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RUABON. RUABON WATER COMPANY.—The fifteenth half-yearly meeting of this company wan held at the offices of the company, Gutter Hill, on the 30th ult. In the absence af Sir W. W. Wyen, Bart., the chair was occupied by Mr Benjamin Davies, vice-chairman of the company, who longratulated the shareholders upon the company being ibid to declare a dividend o five per cent., notwithstand- ing the depressed state of trade in the district. The 3ther business, beyond the declaring of a dividend, was ;hiefly cf a routine character. RAILWAY ACCIDENT.-An accident happened on the j-reat Western Railway at Corwen abour, 5-15 a.m., on Sunday, to Richard Evans, guard of the mail train from Chester to Dolgelley. The train is a goods train from Chester to Corwen and a mixed goods and passenger from Co-wen to Dolgelley. It seems that the guard was forming the train for the journey to Dolgelley and bad been booking on some waggons. He hqfi given the iriver the signal to move, when the buff-rs closing, qught his coat behind. pulling him down with both legs icross the rail. Although the waugons were moving very slowly at the time, he was unabie to get his lege lear before the wheel passed over them, cutting the calf 3f one leg and crushing the other. He was attended t. it Corwen by Dr Walker, but came down to Ruabon by ibe 10-20 train, accompanied by Inspector Parry, and was conveyed to the hospital and attended by Dr Jones )f Ruabon. No QUORUM AGAIN.—On Mondav an ordinary meeting f the meitibersof the School Board should have been held but only Messrs Thomson and Murless attended with the lerk, so that no business could be transacted. Why ibey who profess to have the interest of the ratepayeri it heart, and above all, who pretend to be extremely anxious about the cause of education, and irs promotion, should treat thus lightly the performance of those duties which they so eagerly sought at their election, is a matter which none can understand and it is high time that the ratepayers who elected them should demand an explanation of their strange conduct, for the cry of no qaoru.n has Heroine the rule and not the exception at Ruabon. The Vicar of Riios was invited to attend this meeting to confer wiili the board respect- ing the avoidance of ''capricious removals' of children from school to school: and, with the exceptions named, the members of the board thought fit to insult that gentleman hy absenting themselves from the meeting, and breaking an appointment of which they were the instigators. Until the quorum is reduced to two it seems that no business c.m be relied upon being tranfacted. iliA H OF MR THOMAS ROBERTS.—We regret to announce the death of this much-respected gentleman which cccurred at his residence, High-street on Wednes- day. The event cast quite a gloom over the village, and the inhabitants, who, to show their sympathy for the bereaved family, partially closed their shops, put up the shutters, and drew down the blinds. Mr Roberta had only been in ill-health for a week, and it was not supposed that his ailment, which ended in typhoid fever, would prove fatRl. On Tuesday evening he was visited by his medical advisers who pronounced hint better; but a sudden change took place and he expired on the following morning. The deceased gentleman was a native of the village, and bsing an only son he aesisted his father, who i& a currier, in carrying on an extensive business. He was very highly respected, bemg of a kind, gentle disposition, and very unobtrusive, preferring to do his good work quietly and without public plauditi. At the Congregational Church be proved a valuable deacon and Sunday school teacher, and since the indis- position of Mr Morris the chief duties of the chapel de- volved on him. His loss, therefore, will be greatly fell. He was also one of the elected Governors of tke Grammar School. Temperance found in him a staunch friend and plodding worker for its cause, thoogh kt abstained from iloising his principles abroad. Hie M- mams will he interred in the cemetery to-day, the fueral which will be a public one, starting at eleven o'clock.