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FOOTBALL. Printed copies of the rules of the North Wales Football A ssnciatiolL" may be had at the office of this paper. WREXHAM.—There will be a practice match on the Racecourse to-day. Play to commence at 3.30 prompt. DRUIDS v. NEWTOWN.—This mat.;h is arranged to comp off at N,ewtown, on Saturday (to day). WREXHAM v. FORESTERS (G-WERSYI.LT).—Tins was the first match of the season on the Wrexham ground, both clubs having had scratch matches only between the members of their respective clubs. In fact this was the maiden game for the Foresters, the club being only formed at the back end of last season, and although they have made con- siderable progress in the short time they have been in existence, still they have much to learn before they gain the proficiency of the Wrexham club. But, although beaten, they have gained experience, and we have no hesitation in saying that in another season the Foresters will cut no mean figure in the Association of Wales; they have the material, but it requires finish. The match on Saturday was a very one-sided affair, Wrexham holding the Foresters' goal in jeopardy the greater part of the time, The following were the teams Wrexham.-Goal, W. J. Evans backs, C. Murless and E. Evans, senr., captain half-lacks, J. W. A. Cooper and E. A Cross • right wing, A. Davies and J. Price; left wing, h! Loxham and E. Evans; centres, C. Edwards and J. Davies. Foresters.—Goal. W. H. Barratt; backs, Dr Parry and — McHutcheon; half-backs, T. H. Clayton, captain, and W. Jones; right wing, R. Williams and J. Williams.; left wing, J. Marsden and W. Tudor; centres, E. Williams and— Whittingham. The colours of the Wrexham team are red and black stripes, and the Foresters red and blue stripes; their being so much alike, Wrexham played in white jerseys. Wrexham won the tos-, and a few minutes to four the ball was kicked off by Mr Clayton. It was soon back again, Wrexham having a corner kick, which the Foresters' backs managed to keep out, and it was taken up to the Wrexham goal, but it did not pass the backs, who, passing it to the left wing, it was brought down with scarcely any opposition, and middled in front of the Foresters' goal, when the centres put it through. Wrexham scoring the first, goal in four minutes. The ball a^ain in play was taken up to the Wrexham end, and the b icks this time took it to the right wing, when a little good passing was witnessed, indeed the play on this wing was excellent throughout, and the ball, being middled in front of the Foresters' goal, was again put through Wrexham two goals in six minutes. The Fosesters now began to play on the defensive, clustering around their goal so much that they were in each other's way, and left their wings quite unprotected. After several unsuccessful assaults at the goal of the Foresters, the latter made a good run down into the Wrexham quarters, and a shot at the goal went at the side. The left wing again brought the ball down when a shot was made, which landed the ball in the centre of the goal, which the goalkeeper tried to stop, but it went in off his bbot. Wrexham had thus three goals in 35 minutes. The game now became very fast, and the Foresters, although they could see that they were over-matched, played a very plucky game, and the backs played exceed- ingly well, when hands" was called, and the ball lay dead for a second. The umpires called "play on," ani the Wrexhamites made a spurt, and a shot at the Foresters' goal hit the post, and rebounded into play; but they were not to be denied, and the next attempt proved successful. Four goals for Wrexham in 43 minutes. Half time being called ends were changed, but, there being scarcely any wind, it proved no advantage for the Foresters, for the Wrexhamites scored their next two goals in six minutes, the ga.me finishing Wrexham nine goals to none.










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