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CHURCHES. WREXHAM. Parish Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11 a.m. Eveni'if; Service at 6.30 p.m. W esh Bible Welsh Service at 0 p.m. Cemro union lirst Sunaay m the month at 11 a.m. second Sunday (in Welsh) at 9 :to.m.; third Sunday at 8 DO a.m. and 11 a.m.— eek-days. Morning Service on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.m.; Evening Servios, with a Sermon, every Wednesday Evening at ? p.m.; Shortened Evening Service, with. Bible Classes for Children, every Friday Evening at 7 Ladies' Bible Ctess every Tuesday at 3 p.m. The Sacrament of Baptism is administered at this Church at 4 p.m. every Sunday al the Wednesday and Friday Morning Services, and. at other times if required. The seats are all free and uuapprspriated. All the offertory col- lections are made from the whole congregation, ana are devoted to the repair and expenses of the Oharch, and the poor Rev David Howell,-vicar; Mr E. B. Simms, organist and choirmaster; Mr E. Lovatt, parish clerk. St. Mark's Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11 a.m.; We Deum Barnby; JubEate, Whitfeld; Aataern, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord ■God Almighty," from, Hymn ]35;; Hynm before Sermon, 2; Hymn after Sermon, 299. Evening Service at Magnificat and Wane Dimittis, Arnold; Anthem, Jewry is God known," Psalm K, v. 1,2, 3 Hymn before Sermon, 139; Hymn after Seriuorx, li. Celebration of the Holy Communion on the ftrst Sunday in every month at 8.30 a.m. second Sunday at 11 a m third Sunday at 10 a.m., other Sundays at 8.30a.m. and on the principal'Festivals of the Church at 8.30 a.m. xnd 11am Bible Classes, for men and womea, are ^ield at the Church at Sunday and a Public Catechising of the Sunday Schools at 3 p.m. on the first Sunday in every month —Week Bays. Morning Service -en all Holy lays (except when they occur on "Wednesdays or Fridays, when Divine Service is held in the Parish Church) at ] 1 a.m., and dailv during Lent. Service and Sermon every Friday Even- ine at 7 45 p m. during Lent and Advent. The seats are all free and unappropriated. The offertories are devoted to the expenses of the services, the repair of the Church, and the t>oor Organist and Choirmaster, Mr H. Bennett. St.' James's Church, Rhosddu.—Sundays. MorningService at 11 a m Evening Service at 6.30 p.BB. Holy Comiauiiion on the last Sunday in every month atl a.m. Sunday School at 9.45 a.m., and'2 30 p.m. Choir practice every Thursday at 7.30p.m'. Week Evening Services during Advent and Lent. Bersham School Church—Sundays. Evening Service at C 30 p m Holy Communion four times a year. Sunday School'at 2.30 p.m. Week Evening Services during Advent and Lent. Rhosnessney "School Church.—Sundays. Afternoon Service at 3 p.m. Sunday Schools.—A meeting of tlx- Sunday School Teachers is held at the Free School on the Monday Evening in every monthat 7.30 p.m,; and a Special Celebration of the Holy Communion once a quarter at the Parish Church. Visiting Association.—A meeting of the District Visiting Association is held at the Savings ThrllK on the second Monday Evening n each month at 7.30 p.m. BANGOR ISVCOED. Parish Ch»rch.—Sunday. Moraing Service st 11; After- noon Service at 3. The Holy Communion is administered on the la.st Sunday in each month, aud on the great Festivals, after the Morning Service. Sunday Schools at 10 a.m. and 2 pm Reotor, Rev. G. H. M-oGill; organ, the Misses McGill. Eyton School Chapel.—Evening Service on "Sunday at 6.30 the Rector of Marchwiel). BALA. Llajaycil—Welsh Service and Sermon at 10.30a.m. Christ CSaurch.—English Service and geriaos at 10.30 a.m.; Sunday School at 2 p.m.; English Service and Sermon at 3 15 p m • Welsh Service and Sermon at €.16 p.m. English Service on Saint days; Singing Class on Mondays at 7 p.m.; Service ajrd Sermon on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.; Bible Class on Fridays at p.m. > Adminiswationof the Holy Communion en the firsl and third Sundays in each month. BRYJKBO. St Mary's Church.—Sunday. Morning Service (in English et 10.30. Afternoon Service (in Welsh) at 3.15. Evening Service (in English) at of the Holy Communion on the tlrst and third Sundays iB the month and on Holy Days. Sunday Schools at 9 a.m. and 2 nm Singing Class on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m. Service on Wednesdays at 7.30p.m. Rev W. Jones, vicar; Rev W. P. James curate; Mr J. Mathias, orgaaiet; Messrs J. E. Barker' and J. Smith, churchwardens Messrs O. May, John Powell Richard Jones, and A'ariah sidesmen. Bwlc'hrwyn School Church,—Sunday, Morning Services,— Welsh at 10; and English at 11.30. Evening Service (in Welsh) at 6.30. Sunday School at 2.30 Bible Class OR Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Rev J. W. Jones, M.A., curate-in- ERBIStroCK. Karaite Praver daily at 8, except on Sundays and Holy Days, when it is at 11; Evening P™yer en Sunday at a 30 Holy Communion on the flrst Sunday m the month after Morning Service; on the Third Sunday at 8 a.m. HOLYWELL. Parish Church.—English Services are-hcld on Sundays at 11 a.m and 6.30 p.m.; Welsh Services at 9.4S and t. p.m. There k a Welsh Service on Mondays at 7 p.m., and an English Service at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays. Rev R. O. Williams, M.A., vicar Rev E. O. Williams, curate. LLANTTSILIO. Parish Church—Sundays. English Service at 3 p.m (3.30 from first of April to first of October), ateo^n the first Sunday in the month at 10.30 a.m., with celebration of Helv Com- munion. Welsh Service at 10.15 and 6 p.m. Holy Commu- nion on' ti»e third Sunday in the monU.—Rev J. S.Jones, V10ar' LLAN«0ELEN. Parish 'Church—Sunday. Matins at 10:30 a.m, Litany and Children's Service at 3.10 Evensoug at C. Sunday } school at 2 p.m. Holy Communion tvery Snnday and on Saints' Days at 6 a.m.: and on thefittt and third Sundays in each montii after the Morning Service. Daily Prayers at 8.4« a.m. and &p.m„ except on Wednesdays, when Evensong will be at 6 p.1Il. St John's Church (Welsh).-»Sunday. Morning Service at 10.30. Evesiine Service at 6. Sloly CoffiKunion on the first Sunday in each month after the Morning Service. Week day Service on Thursdays at 7 p.m. St Mary's Eglwyseg(Welsh).—Sunday-School at 10.0a,m. Afternoon Service at 2.30. Holy CoauMunion on the last Sunday in«wh month, when the Mornmg fceryice will be at 10 30 with ;Holy Communion. Sunday Scaool at 3.o0 p.m. Prayer Me«t*ng at 6 p.m. W«ok-day Service on the Friday next before-ihe Holy Communion at 7p.ni.; a Preparatory ¡ Meeting. ) St Davids, Fron —Sunday. I £ uglisdi-«ewice at 11 a.m Sunday School it 2 p.m. Litany and Children « Service at 3.15 p.m. Welsh Service at 6 p.m. Holy Communion on the second Sunday in each month after, the Mornmg Service. Berwyn Maasicn Room.—Sunday School at £ p.m. The serving Ministers are—The Rev E. Rhjs Jsmes, B.D., vicarfat tfie Vicarage; the Rev fflenry D. Morgan, B.A at Mr Price's, chentist, Bridge-street.; the Rev Richard Bowcott, R A at Mr ECwardsVlJonfectioner, Castle-street; the Rev William Davies, B.A.j^SI Mr ftroushton Janes', plumber, Market-street. MINEUA. St Mary's Parish Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at I 11 a.m. Afternoon" (Welsh) at 3.46 p.m. Evaniug Service, 6 30 p m Wednesday Evening, 7 pjm. Holy Ccmmunio!J in English 'on the fiW; Sunday in every month. -Sunday School at 2 p.m. Clergy, Rev J. WiWiawa, vicar; Rev J. Thomas, curate. Organist and choirmaster, Mr J. WilliaoES. Coedpoeth Iron Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at ;10.30 Evening Service at 6 pan. Holy Comrriumou (Welsh) on the second Sunday in the month, and in English <,n the fourth. Sunday School at 2 pjE. Weekdays.- Friday, et 7 p.M, y MALPAS. pariah Church.—Sundays. Mor«rn^ Prayer at 10.30. Litany at 11 a.m Communion Service with Sotmon and Cekebratiou of the Holy Communion aA n..t:5 a.m. above serwicesare said together, and commeueeJtt 10.30. The hours for the several services are given as nearly aa possible, for the convanience of those who for any reason aaay be prevented rom attending the whole of the sejvk>ef,,«r wish U. atten one of more only. Litany, Baptisms, and Sermon Ilt2:0 p.m Eventnc Praver and Serman at 6.30 Rec, Rev C. W. Cox and tfas Hon the Rev. W. Trevor Kenyon. Organic, Mis Daiiily. Choirmaster, Mr A. D. Cailcott. CARTON. ParUh Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at H. Hveuing Service at 6. Celebration ot the Holy Commuaion on the lirst Sunday in the month aS the Morning bemee. LHaay, Churchines, and Baptisms, at 3 p.m., on the first Sunday in the montb. Rector, Rev H, Mackenzie; organist, Mrs Battereby. OSWESTRY. Parish Church.—There is service in this Church on SBiidavs ilJ.O services hr-ld daily at 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. ■ ana on Thurs- days at 7.30 p m. The new edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern is used.—Sunday. Early celebration of the Holy Communion at 8 a.m. Morning Prayer at 11: Venite, j Keiway in D Psalms, Goss in E, Diepin in B flat; Te Deum, Wesley in G; Jubilate, Ouseley in E; Hymns, 224, %14, and 235 Afternoon Service at 3.30 p.m (Special service used): Evening Service at 6.30 p.m.: Glorias, Ouseley in E Magni- ficat, Langdon in F; Nunc Dimittis, Hayes in E; Hymns, 431, and 252.—Rev W. Howell Evans, vicar; Mr G. Irane, organist. poNTBLYDDYN. Christ Chnixsh.—Sundays. Morning Senate at 10.30: After- coon Serrice at 3.15; Evening Service (in Welsh) at 6.30.- Wednesdays Welsh Service at 7 p.m. Leeewood National School—Sundays. J," SenriceCitt flngUA; at 6.a«.—Fridays. Bible Class at 7 r.m. { PwtMyd&w Sfctie&ftl S'^l.-Tbursdayij. l;j¡ .t RUTHIN. St. Peter's Church.—Snnday. New edition Hymns Ancient and Modern are sung. Morning Service at 11. Responses, Rimbault; Venite and Gloria tri, Battishill; Te Deum, Helmore; Jubilate, Rimbault; Creed, Cruse; Hymn, 808; Kyrie and Doxology, Gounod Hymn before Sermon, 365. Evening Service at 7: Responses, Rimbault; Gloria Patri, Bar- row; CaHtate, Bennett; Deus Misereatur, Barnby; Creed, Cruse; Hymn after Third Collect, 210; Hymn before Sermon, 248; Hymn after Sermon, 236 Miss Edwards, organist; Mr Lloyd, choirmaster. ■RHYL. Trinity Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at 9.45 Even- ing Service at 6.30; Bible Class at 2.30 p.m.—Thursday. Evening Service at 7. The above services are in Welsh. There is an English service at 11.15 a.m., at which all the sittings are free. St. Thomas' Church.-Sunday. The Hymn Book used at this Church is that published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. There is a rehearsal of Church music every Sunday after the Evening Service. All the sittings un- occupied after the commencement of the service are free. Mr F. Wrigley, organist. Yale-road Schoolrooms.—Sundays. Bible Class in the Afternoon at 2.15. Wellington-road Schoolrooms.—Sundays. Bible Class in the Afternoon at 2.15. Clwyd-street Schoolrooms.—Sundays. Bible Class in the Morning at 9.45, and ia the Afternoon at 2.30. RUABON. Parish Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11; Even- ing Service at 6.30; Welsh Service at 3.30 p.m. Baptisms at 4.30 p.m. Holy Communion at the Morning Service on the Srst Sunday in the mouth, and on the great festivals.—Week- days. Evening service and Sermon on Wednesdays at 7 and during Advent and Lent, Morning Prayer on Fridays at 11. There is a rehearsal of the Church music for the following Sunday after the Sunday Evening Service; also, a singing practice after every Wednesday Evening Service. The Hymn Book used isHymns Ancient and Modern." Sunday Schools Rev E. W. Edwards. M.A., vicar; Rev Stephen Thomas, B.A., curate; Mr Sparrow, organist and choirmaster; Mr R. Lloyd, parish clerk. Bryn School-Church.—Sundays. Morning Service at 11 a.m. Holy Communion on the third Sunday in the month. WYNNSTAY. Wynostay ChapeL-Sundays. Evensong at 3-30, and Sun- day School at 2.30 p-M. The Rev Studholme Wilson, M.A., private chaplain Mr Sparrow, organist (aad private organist to Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart.,


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