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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before the Mayor, the ex-Mayor, Dr Eyton-Jones, T. C. Jones, Esq., E. Tench, Esq., and E. Vlilliams, Esq. AN UNGENTLEMANLY ACT. Edwin Owen was charged with assaulting William Warburton on the previous Wednesday. The defendant admitted kicking the complainant on the hind quarters, but said he was annoyed. However he did not wish to go lengthily into the case. William Williams then stated that during the evening he was going to his house when he met the defendant, who said he wanted to speak to him. He was told that he (Warbuiton) did not wish to have anything to say to him, and defendant then ran at him and kicked him in the hip. In con- sequence he had felt the effects severely for some time. This was considered sufficient evidence, and the bench inflicted a fine of 20s and costs, 7s. A NUISANCE STOPPED. William Marsden, a boy, was charged with being one among a crowd of boys, creating a disturbance, in Fairfield. P.C. Deakin stated that on the 12th inst. there was considerable shouting in the vicinity of Fair- field, so much so that it could be heard in the Ruabon-road. It was caused by a number of boys who were an interminable nuisance at the latter end of every year. He succeeded in catching the defendant, who was nasty" when caught. One of the magistrates then said that there were fifteen boys racing in front of his house on Sunday evening. Mr Bradley, of the Advertiser, said he had also witnessed some of their goings on. As an example to others, the lad was fined Is and costs, 7s. DRUNK AGAIN. Luke HefEeran was charged with being drunk near the Wynnstay Arms, on Saturday. He pleaded guilty. P.C. Williams stated that the defendant was drunk, but not helplessly so. He was pretending to be worse than he was, and as he was exposing his person, he was brought to the police station. The Chairman asked defendant if he had not seen him there before, and he replied co Yes." Fined 10s 6d and 4s costs or seven days. Allowed 24 hours for payment. A RUNAWAY CAUGHT. Julia O'Neale was charged with attempting a rescue from custody on the 14th March last. P.C. Davies stated that on that date he was called into a public-house to a row, and he had to take a man into custody. There were a large num- ber of people by, and this woman endeavoured to effect a rescue. In doing so she tore a policeman's cape into shreds. She had a summons taken out against her but she decamped, and had only just been taken into custody. P.C. Wynne stated that the prisoner was drunk, and in the melee he lost his hat. A young man picked it up, when prisoner knocked it out of his hand, and it was subsequently found in a chimney in an adjacent building. She was sent to gaol for a month, as she had been fined once before on a similar count. AN OLD GAOL BIRD CAGED AGAIN. Mrs Riley, wife of William Riley, who keeps a stall in the market, was charged with drunken- ness. The defendant had been convicted no less than 25 times before this case, and been fined or im- prisoned each time. P.C. Wynne stated that on the 12th inst. the defendant's husband called him to turn her out of his stall. She was drunk, and when she was got outside the stall, she picked up a flat fish and smacked him in the face. She used bad language, and was a terror to publicans. Defendant cried bitterly and begged that a fine cnly should be inflicted, but the bench turned a deaf ear to her and sent her to gaol for one month, without the option of a fine. TUESDAY.—Before the Mayor and Chas. Hughes, Esq. DRUNKENNESS. Patrick Mahon was charged with being drunk and disorderly in High-street on Monday afternoon. He pleaded that he did not know what he was doing. Sergeant Dutton proved that the defendant was drunk at about half-past two, and came up High- street knocking up against the passengers on the footpath. He also put his arms round a young woman near the Town Hall. As this was the first offence, the bench only fined him 2s 6d and costs, altogether amounting to 6s, but cautioned him against appearing again. The money was immediately paid. WEDNESDAY.—Before T. C. Jones, Esq. (chairman) and Dr Davies. FRAUDULENT ENLISTMENT. A man passing under the aliaseof John Jenkins, and who wore the uniform of the 23rd Regiment stationed at Wrexham, was brought up in custody charged with making a false statement when enlisted. It appears that the man is married, and he must have said he was not, to be enrolled. Lieutenant Williams appeared to support the case, but as sundry papers relative to his past life have to be obtained from Ireland, the prisoner was formally remanded till Monday, at the Petty Ses- sions. MORE DRINK. Phillip O'Neile was brought up in the custody of P.C. Owen, under warrant, charged with drunken- ness on the 24th July last. He pleaded that he was drunk. P.C. Owen proved the case. At the time a sum- mons was taken out against the defendant, but he evaded it, and it was not till a day or two ago secured. As the prisoner had been convicted no less than ten times previously, the magistrates fined him 10s and costs. No time was allowed for payment, and the prisoner had not the money so he was sent to do" seven days. Ann Davis was charged with the same offence on Tuesday, at mid-day. She pleaded guilty. P.C. Williams proved this case, and said the defendant was coming up High-street drunk. He ordered her to be quiet, but she was the more abusive. She had only just come out of gaol, hav- ing been there for a similar offence at Llangollen. She had also been there two or three times pre- viously to that. The* magistrates retired for some mintes to con- sider this case, and on returning into court ordered the defendant to go to gael for a month with hard labour. The defendant received the sentence with a smile.








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