Esq., Mayor 3 3 0 Osborne Morgan, Esq., M.P. 3 3 0 Alderman Owen, Esq., Ex-Mayor 3 3 0 J. Allington Hughes, Esq. 3 3 0 T. Painter, Esq., T.P. 3 3 0 The Hon. George Kenyon 2 2 0 Edward Evans, Esq., J.P., Bronwylfa 2 2 0 Alderman Beale. 2 2 0 Councillor J. O. Bury. 2 2 0 Mr. Phillips, tea merchant, Town Hill .2 2 0 Dr. Eyton-Jones 2 2 0 The Rev. George Cunliffe 200 The Rev. David Howell 110 Thomas Rowland, Esq., J.P. I10 Councillor Edisbury 110 Councillor Williams 1 1 0 Alderman Lloyd 110 Mr. Alfred Owen 1 1 0 Edward Jones, Esq., Coed Trpf Meifod 1 1 0 Councillor Bradley 110 Ll. Williams, Esq., M.B. 110 Evan Morris, Esq 110 Mr. Thomas E. Jackson 110 Mr. Goodier. 1 1 0 Mr. Fred E. Roe, Nortl 4 Wales Guardian 1 1 0 Mr. Roberts, Bryn ED a Ruabon 1 1 0 Mr. E. T. Fitch '0' 0 10 6 1149 stgal mtfr JiuWk JEofias. WILt ROSINA or BLANCHE EUGEINE communicate at once to J. L. W., as last ad- dress. 1173 DENBIGHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the J-l General Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Denbigh, will be held at the County Hall, in WREXHAM, on THURSDAY, the 16th day of OCTOBER, 1879, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, and will be continued at the same place on the follow- ing day at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. The business relating to the Acts made and passed regarding the police, and the business relating to the assessment, application, or management of the County Stock or Rate, will commence on Thursday aforesaid, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, at which hour all bills and demands against the County are to be laid before the Court. The Grand and Petty Jurors, and all persons bound. by recognizance to prosecute and give evidence, or to surrender in discharge of their bail, are to appear at the County Hall aforesaid, on Friday, the 17th day of October, 1879, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. Increase of Police Force. And Notice is Hereby Given (on the requisition of five Justices acting for the County of Denbigh, under the authority of the Act of Parliament passed in the Sessions held in the 2nd and 3rd Victoria, chapter 93), that at the said General Quarter Sessions of the Peace it will be proposed to increase the Police Force of the said County by the appointment of One additional Police Constable, to be stationed in the Denbigh District, subject to the consent of one of her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State. JOSEPH PEERS, Clerk of the Peace. Ruthin, 15th September, 1879. Instructions for indictments should be sent to my office (if practicable) four days at least before the Sessions. N.B.—The County Treasurer will pay the claims against the County, at the County Hall, in Denbigh, on Wednesday, the 22nd day of October next, at Ten o'clock a.m. 1166 FIRE AT STAR SHOP, DENBIGH. TO THE EDITOR OF THE GUARDIAN. IR,-As owners and occupiers of the above premises, allow us, through the medium of your journal, to tender our sincere and hearty thanks to our neighbours and fellow townspeople who so kindly rendered valuable aid at the fire which occurred during the night of the 12th instant. We also desire to record our appreciation of the ex- cellent services rendered by the Officers and Members of the Fire Brigade, whose prompt attendance and energetic efforts stayed the progress of the fire, thereby entitling them to our warmest thanks. We are, sir, yours truly ELLIS ROBERTS, Segrwyd Farm. 1178 JOHN ROBERTS, 52, High-street. T'VO CONCERTS Will be given in the NATIONAL SCHOOLROOM, GWERSYLLT, On THURSDA Y, SEPT. 25th, At 2.30 and 7.30 p. in., In aid of the fund for enlarging Cross-street School and Mission Room. Tickets (price 2s. 6d. and Is. each) and programmes may be procured from Mr. POTTER, Bookseller, Wrex- ham at the Post Offices, Gwersyllt and Gresford and (on the day of the Concerts) at the School House, Gwersyllt. Several Vocal and Instrumental Amateurs have kindly promised their assistance. Doors open at 2 and 7 p.m. Carriages may be ordered for 4.30 and 9.30 a.m. „ 1137 CORN EXCHANGE, WREXHAM. MR. EDWIN HARRISS' GRAND CONCERTS, Twelfth Season, 1879. UNDER THE IMMEDIATE PATRONAGE OF His Grace flie Duke of Westminster, K.G. The Duchess of Westminster. The Mayor of Wrexham. The Mayoress. Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., M.P. Lady Williams Wynn. Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart. Lady Cunliffe. The Hon. George T. Kenyon. Mrs. Kenyon. Osborne Morgan, Esq., Q.C., M.P. Mrs. Morgan. Major Cornwallis West (Lord Lieutenant). Mrs. Cornwallis West. T. L. FitzHugh, Esq. Mrs. T. L. FitzHugh. Major Mainwaring, 1st A.B.D.R.V. Colonel Elgee and the Officers of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. &c., &c., &c. (For Complete List of Patrons see Programme.) MR. HARRISS' G It A N D CON'CERT NEXT FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th, 1879. ARTISTES MADAME EDITH WYNN. MR. W. H. CUMMINGS, MR. LEWIS THOMAS. MR. JOHN THOMAS, Harpist to the Queen. MR. C. A. STEPHENSON, Violinist. MISS BESSIE WAUGH AND MR. EDWIN HARRISS, Grand Pianoforte. Admission Numbered Reserved Stalls, 5s.; Family Ticket (to admit five), Rl ls. Chairs, 2s. 6d, Balcony, Is. Gd. Unreserved Seats, Is. Doors open at 7.30; Concert at 8 o'clock. Carriages at 10.40. Plan of Seats at Mr. J. F. Edisbury's, where Tickets may be obtained; also of Mr. G. O. Scotcher, Mr. Bayley, Mr. Rogers, and Mr. Garratt-Jones. N.B.—Cloak-rooms will be provided. Special Tram Cars will run before and after the ooncert. 1096 ASSEMBLY ROOMS, LLANGOLLEN. Mr. HARRISS begs to announce that he will give a GRAND CONCERT Under the patronage of General Yorke, Captain Best, Theodore Martin, Esq., C.B., NEXT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, 1879. ARTISTES MADAME EDITH WYNNE. MR. W. H. CUMMINGS. MR. LEWIS THOMAS. MR. JOHN THOMAS, Harpist to the Queen. MR. C. A. STEPHENSON, Violinist. MISS BESSIE WAUGH AND MR. EDWIN HARRISS, Grand Pianoforte. Admission Numbered Reserved Stalls, 5s.; Family Ticket (to admit five), £ 1 Is. Chairs, 3s.; Second Seats, 2s. Unreserved Seats, Is. Doors open at 7.30; Concert at 8 o'clock. Carriages at 10.40. Plan of Seats at Mr. M. Thomas, Bookseller, where Tickets may be obtained. A special train will leave Llangollen for Corwen and intermediate stations after the concert, at 10.50. 1155 public íJtins. PENYCAE CHURCH. A BAZAAR will be held at Wynnstay, by the kind permission of Sir Watkin and Lady \Y illiams Wynn, early in OCTOBER NEXT, towards liquidating the debt on the Church. A list of Patrons and Patronesses with further par- ticulars will appear in our next. 936 PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM, The Committee of the Wrexham Temperance Society have pleasure in announcing that arrangements have been made for IR. J. B. GOUGH (Who sails for America early in October) TO DELIVER A FAREWELL ORATION In the above Hall, ON MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. 22ND, 1879. Chair to be taken at 7.30 p.m. by GEO. OSBORNE MORGAN, ESQ., Q.C., M.P. PRICES OF ADMISSION :—Reserved Chairs (numbered), 2s. 6d. Unreserved Chairs, Is. 6d.; Balcony, Is. Back Seats (area), 6d. Tickets to be obtained of Mr. William Thomas, Out- fitter, 42, Hope Street, Wrexham, where a plan of the Hall may be seen and places secured; Mr. Geo. Garside, Plaskynaston Coal Company, Ruabon; Mrs. Jones, Cocoa-rooms, Rhos; Mr. James Price, Post Office, Summerhill; and Mr. Jas. Hughes, Pentre, Broughton. A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave the Wrexham station at 9.50. p.m. (after the lecture) for Ruabon, Acrefair, Trevor, Llangollen, Glyndyfrdwv and Corwen. Tickets for the return journey will be issued at the several stations. A Special Train will also run from Buckley to Wrexham, for which tickets will be issued at cheap market fares, to return by the late train. Depart from Buckley at 5.20, calling at all stations, and arriving at Wrexham at G o'clock. The return t train will leave Wrexham at 10 o'clock (after the lecture). 1146 TOWN HALL, DENBIGH. MADAME AUGUSTA MANNING Ha.s the honor to announce that she will give TWO CONCERTS (Morning and Evening), at the above Hall, ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH, 1S79, For the benefit of the Denbighshire Infirmary. Lady Patronesses. Mrs. Cornwallis West I Mrs. Townshend Mainwaring Mrs. Lloyd Wynne Mrs. Smart. Mrs. Rowley Conwy Mrs. Mostyn. Mrs. Parry Jones. Mrs. Lloyd Williams. Mrs. H. R. Hughes. I Mrs. Burton. Mrs. Mann. Mrs. Cayley. Mrs. Chambres. Miss Heaton. ARTISTES. MADAME AUGUSTA MANNING, MISS VERE, MR. D'ARCY FERRIS, SIGNOR LODIL. Tickets for Morning Concert—Reserved Seats, 5s each; Unreserved ditto, 2s. 6d. Family Tickets, to admit five, One Guinea. Concert to commence at 3.30. Carriages may be ordered at 5.30. Tickets for Evening Concert—Reserved Seats, 3s. First ditto, 2s. Second ditto, Is. Conceit to com- mence at Eight. Carriages may be ordered at Ten. Doors will be opened half an hour before each performance. Tickets may be obtained of Mr. MORRIS, Postmaster; Mr. NOTT, Vale-street; Mr. HARRISON JONES, High- street; Messrs. ASHFORD, High-street; and at the Door. 1175 NEW ZEALAND. 1VTE. JOSEPH KENNERLEY, who lias just _lTl_ returned from the Colony, will be prepared, during his stay in England, to give INFORMATION TO INTENDING COLONISTS. MR. KENNERLEY having been a Practical Farmer in L Wales, and having visited the principal farming districts in New Zealand, is in a position to give useful information as to the prospects of those thinking of FARMING IN NEW ZEALAND. And also as to the mode of proceeding to that Colony. Address—24, KINMEL-STREET, RHYL. 1111 (feursioirs. GREAT WESTERN AND WESTERN OF FRANCE RAILWAYS. LAST EXCURSION OF THE SEASON TO FRANCE VIA WEYMOUTH. ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH, Passengers will be booked at Cheap Fares to CHERBOURG AND PARIS and Back, from Liver- pool (Landing Stage) at 8.10 a.m., Birkenhead 8.25, j Chester 9.5, Wrexham 9.30, Oswestry 9.45, and Shrews- bury 10.35 a.m., to return within 16 days. Passengers can break their return journey at any station between Paris and Cherbourg. See special bills. J. GRIERSON, 1172 General Manager. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. BIRMINGHAM ONION FAIR. ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, an Excursion Train for BIRMINGHAM, will leave Liverpool (Landing Stage) at 6.40 a.m., Birkenhead 7.0, Chester 7.50, Wrexham 8.20, Ruabon 8.30, Oswestry 8.20, Gobowen 8.50, Rednal 9.0, and Baschurch 9.20 a.m., returning same evening. Tickets and bills can be obtained at the stations. 1170 LAST OF THE SEASON. O' N MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, Excur- aion Trains will run as under :—To Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Bridgwater, Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth, Truro, Falmouth, Penz- ance, and other stations, leaving Chester at 9.5, Wrex- ham 9.31, Oswestry 9.45, and Shrewsbury 10.30 a.m., to return October 6th. To Wolverhampton, Bilston, Wed- nesbury, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Droitwich, Worcester, Malvern, Evesham, Warwick, Leamington, Banbury, Oxford, Reading, London, with exceptions, leaving Chester at 9.15, Wrexha^i 9.40, Bala 6.15, Corwen 6.45, Lla.ngollen 8.45, Ruabon 9.55, Oswestry 9.45, Gobowen 9.55, and Shrewsbury 10.50 a.m., return- ing October 3rd. Tickets and bills can be obtained at the stations. J. GRIERSON, 1171 General Manager. TO CONSUMPTIVES. WOULD you like to know how to stop the cough and cause easy expectoration, thereby relieving the lungs so that they can heal ? Would you like to know how to expel the fever and stop the night sweats Would you like to know how to strenghen the system up to a standard of good health by a few life- giving herbal remedies? If so, send for my 32 page Treatise on Herbal Remedies for Lung Complaints.' Sent to all applicants free of charge prepaid by mail..— Address, PROF. O. P. BRQWS, 2, King-street, Covent Garden, London. 536 Insurances. ^LLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £3,000,000. (Of which £ 550,000 is paid up). FIRE RESERVE FUND UPWARDS OF £ 500,000. CHIEF OFFICES BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON. Chairman SIR MOSES MONTEFIORE, BART., F.R.S. Secretary ROBERT LEWIS, ESQ. WELSH BRANCH. HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. Chairman THOMAS BARNES, ESQ. Fire Insurances of every description transacted on moderate terms. For Prospectuses and other infor- mation apply at the above office, or to any of the agents of the Company. E. LLEWELYN LLOYD, Secretary Wrexham. 565 ACCIDENTS OCCUR DAILY!! ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS Provided against by a Policy of the pt. AILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY. The Oldest and Largest Accidental Assuranc-e Company, The Right Hon. LORD KINNAIRD, Chairman. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, £ 1,000,000. ANNUAL INCOME, £ 214,000. A fixed sum in case of Death by Accident, and a Weekly Allowance in the event of injury, may be secured at moderate Premiums. Bonus allowed to Insurers of fin years' standing. £ 1,350,000 has been paid as compensation. Apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, the Local Agents, or C,4, CORXHILL, LONDON. WILLIAM J, VIAN, Secretary. AGENTS: Agents for Wrexham—MR. W. JAMES, Wheatsheaf Railway Station. MR. J. B. SHIRLEY, 91 National Provincial Bank of Englaiid. Jftancn. ——————————— ———————— "TIT ONEY WITHOUT SURETIES.—Before's ±VL applying elsewhere for a Loan, send for a pros- pectus of the NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, LIMITED, 3, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, which will show where responsible Borrowers can im- mediately obtain money upon their own security, at a much lower interest than charged by Local Societies or Deposit Banks. No sureties, law costs, or unnecessary expenses required, and the strictest secrecy can be safely relied upon. Apply personally, or state amount required, and when. DAVID TURNER, Manager. N.B.—Distance no object. The money advanced by the above Bank during the past few years TWO MILLIONS, and no good application is ever refused. Established 1867. 1073 MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY! IMMEDIATE Cash Advances made, from £ 0 upwards, 011 Furniture, Trade and Farm Stocks, without removal or publicity,-Apply to W. L. JONES AND CO., Eldon Chambers, 1085 Dolgelley. MONEY MONEY MONEY 52, TOWER BUILDINGS, WATER-STREET, LIVERPOOL. | K. S. HART, SOLE PROPRIETOR. TO ALL IN WANT OF MONEY.—Time and unnecessary7 expense can be saved by applying, either personally or by letter, to the above address, where cash advances are made from £10 to 21,000 (with- out sureties) on the shortest possible notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Repayable by easy instalments to suit borrowers. Can be made either personally or remitted by post-office orders, or in postage stamps, thereby affording every facility to parties whose time is an object to them. Please to note the address as above. N.B.—No con- nectioH with any )tlier office. 108 CHESTER & NORTH WALES PERMANENT INVESTMENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY, PATRONS: The Right Hon, John George Dodson, M.P. Henry Cecil Raikes, Esq., M.P. TRUSTEES: George Arthur Dickson, Esq. Bryan Johnson, Esq. Thomas Quellyn Roberts, Etq. Alfred Osten Walker, Esq. PRESIDENT Mr. John E. Edwards. VICE PRESIDENT Mr. T. Williamson Jones. THIS Society receives deposits at per cent, per annum. Interest paid half yearly on 25th March, and 29th September. Shares, £ 25 each, can be taken up at any time; and any amount from 2s. 6d. per share per month may be paid thereon. For further rarticuars apply to JAMES WAKEFIELD, Secretary. 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. 898 IMPORTANT TO ALL IN TRADE. Established 1886. CTUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES, 40, GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. West End Branch 53, CONDUIT STREET, REGENT STREET, W. # # Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, may avoid making bad debts, and may, through this agency, recover debts due with promptitude. Stubbs' Weekly Gazette supplies information indis- pensable to traders. Branches at Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Belfast, Cork, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Portsmouth, South- ampton, Sheffield, Gloucester, and Bradford. Terms— £ 1 Is., k2 2s., JE3 3:3., P-5 5s., according to requirements. Prospectus forwarded on application to the Secretary, Stubbs' Mercantile Offices, 42, Gresham Street, Lon- don, E.C. TRADE AUXILIARY COMPANY (LIMITED). CAUTION. There is n. office in London connected with Stubbs' Mercantile Offices, 42, Gresham-sreet, E.C. (situate at the corner of King-street, opposite Guildhall), except the West-end Branch at 53, Conduit-street, Rsgent- street, W. Uti1 vLXH-hcSnUit S (-C5 OHXE PHOSPHOR KEIX GEDANEE. ZOEDONE, a delicious sparkling tonic bever- age for daily use; containing the essential con- stituents of the BLOOD, the BRAIN, and NERVE TISSUE— NON-ALCOHOLIC. ZOEDONE, A PHOSPHATED IRON BEVERAGE, ^OEDONE, A PHOSPIIATED IRON BEVERAGE, JlJ invaluable to everyone engaged in professional, literary, scientific, commercial, athletic or other pursuits, involving the wear and tear of MENTAL OR PHYSICAL STRAIN. ZOEDONE, specially valuable to CONVALES- Z CENTS and INVALIDS. The healthy wil1 find it a grateful and comforting beverage. ZOEDONE, recommended by the faculty.- z Medical testimony post free. ZOEDONE, preferred by many to Champagne, Z at six to eight times the price. ZOEDONE mixes perfectly with Claret, other Z Wines, Beer and Porter. ZOEDONE, a beverage fcr WINTER, as well as for SUMMER use, and for any CLIMATE. ZOEDONE, par excellence, a beverage for Z BALLS, PIC-NICS, EVENING PARTIES, BANQUETS, FETES, and other Festive occasions. ZOEDONE, an elegant, pleasant, and sustain- ing beverage for Rp.ilway Travellers, Tourists, and Emigrants. ZOEDONE, put up like Champagne, in Cham- Z pagne Bottles, and is fit for any table. ZOEDONE thus described by a medical con- z noiseur —" Everyone was struck with the variety and attractiveness of the liquids at the Dinner at the "Langham." By universal consent the palm was awarded to "ZOEDOXE," a sparkling, delicious, exhilarating drink, containing Phosphates and Iron." ZOEDONE, spoken of by leading journals in corresponding high terras, and assigned it the highest place at the MEDICAL BANQUET. PKICE—ir.duditv7 buttles and lnckages-FREE ON RAILS AT WREXHAM :— 6s. Cd. per dozen, in half Champagne Bottles, usually sent in six dozen cases. 12s. per dozen in large Champagne Bottles, usually sent in three dozen cases. Cd. EXTRA PER D02. specially prepared for shipment, and packed in casks, TESTIMONIALS. From William Carter, M.B., B.Sc., L.L B., London, M.R.C.S., London, Physican to the Royal Southern Hos- pital Liverpool, Lecturer on Materia Mediea, Liverpool Royal Infirmary School of Medicine. June 9th, 1879. I have- great pleasure in expressing the high opinion which I have formed of the value of Zoedone as a tonic beverage and medicine. It seems to me to meet a decided want, as by its means we are enabled to prescribe phosphates of iro lime, &c., not merely in a very assimilable, but as well in a most palatable and refreshing form. I have prescribed it largely, and from my observation of its effects believe it will be of groat use to the profession. U From Norman Kerr, M.D., F.L.S. 42, Grove Road, Regent's Park, Lor. don, loth May, 1879. Zoedone is a most agreeable, refreshing and elegant tonic. This pleasant sparkling beverage, while most acceptable at the social board, is an invaluable adjunct to medicine. From William M. Dobie, M.D., Edinburgh, Honorary Physician to the Chester InHmuiry. Chester, Ju-ie 14th. 1879. I have been much pleased with your effervescing drink termed "Zoedone." I have tried it and found it an extremely agreeable, refreshing, and invigorating bever- age. I have recommended i to many of my patients, who are unanimous in spesk'ng well of it. To Messrs Evans and Co. From the Rev. D. Hoicell, B.D., Vicir of Wrexham. Vicarage, Wrexham, North Wales, March 24th, 1879. Messrs R. Evans ai;d Co.—Your "Z >ed ;ne''is incom- parably the best non-alcoholic beverage I have ever tasted. It is used daily in my family. It is refreshing, stimulating, and strengthening. F t'Oiii Dr. Stephens, Senior Physician. Infirmary for Children, Liverpool. July Gth, 1879. I have recommended Zoedone to many of my patients, epecially ladies and children, where I considered a little wine necessary, with, I am happy to say, the most gratifying results. "I have carefully examined a sample of the New Aerated Mineral Water, manufactured by Messrs. Evans & Co., and to which they have given the name of Zoedone.' I find the statement made respecting its compoiiition to be fully borne out by the analysis* The Zoedone is a BRIGHT, SPARKLINO, and VERY PLEA- SANT beverage, quite free from any medicinal taste in- deed, it forms a most agreeable and elegant vehicle for the administration of the Phosphates of Lime and Iron which it contains, and which are in a state of complete solution."—ARTHUR IIJLL HASSALL, M.D., London, Author of Food, its adulterations, and the method of their detection." AGENTS EVERYWHERE. PATENTEE — D. JOHNSON, F.C.S. MANUFACTURERS R. E Y A X S & CO., WREXHAM, NORTH WALES. POTATOES' POTATOES:: 1 FAMILIES, Hotels, Public Institutions, and the Trade supplied. | SEND FOR PRICE LIST. I MATTHEW JONES, WHOLESALE POTATO MERCHANT, 1&3, GRANVILLE STREET, BIRMINGHAM. 696 LAN.L PLOUG R'S pYRETIC SALIfiE. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSES, AND USE NO OTHER. This alone is the True Antidote in FEVERS, ERUPTIVE AFFECTIONS, SEA OR BILIOUS SICKNESS. Having peculiar and exclusive merits. For the protection of the public against un authorised imitations, I have again appealed to the and obtained a perpetual injunction, with costs, against the defendant, a Chemist in Manchester. SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. Observe—The Genuine has my name and Trade Mark on a -coloured Wrapper. I 1:3, HOLBORN-HILL. LONDON. 945