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------__-_-_-------_-THE WAR.




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j&arhtte. ) CORN. WHEXHAil, ThurEday.-The followmg were tne quota- tions:— White wheat (new) 9s Od tolOs 0d. Eed ditto (new) 9s Od to as 6d. Barley (grinding; 4s Od to is tid. Malting barley, 8s Od to 6s SKi. j Oats (provender 8dto4s 6d. Oats (seed u 0dto4s 6d. CHESTER, Saturday.—To-day's market was thinly attended, and the supply of grain from farmers was again small. Some few samples of new wheat (in fair condition) were sold at from Ss to 8s 6d for descriptions, and 8e 9d to 9s 3d for white. Very little old wheat on market. Old oats scaroe, and are 2d to 3d per bushel dearer. Beans steady at the quotations. Indian corn has advanced Is per 4801bs since last ¡ Saturday, with a fair demand. ifew. uia. j s. d. s. d. B. d. 8. d. ] Wheat, wkice, per 761b. 8 9 to 9 3 10 0 to la 3 | Ditto, red S 0 — 8 6 8 9 — 10 0 Barley malting, per 38qt. 0 0 — 0 0 0 0 — 0 0 Ditto, grinding, per «41b. 0 0 — 0 0 0 0 — 0 0 Vats, per 461b t) 0 0 0. 4 0 4 < Ileans, per SOlb 0 0 0 0. 7 6 7 9 Ditto, .Egyptian,per 460lb. 33 6 34 0 O 0 0 0 lnlian corn, feeu, per „ SO 0 30 6 0 0 0 0 SHREWSBURY, Saturday.-Whea.t: Old and good new has been sparingly offered, and has commanded extreme rates. Sprouted and bad conditioned new, of which is the bulk offered, remained unsold. Barley No new lots have yet been oiiered. That being now gathered is in good con- dition, but the colour will not be bright.—Current quota- tions > 8.11. a v White wheat, per 751bs 9 u to 10 4 Red wheat per 9 0 10 0 Barley, per as quart!- 0 C 0 0 Grin(!ug burley per 13 Lcore 1( lbs 0 0 0 0 Oau, per il score lbs 18 6 „ 26 0 Beam, ptr 11 ^ore 15 ibs 21 6 22 6 .Pea", pr 11 score lOlbs 18 0 19 0 Malt, per imperial uushel 0 0 „ 0 0 CORN AVERAGES. For the week ending Saturday Sept. 8th, The following are the quantities tin quarters sold and the price.i, this year and last year:- QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES. This ytar. Last year. This year..Last year. u d 8 d Wheat 19,598 49,137 60 6 46 8 Barley 4bo 2,i91 39 0 36 # Outs 1,72* 2,624 2ti 0 26 11 LONDON, Mouday.-Market strong. English wheat waS very firm line dry samples realised Is advance on the week, hut indifferent and damp samples were no dearer. Foreign Lquoted about Is dearer since last Monday. Flour steady A^id rather dearer en the week..Barley and maize sold at t>d more money. Uats realised firm rates. Beans and peas about Is dearer on the week. Winter tares sold freely at recent ad. vance. Canary seed somewiiat lirmer. Good black rape seed scarce and dearer to buy. Grass seeds exhibited an upward tendency. Arrival, Britiiii wheat, 5,524. barley, 524; oats, ti; maize, oiu; liour, IJ,iu4 qrs. foreign wheat, 64,248; barley, 345 oats, 111,578; maize, 5,740 flour, 3,93. sacks and 1,400 barreis. LIVE PPOOL, I,iesd.Ly.-At to-day's market, with a good attendance ot buyers, wheat met a steady demand at an ad. vauce oi Id upon tne rates of Friday, 2d to 3d per cental upon those of this day week. Klour was reported very active, and 6ack <kl to Is dearer. Oats Fine old were in request, common kinds neglected. In oatmeal there was new feature, Egyptian beans and Canadian peas improved, respectively, a furtner Is per quarter. Malt moved iu retail at its late ad- I-vauce. Bai-IL-y experienced no change. Indian corn, though scarcely as buoyant as yesterday, commanded, nevertheless, figures ranging Is 6d per 4S0lbs about the currencies ol Tuesday la-t. The following are the quotations :— WHEAT, per I00ii». s. d. s. d. BARLEY. per601b, «, d. s. d. English, red. 11 u 11 6 Scotch & Irish 3 9 4 6 „ white 11 6 12 0 Danubian a fl S g Irish, rted. C o 0 0 OATS, per 45 lb. 0 0 0 0, English & Scotch 4 0 4 3 U.S. No. 1 spring12 3 12 6 Irish, Mealing. Zi 8 3 11 No. 2 11 6 12 0 I 2d quality 3 6 S 7 12 4 12 10 Black & Tawny. 3 3 3 5 Wst white. 0 0 0 0 Black 0 0 0 0 Canadian white. 0 0 0 0 Foreign o 0 0 0 red, 12 3 12 fi OATMEAL.per 24ulb. !Danubi*n „ 8 9 9 9! Irish, new :>l 0 33 0 Califomian 12 9 12 11 I. C'OK.v, per#Soib. Chilian, white. 12 0 12 3j American, yel.& Chilian, white. 12 0 12 3j American, yel.& Egyptian 8 3 8 61 Mixed 29 0 2& 3 Oregon 13 2 13 5: E,rol)'ja yellow, 31$32 0 FLOCH, per 28ulbs, BEANS, per qr. English & Irish English, 43 046 Ú supenine 48 0 50 0 Scotch & Irish, Extra 51 0 55 0 per 4s., lb 32 6 36 6 French hue and EgyptL%u 32 y 32 ti superfine 47 0 d6 0 PEAS, ner Qr." Ohio, per barrel 0 0 0 0) Engash 0 0 0 0 Piiil&.Baltimre 0 0 0 0 Canadian. 0 0 0 0 Cauad u, sweet 31 0 31 6 MALT, per Imperial Extra 32 0 38 0 Quarter 0 0 0 0 DOix, Weduesdav.-Market ifxic,, weatiier tine. English wheat steady at late values. Foreign in some instances neld for more money, but little business doing. Flour fully as dear. Oats without change. Maiie again dearer to buy. Barley, beans, and peas firmly held. Foreign wheat, 18,34 o; barley, 1,010 oats, 33,060 qrs flour, 240 sacks. Maize nil. -Ko British arrivals. CATTLE. LONDON, Monday.—i he trade continues very quiet. Azy- tbjug below choice beasts met a slow aud heavy ;¡al," drooping prices. The demajid to-day ha6 been confined to the better descriptions, and on such a slight ka^s been realised, but a clearance was doubtful. A short supply of sheep, but trade was dull, and a redaction of 2d per stone had to be submitted from last Monday's rates. Cal»es realised more money. Pork steady. Beef, 4s tid to 6s mutton, t Ss 6d to 7s veal, 5s to 6s 4d pork, 4s to 5s 2d. There were at market-beasts 2,620 sheep, ".120 calves, 100; pics, 40 — f included in which were -i80 foreign beasts and 830 sheep. LIVERPOOL, Monday.—There was a large increase in supply of cattle and a falling- oil in the number of sheep and lambs, there being 3,222 beasts and 10,835 sheep and iambs. The demand was good for the best qualities middling and inferior a slow trade, and prices lower. There were about 250 American and Spanish oeasts on offer, most of the numerous. There were no diseased cattle in the market. Prices Best beasts, 8d to Sid; seoond ditto 6d to 71.-d sheep, 9d to lCd lambs, è to 10d. SALFORD, Tuesday.-Therc- were 8QO more beasts at market than last week, arid a slow trade in all classes, at d per Ib lower. 20o foreign beasts, principally Spanish, averaged 8d per lb. There were ,OOO sheep and lambs in excess of last week, which met a slow sale, at td to id per lb less money. A small show of calves, and trade ruled brisk, prices advancing fully id per lb. Beef, t; I to 8M. mutton 7d to 9fd; lamb, Sd to afd; veal, 7d to sfd per lb. GENERAL PRODUCE LONDON HOP MARKET, Monday.—New tons are now in moderate supply the quality is generally di=- appointing, they were selling very slowly. Fiae yearlings were scarce and wanted. i LONDON POTATO MARKET, Mondav.-Moderate busi- nesn done at the follow-zg rates --Kent resents 95s to 1008; Essex ditto, 86s to Ks kidneys, 80s to ICOs ly rose, 80s to 85s per ton. LONDON DEAD YEA: MARKET, Mcnday—There were fair supplies on offer, but trade was dull owing to the unfavourable weather. Beef, :;s to .s 4d; mutton, 3s 4d to w 4d veal, 5s 4d to il K, large pork, Us ba ro 4s Sd small ditto, 5s to 5s 4d pel" stone. MISCELLANEOUS. i WEEXH A.T«T.—THURSDAY. Butter'per ib. ot 18 oz.j Is -Ito Is oi towta (per couple) 3e 0d to 4 a Duclts per ooupw) od to .■ oi Ueese (per lb) 0g. 8d to 0s0d Turkeys (each) o!, od to w Od Dressed fowl each 2* Od to is 6d Potatoeslpe.- ezC 3 w 0s lod Beef (per ib.™^ S<J to llJia Mutton (per lb.) iui to lid Lamb (per J: ,w ud Pork (per lb., 8dto w | 'id to &<i Partridges per brace od to Od Salmon (per lb) Os Od I Damson (psr qsxt.) W j Eggs ;o to 11 tor a 6hiHiBf.