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f cf !}•<•' ^i-'hin Church choir lias been »ff,>ed r^nor nV<v "'n mterbury Ca'heiral chos=*. v, Tr,-„ rtc, Vs.E.. of Carnarvon, has just, been jtfmi'ted n men-h-re? tho tfineralogical Society of Great d • •-<>. TJTF WVJ.S R TAI-VI-F rs —M Id lia« been appointed mm *b»'t.?-ic« »t whir* fnexf quarterly association of the p,vlion of Calvimstic Methodists win be Wwhi lJn;i.vw-'fr Jo,in ^>"s' Av her V 4 injector of >eV.<.ls for North Wales is en- nv-innng a — rk entitled -Lectures on Welsh ^"wrV> GOLI> MINE—Mr John Vaughan has dis- •vered a grid mine 0.. the southern slopes of Mynydd :n:"I,Iw, in the parish of L'anair Talhairn, and it is 10 be calle 1 the Cornwill Gold M ne. WALES and THE Liberation SOCIETY.—A cotference, Wpwentative of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire under 8M au/pices of the Liberation Society, is to be held at Carnarvon towaris the end nf this month CARNARVON NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD.—The gorsedd of Ike national eisteddvod of 1877, which is to be held at Carnarvon will be pr-clsimed in that town on the lbth feetart. It is intended to observe the day as a geaeral '°Life BOAT FOR CEMMAES.-Mr George Heginbottom, \sbton-under-Lvne, has presented a life-bout, to Cemmae, Anglesey, and it has just been forwarded thrh^r. It is named the" Ashtonian" in honour of the birthohce of the donor. PRESBYTERIAN CONFERENCE.-A general conference of thp Prp-bvteri^ns of thp world is to be held in Edinburgn vear when the Revs Dr. Edwards, of Bala; Owen The-mas, Liverpool: and 11r R. Davies, M.P.. Trebarth. to represent the Calvmistic Methodists of North ^ABERYSTVVTTH CoLLKQB.-Mr Hugh Owen, of London ,pe,kine recently at Pwllheli, informed the public that the committee of the University College of Wales has at present under its consideration the desirability of •Btabhsbing scholarship to be competed for by boys in British Board, and National day schools. THE REv, CHARLES VOYSEY was announced to deliver lecture on Thursday week on The Bible" in the ppDry,vn Hall, Bangor, but at the last moment the pro- moters of 'he lecture received an intimation from the trustees of the hull thnt, as a riot was anticipated, they declined to allow him the use of the building. PROPOSED ABANDONMENT OF A RAILWAY -It is said that the directors of the Wcrcester and Aberystwith Junction Railway have, in consequence of the apathy of the landowners and others interested in the district pro- ZLd to be traversed, decided to take steps to abandon ttTline altogether or to apply to Parliament to allow a Ilivprion to Builth. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES will be he.d in j TVbis'ock Church, on Friday next. There will be morn- cervic3 at eleven and evening at seven. The sermons will be poached, in behalf of the Church Missions by *L R.v W H. Jones, Prebendary of Salisbury, and the Sert iries will be given to the Society for the Propaga- tion of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. rnrriqioN OFF HOLYHEAD.—A disastrous collision oc- «r^d late on Sunday night, off Holyhead, between the American ship Sonora, inward bound from San Francisco, £ ith crain and copper, and the Spanish steamer Vivar. Both vessels sank shortly afterwards, but with the exception of a boy belonging to the Sonora, all on board were saved bv the fug s'eauier Blazer. INSPECTION OF THE FLINTSHIRE VOLUNTEERS.—On Saturday the annual inspection of the 1st Flintshire Fn?in°er Volunteers took place at Buckley, i his corps L been gradually improving in numbers since its formation, and whereas l--t year the strength ot the comply for inspection wos but 74, this year s inspection found no fewer than 114 present. The corps mustered mt the old drill shed, and from thence accompanied by their band marched to a field near the 0,1 Mill, where their powers were tested. They were commanded by CaDtain-comm-mdant Wilson, C*ptaiu and Adjutant 1(1 ftnd Lieutenant Gibson, while among those K K W, *•*» -W* WW. 4c. Thft rnsn^ctinf officer was Major Clayton, RE., Chester, who px-Usspd himself pleased with the appearance and discipline of the men. PREACHING VERSUS PRAYER.—An amusing story is ioat now going the round of clerical circles in connec- tion with th" re-openiuz services at Chester Cathedral. One of elected preachers was the Dean of B-. TTe is well known as-eloquent almost beyond equal, and pX'Trise o? bis particular talent in that reject led ta a rath°r awkward curtailment of the service. It rfiould be said that it was not taken in the usual order. The sermon was to be preached first, and then prayers and a't,hems to f llow, members of some of the neigh- Konrinf cathedral choir* being in attendance to assist £ V musical part, of the service. They were to leave fcv a certain train, and having that fact m his mind, at •L expiation of 45 minutes, the precentor quietly named the word "Omit the next anthem. The Dean continued, and when he had preached an hour another whimpered message wa" passed to the choir—Omit the two anthems." Still the Dean kept OD. A third ■ewe at the end of 75 minutes—" Miss the prayers." The end of this remarkable state of things was that the Dean monopolised so much of the time that even the collection was omitted. But almost the best thing, aerhaps *as the bon mot with reference to it made by ibi«bnp who was present. After the servce had at last excluded, friend'y critics were reviewing the very tevereni pre^her's stvle. One characterised it as very CI road." "Yes" rfOlprel1 the bishop, "almost as broad as a wag loner "—North Wale* Chronicle. THE PROPOSED TRAINING- SHIP.—A crowded public a.eetinfr in moport of the movement for establishing a Cainini? ship in the Menia Straits for North Wales and the border counties was held at Penrhyn Hall, Bangor, an Monday aftjrnoon. Lord Penrhyn presided, and Z^nntr those present were the Bishop of Bangor, Mr E; jjp \!r Watkin Williams, Q.C., M.P., Mr Morsan Llovd Q C.. M P., the Deans of Bangor and St. .&.8aph, Colonel Williams, Mr Rathbone, Archdeacon Wrnne Jones, Captain Moger, R.N., and a number of ether gentlemen more or less interested in the movement. The noble chairman having stated the objects which fcdustrial trainine ships had m view the Bishop of Bangor moved the first resolution, to the effect that it was desirable the ship should be moored in the Menai Straits between Beaumaris and the bridges, which was seconded bv the of Beaumaris, and carried unani- mously Lord Penrhyn then read a letter from Lord Clarence Paget, enclosing a cheque for ten guineas, and recommending Bangor Pool as the most eligible site for the mooring of the St. George, an opinion which was MTWorted by the hydrographer to the Admiralty. Mr Watkin Williams moved the next resolution, pledging the meeting to carrv out the object in view with as little delay as possible." He hoped hi. countrymen would aaPDort the movement, which was one of the greatest •radical value, anl worthy of being ranked m the same Mtegorv »s Abervstwi.h University. The resolution was ■ecnndM by Mr F. Llovd Edwards, supported by Mr M. Uovd. O C., and carried unanimously. Captain Moger eave a stat. ment as to the present financial position of the movement, stating that the donations promised were £2 50 and the nnnual doable these amounts was necessary. A vote of thanss to the chairman terminated the proceedings. A second public .('pt; over which Mr Bulkeley Hughes, M.P., pre- Sided, was held at night, Mr Whalley being the chief speaks.