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Horal WriDS. WREXHAM DEANERY CHURCH ASSOCIATION.— The next chapter meeting will be held at the Savings Bank, Wrexham, on Tuesday, October'2nd, at four o'clock, p.m. THE CHORAL FESTIVAL of the Wrexham Deanery Choral Union is to take place on Tuesday next in the Parish Church when Archdeacon Morgan will preach. We hope there will be a large congregation as the Union is deserving of every encouragement. CHESTER RIFLE PRIZE MEETING.—This meeting took place on the Sealand range, about two miles from Chester, on Thursday andEwday in last week. The targets and conditions were Wimbledon, 1877. In the "all-comers' competition, five shots at 200 and 500 yards, Corporal H. Jones (1st D.R.V) made 43 points—the highest being 45—and took the seventh prize, £1. JURY LISTS.-—The lists of persons liable to serve as jurymen for the current year were fixed on the church doors on Sunday week, and will be exhibited for another Sunday, in order that the ratepayers who are sixty and upwards, and other persons exempted, may claim exemption by applying to the parochial authorities to have their names removed. Unless they exercise the right the inhabitants will have to attend when summoned, notwithstanding they are beyond the specified age. CHANGE EINGING.—On Monday evening last the Society of Change Ringers of Wrexh £ m rang on the Parish Church bells 2,520 Grandsire Tripks, con- ducted by Mr E. Rowland, and they rang them in one hour and forty minutes. The ringers were :— Treble, Charles Rogers; 2, R. W. Evans, 2; 3, Joseph Edisbury; 4, Thomas Baylev; 5, Edward Bethell; G.Thomas Roberts; 7, Edward Rowland tenor, James Kendrick. This was the society's first half peal. EXCURSION ON THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. —The excursion season is now drawing to a close ind the travelling public will soon loose the advan- tages of cheap trips to the seaside and other places. The last excursion to Weymouth will be run to-day, illowing a stay there on the Channel Islands (if iesired) of seventeen days. On Monday week an jxcursion will run to Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath, Bridgwater, Taunton, Exeter, Tor- quay, Plymouth, Truro, Ealmouth, Penzance, and )thu stations on the South Devon, Cornwall, and tVest Cornwall Railways, allowing a week's stay. Dn the same day there will bean excursion (return- ng on Sept. 21st) to Birmingham and London. 1 THE AAMCULTUEAL Snow AT D^XBIGH.—The railway companies have ari'acged to give special facilities to those desirous of attending this .show at Denbigh next, Wednesday. THE SEWAGS FARM.—-On- Tuesi"<v b.sh, IL ifody- weno Sewage Farm and the new man..re works were visited by the French Consul resident at Liver- pool, for the purpose of reporting thereon to his Government. STANSTY SCHOOL BOAID.-As three candidates only have been nominated for this board, which consists of live memoers, the returning officer, Mr J. Oswell Bury, has notified to the Department and received their reply, which directs that he will on the day fixed for the election, 17r.h inst., publish a list of the three persons nominated, and transmit a copy of the same to the Department, on receipt of whiVii My Lords" will communicate with the clerk of the board (Mr John Jones) respecting the filling up ot the vacancies of the board. Miss BEECH'S M.FTIRIAOJE.—The following is a list of the presents omitted in last week's- Guar- dian Mr and Mr T. II. Jones and Mr and Mrs Brigoht-Chilla ùe¡,¡s8rt st'rviCLJ. Mr Lay born-Fan, croiim-coloured satin, and black ostrich feathers. Mr aud Mrs Humphreys—Photograph stand for table in purple velvet. Air Edi.-iloury-Perfiirii, Mrs Edwards—alt cellars. Tbe Misses Poyser—Photograph album. Mrs Godfrev-OrtiLwoutal chmaiaatch box. Mrs Ward—Claret jug. Mr and Mrs G. Blissett—Silver cake basket. Mrs Patterson—Prayer Book. William Edwards—Glass buiter dish. Mrs Pugh—Blue glass vases. THE PROPOSED TESTIMONIAL TO MR PHILLIP YORK E.-Yester(lay (Friday) morning, the com- mittee for carrying out the arrangements in con- nection with the presentation of a testimonial to Mi- Phillip Yorke, of Erdditr, cn the occasion of his marriage, met at. the Guildhall under the presidency of the Mayor (Mr Alderman Beirne). There were also present :—the Rev. D. Howell, vicar Mr Tench, Or Burton,' Captain Godfrey, and Messrs E. Smith, Y. Stracimn, Pryce-Jones, T. Williams and the hon. secretary, Mr J. W. M. Smith. Mr Scotcher, jeweller and silversmith, High-street, at- tended with an handsome silver epergue and candel- abrum which had been ordered by the committee, of the value of about GO guineas. It was stated that Mr and Mrs Phillip Yorke were expected to return home on Tuesday next, and it was decided that the hon. secretary should wait upon Mr Yorke on Wednesday morning to know when it would be convenient for him to receive the testimonial. It was also resolved that the presentation should be made at a luncheon at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, together with an iilumiuated address the draught- ing of which was entrusted to the Town Clerk. The committee then adjourned tiliWedneJHay afternoon, when it is hoped the liaal arrangements will be made. WREXHAM BOAlm CF GUARDIANS.—The usual weekly meeting or the board was held on Thursday, when there were present Captain Grimth-Boscawen (chairman), Mr A. W. Edwards (vice-chairman), Li.jut.-Colonel White, and Messrs J. H. Ffoulkes, J. Burton, R. O. Burton, J. D. Beard, Maurice Hughes, J. LL Thomas, E. Rowland, S. T. Bauyh, J. Beale, W. Joaes (Brytnoo). The Clerk read a letter which he had received from Mr h. T. Brown, hon. secretary of the training ship Clio," for Norti- Wales, city of Chester, and border c-jimties, stating thattliey did admit boys other than those com- mitted by the justices under the Industrial Schools Act, but only on payment of £ 20 per annum, as per enclosed amended circular. His former circular was, therefore, null and void, as they could not take boys from boards of guardians on the terms therein mentioned.—Colonel White said the Ciio" was called the only industrial school between Bristol and Glasgow," so it was not a training ship at all. —The Clerk stated that X20 a-year was twice the amount it costs to keep a boy in the workhouse. An estimate for the furnishing of the new schools, auiouutiug to = £ 150, was presented and passed. The number of inmates for the past week was given as 248, corresponding week last year 217, last week 244; vagrants, G3; imbeciles, 36; chools-boys 2G, girls 31; receiving industrial training—boys 8, girls 13. THE VOLUNTEER COMPETITION AT WYNNSTAY.— The proceedings in connection with this competi- tion not concluded when we went to press last week. After luncheon there was a variety of athletic sports, including fiat races, walking races, high jump, and the H tug of war," the competition being open to every efficient member of the battalion. The stewards were Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart, M.P., Major West, Captain Yorke, Captain Adams, Captain Lloyd Williams, and Captain and Adjutant Conran. Starter, Lieutenant Angher, 2ud Denbigh; judge, Lieutenant Evan Murris, Wrexham, the results were as fullerw:- 120 yards flat raoo—1st heat. Private Jones. Wrexham 2nd heat, Corp I. Benhigton, Kaaliou; 3rd heat, Private 11. Edwards, Wrexham 4th host, Private Bowen, Ruabon; 0th hnat, Private Jewiit, "Wrexham 6th heat. Private Slawson, Wrexham. Final lieat. 1st, Private H. Edwards, Wrexham 2ud, Private Boweii, Huaboii; Private J owitt, Wrexham. High jump. First Y, I second 10s.—Private Jewitt, Wrex- ham, 1st Private rf. Davies, Wrexham :!¡;d. TeG OF WAU-TEN MEN EACH SIDE. 1st heat—Gworsy'.lt beat Llangollen. :ind" 1st Denbigh beat 2ud tiquad Wrexham. I*, I Cliirk beat Kuabon. 4th iztitiiiii I)Cat kvr,!Nllam. r'1 h icuiiiiu :>eat Chirk. Cth Gwer.-yllt beat Denbigh. 7Lh Gwersylit beat lluthiu. Sir Watkin being much pleased at the manner in which the 2nd Denbigh Volunteers (Ruabon) went through the evolutions, and the complimentary terms in which the inspecting officer spoke of them, said he thought they were worthy of a prize, and 1 stated his intention to send them a cup when he next weufc up to London. The announcement tvas received with cheers by the iiuabomtes. The result uf the day's proceedings highly delighted tha e Wrexham company, who, on their return to town, carried Sergeant-Instructor Jones through the streets on their shoulders. Proceeded by the band, which played See the conquering hero comes," they repaired to the Old Swan Inn. Abbott-street, and drank out of the cup. Hundreds followed the proeession, and not a little amusement was created at the spectacle of Sergeant Jones on the shoulders of two men. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE.—A meeting of this committee was held on Wednesday, when there were present: Alderman Jones, chairman; Aider- men Beale and Owen; and Councillors Shone, Lloyd, and Baugh.—The surveyor presented n plan of the two fields purchased by the Corporation, laid out in lots for sale, for building purposes. Mr Shone pointed out that this plan/so far as related to the first field, was in direct contravention of the course taken hitherto, in accordance with the pro- posai made by himseif and adopted by the Council, when they appointed a new streets committee. The proposition was that the land in the second field only should be sold. The Town Clerk said at the last meeting of the Council, at which Mr Shone was not present, the proposition was enlarged so as to include the two fields in the plan. Mr Shone made a further explanation, and said it seemed to him that advantage had been taken of his absence to overthrow the work of the committee and carry out Mr Lloyd's plan in toto. If they did so they would be committing a very great blunder. Mr j Lloyd said it was not his plan he had never seen ti it before. Considerable discussion followed, and it was decided to defer the matter to a special meet- ing.—Mr J. Llewellyn Williams reported that there had been during the past month 25 births, 12 males and 13 females, being at the rate of 30 per thou- sand. Thirteen deaths had occurreed, which at approximate census of the borough for the present month, which was exactly 10,01)0, was at the rate of 156 per thousand per annum, the rate in the corresponding period of 18;6 being 23. There had been seven deaths of children under 12. Attention was called to the sanitary state of a house in Tuttle- street, belonging to Mr Cross, and occupied by a person nam^d Kelly. Mr Higgins added"that the case was a very bad oue, and he had also to com- plain of overcrowding in the same house.—Mr Higgins reported that the receipts from the Smith- field were:—August 16th, £ 9 16s Id; Septemb-ri 6th, £ 9 10s lid. The Chairman called attention I) a disparity in the number of animals sold by Mr P. Lloyd as given by him in the local press and as paid for to the collector. Mr Higgins said he had written to Mr Lloyd, applying tor the difference, 6s Id, between the number paid for and that given, to which he had replied that he wished he might get it." In reply to Mr Lloyd, the inspector said he was satisfied that Mr Frank Lloyd paid for all the animals really sold. After some discussion, the matter dropped. A letter was read from Messrs Bajdey and Bradley, Advertiser Office, stating that having made internal alterations in their office, they did not intend building on the ground which the award of Mr Horatio Lloyd had given them, until the expiration of their present lease, and wished to know .whether the Council would recognise their right to build up to the boundary liue then, or wnether they would be required to j fence it in, in order to preserve'the right.—Mr' Alderman Owen thought they had better leave the matter on the award.—Mr Shone, however, thought that it would only be courteous to send a written reply to the letter, saying the Council would abide by the award and he a.oved a. resolution that this be done.—The Towh Clerk said he thought Mr Bradley woYiid be satisfied if he saw him and told him verbally that the Council would not take Of Mr Owen proposed that • the communication be verbal,'as suggested by the Town Clerk, and this being seconded by,Mr Alder- man Beale, was by three to-two.—-Xo o.thcr business of interest came before the meeting. 1ST. D.U.V.—The annual rifle competition for this company will take place at the Erddig H.ange, on Tuesday next. ° BIDDINGS AND RECITALS.—On Monday evening' Mr Gastavas Kiibngworth will give his dramatic readings and recitaiy from Shakespeare," in the Public Hail.—On Wednesday- and Thursdav Ih?xt m the same room, Mr B. Sheridan, of the Prince of Wales s Theatre. Warrington, will apr>ear in the play of East Lynne and •< The Factory Girl." He has immense tr;ig:e powers and is said"to be a. vcy clover burlesque actor. THE VOLUNTEEKS AT ALDERSIIOT.—The follow- ing report has been received by Lieut.-Coicn.-l Sir W. W. Wynn from Colonel Vickers:- 2nd City of London Ritles, 1J, Barolo-tt Buildrass, Holbom C-rcu; have the honour to inform you wi:h re-a-d To the contingent from your regiment, which formed parr of the l'rovisional Battalion my command at Aldershot, 4th to 11th of Augiwv that I was very much pleased with their teaul"e?3' and discipline. The officers, Cantain Lionel W ilhams, Lieuts. Morris. T. B. Williams, and Eooerts, gave ma every support and discharged their duties to my satisfaction. Riajor-Greueral Hon. 1<\ Thesiger, C.B.. who the battalion, e^ressed JiHii V exceptional steadiness in comuaiiy drill shown by uoth companies.—1 have the honour to be sir, your obedient servant, CUTIIBERT TICKERS, Lieut.-Col. 2ND C.R.Y. The Officer Commanding- 1st A.B. Denbigh Eifle Volunteers, Kuabon, September 7, 1S77. MR BRANDRAM'S SHAKESPERIAN RECITALS On Tuesday evening, a large and respectable audience assembled at the Town Hall, Wrexham, to near Mr S. Brandram, M.A., give one of his celebrated Shakesperian recitals, the play selected hnno- "Tho Merchant of Venice.' Thl cLir was takeuVsk R. d. Cunliffe, Bart. Those who expected a treat on this occasion were not dissappoiuted. A3 a feat 0: memory alone, putting aside for the moment the rapid cnanges of voice, attitude, and expression it is simply marvellous and when we remember ti'iat Mr -tfrandram llas stored in his capacious memory other plays of the great dramatist our wond-r and admiration arc increased. After hü. ving hecu-d tnis gentleman's admirable rendering of Shakespeare's masterpieces, we shall find n, new and peculiar interest iu The Merchant of Ynwe." One will learn toadmiie more the lovely Portia, as witty as beautiful, who delivers her lovers friend from the clutches of Shylock the Jaw the noble disinterestedness of Antouia, the merchant, in con- senting to be bound by such a hard bond for the sake of his tnend; while the usurious and vindictive Israelite will be far more vividly impressed upon our memory utter hearing the masterly pourtrayal of his character by Mr Brandram. Th» sparkling- wit and humour which ran through the whole composition flashed forth from the rapid dialoug-es. and these the reciter gave with so much ease and fidelity that Iiie various characters appeared to live and breathe before the audience. We truct as the chairman hinted at the close of the recitation, that Mr Biandraih will be induced to re-visit Wresham at no distant period; and we can promise him as good an audience as that which listened whim with so much erat ill cation on Tuesday evening.