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Sales hu Ruffian. '<> Messrs. Bangui, Jones, and Co. SMITHFIELD, WREXILDI Tl/F'ESSES. BAUGH, JONES AMD CO., will J-YJL ho'd their next SALE OF STOCK in the above 'Smithfield, ON THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 1879. Stock already entered, viz :— A lot of prime fat Beasts.. A. lot of useful Dairy Cows. Several fresh Barrens, Calving and Short-horned Bulls. A nice lot of fat Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Pies. J Sale at Ten o'clock. Settlements at close of Sale. _m_ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER ISTH, 1S79. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. ANNUAL SALE OF STQCK EWES t- RAMS. MESSRS. BAUGH, JONES, & CO. beg to 1t remind their supporters that they intend holding their Sale of Stock Ewes and Rams on THURSDAY (Fair Day), 18th SEPTEMBER, 1879. Stock already entered :— • 10 Grand Shropshire-down Ram Lambs, 2 ditto Shearling Rams, 10 Lincoln Ram Lambs, the property of T. Beakbane, Esq., Llay Place. 5 Border Leicester Ram Lambs, belonging to A. Balfour, Esq., Mount Alyn. 1 Two-shear Shropshire-down Ram (purchased at Mrs. Beech's Ram sale), the property of General Townshend, Trevalyn. 15 i,oLiiig Slirol)sh;re-d(Tii-ii Stock Ewes, 15 Yearling Ewes, 10 Ewe Lambs, and 5 Ram Lambs, belong- ing to Mr. R. J. Roberts, Borras Lodge. 12 choicce Shropshire-down Ewe Lambs, and (i Ram Lambs, the property of Mr. J. Edwards, Cartha- gena Farm. 20 Shropshire-down Ewes, belonging to Mr. J. Francis, Nerquis. 14 yoi mg Shropshire-down Ewes, the property of Mr. J. Lee, Llay Hall. 5 young Border Leicester Ewes, and 2 Ram Lambs, the property of Mr. J. K. Birch, Marchwiel. 5 Shopshire-down Ram Lambs, and 1 Shearling Ram, belonging to Mr. Burroughs, Sontly. 15 Shropshire-down Rams and Ewe Lambs, bred bv Mr. T. D. McLcvi. 30 Shropsliire-down Stock Ewes and nll!lS, the pro- perty of a gentleman. Further Entries respectfully solicited. r Offices Temple Chambers, Wrexham. 1095 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22NI>, 1879. Sale of FAT STOCK at THE ROSSETT AUCTION MART. MESSRS BAUGH, JONES, & co., BE^ to thank their patrons and friends for their liberal support, and wish to remind them of their next Monthly Sale of FAT AND STORE STOCK, Which will take place ON MONDAY, 'l'HE'22m DAY OP SEPT., 1879, At their Auction Mart, Golden Lion Inn, Rossett, when the following stock will be offered :— Fat Bullocks, Heifers, and Bulls, Several Calving Heifers Prime Shropshire Down and other Sheep Fat Lambs Fat Calves Pork and Bacon Pigs The property of A. Balfour, Esq., F. Potts, Esq., J. Boy dell, Esq., General Townshend, E. Swetenham, JEsq., C. Topham, Esq., B. S. Roberts, Esq., E. Moss, Esq., Mr. J. Edwards, Mr. Woolrich, Mr. Davies, Mr. W ooirich, ?>i r. Pritchard, Mrs. Woolrich, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bayne, Messrs. Baguley, Mr. Dudleston, Mr. John Lee, Mr. T. Thomas, Mr. Thomas Lewis, Mr. Gilman, Mr. Zachary, Mr. Edward Woolrich, Mr. William Lewis, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Hoberh:, and others. Early Entries Respectfully Solicited. Sale at TWO o'clock prompt. 1157 Mr. Lloyd. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, SEPT. 18 TH, 1879. MR. LLOYD'S next AUCTION will take place on Thursday, Sept. 18th, 1879, the present entries will include:- A prime lot of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. Several magnificent Dairy Cows and Heifers, Calved and to Calve (this auction is noticed to be one of the leading sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of year). A lot of choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. A magnificent selection of Fat and Rearing Calves, Heifers, and Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbourhood of Cheshire. A prime lot of Shropshire and Welsh Wethers, also Store Sheep. A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and Store Pigs. Sale at 10.30 prompt. ORDER OF SALE :—Store Cattle, Fat Cattle, Calves, Pigs and Sheep. SORSE SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock All entries taken up to morning of Sale. Offices, Plassey, Wrexham. 50 GUINEAS IN SILVER CUPS. MR. LLOYD'S PRIZE LIST FOR NEXT CHRISTMAS SIIQW. In addition to the TRADESMEN'S CUPS. Open to regular supporters during the year only as .follows :— l 24 GUINEAS in three Prizes given to the sellers of L the largest amount of Stock in the Smithfield, or at the Horse Sale, or Annual Stock Sales to be held at home only, up to Christmas Show, viz. :— First Prize (Open). 12 Guineas Second Prize (Smithfield). 8 Guineas Third Prize. 4 Guineas -SILVER CUP, value 10 Guineas, will be given to the owner of the best six beasts in the Smithfield. SILVER, CUP, value 5 Guineas, for the best ten Welsh Wethers. TENANT FARMERS' CUP, value 10 guineas, for the best collection of Stock, Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs-not less than four of each. Only regular supporters allowed to compete. 933 15TH STORE SHEEP SALE AT THE KCRTH WALES, CHESHIRE, AND SHROPSHIRE SHEEP MART. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD, THURSDAY, Sl PTEMBER 18TH, 1879. MR. LLOYD has again the pleasure to an- nounce his Second Store Sheep Sale of this Season, which will compi ise: 25 Magnificent Shropshire Rams. 200 Superb Shearling and Stock Ewes. Also several Leicesters, Being drafts from the well-known flocks of Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., M.P., Sir R. Palmer, Cefn Park; S. P. Hope, Esq., Marchwiel Hall; Captnin Ormrod, Peny- lanl B. S. Roberts, Esq., Burton Hall Mr. Hughes, Fennant; Mr. Meredith, Borras Mr. Roberts, Borras; Mr. Williams, Mr. Milligan, Mr. Edwards, Carthagena; Mr. Lloyd, the auctioneer, and others. The fallowing 3 Shearling Rams to be let for the season, The property of Mr. Lloyd, the Auctioneer. Purchased at Mr. Evans's Sale at Utfington on Wednesday last:— Lot 31.—"Royal Knight," sire "Royal Taunton," dam by "Grand Duke." t Lot 35. Recorder," sire "Royal Taunton," dam by "Grand Duke." Lot 39.—"Royal Favourite," sire" Royal Taunton," dam by "Union Jack." Reference to sire "Royal Taunton," bred by the Right Hon. Lord Chesham, and used by him for two seasons. Winner of two first prizes at the Royal, once at Taunton, and again at Liverpool, the only times shown, and sire of several of the first prize ewes at Bristol. Also 3 of the 37 Guineas Ewes, sold to Mr. Lade at Lord Chesham's great sale at Stafford, last year lie was purchased by Mr. Evans after winning, at Liverpool, when a three-shear, for 170 guineas. Sale and Letting at 12.30. Further entries solicited. I 1147 I Sales Lir Sluctim 2Ytr. J. J. Steward. CHESTER OCTOBER FAIR. NEXT MONTHLY HORSE SALE, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 1879. MR. J. J. STEWARD will hold his next Sale of HORSES and CARRIAGES at the Pad- docks, Chester, on the above day. Gentlemen having Horses for this Sale are requested to enter them as early as convenient. Entry forms can be had from the Auctioneer, at his offices, Grosvenor Chambers, Chester, and 44, High-street, Runcorn. 1152 ftfitbwrs. WREXHAM UNION. TO PAINTERS AND OTHERS. THE GUARDIANS of the above Union invite TENDERS from Painters and others for painting the whole of the outside wood and ironwork of the Workhouse, Vagrant Wards, and Workhouse Farm Buildings. The specifications for the work required to be done can be seen, and all other information obtained, on application to Mr. Luke Ralph, workhouse master. Scaled tenders endorsed "Tenders for painting, &c. to be sent to me before 10 o'clock a.m., on Thursday next, the 18th inst. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.—By order, J. OSWELL BURY, 9, Temple Row, Wrexham, Clerk. 12th September, 1879. 1160 W R E N H A M UNION. T E N I> E R S. UIE Guardians of the above Union are pre- JL pared to receive TENDERS from Grocers, Butchers, Buttermen, Millers, Coal Merchants, Drapers, Tailors, Hosiers, Shoemakers, Ironmongers, Earthen- ware Dealers, and Undertakers, for the supply of articles in their respective branches, for the half-year ending Lady Day, 1880. Tenders-are also required for six t -ns of Wheat Straw in batten. Forms of tender, containing all information, may be had, and samples seen, on application to Mr. RALPH, Workhouse, Wrexham. Tenders to be delivered at the Workhouse on or before WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, 1S79. The tenders will be opened by the Board at Ten o'clock a.m., on Tliursciil-, the 25th instant. The lowest tenders will not necessarily be accepted. By Order, J. OSWELL BURY, 9, Temple Row, Wrexham, „ Clerk. 11th, September, 1879. 1156 fettrstons. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. EXCURSION TRAINS will run as under SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th (Last of the Season), to Southampton and Portsmouth, allowing 8, 10, or 15 days, and to Weymouth, allowing 17 days, leav- ing Chester at 9.15; Wrexham, 0.45: Oswestry, 9.45; and Shrewsbury, 10.55 a.m. Passengers to Weymouth can proceed thence to Guernsey or Jersey and Cherbourg at single fares for double journey. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th, to Shrewsbury, Wellington, Wolverhampton, BiLton, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Worcester, Droitwich, Malvern, Evesham, Warwick, Leamington, Banbury, Oxford, Reading, and London (with exceptions), leav- ing Chester at 9.15; Wrexham at 9.40; Bala, 0.15; Corwen, 0.45; Llangollen, 8.45; Ruabon, 9.55; Oswestrj', 9.45; Gobowen, 9.55 and Shrewsbury, 10.50 a.m. returning September 10th. Passengers will be booked by this train from Chester and Shrewsbury to Paris, to return within 16 days. SAME DAY, to Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol, Bridgwater, Taunton, Exeter, Torquay, Ply- mouth, Truro, Falmouth, Penzance, and other stations, leaving Chester at 9.5; Wrexham, 9.31; Oswestry, 9.45 and Shrewsbury, 10.30 a.m. returning Septem- ber 22nd. Tickets and bills can be obtained at the stations. J. GRIERSON, 1140 General Manager. COLLEGE EDUCATION FOR FORTY POUNDS A YEAR, Board, Lodging, and College Fees included, Outdoor Students Ten Pounds per annum, at the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES. President :-THE HIGHT HON. LORD ABERDARE. Principal :-REV. T. C. EDWARDS, M.A., Oxon. and London. Session 1879-80 begins 7th October next. For Prospectus apply to the Registrar at the College, Aberystwith, or to the Hun. Sees., 7, Queen Victoria- street, London. 1087 HOWELL'S FEMALE ORPHAN SCHOOLS, DENBIGH. ON TUESDAY, THE 7TH OCTOBER NEXT, the Local Governors will entertain applications for the admission of Day Scholars, the terms being, Entrance Fee, 10s., and a Quarterly payment of R2 in advance. Forms of application for the above vacancies can be had from J. P. LEWIS, Denbigh, Clerk to the Local Governors, and all applications must be sent to him on or before Saturday, the 27th instant. Former applications should be renewed by letter to the Clerk on or before the last mentioned date. No applications should be made to the Local Governors individually. NOTE.—There is a Qualification test for the admission of Children, regulated according to age, which can be had from the Clerk. The School Examiner is to test all elected Candidates and report to the Local Governors. Denbigh, Sept. 2nd, 1879. 1142 LAMPETER. ST. DAVID'S COLLEGE, LAMPETER. MICHAELMAS TERM will begin on WED- NESDAY, OCTOBER 1st, and Examination for Matriculation will take place on that day. The Examination for Scholarships and Exhibitions will begin on Friday, September 26th, 1879. The following are vacant:—One S40 (Senior); one £ 25; one *Eldon Welsh 4:25 three t24 (Phillips), for natives of Principality only two £ 20; one E20 *Martha More (Theological) one £16 (Simonburn) one kl4 *Burton (Classical); one i;12 Waunivor, with pre- ference to founder's kin, and the parishes of Llanwenog and Llandyssil; one £ 10 -x'Eldon Hebrew one £ 10 Dery three 4:10 entrance Exhibitions, limited to natives of the Welsh Dioceses, with special exami- nation. Also Exhibitions of £ 5 each in following subjects :— Hebrew (2), Classics, Mathematics, Welsh, Modern Languages, Natural Science. For those marked an examination in Paley's Evidence is requisite. Application for admission, and leave to compete, to be made by letter to the Principal, on or before Saturday, September 20th. Candidates for the Sclwlarships should mention the subjects they offer. 1127 Just Out, Post Free, 15 Stamps. THE HORSE AND CATTLE OWNER'S GUIDE. Explains their best management in health. Gives clear instructions how to cure them when diseased. Enables any one to be his own animal doctor. Cows with Foot and Mouth Distemper can be cured in three days with little loss of condition or milk. Sent by THOS. BSSLEV, Publisher, Cadishead, War- rington. 978 1£rgal anh JHtMic gfoficts. PENYCAE CHURCH. A BAZAAR will be held at Wynnstay, by the kind permission of Sir Watkin and Lady Williams Wynn, early in OCTOBER NEXT, towards liquidating the debt on the Church. A list of Patrons and Patronesses with further par- ticulars will shortly appear. 936 RESIGNATION OF THE TOWN CLERK OF WREXHAM. AT a MEETING of the Past and Present Mayors and Members of the Town Council, held at the Guildhall, on September 3rd inst., the Mayor in the chair, it was unanimously resolved "That a Testi- monial be presented to John James, Esq., Town Clerk, and that such Testimonial take the form of an Oil Painting." All present intimated their intention of subscribing. Subscriptions will be received by the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, DR. EYTON-JONES, Grosvenor Lodge, Wrexham, who ill acknowledge their receipt in the local papers. 1149 PARLIAMENTARY BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. MUNICIPAL BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that Alfred J_ Coxon, Esquire, the Barrister at Law appointed to revise the Lists of Voters within the Parliamentary Borough of Denbigh and the several boroughs sharing in the election of a Member of Parliament for the said borough of Denbigh, and also to revise the burgess lists for the several municipal boroughs of Denbigh, Ruthin, and Wrexham, will hold a court for such revision FOR THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM, At the Town Hall, Wrexham, on THURSDAY, the 2nd day of OCTOBER next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. And all Overseers, Relieving Officers, and other per- sons having to produce their lists, rate-books, relief books, and other documents, are hereby required to attend. JNO. JAMES, Town Clerk for the Municipal Borough of Wrexham. Wrexham, August 14th, 1879. 1101 PARLIAMENTARY BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. MUNICIPAL BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that Alfred j Coxon, Esquire, the Barrister at Law appointed to revise the Lists of Voters within the Parliamentary Borough of Denbigh and the several boroughs sharing in the election of a Member of Parliament for the said borough of Denbigh, and also to revise the burgess lists for the several municipal boroughs of Denbigh, Ruthin, and Wrexham, will hold a court for such revi- sion FOR THE BOROUGH OF DENBIGH, At the Town Hall, in Denbigh, on WEDNSDAY, the 8th day of OCTOBER next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. And all Overseers, Relieving Officers, and other persons having to produce their lists, rate-books, relief books, and other documents, are hereby required to attend. J. PARRY JONES, JuN., Town Clerk for the Borough of Denbigh. Denbigh, 12th August, 1879. 1075 PARLIAMENTARY BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that Alfred JL Coxon, Esquire, the Barrister-at-Law appointed to revise the Lists of Voters within the Parliamentary Borough of Denbigh, and the several boroughs sharing in the election of a member of Parliament for the said Borough of Denbigh, will hold a court for such revision, FOR THE BOROUGH OF HOLT, At the Town Hall, in Holt, on FRIDAY, 17th day of OCTOBER next, at 11 o'clock a.m. And all Overseers, Relieving Officers, and other Persons having to produce their lists, rate books, relief books, and other documents, are hereby required to attend. J. PARRY JONES, JR., Town Clerk for the Borough of Denbigh. Denbigh, 12th August, 1879. 1076 THE DENBIGH AND PENTREVOELAS I TuRNPIKE. TRUST. IN compliance with Section 19 of the Act passed in the 34th and 35th years of the reign of her present Majesty Queen Victoria, chap. 115, the Trustees or Commissioners of The Denbigh and Pen- trevoelas Turnpike Trust" (which will expire on the 1st day of November next) do hereby publish this notice, and request that all Claims in respect of any principal monies or interest secured upon the revenues of The Denbigh and Pentrevoelas Trust or road may be sent in in writing to the undersigned, Messrs. Parry Jones and Son, of Denbigh, in the County of Denbigh, Solicitors, the Clerks to the said Trustees, on or before THURSDAY, the 30th day of OCTOBER next. And Notice is Hereby Given that after the said 30th day of October next no claim will be received for any such principal monies or interest, and so much of the mortgage debt of the said Trust as consists of principal monies or interest for which no claim is sent in, in accordance with this notice, will be extinguished. Dated this 1st day of September, 1879. PARRY JONES & SON, Solicitors, Denbigh, Clerks to the Denbigh and Pentrevoelas 1128 Turnpike Trustees. T INr 0 CONCERTS Will be given in the NATIONAL SCHOOLROOM, GWERSYLLT, On THURSDAY, SEPT. 25th, At 2.30and 7.30 p.m., x In aid of the fund for enlarging Cross-street School and Mission Room. Tickets (price 2s. 6d. and Is. each) and programmes may be procured from Mr. POTTER, Bookseller, Wrex- ham at the Post Offices, Gwersyllt and Gresford and (on the day of the Concerts) at the School House, Gwersyllt. Several Vocal and Instrumental Amateurs have kindly promised their assistance. Doors open at 2 and 7 p.m. Carriages may be ordered for 4.30 and 9.30 a.m. 1137 SOUTHPORT GRAND FETE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, On the occasion of Laying the Foundation Stone of New Markets and Cutting First Sod of the Promenade Extension by LORD DERBY, Supported by LORD SKELMERSDALE, The Right Hon. R. A. CROSS, M.P., Home Secretary, The MAYORS of Lancashire and Yorkshire Boroughs. PROCESSION OF SOCIETIES. GRAND MILITARY AND VOCAL CONCERTS. Magnificent Display of FIREWORKS AND ILLUMINATIONS. BALLOON ASCENTS. GRAND CURLING MATCHES For Silver Challenge Shield, Value 50 Guineas. SWIMMING GALA. 1134 UuMic ^Tofrtcs. CORN EXCHANGE, WREXHAM. MR. EDWIN HARRISS' GRAND CONCERTS, Twelfth Season, 1S79. UNDER THE IMMEDIATE PATRONAGE OF His Grace the Duke of Westminster, K.G. The Duchess of Westminster. The Mayor of Wrexham. The Mayoress. Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., M.P. Lady Williams Wynn. Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart. Lady Cunliffe. The Hon. George T. Kenyon. Mrs. Kenyon. Osborne Morgan, Esq., Q.C., M.P. Mrs. Morgan. Major Cornwallis West (Lord Lieutenant). Mrs. Cornwallis West. T. L. FitzHugh, Esq. Mrs. T. L. FitzHugh. Major Mainwaring, 1st A.B.D.R.V. Colonel EIgee and the Officers of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. &c., &c., &c. (For Complete List of Patrons see Programme.) MR, HARRISS' GUAND CONCERT FRIDA Y, SEPTEMBER fGth, 1879. ARTISTES: MADAME EDITH WYNN. MR. W. H. CUMMINGS. MR. LEWIS THOMAS. MR. JOHN THOMAS, Harpist to the Queen. MR. C. A. STEPHENSON, Violinist. MISS BESSIE WAUGH AND MR. EDWIN HARRISS, Grand Pianoforte. Admission: Numbered Reserved Stalls, 58. Family Ticket (to admit five), A;'l Is. Chairs, 2s. Gd,; Balcony, Is. Cd. Unreserved Seats, Is. Doors open at 7.30; Concert at 8 o'clock. Carriages at 10.40. Plan of Seats at Mr. J. F. Edisbury's, where Tickets may be obtained also of Mr. G. O. Scotcher, Mr. Bayley, Mr. Rogers, and Mr. Garratt-J ones. N.B.—Cloalc-reohis loill be provided. 1096 ASSEMBLY ROOMS, LLANGOLLEN. Mr. HARRISS begs to announce that he will give a G RAIND CONCERT L'nder the patronage of General Yorke, Captain Best, Theodore Martin, Esq., C.B., On WEDNESDA Y, SEPTEMBER J'ih, IS79. ARTISTES M A DAME EDITH WYNNE. MR. W. H. CUMMINGS. MR. LEWIS THOMAS. MR. JOHN THOIIAS, Harpist to the Queen. MR. C. A. STEPHENSON, Violinist. MISS BESSIE WAUGH AND M R E D W I N H A R R I S S, Grand Pianoforte. Admission Numbered Reserved Stalls, 5s. Family Ticket (to admit five), £ 1 Is. Chairs, 3s.; Second Seats, 2s. Unreserved Seats, Is. Doors open at 7.30; Concert at 8 o'clock. Carriages at 10.40. Plan of Seats at Mr. M. Thomas, Bookseller, where Tickets may be obtained. j A train will leave Llangollen for Corwen and inter- mediate stations after the concert. 1155 PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM, The Committee of the Wrexham Temperance Society have pleasure in announcing that arrangements have been made for IR. J. B. GOUGH (Who sails for America early in October) TO DELIVER A FAREWELL ORATION In the above Hall, ON MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. 22ND, 1879. Chair to be taken at 7.30p.m. by GEO. OSBORNE MORGAN, ESQ., Q.C., M.P. PRICKS OF ADMISSION :—Reserved Chairs (numbered), 2s. 6d. Unreserved Chairs, Is. GJ. Balcony, Is. Back Seats (area), Gd. Tickets to be obtained of Mr. William Thomas, Out- fitter, 42, Hope Street, Wrexham, where a plan of the Hall may be seen and places secured; Mr. Geo. Garside, Plaskynaston Coal Company, Ruabon; Mrs. Jones, Cocoa-rooms, Rhos; Mr. James Price, Post Office, Summerhill; and Mr. Jas. Hughes, Pentre, Broughton. A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave the Wrexham station at 9.>0. p.m. (after the lecture) for Ruabon, Acrefair, Trevor, Llangollen, Glyndvfrdwy and Corwen. Tickets for the return journey will be issued at the several stations. 1146 MACCABE! PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. FOR ONE XIGHT ONLY, TUESDAY NEXT. SEPTEMBER t;t7i. FREDERICK MACCABE, MUSICAL TROUVERE, PIANIST, CHARACTER DELINEATOR, AND FOCAL ILLUSIONIST, In his improved, revised, renovated, and re-embellished Entertainment, known throughout the United Kingdom as "BEGONE DULL CARE!" a vocal, ventriloquial, musical, and sartorial melange, interspersed with songs, improvisations, and special character delineations of the most peculiar and extra- ordinary individuality ever presented by any single performer. The entertainment includes an entirely new and deeply-interesting mellow drama, entitled, "VANQUISHED VILLAINY," OR VIRTUE VICTORIOUS Tickets may be obtained of Mr. J. F. Edisbury, 3, High -street, Wrexham. Admission—First seats, 2s. a few reserved and num- bered, 2s. 6d. second seats, Is. third seats, 6d. Doors open at half-past seven, commence at eight. Carriages ordered at 9.45. JOHN F. SUTTON, Secretary and Business Mananer. 1153 I WREXHAM DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Incorporated under the Building Societies Acts, 1874. SHARES, £ 50 EACH. Entrance Fee, Is. per Share or part of a Share. THIS SOCIETY is now prepared to make JL Advances, repayable in a certain number of years on Mortgage. A Meeting is held on the first Monday in each month for receiving subscriptions and enrolment of members. For further particulars, apply to the Secretary, j J. B. SHIRLEY. I No. 13, Temple-row, Wrexham. 6 ) Insurant* i- igUN FIRE OFFICE, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1710. HENRY F. SHAW LEFEVRE, ESQ., Chairman and Treasurer. FRANCIS B. RELTON, ESQ., Secretary. Total Sum insured in 1878, £ 25S,772,&86. Claims paid during the last ten years, upwards of TWO MILLION STERLING. All information respecting Fire Insurances may be obtained from any of the undermentioned Agents of the Society :— Wrexham Mr John Lewi" Denbigh Mr John H. Jones Llangollen Messrs. MimhrJl and Parry-Jones Mold.Messrs Kelly and Keene Oswestry Mr Henry Crutchloe 8 J THE ECONOMIC ILIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, No. G, NEW BRIDGE STREET, BLACKFRIARS LONDON, E.G. (Established 1S:?3.) Sums Assured, with Bonus Additions £ 9,790,486 Security-Accumulated Fund £ 3,375,359 Annual Income £ 370,957 All the Advantages of Life Assurance at the Lowest Rates of Premium. Claims paid Three Calendar Months after proof of death. Thirty days' grace allowed for payment of Premiums. Reduced charges for Foreign Residence, or Naval or Military Service abroad. BONUS. Surplus Profit divided every Five Years. The Society being on the Mutual principle, the Assured share the whole of the profits. DIVISION OF PROFITS, 1879 Assets. Liabilities 2,049,995 Surplus for the Five Years £.,)G2,GG(; Next Di vision of Profits will be made in 1884. Policies effected in 1879 will participate in that Di- vision for the full five years, if in force on 31st Decem- ber, 1883. Prospectuses, Statement of Accounts, last Report, and full particulars may be obtained on application to- J. BURY, Wrexham. 722 T. GOLD EDWARDS, Denbigh. ytlmuiT. MONEY WITHOUT SURETIES.—Before l' apnlving elsewhere for a Loan, send for a pros- pectus of the NATIONAL MERCANTILE BANK, LIMITED, 3, Great Charles-street, Birmingham, which will show where responsible Borrowers can im- mediately obtain money upon their own security, at a much lower interest than charged by Local Societies or Deposit Banks. No sureties, law costs, or unnecessary expenses required, and the strictest secrecy can be safely relied upon. Apply personally, or state amount required, and when. DAVID TURNER, Manager. N.B.—Distance no object. The money advanced by the above Bank during the past few years TWO MILLIONS, and no good application is ever refused. Established 18(;7. 1073 MONEY ADVANCES made for short or long periods in TOWN or COUNTRY, from £ 10 to 000, to FARMERS and all responsible persons, on their own Furniture, Plant, Crops, Farming Imple- ments, and effects, as they stand upon their premises. NO SURETIES REQUIRED. All communications are received in strict confidence, DISTANCE NO OBJECT.—Apply to MANCHESTER AND LIVERPOOL ADVANCE AND DEPOSIT COMPANY, At their I Private Offices 35, BLACKFRIARS-STREET, MANCHESTER. WM. ANDERSON, MANAGER. X.B. The public are reminded that by applying to this office for advances they are in treaty with the actual lenders, and not with agents or persons who profess to obtain "cash accommodation," and who generally charge a high commission, besides compelling the borrower to find unreasonable security, all this being entirely avoided. 729 MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY! IMMEDIATE Cash Advances made, from £ 0 upwards, on Furniture, Trade and Farm Stocks, without removal or publicity,—Apply to W. L. JONES AND CO., Eldon Chambers, 1085 Dolgelley. MONEY MONEY MONEY 52, TOWER BUILDINGS, WATER-STREET, LIVERPOOL. 1\. S. HART, SOLE PROPRIETOR. TO ALL IN WANT OF MONEY.—Time and unnecessary expense can be saved by applying, either personally or by letter, to the above address, where cash advances are made from £ 10 to £ 1,000 (with- out sureties) on the shortest possible notice, and on the most reasonable terms. Repayable by easy instalments to suit borrowers. Can be made either personally or remitted by post-office orders, or in postage stamps, thereby affording every facility to parties whose time is an object to them. Please to note the address as above. N.B.—No con- nection with any )ther office. 108 CHESTER & NORTH WALES PERMANENT INVESTMENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. PATRONS: The Right Hon. John George Dodson, M.P. Henry Cecil Raikes, Esq., M.P. TRUSTEES George Arthur Dickson, Esq. Bryan Johnson, Esq. Thomas Quellvn Roberts, Esq. Alfred Osten Walker, Esq. PRESIDENT Mr. John E. Edwards, VICE PRESIDENT Mr. T. Williamson Jones. THIS Society receives deposits at 4! per cent. per annum. Interest paid half yearly on 25th March, and 29th September. Shares, £2;) each, can be taken up at any time; and any amount from 2s. Gd. per share per month may be paid thereon. For further particulars apply to JAMES WAKEFIELD, Secretary. 16, Corn Exchange Chambers, Chester. 898 TO CONSUMPTIVES. "TV^OULD you like to know how to stop the T cough and cause easy expectoration, thereby relieving the lungs so that they can h?al? Would you like to know how to expel the fevei and stop the night sweats ? Would you like to know how to strenghen the system up to a standard of -d health by a few life- -let giving herbal remedies ? It so, send for my 32 page Treatise (In" Herbal Remedies for Lung Complaints.' Sent to all applicants free of charge prepaid by mail.— Address. Por. 0. P. BROWN, 2, King-street, Coven) Garden, London. 536 tErabisnwn's bhn%s. OHNE PHOSPHOR KEIX GEDAXKE. ZOEDONE, a delicious sparkling tonic bever- age for daily use; containing the essential con- stituents of the BLOOD, the BRAIN, and NERVE TISSUE— NON-ALCOHOLIC. OEDONE, a PHOSPHATED IRON BEVERAGE, -J invaluable to everyone engaged in professional, literary, scientific, commerciaL athletic or other pursuits, involving the wear and tear of MENTAL OR PHYSICAL j STRAIN. ZOEDONE, specially valuable to CONVALES- CENTS and INVALIDS. The healthy wil1 find it a grateful and comforting beverage. ZOEDONE, recommended by the faculty.- Medical testimony post free. ZOEDONE, preferred by many to Champagne, Z at six to eight times the price. ZOEDONE mixes perfectly with Claret, other [ Z ines, Beer and Porter. I rf OEDONE. a beverage for WINTER, as well j z as for SUMMER use, and for any CLIMATE. ZOEDONE. i,nr excellence, a beverage for BALLS, PIC-N1CS, EVENING PARTIES, BAN01 ETS, FETES, and uther Festive occasions. ZOEDONE, an elegant, pleasant, and sustain- ZOEDONE, an elegant, pleasant, and sustain- ing beverage f<>r Railway Travellers. Tourists, and Emigrants. ZOEDONE, put up like, Champagne, in Cham- Z pagne Bottles, and is fit for any table. 0 ZOEDONE thus described by a medical con- noiseur Everyone -x.,s struck with the variety and attractiveness of the liquids at the Dinner at the Langham." By universal consent the palm was awarded to ZOEDONE," a sparkling, delicious, exhilarating drink, containing Phosphates and Iron." ZOEDONE, spoken of by leading journals in corresponding high terms,, and assigned it the highest at the MXDICAL BANQUET. PRICE—including lM-lcs and pa-l- incs—FREE ON RAILS AT WREXHA: :— Gs. Gd. per dozen, in half Champagne Bottles, usually sent in six dozen cases. 12s. per dozen in large Champagne Bottles, usually sent in three dozen cases. 6d. EXTRA PER DOZ. specially prepared for shipment, and packed in casks. T E S T I NI kl, N I A T From William Carter, M.S., 3.,Sc., L.L .8., London, M.R.C.S., London, Physican to the Royal Southern Hos- pital Liverpool, Lecturer on Materia Med-lm,*Liverpool Royal Infirmary School oj lIfcdirinc. June 9th, 1879. I have great pleas-ire in expressing the high opinion which I have formed of the value of Zoedone as a tonic beverage and medicine. It seems to me to meet a decided want, as by its means we are enabled to prescribe phosphates of iron, lime, &c., not merely in a very assimilable, but as well in a most palatable and refreshing form. I have prescribed it largely, and from my observation of its effects believe it will be of great use to the profession. From Nordic;/ Kerr, M.D., F.L.S. 42, Grove Road, Regent's Park, London, lfjtL. May, 1879. Zoedone is a most agreeable, refreshing and elegant tonic. This pleasant sparkling beverage, while most acceptable at the social board, is an invaluable adjunct to medicine. From Willia.-ii M. Dobie, M.D., Edin1>-arj<h, Hon-mry Physician to the Cheda Ill/ií"iltr17"P. Chester, June 14th, 1879. I have been much pleased with your effervescing drink termed "Zoedone." I have tried it and found it an extremely agreeable, refreshing, and invigorating be ver- age. I have recommended it to many of my patients, who are unanimous in speaking well of it. To Messrs Evans and Co. From the Rcr. D. Howell, B.D., Vicar of Wrexham. Vicarage, Wrexham, North Wales, March 24th, 1879. Messrs R. Evans ai- 'd Co.—Your "Zoedcne" is incom- parably the best non-ale >holic beverage I have evec tasted. It is used daily in my family. It is refreshing, stimulating, and strengthening. From Dr. Stephens, Senior Physician, Infirmary for Children, Liverpool. July* Gth, 1879. I have recommended Zoedone to manyof my patients, epecially ladies and children, where I considered a little wine necessary, with, I am happy to say, the most uI t., gratifying results. "I have carefully examined a sample of the New Aerated Mineral Water, manufactured by Messrs, Evans & Co., and to which they have given the name of Zcedone.' I fine, the statement made respecting its composition to be fully borne out by the analysis The Zoedoiie is a BRIGHT, SPARKLING, and VERY PLEA- SANT beverage, quite free from any medicinal taste in- deed, it forms a most agreeable and elegant vehicle for the administration of the Phosphates of Lime and I 'on which it contains, and which are in a state of complete solution."—ARTHUR HILI- IIASSALL, M.D., London, Author of "lood. its adulterations, and the method of their detection." AGENTS EVERYWHERE. PATENTEE — D. JOHNSON, F.C.S. MANUrACTRERS R. EVANS & CO., WREXHAM, NORTH WALES. POTATOES: POTATOES!! I FAMILIES, Hotels, Public Institutions, and JL the Trade supplied. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. j MATTHEW JONES, WHOLESALE POTATO MERCHANT, m, GRANVILLE STREET, j BIRMINGHAM. 6193 LAMPLOUGH'S pYBETIO «ALIUE.- HAVE IT IN YO-, P, HOUSES, A ND USE NO OTHER. This alpne is the True Antidote in FEVERS, ERUPTIVE AFFECTIONS, SEA OR BILIOUS SICKNESS. Having peculiar and. exclusive merits. For the protection of the public against un authorised imitations, I have again appealed to the law, and obtained a perpetual ''numction. with costs, against the defendant, a Chemist in Manchester. SOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS. Observe The Genuine has my name and Trade Mark on a Bu.!r- rt -i I 1 3, HOLBORN-HILL. LONDON. 945