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DENBIGHSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW. The annual shew of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society was hc-ld on Wednesday, in Den- bigh, under the patronage of Sir Watkm Williams Wvnn, Bart,, M.P.. the president for the year being Captain P. P. Pennant, of Nantlys, Denbigh, and the vice-president Mr Thomas Foulkes, of Kilford Farm. The last time the show was held it Denbigh was in 1870, when it proved a great success; and the Denbigh peopie rgue, and there sterns mucb of truth and jastice in the argument, that ri-.ore is no other to'.vn in the two counties so central, offering greater facilities of every kind, and where the ordinary prospects of success are greater than atjDenbigh. However, as the agriculturalists and residents of the various towns put forth such strenu- ous efforts to obtain the show, the people of Denbigh may congratulate themselves that it is not longeT than seven years since they had it. At the annual general meeting of the committee this year, which met at Denbigh, great alterations were made in the premiums of the society, and we learn that it has produced in many instances good results. Anyhow, the exhibits are on a scale never previously known. Last vear, when the show was held at rexbam, under the presidency of Sir Robert Cunliffe, Birt., the entries for the society's prists were 460, and for the local whilst at Mold in the previous year the entries were—society's piizes 468, local prizes 427 whi:st the figures this year at Denbigh were—for the society's prizes 554, for the local prijr s fiOl, making a total of 1,055, be;oides.which there were 000 entries of implements. At Wrexham, we believe the sum of £388 was given in prizes by the society besides a number of special prizes and those of the local committee wBilst this year, at Denbigh, prizes amounting to £G24 were offered, the amount offered for cattle being £119 horses, £67; sheep, £84; poultry, £12; cheese, leaping of hunters, £18; also cereals, implements, &c., &c. The Denbigh local com- mittee offered the sum of £227 16s in prizes for cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, poultry, dogs, donkeys, cereals, and implements. The prizes were open to competitors in the districts of the society, bnt the dogs aud poultry were open to the United Kingdom. This year several novel- ties were introduced into the premium list, one of the most noteworthy being the prizes offered for donkeys. This idea originated with Miss Fazakerly. Castle House, P-uVtrh, who rff^-pr) £10 to the local committee to be a. f., i his ,-p. eial < bji e u r m- Hi- ;t, u'xiic. fiOfi whiist tm> socie- v b v ;t,i.f'r ir J he mean* of pro «un-r companion amongst tc.t ow.-itrs of a very useful animal, they will al-o be doing much good in inducing owners of donkeys to feed them better and abuse them less than they generally dö, Thus benefit will accrue to owners and animal?. There were fifteen entries in these classes, but. for the special prize offered by Mr LI. F. Heaton, of Plas Pigot, foi the baet ass with foal at foot, there were no entries. THE ANNUAL MEETING. The Society's annual meeting was held in the Secre- tary's tent on the ground at It. o'clock, under the presidency of Captain P. P. Pennant, and there wee present amongst others the Hon. G. T Kenyon, Colonel Cooks, Mr Scott Bankes, Mr P. H. Chambres, Major Birch, Messrs John Jenkins, J. F. Jesse, Thomas Jenkins, Whitehall Dod, Llanerch H. Powell Jones, Joseph Llovd, W. Edwards, Ruthin Major H. R. Hughes, Messrs C. S. Mainwaring, William Evans, Greenfield. J. Thomas, Penisa Waen; Major Conwy, &c. The secretary read the minutes of the last annual meeting at Wrexham which were confirmed. The Chairman announced the first business 10 be the general committee of management, aad said as Rhyl was to be the place for-next year's show it would be well if the members from that district would propose any new members they could. Toe previous years' committee was re-elected with the following additions :—St. Asaph district, Mr Joseph Lloyd, Sir W. Grenville Williams, Bart, Mr OweH Williams, Bcdelwyddan.—Northop, Mr Selvey Kellett.—Rhyl district Mr J. Grattou, Voryd Fawr Mr James Kerfoot, Vaenol Bach :—Ruthin, Mr Thomas Jones, Glanciwyd Mr Thomas Roberts, Garth; Thomas Symonds, Castle Farm.—Wrexham district, Mr Harold Lees, Pickhill. The Finance committee was 1E:cted with the ad- dition of Mr Evans, Greenfield and Mr W. Pickstone, Maesmvnan. Mr Whitehall Dod said that under rule 7. a committee of not less than three persons shou'd have been chosen in the March meeting to see that the animals were rightly enrered in the classes and also to settle any disputes. By some oversight the March meeting had not appointed the committee. It would now be too late for them to see to the cattle being classed, but he proposed that they be appointed to act in case of disputes and that they meet in the tent after the judges had done their work, to hear aav complaints made to them. He named as the com- mittee. the President (Captain Pennant), and Messrs P. H. Chambres. andT. Jenkini* The next business was to elect a gjntieman from the neighbourhood of Rhyl as president for the ensuing year. Major Conway proposed Sir W. Grenville Williams, Bar., Bodelwyddan, as president.—Mr Whitehall Dod had much pleasure in seconding the motion, and it was carried most cordially. Mr John Roberts, Geinas, proposed that Mr James Kerfoot, of Vaenal Bach, be the vice-president. It had been urged that he was too far advanced in lifa to fill the post, but they felt that as an agriculturalist he was worthy of the honour (applause).—Mr Joseph Lloyd; seconded the motion, and it was carried unanimously. The Chairman announced that the ntxt meeting would be held at Rhyl, and hoped it might be a great success; the date of the show would be fixed in March next. A vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding, pro- posed by Mr Joseph Lloyd and seconded by the Hon. G. Kenvon, brought the meeting to a close. < It mav be mentioned in connection herewith that during the year there had been an increase of over 50 ] members to the society. < The General Committee appointed the following local members of the society to act as their representatives on t the local committee:—Mr Townshend Mainwaring, < Major Hugh R. Hughes, Lieut.-Col Humberston, Captain < A. Mesham, Messrs R. C. B. Clough, John Davies, Lodge < Farm; John Roberts, Bodfari; John Roberts, Glasmor < J. R.' Jones, Thomas Foulkes,^ Kilford; P. H. < ChitBbres, Llysmeirchion; and R. S. Mainwaring. To these names were aJded those of the Mayor and Corpora- tion of Denbigh, as well as a large number of the local farmers and tradesmen of the town and district, all of t whom worked most diligently. Mr David Jones, Tany- I graig, Denbigh, was elected secretary to the local < eommittee he offered to leave the question of salary in ) the hands of the committee until after the show. He ] worked most energetically and may bo congratulated] with the committee upon the great success attending < their labours. Mr John Robinson, of the Asylum, kindly undertook the duties of honorary treasurer, thus 1 rendering the society signal service. Mr T. R. Williams, veterinary surgeon, Caerwys, v. as appointed referee for < the society and local committee in case of disputes < between owners and judges as to the age or soundness s of the animals exhibited. The weather which makes or mars many out-door ] undertakings, has been splendidly fine, and on Tuesday < night it was predicted that the glass was so high it was impossible for it to be wet." The impossible," however, happened, for on Wednesday morning it rained hea.vily, but about nine o'clock ceased a little, to be fol- lowed by showers at intervals till mid-day, atter which it was fine, but cold and somewhat unpleasant. It had no damaging effect on the attendance, as it was roughly estimated that eight or nine thousand persons visited the how yard. The railway arrangements were on a most elaborate scale, both the London and North Western and the Den- bigh' Ruthin and Corwen Companies ran numerons special trains, bringing heavy freights of passengers and with a view to the convenience of the public trains for Corwen and Merionethshire ran as late as seven in the evening, and for Ruthin, Chester, of Rhyl, about nine o'clock.' Special trains were run by both companies in the early morning and late at night for the convey- ance of "live stock to and from the show. The Denbigh Kathin and Corwen Company's arrangements were especially good and the trains exceptionally crowded. The approaches and grounds were well kept by the police, Capt. Price coastablebemg present with a special staff of about 36 officers drafted from various parts in the county and Flintshire. The site for the holding of the show was one of the most convenient possibly at- talDable-namelv, the large field twelve acres in extent known as Denbigh Park in front of the Howell's School. Whilst situate almost in the centre of the town it lay close to the railway station, and whilst, the approaches were excellent they were such as to prevent the neces- titv of a heavy expenditure. The local committee were most fortunate in securing it on advantageous terms, Mr D Parry Williams, the owner, generously let it for seven or'eight days' for about ..£6. Whilst there was plenty of space at the disposal of the committee, the ground was excellently adapted to the trials of hunters. By permission of the Howell School governors, the com- mittee were allowed the use of a raised ground beyond, abuttiue on Bron y Pare, which is overhung by the magnificent rocke of the old castle. On this spot a com- modious grand stand was erected for visitors to witness the jumping the approach thereto being from the show field and an extra charge of one shilling made for the P,Thegcentre of the field was set apart for sheep and cattle on either side pens were erected for sheep and pigs. the left hand Bide of the whole extent ot the field was devoted to the show of implements, beyond which was the dogs'stand, "but unfortunately for the dogs no pens were provided, and they suffered much from oamp and cold. Right of the entrance in front of Howell School were temporary structures for the use of various exhibitors of articles not for competition, also the secre- tary's tent, judge's tent, and such like structares; the lolt side being occupied by the poaltry peDS. The principal structures on the grojmd were erected for the eommittee by Mr Hughe«, Builder Vale Street, Denbigh. The following is a description of the vanoua exhibits MB E. T. JONES, HIGH STBEET, DENBIGH, Jbj the ingest show of implements in the show-yard, aStariag 148 implement* and irsnawngory goods, 1 besides a collection of sewing machines. A stock of Williams' prize medal chaff cutters were displayed, rnl a set of food preparing machines were in motion Oti" i i Clayton and bhuttleworth's 8 horse power steam engiues fitted with patent self-acting expansive valve was greatly admired; combined mowing and reaping machines were in full force; Howard and Hornsby's ploughs, corn crushers, oil-cake mills, &c. The collection was so gxe:i'< that it took up half the space devoted to imnlerr, 't:t. the quality as a general collection is sho. in tie ju ge' awaid of firs priie of .£ 10. EOBET CO., LINCOLN, Shewed at work their splendid 7 h-rse power portable engine, also their patent iron-framed threshing and finishing machine, two magnificent implements as shown from the ease and dexterity with which they work, and from the fact that they bear the awards of London, Paris. Moscow, Brussels, Melbourne. Dublin, Cologne, and Santiago. HORNBY & SONS, IRON WOHKS, GRANTHAM, Exhibited several steam engines, threshing and finishing machines, which when worked were very attractive to farmers. The general excellence of the collection is thown in the award of the 2nd prjz. ETAN THOMAS, IRONFOUNDER, DENBIGH, Had specimens of ploughs of direst patterns made by himself and for which he is famous. The ridge plough and marker, with scuffler and potato riser attached, was interesting to all; as was also a recent invention of a turnip lifting, topping, and tailing machine, a groat saving of labour. The general collection of 30 exhibits was good. MESSRS E. & H. HUGHES, CROWN SQUARE, Made a very attractive display, which included a double cylinder of 8 horse power which worked a saw bench, so that during the day timber of all sizes and shapes was "sawn on the ground. Large numbers watched the process with interest, and also inspected the steam engines, carts, ard other exhibits. T. OAMPLIN & SON, BHYL, Made a good display of gigs and traps suitable to agriculturists. THE WREXHAM MANURE COMPANY of which Lieut.-Col. Jones seems a leading supporter, exhibited their new manure called The Farmer's Friend," and the farmers of the Vale seemed disposed I to test its "friendly properties. j RAYMENT AND CO. of whifli Mr W-D. Williams Broomhill, Denbigh, is i p-1 f f'H-ir useful and ponnl'ir w fa oh rtilld .vilver medals at Vl1rlOU" show-. J. ELLIS ROBERT" NURSERYMAN, DENBIGH, had a large and very attractive display. A minature garden exhibited for gentlemen's choice plants and trees for farmers and gardeners an immense display of seeds and wo saw one cabbage grown from such seed, the size of which full grown was 20Ibs in weight. The lady visitors were greatly attracted by a splendid show of cut roses, dahlias, gladioli, &c., which were so highly commended at the Flower Show. Almost every rarity of seed, flower, and plant was on view here. THOMAS ROBERTS, GROWN SQUARE, DENBIGH, made an effective display and also showed Day and Son's chemical Dreparations for horses and cattle, for which he is North Wales agent; also seeds and other garden requisites. HENRY INMAN, StPvETFORD, MANCHESTER, displayed his prize Rustic Garden Houses and other useful erections for gardens. JONES & SON, DENBIGH, shewed a great variety of manures, linseed and oil cakes, and all the articles found at an agricul'ural depot. MISCELLANEOUS EXHIBITS. Messrs James Dickson and Sons, of Newton Nurserier; Chester The British Cattle Food Company Messrs F. and A. Dickson and Sous, seedsman, Chester Messis Proctor and Rylands, manure merchants, and similar firms made displays in their respective departments. MR JOHN ARMOR, DENBIGH, had a very large tent on the ground where the inner man could be refreshed by stimulants, and where luncheon was obtainable, and the tents were thronged continually. MRS MINSHALL, DENBIGH, had fitted up a convenient refreshment bar and the capacities of her temporary cellars and abilities of the waiters were taxed to the utmost by the visitors. Here the judges, stewards, and officers sat down to an excellent dinner under the presidency of Mr Thomas Foulkes, who was congratulated upon his success in the horses exhibited. PROCESSION OF HORSES. Early in the morning, just when the streets were filling, an interesting sight was witnessed, namely, a procession of the six splendid agricultural horses about to be shown by the vice-president of the society. Mr T. Foulkes. They were adorned with pretty light gears, and each led by a servant man. They were pronounced by most competent judges the finest horses of the kind they had ever seen, and the lookers on were loud in their praises. BUTTER AND CHEESE. The judges of these exhibits, which were placed iu a tent, expressed themselves as rather dissappointed as to the smallness of the collection, but as regards the quality it was so fine and all so nearly alike that they had the utmost difficulty in making the awards. This was particularly so as regards butter, hence the numerous lots commended. The first prize was given to Mr Charles S. Mainwaring, Llaithwen, who congratulated by many of the farmers, who look upon him as a model country gentleman and farmer. We may mention that the dairy of cheese taking the prize was bought by Mr Owen (Ute Lloyd), cheesemonger, Denbigh. SHEEP AND PIGS. Sheep were a really splendid show. in the local classes there were 94 pens. and in the society's class there were 15G exhibits. The judges were several hours longer than usual at their work here because of the excellence of. the exhibits. Heavy Leicester's were a splendid show. Shropshire downs were plentiful, and also Welsh sheep, but of pure Cheviot ewes there were only three pens belonging to two persons. Several classes were specially commended by the judges as exceptionally fine. Pigs were a very poor show as compared with former years, and the quality nothing extra. HORSES AND DONKEYS. There was a magnificent show as regards numbers and quality. Several competent judges assure us that the quality of the horses were equal to anything exhi- hited at, the Royal show in Liverpool, and it may be observed that a number of the royal Winners were shown here. We have specially noted the horses belonging to Me Foulkes. A magnificent animal belonging to Mr Morris Roberts (a prize taker) was pointed out as the finest animal of the class ever shown in a Denbighshne show, the horse being worth 300 guineas. Entire horses only number seven, but were fine animals cobs and geldings were a good show; hunters are noticed elsewhere. The total number of hurses shown in all classes was 221. The introduction of donkeys to the show is a new feature, but one likely to be 01 consider- able interest and value. Miss Fazakerly devoted .£10 to prizes in this class. There "were numerous entries, aud all the animals bad been well kept and attended to. It was a splendid little animal that took the first prize, whilst it appeared to us that the second, Mr Scott's Prince Charley was an equally serviceable animal. Next show will no doubt see this feature further de- veloped. Welsh ponies were a small show, and the prize winner for three years consecutively was this year beaten. CATTLE. The show of- cattle was considered large and good. There were 6G exhibits in the local classes and 161 in the society's classes. One curious and beautiful animal waa exhibited amongst the extra stock, being an Indian cow and calf belonging to Mr Whitehall Dod, Llanerch Park. It was an object of much interest. Messrs Lowe and Sons, silversmiths, Chaster, offered a special prize of a silver cup, .£3, for the best dairy cow in the yard. The bulls were very fine animals, being shown by Messrs Robert Blezard, Pool Park; P. H. Chambres, Major Conwy, and Sir Grenville Williams. Mr Blezard took both first prizes in the society's class with "Astor" and "Catodic," two noble animals; Mr Chambres having second honours in class 2. Breeders of stock were generally much pleased with the cattle Sb0W' DOGS AND POULTRY. The dogs would have shown better bad they been properly housed. Perhaps the local committee are not dog fanciers? Thay, however, fell far below the one held at Rhyl last month. There were 150 exhibits, and one satisfactory feature for a Welsh show was the large proportion of excellent sheep dogs the prize taker bemg a very nice animal. Mr J. Skidemore, Nantwich, a celebrated doe fancier, shewed some splendid dogs, "Patsy" having taken prizes at all the best shows, and Dash" a setter, having secured over 100 prizes. Mr Miller, Denbigh, exhibited a litter of Irish water spaniels, aged three weeks, bj Skidemores Patsy," which were much admired. Pointers were exceptionally good. The poultry was a large show, but of no special value, although water fowls. were fairly good. Lieu' Colonel Cooke shewed five specimens of the small fat breed. Geese which were said to be good specimens for a local show, but there were no fine specimens in any class. EXPLANATIONS AS TO PRIZES. It should be mentioned that the Border Leicester shown bv P. D. B. Cooke would have been the winner in the class but it was not in the pen when the judges tested the animals. It should also be made known that the champion prize for shorthorn cows, in the society's exhibits and tne local exhibits, being the best cow ef any breed in the show yard, was given to Mr John Roberts, Well House Farm Chester. THE JUDGES. The following were the judges in the department, and their awards seemed to be given with unusual care, and from the number of the exhibits and choiceness of quality their labours were much more difficult and prolonged than usual :— rhMvw and butter ■ Mr John Tbomaa, cheese factor, Crewe. W Crc> £ Mr Thomas Rigby, Daruhall Mill Farm, Mr James Dickenson, Baloony House Farm, Uphollaad, Wlg«a, andMr R. Davies, Druid, Corwen. Horses: Mr John liroinley, Lancaster, and 30Ir John Miller, St. Mark's Place. Wolverhampton. allrT TrotthirM«.jor < onwy Rowley Conwy, Bod- •=• i'V jir S. Llaithwryd, CorweD-, uii-i Vt uuciia.X Liuu.. ,,U.trSt, A.-itpli. Shup: Mr Tbomns Risrhy, D:lrn 11:,11, Mill Farm, Winford, :u cl iUr H, W. Crt^Well liavcvistono. Ashby-dp-!a-Zouch. PIYS: JIr W. G"Ð.OU, Brook House, Chester, aud lilr A. C. j Logwood, Chester. Poultry and Dnrjs: Mr W. Gsmon, Tirock Houce, Chester. lwnlemènts and Cereals: Mojor HiktJI R. Hushes, Ytrad, Denbigh, aud W. 1'. i-.vaus, Esq., Greenfield, Rliyl. Whilst, it. w'J b W'!ii?.! 'hm different, gentlemPII bad be-n chosen tn .,er as jnd/es of" the local competitions. They were '1." follows :— For Horned Cattle: ilr JoLTIHo,rnby, Dairy Farm, Mmshall Vernon. MhMlewkh, and Mr Llewelyn Lewis, Aber, Bangor. Jibr Horses: Mr James Robinson, Manchester, and 1\11' J ohu Edwards, Ho»le Road, Chester. Fur Sheep: Mr Thomas Rigby, Darnhall Mill Farm. Winford, and ;\11' T,. W. Cresawell Kavenstone, Ah"y-de-h.Z()uch. For Hunting and 'l1¡.()tting: Same as for Parent Society. Fur Pips: 111' W. Gamon, Brook House, Che8ter, and 1)11' A. C. Leokwo()d, Chester. For Poultry aad Dng.ç.. Mr W. Gamon, Chester. Por Cereals (lIld Implement*: Major Hughes, Ystrad, and W. P. Evans Esq. Greenfield. For Donkeys: lir J. I{obillson, the Asylum, Denbigh, and Mr J. Prirehard, Galltfaenan, Denbigh. L"cal Treasurer: Mr .1. Robinson, the Asylum, Denbigh. Local Secretary: Mr Duvid Jones, The fdluwing is the prize list CHEESE AND BUTTER. New cheese, mafie on the exhibitor's farm, not lesB than 501bs. weicht each, £ 5; second, £ •> 10a.—1, Thomas Fearnall, Rlyt. n, Bangor ,coed; 2, Foulkes, Kilford, Denbigl1. o. X ew cl1ces8, made on the exbibitor's farm, not loss than 2010s £ 2 10s; tecond, £ 1 10s.—1, David Roberts, Pontry- ffyd rum, Trefnant; 2, Joseph Pigott, Wood Flum, Wortlien- bury. Crock of potted butter, not loss than 56ibs, £ 3, second, £:1, C. S. Mainvvariuir, LaitliwryJ 2, William D. Har- greaves, Fron Yiv, Mold; very highly commended, Thomas Foulkes, Kilford; and Robert Hughes, Parcytvvll, Denbigh; highly commended, Elizabeth Story, Coppy, Denbigh; COlll- mended, Thomas JJaTies, Pontfaen, Rhuddlan, Rhyl, Jolin Roberts, Llandyrnog;, Denbigh, and John Jones, Br>n Milan, Denbigh. CATTLE. Short-honied bun, above two and not exceeding four years old, £ 5; second, £ 2 10s.—I, Robert Blezard, Pool Park, Ruthin; 2, P. H. Chambres, Llysmeirchion. Short-horned bull, above one find tinder two years old, £ 5; second, £ 2 10s.—1, Robert Blezard, Pool Park, Ruthin ,• 2, Sir W. G. Wi.liam3, Bart., Pengwern, Uhyl; very highly commended, John Robert-, Geinas houe, Bodfari; highly Major Conwy, Rowley Conwy, Bodrnyddan commended. Thomas Bate, Kelsterton, Fliut. hort-h"l'1wd enw, in calf or miik, £ 5; tecond, £ 2 10s.—1, John Uoberts, "Well House Farm, .Saltney 2, John Roberte, Geinas House. Bodfari; very highly eOillllel1dEd, Major Conwy Jtowley Conwy, Bodrhvdd ai, Rliyl; >hoi t-ht)i ned beiior, above two a-.u'i mid' r three years old, in c If or In lk. £ 5 second,.£:! 10s.—1, Thomas Bate, Keister- tOil; 2, Alexander Balfour, Mount Alyn, Rossett; very highly cOlu:nell(!ed, John Roberts, W;l House Farm, Saltnoy hi,;(:v commended, Edmund Peel, Brynypysj commended, Ma jo/ Conwy Howley Conwy, Bodrhyddan. Short-horned heiier. above one and under two yours old,. £ 3 second., £ 2 10 1 and 2, John Roberts, Well House (Farm. Saltney; very highly commended, J\.1ajor Conwy Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddan; highly commended, John Adamson, Brick House Farm, Hawarden. Bull, of any pure hardy breed, above two and under three years old, adapted to Ihe upland districts, £ 5; second, £ 2 10s. —1, Griffith Jone, Wrexham-street, Mold, 2, Major C. S. Main;variug, Llaithwryd. BuJl, of auy pure hardy breed, above one and undcr two rears old, £ 5 second, £ 2 10s.—1, Thomas JUnes. Tai uchaf, ILfod Elwy, 2, Major C. S. Maiuwaring, Llaithwryd, highly commended, Robert Roberts, Tai-liirion, Pentrevoelas, Llanwr-t; commended, David Owell, Llansnntffraiddlan-Conway. Cow or heifer, of any pure hardy breed, in clf or milk, adnpted to the uplaud districts, £ 5; second, £ 2 10s.—1, Griffith Jones, Wrexham-street, Mold; 2, David Owen, Ty'n-y-ce!yn, Llansfintliiaid-gian-Conway; highly com- mended, Robert Davies. Ty-draw, Nerquis; commended, Thomas Roberts, Plas newydd, Hartslieath, Mold. Heifer, of any pure hardy breed, above two and under three years ohJ, in calf or milk, £ 5 second, £ 2 10s.—1, Robert I{oberts, Tai-hirion, Pentrevoelas, Llanrwst; 2, Griffitb Jonee, Wrexham-street. Mold; highly commended, Thomas Roberts, Plas newydd, Hart"heath. Heifer of:iuy pure hardy breed, above one and under two years old, £ 5; second, £ 2 10s.—J, Edward Thomas, Pen-isa'r- waen, Trefnant; 2, Griffith Jones, Wrexham-sa-eet, 3olold; highly commended, Edward Thomas, Trefnant; commended, Griffith Jones, Wrexhaai-street, Mold. Half or cross-bred cow, in calf or milk, £ 5; second, £ 2. 10s—I, John Roberts, Well House farm, Saltney; 2, W. P. Evans, Greenfield, Rhyl; commended. Major Conwy Rowly Conwy, Bodrhydd¡tn, and Harold Lees, Pickhill Hall, Wrex- ham. Half or cross-bred heifer, above two and under three years old, in calf or milk. £ 5 second, £ 2 10s—1, Thomas R. Parry, Holt Lodge, Wrexham; 2, John Roberts, Well House farm, Saltney; highly commended, Robert Taylor, Plas Captain, Denbigh; commended, Henry Selby, Celyn, Northop. Hdf or cross-bred heifer, above one and under two years old, £ 5; second, £ S 10s—1 ancl2, John Roberts, Well Houge brm, Saltney; highly commended, John Roberts, Geinas House, Bodfari. s Four (bIry eows of any breed, the same not havin com- peted in auy other class, £ 5; second, £ 3-1, Robert Blezard, Pool Park, Ruthm; 2, John Roberts, Well House Farm, Saltney; highly commended, Maurice Roberts, Plas Bennett, Llandyrnog; commended, öir W. G. Williams, Bart., Pen- gweru. Tenant farmer, whose yearly rental is under £ 153, for pair: of dairy cows of auy breed, £ 4; second, £ 2—1, Edward Thomas, Pen isa'r waen, Trefnant ^2, Grillith Jones, Wrex- ham-street, Mold; commended, Wm. Humphreys, Goblin Farm. Denbigh. Bull calf, calved in the year of the Shliw, £ 3; second, £ 1 10s—1 and 2, Robert Blezard, Pool Park, Ruthin; very highly commended, Richard }¡ n3pratt. Cornish Hall, Flint; highly < commended, Thos. R. Parry, Holt Lodge, ""rex ham com- mended, T. Bate. Ke>;tert()n. Flint. Special prize given by Messrs Lowe and Sous, silversmiths, Chester, for the best dairy co w, silver cup, value £ 3—1, John j Roberts, Well House Farm, Saltney. 5 HORSES. 1 Brood marc, having a foal at foot. for agriculture, £ 4; J second, £ 2—1, T. W. Bowdage, Tyddyn-y-gwynt, .\i01d; 2, 1 William Parry, Queen's Head Inn, Cerrigyclruidion, very highly commended, John Jones, Bryn Mmau, Denbigh; com- mended, J. R. Heaton, Plas Heaton, Rbyl. Pair of horses for agricultural purposes, £ 5; second, £ 2— 1 and 2, Thoma, Foulkes, Kilford, D8nbi:;h; highly com- mended, Richard Muspratt, Cornish Hall, Flint; commended J. Roberts, Well House Farm, Saituey. Cart gelding or filly, above two and under three yeas old, for agriculture, £ 3 second, £ l 108-1, WIlham P. Lvans, Greenfield; 2, Samuel Denson, l'wllhalog, Cwm; highly T commendcd, William Humphreys, Goblin Farm, Denbigh. Cart colt or filly, above one and under two years old, £ 2, second, £ 1—1, Emrys Evans, Cotton Hall, Denbigh 2, D. i Roberts, Pontryifydd Farm, Trefnant; highly commended, i Eliza Itoberts, Hendre, N erquis. Tenant farmer, whose yearly rental is under £ 150, for brood mare having foal at foot, for agricdlture, £ 4; second, £ 2— 1, John Williams, Plas-yn-mhowys, Tryddyn, Mold; 2, lbt. Evans, Brick-kiln, Tremeirchion; commended, Huh Roberts, ll Woodlands Farm, Llanfwrog. Tenant farmer, whose yearly rental is under £ 160, for pair c of horses, for agriculture, £ 4; ¡¡econd, £ 2—1, David Jones, Tyn-yr-eiLhin Farm. Denbigh; 2, Robert Hughes, Parc-y- £ twll, Denbigh; commended, Wm. Humphreys, Goblin Farm, Denbigh, I Cob. marc, or gdding not exceeding 14 hands 2 incbes high. £ 3 second, £ 2—1, R. J. Roberts, Burros Lodge, Gres- ford, 2, Lieut.-Colonel B. G. D. Cooke, Colomendy, Mold; C highly commended, William Pierce, Oaklands. Ihgi11t. I Welsh brood mare pony, not exceeding thirteen hands hig-h, having fonl at foot, £ 3; scc0nd, £ 1 103-1, John Davies, I Dafarn Dvwyrch, Llandegla; 2, T.W. Bowd:1ge, gwynt. Mold. 1 Cob, marè, or gelding, not exceeding 13 hands high, in saddle or harness, £ 3 second, £ 2—1, Francis Lloyd, Plassey I Fann, Wrexham 2, Sir W. G. Williams, Bart., Pengwern 1 commended, Owen J. Williams, Tyn'u y-ffordd, St. Asaph. Roadster mare, with foal at foot, £ 3; second, £ 2—1, S Catherine Jones Hughes, Rhyd, Rhyl; 2, John Davies, Dafarn, Dywyrch, r,Ümdegla; commended, Robert Jones, Ffynnon Wen, Llangwm. 1 HUNTERS. Hunter, mare. or gelding which sha11 be considered the best performer over hurdles, rails, and water, £ 10; second 1 ditto, £ 5; third ditto, £ 3—1, Samuel Garner, Crown Inn, e Llandegla; 2, Harold Lees, Pickhill Hall, Wrexham; 3, Capt. Frederick Cotton, Plas Cerrig, HolyWell. ] SPECIAL PRIZE. ] Stallion, for agricultural purposes, £ -5 second, £ 2 10s—1, Evan Evans, Green, Denbigh; 2, Robert n Jonüs, Bryn Isa, Llanefydd, Hhyl; highly-commended, Wm. Edwards, Pen Rhos, Ruthin. EXTRA STOCK. ( Very highly commended-Sir W, G. Williams, Eart., Pen- gwern, Rhy1. 1 SHEEP. j Border Leicester, or other long-woolled ram, not more than 3 shear, £ 4; second, £ 2—1, Alexander Balfour, Mount Alyn, Ros>,ett; 2, John Read, Xorthop Hall, Northop highly-com- J mended, George W. Tinslay, Pennant, Llanrwst. Shropshir Down ram, not more than 3 shcar. £ 4; second, ] £ i.—1 and 2, T. W. Bowdage, Mold; highly ( commended, Thomas Roddick, Penbodw Uchaf, N annerch. ( Cheviot ram, not more than 3 shear, £ 4; second, £ 2.—1, 1 Thomas Roddick. P^nbedw Ucha, Nannerch. Welsh mountain lum, not more than 3 shear, £ 2 second, £ 1.-1 and 2, John Morris, Elor Garreg, Cerrigydruidion highly-commended, Griffith Jones, Wrexham-street, Mold, ( and David Roberts, Pontryifydd Farm, Trefnant; com- £ mended, John Hughes, Tyddyn Tudor, Cerrigydruidion, and I Hugh Parry, Cerrigydruidion. ] Shearling 101l/woolled ram, £ 4; econd, £ 2.—1, Alexander Balfour, Mount Alyn, Rossett; 2, P. B. D. Cooke, Pentre Gwysaney Farm, Mold very highly-commended, Alexander Balfour. Mount Alyn, Rosse't; highly-commended, Daniell White, Shotton Farm, Queen's Fen-y. s Shearling Shropshire Down ram, £ 4; sccond, £ 2.-1, ,J. Scott Bankes, Soughton Hall, Northop; 2, Thomas Roddick, Penbodw Uchaf, Nanuerel1; very highly-commended. T. W. 1 Bowdage, Tyddyn-y-gwynt, Mold; commended, Henry R. Sandback, Hufodunos, Abergele. L Loug-woolled ewes, which have repred lambs thi season, £ 4; second, £ >.—I and 2, Daniel White, Shotton Farm, 1 Queen's Ferry; highly-commended, Alexander Balfour, Mount Alyn, Rossett commended, P. B. D. Cooke, Pentre Gwysaney Farm, Mold. Shropshire Down ewes. whioh have reared lumbs this 1 season, £ 4 second. £ 2.—>1, T. W. Bowdage, c 2, Major Conwy Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddan very highly- commended, Thomas Roddick, Penbedw Ueba, Nannerch; commended, William Edwards, Pen Rhos, Ruthin. Cheviot ewes, which have reared lambs this season, £ 4; c second, £ 2.-1 and 2, Thomas Roddick, Penbedw Ucha, Nannerch. I Pen of 3 Welsh mountain ewes, which have reared Jambs this season, £ 2; second, £ 1.-1, Edward Thomas, 1 Waen, Trefnant; 2, John G. Graiton, Foryd Fawr, Abergele I highly-commended, Griffith Jones, Wrexham-street, Mold. ] Ewes of ány mountain breed, excluding Cheviot, and not restricted to Welsh, which have reared Jambs this season, £ 2 ( second. £ 1,-1. Geore W. Tinsley, Pennant, Llanrwst; 2. I Griffith Jones, Wrexham-street, Mold; highly-commended, ê Thomas Roberts, Plas Newydd, Hartsheath. Shearling long-woolled ewes, £ 4; second, £ 2%—1 and 2, Alexander Balfour, Møunt Alyn, Rossett; very liighly-com- mended, P. B. D. CooKe. Esq., Peutre Gwysaaey Farm, ] Mold; highly-commended and commended, John Itead, Nortbop Hall, N ol.thop. Shearling long-" ootleo ew«5i £ 1; second, £ 2.—1, J. Scott, Banks, Soughton Hall, Northop; 2, T. W. BowdaA"e, Tyddyn- 1 y-gwynt, Mold; highly-commended, ditto. commended, 1 William Edwards, Pell Rhos. Ruthin. ] Long-woolled ram lambs, £ 3; second, £ 110s.—1, John Read, ] Northop Hall, Northop; 2, P. B. D, Cooke, Pentre Gwysaney Farm, Mold-, commended, Alexander Balfour, Mount Alyn, Rossett. Short-woolled ram lambs, £ 3 second, £ 1 10s.—1, William Edwards, Pen Rhos, Ruthin; 2, J. Scott Bauhs. Soughton 1 Han N orthop; highly-commended, ditto; commended, Thos. Meredith, Borrns, Gresford. i Long-wool1(d ewe lambs, £ 3; second, £ 1 10s.—land 2, John Rend, Northop Hall, Northop; highly-commended, P. B. D. t Cooke, Pentre Gwysaney Farm, Mold. ( Short-wooled "we lambs, £ 3; 8econd. £ 1 IQs.—1, Thomas t Meredith, Borras, Gresford: 2, T. W. Bowdage, Tyddyn-y- gwynt, Mold; highly-commended, ditto. I EXTRA STOCK, 1 Highly-commanded.—George w. Tinsley, :PeDnat> Llan- 1 rwst. C PIGS. Boar of the large breed, not more than 4 years second, £1 108.-1, Philip/ H. Chambres, Llycineirchiou, Trefnant; 2. Robert Morris, Hendref, Rhtu'dlan. Boar of the small orepd, not more than 4 years old, £ 3; second, £1 1U8.-1 and 2., Lieut.-Col. B. G. D. Cooke, Colo- mendy; very highly-commended, Major Conwy Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddan highly-commended, T. W. Bowdage, Tyddyn-y-gwynt, Mold. S 'W (in or. milk) of the large breed, second, £1 10s. -1, Robert Morris, Hendref, Rhuddlan,- 2, 0wen J. Wil- liams, Ty'n-y-ffordd. St. Asaph. Sow (in pig or miik) of the small breed. £: second, .£110s —1. Lieutenant-Col. B. G. D. Cooke, Colomendy.Mold; 2, M;ijor Conwy Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddyn; vex-y highly com- men dod, Harold Lees, Pickhill Hall, Wrexham hi -hly-com- mended, T. W. Bowdage, Tyddyn-y-gwynt, Mold, and Joseph Lloyd. Elwy Grove, St. Asaph. POULTRY. Dorkings..E); second, 10s—1, Jarrtes Griffiths, Stansty Farm, Wrcxham; 2, William Edwards, Pen Rhos, Ruthin; highly-commended, James Rimmer, Vale Cottage, Trefnant, Rhyl, and Thomas Roddick, Penbedw Uchaf, Nannerch. Game fowl, £ 1; second, 10s—1, William Edwards, Pen Rhos, Ruthin 2, William G. Helsby, Pen-y-bryn, St. Asapii; highly-commended, ditto. Black Spanish fowl, £1; second, 10s—1, George B. Tant, Penbedw Gardens, Nannerch 2, Thomas Roddick. Penbedw Uchaf, Nè\1merch; highly-commended, Cornclius Miller, Gwysaney, Mold. Auy other breed, £1; second, lOs-I, James Rimmer, Vale Cottage, Trefnant, Rhyl; 2, the Misses Lloyd, Rhuallt; higlily-commended, Cornelius }\tfiller, Gwysaney, Mold, and Owen J. Williams, Ty'nylfordd, St. Asaph. Turkeys, £ 1; second, 10s—1, Elizabeth Story, Coppy, Den- bigh; 2,.J m'JS Griffiths, Stansty Farm, Wrexham; highly- commended, Phi1ip H. Chambres, Llysmeirch.Ü-n. Aylesbury ducks, £ 1; second, 10s—1, John F. Jesse, Cae- fron, Ruthin; 2, Wm. Edwards, Pen Rho, Ruthin; bighly- commeHded, John F. Jesse, Caefron, Ruthin. Ducks of any other breed, £1; second, ] Os-1, Jas. Griffiths, Shmsty Farm, Wrexham;: 2, Thomas Roddick, Penbedw Uchaf, Nanllerch; high-commended, William G. Helsby, Penybryn, St. Asaph, and Cornelius Miller, Gwysaney, Mold. Geese, £ 1; second, 103-1. William Humphreys, Goblin Farm, Denbigh; 2, Hugh Roberts, Woodlands Farm, Ruthin.