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RHYL. ENTERTAINMENT.—On Monday and Tue-dav evenings Mr Fleming Norton gave two entertainments in the TOWB Hall, Rhyl, entitled MrPeikiu's Pic-nic." The audiences were large. SEA TRIP. -What IS believed to be the last trip of the season was made up by the .f Gipey Queen" on Satur- day last, to Liverpool. The steamer has been liberally patronised during the summer. WORK ON SUNDAY.—Canon Morgan in his sermon on Sunday evening spoke most strongly in condemna- of the men at the Winter Gardens being allowed to work at the Rink on the previous Sunday. It has been since explained that this work was without the knowledge of the directors, and against their wishes. THE NEW TOWN HALL OPENING.—A meeting of tradesmen and others was held m the Commissioners' Room, on Monday night, for the purpose of forming a committee to make arrangements for a grand demonstra- tion 8n the opening of the Hall, next month a subscription list was opened, and we believe that the money collected amounts to about £45. IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS' MEETING. MONDAY.—Present: Mr James Taylor (chairman), Rev Canon Morgan, Dr Wolstenholme, Major Penn, Messrs J. B. Oldfield, George Buckingham, E. Mlis Rev Dr Butterton Messrs J. Roberts, Queen-street; A.J. Spinks, K Vaughan, R. D. Roberts, Wm. Williams, R. Jones, F. Jones, E. V. Jones, S. Perks, Abel Jones, and the Clerk. THE ROAD COMMITTE reported having accepted, through Mr T. Wilton, a cattle drinking trough and provided a site for the same. They agreed to raise the foreman scavenger 2* weekly, and give 108 harvest money to the other men. The numbering of the streets had been postponed until the dose of the season. THE NEW Tows COMMITTEE had agreed to accept 10s 6d per sitting for the County Courts, and the draft conveyance for the deeds deposited by the contractor were approved. THE FORESHORE COMMITTEE had had an interview with the Winter Gardens Company who desired the grant of the Foreshore in order to make a large ornamental lake and a landing stage for boats and steamers, and they asked the Commissioners to with iraw their application for the embaakment. It was decided that no answer could be given till the board had fixed their mode of drainage.—The committee refused an application for the placing of a temperance van on the beach. THE CEREMONY of opening, in a formal manner, the New Town Hall was fixed for October 11th, and it was intimated that the chairman intended giving a banquet. Already numerous gentry in the the district had accepted invitations. It was agreen also that a committee of tradesmen be formed for a town's demonstra- tion, and the sum of 22 guineas was subscribed in the room; the list then to be taken to tradespeople and others. THB VACANCIES were filled up by the election of Messrs Jonah Lloyd a former member, and Mr G. L. Herling a candidate at the last election. OPENING THE SKATING HINK: BREAKING THE SABBATH.—Dr Butterton invited the !;o?.rd to officially take part in the opening ceremony (to-day).—Canon Morgan said before he could accept the invitation he should like to hear the vice-chairman give a disclaimer to the charge brought against the company of allowing men working at the Rink on Sunday. He hoped they would not encourage desecration of the Sabbath, for even now some 50 ur more carriages left Rhyl regularly on pleasure outings on Sunday.—Dr Butterton was ignorant of anything of the kind having been done, and believed his colleagues were; but the moment the architect heard of it on the Sunday, he went to the rink and ordered the men away.—Mr J. E. Roberts: But did not another director go and ask the men who had dis- charged them, and whether they were afraid of the Almighty that they should leave work.—Mr R. D. Roberts, who appeared to think this a personal allusian < proceeded to reply, but as he dealt with religion, cries of "order" and chair" ciused the chairman to rule that the discussion was irregular, and must. close. Mr Roberts was, however, persistent in his efforts to he heard I on his views of the question, but as the Chairman i threatened to adjourn the meeting, the former at. length < sat down. < THE STATION and its want of accommodation was al'uded to by Dr. Butterton, who said during the season ( it was far too small and its arrangements inadequate, so much so that people could not move about. The wait- j iug room accommodation was deplorahl¡>, thertl being no first-class room for ladies or gentlemen all having to j herd together in two very smJl rooms. He described the shocking defective saitary arrangements which could be ohserved without going inside. He called attention to ( the dangerous level crossing, for at the busiest part of c the day when express trains were passmg, it was only I with great diffieul y ihat people could be kept, in safetv. He thought the town had been deluded in the past bv c promises of improvements that had never been made, hut in the present half year's statement he received as a I shareholder, he did not see Rhyl put down in the list of 1 stations needing improvement. He proposed that the attention of tne directors of the London and North Western Railwav Company be earnestly invited to the present state of Rbyl station, as regards its inadequate accommodation, its defective sanitary arrangements, and < the extreme danger a: all times of the level crossing when so many trains pass through at express rate, whilst < the station was in a crowded state." He proposed also that the common seal of the board be attached to a memorial embodying those particulars.—Mr R. D. Roberts seconded the motion. He thought the directors would be willing to make proper provision, and would have done so ere this had the necessity of the case been properly represented to them.—Dr. WoKtenholme sup- ported the resolution and said that in consequence of the station net being roofed over, peoplejgot wet through.— The resolution was carried.