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WREXHAM RURAL SANITA{Y AUTHORITY. On Tuesday morning- a monthly meeting of the members of the Rural Sanitary Authority v. as held at the board-room at the Union Workbou3, Wrex- ham, Captain Griffith-Boscawen presiding; t I ere were also present Messrs J. Burton, J. Thujas, M. Hughes, Gomer Roberts, E. B. Samuel, B. Davies, and the clerk, Mr J. Oswell Bury. The minutes of the last meeting were real and confirmed, after which the question of the CONSTRUCTION OF NEW DRAINAGE was considered. The Chairman: Mr Shone has come to give us some information respecting the letter from Mr James, the town clerk, with regard to the drainage of a portion of the Urban Sanitary District through a part of which the contemplated Rural Sanitary sewer will have to pass. Mr Shone: I do not know that I have much to say about the letter, but I would remind you that the plans of the proposed sewer were pissed during the time of the previous Sural Sanitary Authority, and this drainage of the urban ground has cropped up since, and it creates difficulties. The Town Clerk says he will have to make arrangements with Colonel and that gentlemm is wiling, I believe, under certain conditions, which are not yet defined, to comply with the request of the authorities with regard to the sewage matter. But I would respectful iy submit that the better plan would be for this board to carr) out the scheme as it was originally intended for the drainage of Bhosddu and Ehcsneasney; and besides those places, it will drain portions of the Urban Sanitary ground which are not at present covered over with buildings, but which soon will be, and then the Urban Sanitary Authority will come to the Kural Sanitary Authority tor permission to connect drains of that district with its main sewer, and that will b.; the tiuit? for this board to negotiate wiih resteer tu the cost of the-construction of the sewer, ani you can then recoup yourselves for any out. v. i -•! <i see thr-t the Orban Authority are arxious t ■ incur no more ojpense than they can help- to r"piy to the Chairman, Mr Shone said that Mrs Whim 's Orphan Home could be drained into the proposed sev. er; also a house at the corner of Chester-ro.Mil. The C'.nirniiin If we go to the expense of con- structi"'g riain drains without getting a guarantee from the Urban Sanitary Authority, that they will contribute to the expense, we shall find we are not 3001., t, prevent them connecting without paying apyf I-)ip.i? tow ai ds the cost of constiuction. Mr Sh^i'e: The connections cannot be formed ■without your s .Taction. The Chairman; They will pay something for connect m g, hut w ill not contia ou t e tiny 11: mg towards the -f outlay.. Mr Shone: There may ;.t:mately be many houses which will drain into the sower, but the const rue' ion of the Sevver not be held in abev- ance until then. The Chairman? There art two ov three houses in the bov'M' 'h that should he drained into it, and I think ilu-tlm mediately there will be three or four more, and ultimately there will be a large number built V that part, therefore the Urban Authority should, I think, contribute to Tards the outlay. Mr Shone: As soon an the Lrban Sanitary Au'horUy see thjt thc-y have enough property to enable them to dc, they will be called upon to do so. and will recoup you anything that you spend in making th:.t port ion of the drainage system which j; theviequaet<'u;.e. I « whaiiman The schenie is a very expensive < on? i. the meantime all the expense would fall mi tow.ifhips effected by the alterations, there- t'ore it is to see how far the Urban Sanitary Authority would recoup the Rural Sanitary c Authority. 1 Mr Shone Before this scheme can be perfected, [' to receive the sanction of the Local Government c 1' ;'oi 11, property will increase in the u -t 'i1 necessary for the'.n to -t t ■' drains with your sewer. There seems now t > b » a •JcuIIn '.vlth Colonel Jones in the matter. The Chaii'inau: That is it. T i • not vu My idea of what they will pay, tlx • • ney do o v they will not pay anything. Hr Shone remarked that the c >ri or c.oiv. Jones had been received for wi¡¡J The Chairman: I think the V t'l'ivi v shotP undertake to pay something. Mr Shone I take it that they will be obliged to do so before they can connect thdr drains >vi h your sewer. The Chairman: Then why will they not make an arrangement at once for connecting tii lr diM'ii- with the main sewer? Mr Shone: The expenses in connection with the Urban Sanitary Authority are heavy enough, and they do not see their way to incurring any ad- ditional expense. The Chairman: And so we cm m ke precisely ii similar excuse. The Clerk: Can Mr Shone End out wh Ü propor- tion of the expenses will be barne by the Urban Sanitary Authority? Mr Shone: If you mean the Urban Sanitary Authority should pay for the drain so far as it runs by their property, it will cost about £;,00. The Chairman They should pay a quota as they will benefit by it. Mr Roberts Could they demmd to connect their drains with our sewers withou' paying the fuM amount according to the rateable value of the pro perty which was benefitted? The Chairman I do not think we could prevent their connecting their drains; but they might only pay the expense of connecting the drains with the sewers, and I think should bear a part of the cost of the general construction. Mr Roberts: Will they pay in proportion to the rateable value of the property drained into the sewer? The Chairman: Well, you will see, Mr Shone, what they will do, for I do not see that it is right for the Rural Sanitary Authority to bear the whole cost of construction. Mr Shone As soon as they want to connect the drains with your sewer you can demand payment ot the cost thereof. The Chairman: Yes, you say they will pay for connecting the drains, bu1: they should bear a por- tion of the original outlay Mr Shone: They will have to connect their drains with your sewer, for it will never do for them to connect them with the town sewers. The Chairman: Just so; and let us know what they will pay before we begin. Mr Shone: I have here several times on this matter, and I feeling we are as far from doing anything as when we stvted. The urban body is a difficult one to deal widi (laughter), and they do not see why the Rural S mitary Authority, having undertaken to do something which runs through a part of their district, shmklcall upon them to bear any part of the cost thereof. They will be saved considerable expense by drain- ing here, and they ough: to pay something. It was then agreed th .t Mr Shone should estimate the probable cost of construction, and calculate the portion which should be borne by the Urban Sanitary Authority. Mr Davies: It is very shabby of the Urban Authority. The Chairman: Well, I think so, for there are several houses that want drainage there badly, the owners of which would be glad to unite the drains with the sewer. MR GLEXNIE'S REPORT. The report of Mr Glennie. the engineer, stated that with respect to the Rhosrobin district, levels had been taken, and full particulars thereon would be laid before the next meeting. Sir Watkin Wil- liams Wynn, Bart., M.P., had been waited 0"), and he was willing to sell some land for the purposes of the Cefn drainage scheme for £121 4s 3d, the ex- tent thereof being half-an-acre. It was thought by all present that the price quoted was rather high. and, i.fter a desultory con- versation, it was agreed that the Chairman and the Clerk should wait upon Sir Watkin. asking for a further red e tion in the price of the land. SANITARY STATE OF RUABON. Mr Wm '"Ofltsmedical offieer of health of the Ruab n ciist rict, eported during last month a total disajjpeaivw '• Ce o/zymotic ois^ases, which he attri- buted to the ^rjying out of the recommendations eouta;ned in hIS 1-ist report. During the week end oil" the lth ult., not one death occurred in the iistriet, which was an exception for the la.st thirty >ears. The ample sut ply of good water and a rrt'e se of the same evuieatly conduced greatly to blit.g about the favourable state of health of the The numbers of deaths recorded during 'he month were (I. making the death-rate at 13*32 per 1 000 of the p riulntion The report was received, the Chairman remarking hat it snowed a very satisfactory state of affairs. SANITARY INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Cluk then read the Sanitary Inspector's The report of Mr Hugh Davies, sanitary inspector, detailed a large number of nuisances as • •xisting 111 the Rhos and Ruabcn districts, and died attention to the necessity for having a of severs carried out in Brymbo parish. Speei'.i attention was called to a want of proper privy accommodation on property belonging to Sir vV. W Wynn. He said that 'Ruabon, on the ho e, in proportion to its size, and the number of i:s inhabitants, stands in greater need of a system o; sewers to carry away the filth therefrom than ny ether part of the district.' Nothing had been ■ lone concerning suo plying Bwlchgwyn and Pentre B lis with The secretary of the Cefn Water- works Company desird to know when a guarantee is to be given the n for supplying water to the Penyhryn district, Ruabon, as the work will be ■lone as soon as the reply of the authority is received." The Chairman said that as difficulties had arisen :ib. ut the sewage, and ;;s the report referred to a Efficiency in privy accouimodation on certain pro- o-rtj at. Ruabon, it would be well if Mr Owen Wynne were communicated with on the matter. It was unanimously resolved that the suggestion o: the chairman should be carried out. The Ciei k then read the report upon the SANITARY CONDITION OF WREXHAM. The report of Dr Davies, for the Wrexham district, showed that during the past month there had been an almost entire absence of zymotic disease in any form, the only exceptions being two cases of scarlet fever of a mild type in the township "f Broughton, and isolated cases of whooping cough throughout the district: five deaths were recorded rom that disease during the month. The scarlet fever cases occurred in a house which is very much overcrowded. Dr Davies drew the attention of the authority for making some provision in the event of any serious outbreak, by arranging to use the fever wards of the Infirmary in cases of an epidemic nature to answer for all occurring near the town. For the populous villages situated some distance the town he suggested the erection of a mov- able wooden or iron building so arranged that any addition could be made to it if required. The number of deaths registered during the month was H, giving a death-rate of 21'24 per thousand of the population per annum; three of these deaths were dup to accidents. The report was received. THE CEFii DRAINAGE. A communication was received from Messrs Acton and Bury, enclosing the conveyance of the land for the outfall of the Cefn drainage, and the seal of the Rural Sanitary Authority was attached thereto; also a cheque for £48 was ordered to be drawn up in payment of the deposit on the same. The plans, which were admirably executed by Mr Glennie, were put in showing the proposed drainage of the Cefn district. They were approved of, and it was decided to advertise for tenders for the con- stru tiou ana execution of the works, tenders to be sent in by the 3rd of next month. It was agreed that the clerk should apply for a loan of £G,;>79, to meet the expenses connected with th, above drainage. There was no ether business of importance, and the meeting terminated.