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THE WELSH CHALLENGE GUP. THE 1-T.KAL TIE Tlas match wiich has bean looked forward to by .■«» saany with so m-ch. specubAion and ints^est as to who l';ou1d win, came off on Saturday last at Oswestry, between the two remaining clubs, the Newtown Stars nd Wrexham, and resulted in a victory for the Stars by one goal to none. Play -x:4s to have commenced at 3 39. but the Wrexham failed to put in an appearance urtil just four when play began. Muriess won the toss and tsok the goal urthest from, the road, with a brak. wind in his favour, and at four o'clock T. Pryce set the ball in motion, and it was taken towards the Wrexham goal, where two throws in were obtained, but ths ball was sent back pad a run mac* by J. Pric^. T. Pryce got it from him, but c.he same player again got possession, and landed the ball behind just outside the püsts. Play remrJ.11.ed near the Star'? goal for some little time, and the L-11 was sent behind by Boden and Evans respect- ively. J. Davies get it away from a tuird attack, and a run was made by the Stars' forwards, who got a throw in from Murless, T. W. Davies kicked the ball away from the WrexharcLgoah and the play returned to the Stars' territory. T. Pryce returned the ball to the Stars' forwards, but it back by J. Price. A throw in again aided the Stars to get the ball near the A\ goal, whence Davies kicked it, and a run was made by Wrexham, Evans sending the ban behind goal very v/ide. It was hesuded behind by Price, and then got hold of the leather, and, defving the efforts of Edwards and Cross, either to take it from him or knnzk him over, got it right up to gopj, where the defenders played in touch. T. Davies kicked the ball < from his goal; it was returned and kicked away bv Murless, Gittms brought it back again, and got away, and, Davies putting the ball well up for the forwards] J an attack was made on the Stars' "Coal, resulting in a i corner kick,- which Cross put harmlessly behind. Edwards next sent the ball behind the Stars' goal, S. Davies got the ball from a throw in, and made a fine run, and obtained a throw from npar the corner flag, and an. attack was made on the Wrexhara goal. The ball was got away, but returned by Pryce and Morgan. Wrexham got a throw in. and Thomas getting at"the ball put it well up. Cross, kicked it back, and Evans put it behind the Star. lines. Lloyd did the like shortly after, but the ball was wide of che goal each time. Gittins put the ball well up from the kick out, i and, getting a throw was soon in front of goal, -1 where hands were claimed andallowed for the assailants. J A sharp struggle took place, and the bail nearly put through, the goalkeeper, however, managed to use his hands over the heads of the others, and the ball was got away. J. Danes returned it and the goalkeeper again stopped the shot. The Wrexham men retaliated with 1 an att-ick on the Sta-s' goal, but without effect, the ball f going behind, the goalkeeper stopping the first shot. After some sharp play Woosnam played the ball over the boundary, about the middle of the ground, and < Cross sent it up. T. Pryce, however, made a good í return, and Andrew took it behind the Wrexham lines. S. Davies next got a run, and Edwards played the bali awav from goal, and it was again passed into the Stars' < territory, and behind their goal by Evans. Pees got the ball out of a scrimmage in front of hisgoai. but J played it in touch. A free kick was given to the Stars, for a foul by Cross, and another for hands shortly after, 1 the ball being got away from the Wrexham goal, after the latter, and returned to the centre. Woosnam soon- ] got hold of it on the ricrht and made a run, and had J obtained a throw in when half time was called. < The Stars now got the wind in their favour, but it ] had lulled a little. The struggle was commenced in 1 Wrexham territory, Bees sending the ball behind. Wrexham got a free kick for hands, and Owen sent the 1 ball well up to, and it was afterwards sent behind the Stars' goal. Another free kick had been given to the same side when Gittins made a smart run, and Thomas took a shot at goal. The goalkeeper stopped the latter and threw the ball out, and Rtrf; kicked it behind, The ball was kicked away from and twice returned to the Wrexham goal by James Davies. and a free kick given to the Stars in the middle of the ground, and an attack made on the Wrexham geaJ. Murless kicked the ball away, but not far enough, as Rees sent ths- ball into the goalkeeper's hands, and the latter threw it be- hind and gave the Stars a "corner." S. Davies made a well-directed kick, and a struggle in front of goal re- suited in anothei-corner kick from the goalkeeper. This j l was put behind the lines, and the Wrexham forwards, by some clever passing, took the ball into the Stars' quarters. T. Pryce got the ball back, and Thomas sent it behind the lines. S. Davies made a good shot at the Wrexham goal, and the goalkeeper stopped it. Rees, however, not zo be denied, made a smart kick with his left foot, sent the ball between the posts, and secured a goal just at five o'clock. This was received by an out- burst of enthusiasm. Some good play followed, eventually becoming slow for a few minutes, it then quickened, and the ball was taken towards the Wrexham goal, and back towards that of the Stars. The latter got a free kick in the middle, and S. Davies took a shot at goal, the goalkeeper stopped it, and J. Price took it up near the Stars' goal. S. Davies next. got the ball near the Wrexham goal, and headed it to the goalkeeper, who put it away, and after Gittins had played in touch Lloyd made a good run, and landed the ball behind the line, but rather wide. The same player again got the ball near the Stars' goal, and Price headed it towards it. The goalkeeper was, however, equal to the occasion, and the ball was returned to the centre of the ground, and kicked in touch by .Tas. Davies (who had relieved Andrew as forward). Hands gave Wrex- ham a free kick near the Stars' goal, which Cross nicely placed. Rees got the ball away, but it was returned, and another scrimmage took place in front of the goal. Again the defenders prevailed, and took the offensive, Geo. Thomas putting the ball over the Wrexham goal. The Wrexham forwards again took the initiative, and got the ball in their opponents' quarters, but it was returned thence, and sent behind their own linr". Gittins took a long shot, which the goalkeeper stopped, and the backs got away. Morgan returned the ball, and S. Davies played in touch, and Wrexham got a free kick for hands, but it was of little avail, as the Stars again renewed the attack. Evans made a long run. but could not pass the Stars' backs, who played in touch. Gittins sent the ball up, and Thomas made a splendid side shot, which struck the bar. Soon after time was called. The Wrexham team appeared to be demoralized by the fast play of their opponents, and PricD, Cross, Edwards, Lloyd, and T. W. Davies were the only ones who exhibited any form. The credit of mitigating the defeat is, however, entirely due to the goalkeeper. "■ Of the victors all worked hard t attain the result, and their captain (Gittins) deserves every credit for the manner in which he worked up and handled his team on the ground. The White Stars had to play no less than seven matches, s-nd Wrexham only four. The duties of umpires and referee were discharged by Messrs. J. P. Davies (Corwen), E. Hamer (()swestry), and A. E. Daniell (captain Birmingham Association).. The following is a list of the pla\ ers White Stars.-Goal, George Montford backs, James Davies and T. Jones half-backs, E. H. Morgan and T. Pryce right wing, G. Woosnam and W. Andrew left wing, Samuel Davies and D. Rees centre, Edward Gittins (captain), and George Thomas. j Wrexham.—GOSLI, J. Davies backs, C. Murless • (captain), and T. W. Davies half-backs, F. Owen, C. Edwards, and E. A. Cross right wing, T. Boden and J. Lloyd left wing, H. Loxham and E. Evans; centre, J. Price.

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