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OSWESTRY. MELVERLEY CHURCH BAZAAR.—The receipts of this bazaar, held last week, amounted to £ 152 19s 6,3, made up as follows—Mrs Pnhar's stall, X53 Lady Frances Lloyd's £ 40; Mrs Dumviile Lees's X2. 2s 6d Mrs Cottoil's E22 Ids; taken at the door, t 14 Is; from which El3 3s 41 had to be deducted as expenses. A number of articles left unsold at Mrs Piitchard's stall will be placed on sale at the schoolroom (through the kind offer of the Rev. E. W. O. Bridgeman) on a day to be announced. Amongst the gentlemen who rendered valuable assistance to the bazaar were Mr Clarke, Brook House, Mr Lloyd, Ashton, Mr II, S. Ciatke, Mr Dova; ton, and Mr Saunders, jun. EXTRAORDINARY ATTEMPT AT SUICIDE. On Thnrsday afternoon, Sept. 13, a man named Phillip Palmer, represetod to be a commercial traveller, engaged a room at Mr Divies's Temperance House in Beatrice-street. Nothing strange was noticed in his demeanour at the time, and in the coarse of the evening he retired to his bedroom. The following morning, as Mr Davies was leaving his house by the front door, he saw some pieces of gla s lying on the ground. On examination he found they belonged to the window of the room occupied by Palmer, one of the panes of which bad been broken. He went to the room to ascertain what was the matter, and pushing the door sufficiently open to be able to see inside, he saw some blood on the floor. He then closed the dosr, and went to a room occupied by P.C. Hair, and told I him what he had dis- covered. Hair accordingly went to Palmer's room and found that person lying on his back on the floor. His throat was severely cuf, exposing the winepipe, which had also been cut. P.C. Hair went to the Cross for assistance, and returned, accompanied by P.S. Bullock and Dr. Beresford. On their euter.ng Palmer's room he made signs intelligibly enough to lead them to under- stand that he had smashed the pane of glass and then cut his throat with it. Palmer then signified that be wanted something to drink. They asked if lie wanted water, but he made no acknowledgment until they enquired if he would like some brandy, when he replied by giving an affirmative nod. When he had partaken of it. Dr. Beresford thought they might remove him to the Cottage Hospital, and there he was conveyed in an omnibus. Shortly after his arrival at that place he was visited by the medical attendant in connection with the institution, and received every attention. Since his removal he has made fair progress towards recovery. Oa searching him. the police found in his pocket book a razor, and a penknife in his trousers pocket. It is the most uiiaccouniable part of his proceedings, that although he had those articles in his possession, he used a piece of glass to accomplish his purpose. The only way in which the act can be accounted for is by pre- Muming that he was insane at the time. On Thursday Palmer called upon Mr Gregory, of Cross-street, and stated that he was in great distress and without funds, and Mr Gregory having known him, gave him two shillings, but no money was found upon him on Friday morning. He said that he was a native of Shrewsbury, and that his mother and sister lived in the Abbey Fore- gate in that town. Several letters were found upon him, and one was addressed Mr P. B. Palmer, at Mrs H. Palmer's, 00, Clifton House, Gough-road, Birming- ham (Livrrpool postmark); another was addressed with his own nama.. and Mrs Hopkins, 24, Belbarn- road, Birmingham" (Birkenhead postmark); and a third with the Wolverhampton postmark, to tbo same address as the previous one.. *-—-

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