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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY.—Before T. C. Jones, in the chair; E. Tench, A. Wr. Edwards anu E. Williams, Esqis. SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A YOU H. Edward Randies (17), of Rhosnessney, was charged with having embezzled the sum cr £:.> 3s Gd, the property of Price CiarS, butohe r, of Rhosnessney, near Wrexham. Mr Sherratt appeared in support of the prosecu- tion, and Mr Jones defended. In opening the case, Mr Sherratt said the facts were briefly these: The detendant acted in itie capacity of a servant to the prosecutor, who made a sort of banker of his (tae prosecutor's) uionier, leavincr all his cash with her ior safety, and co,;imo- for it as he wanted it to buy stock with. On tae 23rd of August the sum of £J iOs 61 was received from Mrs Clarke by the defendant, for the purpose of going with the prosecutor to buy some calves at Gwersyllt. The money was left in the charge of the defendant, who, on the way, at the order ui me prosecutor, paid for several lots of ale. For reasons which wculd be detailed afterwards, the calves were not paid for at the time, and t ii t,, prosecutor and defendant started home, the ituter having charge of £3 3S tfd, the balance ct the £3 10s 6d, which remained after the several payments. The parties separated before arriving at ..nosuess- ney, and the defendant was instructed to return the money, which was cuen in his possession, to Mr Clarke. On the following morning the prosecu- tor, hearing that Mrs Clarke had not received the money, asked the delendant tur it, when no said that he gave it to prosecutor Oil the previous day. As the defendant persisted in that statement, tne present proceedings wore taken. Prosecutor, being sworn, said he was a master butcher, and lived at Prior to the 23rd of August the defendant was in his employ in the capacity of a labourer, at the rate of 5s per week, and board and lodging. He nad beeu in his employ for three weeks. Was in the liaoO of paying money to his mother (Mrs Clark), and paid some on the 19tii instant. At this point Mr Jones infoiuied the bench t.;4t the present defendant had summoned Claric tur anL assault before the county magistrates but as tae assault occurred in the boruu-n it woiiid be well if the case at the county oouit were withdrawn, so that the two could be heard before the borough magistrates. Consequently he would apply for an adjournment. After a consultation it was agreed that this case should be adjourned at tue close of the examiaa- tion-in-cliief vi the prosecutor. Prosecutor, continuing, said his mother acted at a sort of banker for him. Oil be 19"11 uit., ne was in the Wrexham marKet until tate, and on returning home he gave his mother ti5 10s to keep for iUfl1- On the 23rd ult, he went to his mother's with the defendant for £: 10s 6d to buy a calf with. His mother handed over that amount to the defendant, who put it into his pocket. Witness and tie de- fendant then went to the home of the former. His mother lived in the town. Went home for the donkey and cart; had a cup of tea, and then wvat together to Gwersyllt to buy a couple ot calves from the residence of Mrs Bloomer. On going thither, defendant and witness called at the house of Mrs Hill, the "Hole in the Wall" beerhouse, at Gwer- syllt, where they had some aie to drmii. Toe de- fendant paid Is for the ale, at the request, ;,f tae witness. Stayed in the house anout ten minutes, and went to Mrs hlooiller"; to oee the calvvs. Lvirs Bloomer resided in the Wildeiuess. Bought two calves, and only having £ 5 9, 6d left, lie did not pay for them, as he was to set lie for them on the day following. They then returned to Wrexham, calling on the way at the Hote in the Wall" beer- house that would be about five o'clock. Caliud for two half-gallons of ale, for winch tbe defendant paid out of the X3 9s 6d. Stopped thereabout three- quarters" of an hour, leaving at about six o'clock, with two calves in the cart. Asked defendant for as nn, i ho refused to give witness more than 2s but; 11 he ultimately gave him 4s out of the bag. The