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RUTHIN THE MARKET.—There was a very small market on Monday. Butter sold at Is 5d to Is 6d per pound, and there was a good supply. MISS BRADWYN'S CaNCERT3.-0n Tuesday next Miss Bradwyn gives two grand concerts at Ruthin the one in the morning takes place at the Castle, by permission of the Lord-Lieutenant and Mrs West, and at which there will no doubt be a large attendasce of the elite of the neighbourhood. The evening concert will be held in the assembly room. The list of patrons in Ruthin is large, and no doubt the attendance will be correspondingly large. The artistes are the same as took part in the Denbigh concerts, and are all singers of ability. We doubt not Miss Bradwyn's appearance at Ruthin will be a thoroughly successful one. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. MONDAY.—Present: Mr John Jones, in the chair J Messrs John Hughes, W. Pickstone, David Griffiihs, Daniel Roberts (Llanfair), H. Edwards (Llanferras), Thomas Williams (Llangwfan), and the dark, Mr R. H. Roberts. Mr Murray Browne, Local Government I Board inspector, was present at the board meeting. THE SANITARY COMMITTEE was to have sat for the discussion of one or two important matters, but no busi- ness could be transacted, as only one member was pre- sent. FINANCE.—No call due ■ out-relief for the past fort- night, per Thomas Griffiths, £ 66 15s. per W. H.Jones, £ 43 12s cheques to be drawn For Griffiths, £ 65, for Jones, £4:0. The balance in the hands of the treasurer was £1,655 0" Id. Y A SHARP PAUPER —The Clerk reported that at the last meeting of the guardians it was ordered that pro- ceedings be taken against Edward Gdfilh, Prior-street, for neglecting to support his mother. This had been ordered once before, but as soon as the orders were made the woman took herself off the books, to prevent the guardians being able to prosecute her son. She now applied for relief again, but the board had decided to I offer her the workhouse. WHO SHOULD PERFORM VACCINATION.—The following letter was read:—" Sir,—I am directed by the Local Government Board to state that they have received a report from their inspector, Dr laall, made after his recent inspection of public vaccination in the Huthin Union, from which it appears that Mr Jenkins, public vaccinator of the Ruthin district, has continued to em- ploy unqualified assistants in the performance of public vaccination, notwithstanding his assurance to the guardians on the occasion of Dr Blaxall's former inspection, when similar irregularity was brought under the guardian's notice, that such practice should be discontinued. Dr Blaxail was unable to ascertain how much of the vaccination had been done in this way; as all the cases in Mr Jenkins* register were initialed as having been vaccinated by himself. It also appears that the register has been incorrectly kept in other respects, and that the entries in columns 8, 10, and 13 have not been properly made, although Dr Blaxail on his former in- spection specially noted in the register the manner in which the several columns should be filled in. I am directed to request that the guardians will call upon Mr Jenkins for a written explanation of these irregularities, and that a copy may be forwarded to the board. I am to point out that the guardians cannot legally pay for any vaccinations which have not been performed in accordance with the vaccination contract and the regula- tions of this board or the particulars of which have not been duly entered in the vaccmation register.—Signed, J. R. Rotton, assistant secretary."—The Clerk reported that he had forwarded a copy to Dr Jenkins, who had sent in the following explanation :—" In reply to the communication of the Local Government Board, I beg to say I regret much the irregularities in my vaccination register. With regard to my unqualified assistant, he has vaccinated a few cases in my surgery since Dr Blaxall's previous visit, but I have always been present and vaccinating too; he bas also vaccinated three cases at the Workhouse, but since it was forbidden be has not onqe gone to the district stations nor vaccinated in any I other cases. My son, who is partly qualified and who holds his vaccination certificate, assisted me in April last during his vacation. I beg to observe that my assistant has been with me nearly twenty years, and is thoroughly up to vaceinating. With regard to the colnmns 8, 10, and 13, I have continued to fill them as of old. I repeat my great regret at the irregularities, but in future I hope to return them correct in every particular.—I am, dear sir, yours faithfully, J. R. Jenkins."—It was agreed that a copy of this explanation be forwarded to the Local Government Board for their considera- tion. INORBABBD HALF-YEARLY CALL.—The Clerk submitted particulars of the call to be made on the parishes in the Union for the half-year ending 2oth March—Abjr- wheeler £134:, Clocaenog Derwen £118. Efen- echtyd £56, Gyf!JItiog £110, Llanarmon £3M, Llanbadr £as, Llandegla £60, Llandyrnog £216. Llanelidan £210, Llanfair JE316, Llanfwrog £226, Llangwfan £1)0. Llan- ganhafel £).32, Llanrhaiadr £596, Llanrhydd £150, Llanyehan Llanynys £362, Llanferraa £122, Nantglvn £18, and Ruthin Thus the total call is .£,866, divided into four instalments, due the 19th October, 16th November, 28th Decembe and 9th of February. The Clerk explained that it exceeded the or.U for the Ifelf-year, twelva months ago. by jEtOO. That. doe to the fact that they needed 50 foe the purchase of a field and nearly £100 for educational purposes. Reallv he ought to have increased the call by another £150, but there would be some slight reduction in the out-door relief, which would enable him to make it only an increase of £500, Twelve months ago the call was STATE OF THE HOUSE.—The Master reported that there were in the hou?e 73 paupers, as compared with 75 in the corresoondiag week last, year; 39 vagrants had been relieved.