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WELSH- CHALLENGE CUP. WREXHAM V. OSWESTRY. The third tie for the Welsh Association Challenge Cup was played off on Saturday last, in a field at the end of Salisbury Park-road, lent by Mr. Hugh Price on condition that the club pay £ 1 Is to the Wrexham Relief Committee. The field was spotted with ice, and the hardness of the ground made the ball rebound greatly. To say that much interest was felt in the game is superfluous but, perhaps, the most anxious did not expect that 1,500 would assemble to see it, most of whom had to pay to enter the field, and many their railway fare from Oswestry also. Neither did anyone expect such'a result as the game ended in. Two goals to none is a positive and great defeat, and the feelings of the losers can be imagined when we say that rumour was to the effect that they would easily win, and that large numbers bet six to one upon their success. Of course they lost, and there were not the slightest grounds throughout the whole game upon which they could found a hesitation to admit their utter loss, and the Oswestry team, and many of their backers, had to return to their homes losers in all directions. Higham won the toss, and selected to play up a slight incline. Murless kicked the ball about 2.50. Within a few minutes each club warmed to earnestness and deter-- mination, and almost immediateTy a cry of hands," in the middle of the ground, gave Wrexham a free kick, and the ball went behind the Oswestry goal. The ball, having been kicked off, was again returned behind the, goal. The ball was often and repeatedly kicked out, I but, for a considerable time, the Wrexham kept their opponents hard to work in .their own ground, and eventually Price played the ball behind the line; but soon after it passed up into the Wrexham ground and was put behind their goal. The Oswestry having obtained a corner kick put the ball well in front of the goal, but it was quickly got away, and smartly run to the Oswestry goal. A good shot was made, but the goal-keeper stopped it, and Price, by a second kick, put the ball behind. After some general play Oswestry got another corner kick, which they, however, could not turn to good account, and shortly after the play was again in Oswestry quarters, and, having been returned from behind the line, the ball was kicked between the posts by Evans, and thus about 3.30 the first goal was obtained, followed by hurrahs and hats flying in the air. The clubs having changed grounds Oswestry struggled very hard to make themselves even with their opponents, and soon besieged the Wrex- ham goal, but the attack was altogether un- successful. Shortly Boden made a rush at the visitors' goal, but having fouled Kenrick Oswestry claimed a free kick. A run was made by Shone, and a free kick for hands having been obtained a most deter- mined attack was made upon the Wrexham goal, some good shots being made, but the goalkeeper kept them off in an admirable manner. The ball was moved into the centre of the field for a short time only, and then the Oswestry repeated their efforts for a goal, and here some of the finest heading that could be witnessed was performed by some of the Wrexham club. Three, four. and five consecutive times was the ball headed back when most dangerously near the goal, over which it eventually passed. Having been kicked off the ball wr s several times sent behind the Oswestry goal; then L passed up and went behind the Wrexham. Some general play followed but eventually the ball again got in front of the Wrexham goal, and D. Owen made a short shot but it escaped the post. Price soon after got the ball in the centre, and making a smart run passed Higham and kicked another goal. This was near four o'clock, and the cheers and excitement were general, not only hats, but .even coats now appearing in the air. Only about 20 minutes was left and many were the anxieties as to what Oswestry would do in this time. They played well and with determination, but they could do nothing more than put the ball behind the Wrexham goal, and Glascodine, the Oswestry goal- keeper, had to work hard on more than one occasion to prevent a third goal for Wrexham. The play was very fast during the last 20 minutes, during. which the peculiarities of the playing on the part of the two clubs was visible, but as the result of the game shows, the foresight, pluck, and calmness of the Wrexham were more than a match for the dash and somewhat careless play of Oswestry. However the game was well contested, and their cannot now be the slightest doubt as to which club is the superior. On the conclusion of the game Mr. Evan Morris (president of the Wrexham club), in a few words con- gratulated the members of the Wrexham Club, and called for cheers for them an also for Oswestry. Both teams afterwards met at the Wynnstay Hotel at the invitation of Mr Evan Morris (who is also vice- president of the Association), and several toasts were drunk. Following are the names and positions of the players:— Wrexham.-Goal, J. Davies; backs, C. Murless (capt.) and T. W. Davies; half-backs, C. Ecwa-d?, F. Owen, and l. A. Cross right sido, T. Boden and J. Lloyd left side, E. Evans and H. Loxham centre, J. Price. Umpire, James Davies. oswestry.-Goil, G. Glascodine; backs, G. G. Higham (capt.) and Ll. Kenrick; half-backs, T. Owen and W. Williams riclit, side W. H. Davies and W. W. Shone; left side, G. S. Savin and D. Owen; centrss, J. Jones and J. Vaughan. Umpire. R. Hamer. Referee, T. B. Burnett, Ruabon. FIXTURES. Feb. 1, Oswestry v Wednesbury Strollers, at "Wedneabury Fob. 1, LIanerchrugogr v Huabon, at Llanerchrugog Feb. 1, Grosvenor v GwersYlIt. at Wrexham Feb. 1, Wrexham v Mold. at Mold Feb. 8, Wrexham v Di u ds, at Kuabon Feb. 8, Oswe>try (2nd) v Chirk, at Oswestry Feb. 8, Gt'osve or v Llangollen, at Llangollen Feb. 8, Oswestry v Druids, at Jflasmadoc Feb. 10, Corwen v Llan ollen. at Llangollen Feb. 15, Corweu v Givil Service, at Corwen Feb. 15, LlanerchmsroK v Kuabon (2nd), at Llanerchrugor Feb. 15, Oswestry v Wolverhampton at Oswestry Feb. 22, Oswestry v Ruabon, at. Ruabon Feb. 22, LlanerchruifOK v Druids, at UauerchruRor Feb. 22, Grosvenor v Mold, at Mold Feb. -2-J, Civil Service v Wrexham, at Wrexhnra -itiar. 1. LlanerchrugoK v Ruabon Grammar School, Llanerchrugotf Mar. 1, Grosvenor v Oswestry, at Oswestry Mar. 8. Civ 1 Service v Oswes ry. at Wrexham Mar. 8, Albion (Wi exhairi). v Gwersyllt (2nd). at Wrexham Mar. 8, Llanerei2rugog v Druids (2nd), at Llauerchrugog Mar. d, Foresters v kuabon, at kuabon Mar. 8, Oswe try (2nd) v Gwersyllt, at Oswe6try Mar. 15, Oswestry v All Saiuts, at Oswestry Mar. la, Civil Service v Chester College, at Wrexham Mar. 15. Llauerchrugojr v Wrexham, at Llanerchrugos Mar. 15, Wrexham v Nowtcivu at N owtown Mar. 22, Wrexham v Llangollen, at Llangollen Mar. 22. Llanerchrujrog v Grove Park School, at Wrexham Mar. 19, Oswestry v Newport, at Newport April 6, Llauerchrugog v Oswestry Grammar Sobool, at Oswestry


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